Breakbeat and chill with: SDXN – Cycles #Breakbeat #Downtempo #Chill

To London for producer and DJ SDXN and some introspective breakbeat on Cycles.

SDXN is a producer, DJ and founder of Bathtime, an online mix series and radio show with a focus on “immersive and restorative sound.” Not content with that he’s also co-founder at Quietly Making Noise, an independent label.

Cycles is part of a twin track offering with Afterglow. It’s a lovely yin and yang of a release. There’s the clatter of breakbeats that give the track a sense of pace and purpose. But there’s also wandering synths that have an almost world music flute tinge that slows things down into a contemplative space.

SDXN says of the track “Outside the window of my studio there is an apple tree. Working beneath it every day through the first lockdown of 2020, I became hyper aware of the way the tree changed with the unfolding of its natural cycles.”

The polyrhythmic beats (sampled from Femi Koleoso) are what really make the track fly. A relentless and yet head noddingly rhythmic set of patterns. A shifting template against which to muse on the meaning and iniquities of existence and the cycles of life and death as ululating synths come and go.

~ by acidted on October 4, 2021.

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