Downtempo double with: envelope 3, and Scasca #Chill #Downtempo #Electronic

A downtempo double bill this morning from envelope 3 and Scasca.

The returning envelope 3 (no capital letter) is the solo project of Canadian composer / multi instrumentalist / improviser David Lauzon. He says of his work that he’s, “Breaking new ground while feeling nostalgic.” And there is something melancholically retrospective about Say7.

Say7 is a mix of some hefty but spacious bass allied with some lighter guitar. There’s a wash of electronics hissing and fizzing relatively unobtrusively in the background. There re far off beats. The guitar may be light but it also has a sense of sadness and loss that makes this both a downtempo and downbeat track. Beautifully so.

To Saint Petersburg, Russia for Scasca. The accompanying press release explains that “Scasca is a Russian word translated as «fairy tale», and the music itself captures the atmosphere of charmed forests somewhere near the Gulf of Finland.”

Migrations is his second single, following Long Distance Call. It’s built on a delicate balance between lofi electronics and breakbeats. The electronics have a a wandering and almost Eastern feel to the strings. Things saw and clatter and even a little pitter patter. It’s all charmingly sweet. The beats meanwhile take things in a sterner, more martial, direction. The beats could weigh too heavily in other hands but Scasca maintains everything at the teetering pivot between sweet and serious.

Utterly charming.

~ by acidted on October 8, 2021.

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