AcidTed’s chilled weekend, Part 2 Ambient Sunday with: Greg Keller, A I R E, and Diskret #Ambient #Chill #Downtempo @gregkellermusic @diskretmusic

This short weekend of chilled tunes is completed by a trio for Ambient Sunday from Greg Keller, A I R E, and Disrekt.

The trio starts with the meditative ambient of Greg Keller. Today, Greg lives in Marietta, GA with his wife and son. His work comes from a background in meditation podcasts. And that gentle dreamy approach is what suffuses Floating (a none more ambient title). Unexpectedly, his biog reveals that “Greg also produces dance music under the alias Mister Sweatband which has been released internationally on labels like Diynamic Music in Germany. He was also half of the synth pop duo La Chansons.” I wasn’t expecting that.

Floating has a wash of far off waves lapping on the shore. The air is filled with gentle synth drones that buzz ever so slightly at the edges. There’s no beats and nothing really radical in the track. Yet, as a whole, it delivers a brilliantly calming ambient mood by which you can’t help but be seduced. More effective than a stun gun this lowers your heart rate to near comatose levels. If your day needs centring this is the track for you.

A I R E is based in Los Angeles, California. And the track is H E A V E N S E V E N and in my terms is about death but A I R E sees it a bit more subtly than that blunt characterisation. He explains that, “Deeply inspired by the notion of “transition” as it pertains to the rupture between Life and death. The immaterial world of the “unseen” is often fleshed out in my sound as I continue to sonically process a parental death~A departure that has set off a series of electronic experimental compositions. My music does not aim to be memorable~ but rather to create an experience for the living that may provide some insight into other energetic realms.”

H E A V E N S E V E N is a complex track. It references funeral dirges, choirs celestial, tolling bells and all manner of funereal offerings. There are bass drones with an air akin to Easter Christian vocal only sounds. But there’s also the chiming of electronic bells that get close to calling the faithful to prayer. And there’s uplifting peals of nirvana and choral multi-tracking. The presence of death/passing weighs heavily over the track but it manages to carry that and leave us with something that emerges and ends in a positive place.

And so to Disrekt. An electronica band from Zurich, Switzerland. Their biog ticks a whole bunch of Swiss clichés, “Snowed in at an abandoned guest house located in the Swiss Alps, there was nothing else to do for a couple of longtime friends, but to make music and eat fondue. Equipped with synthesizers, drum machines and other toys they immersed themselves in a mist of sound. They resurfaced a couple of days later with four songs. This was the genesis of “Diskret”.” Only the Toblerone is missing.

But you can’t deny they make gorgeous music. The featured track is Dazed. Originally released in 2019 it’s a lovely slow and chiming piece of snowy wonder. It’s been given a remix by Robot Koch’s Foam and Sand project.

The Foam and Sand remix deepens the track but also simplifies it. It gains a cheerfully analogue air. Everything is slowed and delayed. There’s even a bit of almost surface noise. A track of deferred ambient pleasure. This beatless mix has a shimmering thrum of eternity. An analogue twinkle abounds. It’s all reaching for stars and is undeterred to find they are only dust and flaming gas. At only three minutes this still manages to traverse the cosmos. Some achievement.

And the original

~ by acidted on September 26, 2021.

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