Time Flies with a 10 year re-press for: Catching Flies – The Stars EP #Chill #Downtempo

Catching Flies releases a vinyl version of The Stars EP to celebrate the passage of a decade. How has time dealt with this early release?

Back then 21 year old George King did Ted’s Top Ten Quiz in which he favoured Oakenfold over Weatherall. A bit of a no no about these parts. Nonetheless, back in October 2012 I said of the EP:

Opener Sunrays is the gem on this EP. It’s a brave thing to start your EP with something so low-key and minor key sad. There are hugely treated vocals that sometimes verge on that Error Operator-style digital R&B. But the beats have a stop/start dub or trip hop quality that give the whole thing a lost-in-a-fog appeal. Let Your Hair Down is even more R&B and despite the piano tinkling this is just too whispy. The remix of Life Size Ghosts uses a glitched guitar to carry the tune and it has an inexpressibly sad ambience. Break out the tissues for this, the second-best tune on the EP. The EP ends with The Stars, which takes Coldplay’s melodrama into a small quiet corner, built around the ‘You know I love you so‘ sample. An EP of real promise.”

And so it proved. Catching Flies is a superb downtempo artist always worth looking out for. This EP stands up today but has a few more vocals than I’d prefer. But you can’t doubt the lush production quality at work.

~ by acidted on October 2, 2021.

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