AcidTed’s chilled weekend, Part 1 with: Padre Tóxico, Oowets, and Matt Sinclair x WZRDFNGR #Chill #Downtempo #StudyBeats

I’m having a chilled weekend. Downtempo today and Ambient tomorrow. Today’s chilled offerings come from Padre Tóxico, Oowets, and Matt Sinclair x WZRDFNGR.

Padre Tóxico from Poland returns with Cloud Number 9. This is a romantic epiphany. It’s filled with soft and seductive oohs and aahs. The piano tinkles and everything is a bit jazz hop or even as far as lounge music. The beats just about stop it all becoming syrupy. But it is determined to teeter on the edge of lovelorn.

Cloud Number 9 may be the place to be. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that love can’t hurt, even in good times. An exquisite pang.

Oowets returns after only a month’s gap with a new one from the Kagawa Prefecture. There’s more organic downtempo sounds in new single Her Moon Dream. Oowets says of the track, “A mellow song that sounds like a continuation of a sweet and wonderful dream.”

It’s a bit like Sakamoto crossed with John Hopkins. There’s an indefinably Eastern tinge but everything is slow, measured and quite beautiful. There’s a background haze that periodically suffuses the track. A drone that almost disrupts the chime of the melody. It has a deceptive simplicity but is a complex listen. A lot of lunar loveliness.

And Matt Sinclair x WZRDFNGR. Both from Canada (Hamilton and Toronto respectively), both new to AcidTed. But I think destined to appear here more times given how lovely The Bells sounds.

The Bells is a string driven ambient piece that gets taken by the hand into more downtempo territory through the use of strategic but unassuming beats and the sounds of shakers. This leaves a lovely piece of seasonal music. A track full of the gold, red and earthy tones of Autumn. They describe the track as, “electronic adventure music perfect for evening walks in hollowed-out cities.” I’d say this is too organic for the city. This is a walk in deciduous forests as leaves gently fall and lightly crunch underfoot.

~ by acidted on September 25, 2021.

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