Drum and Bass meets IDM uptown with: Kinoteki x Kelbin – Dislocation #DnB #DrumAndBass #IDM #Electronic

Let’s go genre merge today. Here’s the confluence of drum and bass and IDM. A regularly recognised convergence but skillfully handled by Kinoteki x Kelbin on Dislocation.

Kinoteki is from New York, whereas Kelbin is an electronic musician, producer and artist based in Italy, Kinoteki says of the track that, “This song started out as a simple jungle tune I whipped up in like 5 minutes and then evolved into something greater. The sorta IDM influenced elements were added in by Kelbin and the drum and bass parts were all me.”

With a name like Dislocation it’s hardly a surprise that the track starts off in an abstract IDM way before beats come skittering intermittently in. But what really makes this track into a heavyweight is the bass line. This is thick and powerful and provides the punch line to the early peak. It’s that bass and the beats that drive the track whilst the IDM synths burble happily away.

The track gets darker and a lot more intense the further it goes. Eventually the synths are almost discarded leaving the beats and bass triumphant. This would deliver some serious dance floor damage.

Taken from the album Artifice.

~ by acidted on October 21, 2021.

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