Is 8 minutes too long? Check out Klangphonics – Great Plains #Techno #House #MelodicTechno

Klangphonics returns with a new techno track on Great Plains. It came with the message, “Yes I know, 8 minutes is very long… But I think you might enjoy it!” I did enjoy it and you should too. But the sense that 8 minutes is too long these days is a bit depressing.

Orbital’s Halcyon + on + on is 9 minutes and Underworld’s Mmm…Skyscraper I love you is 13 minutes, to pick just two classics from dance’s 90s heydays. Both classics. But these days we’re down to 2 minutes or less. Let’s set aside 8 minutes to revel in the sprawling, expansive, creative dance frenzy of Great Plains.

Great Plains is taken from the new album Songs To Try. It uses the time in the track to have an opening that starts epic but only unfurls fully in a gradual way. That allows the tension to be built to the first peak after 2:00. Synths romp melodically around amid a bass of deepest grey. Drums go for big fills and have a whale of a time. Everything romps around and ideas are explored without being cut short. There’s an excitement that thrillingly emerges from the latter half of the track.

Tip top techno.

~ by acidted on October 12, 2021.

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