Budget Day study beats chilling with: Ennail, and パンダの中のパンダ #Chill #StudyBeats @perfectpanda144

It’s Budget Day here in the UK, so some tunes to allow you to concentrate on what the announcements mean – almost always not what the initial spin would have you believe – from Ennail and パンダの中のパンダ.

Ennai is from France. He offers about himself(?) that, “the millionth dude making lofi beats.” And he adds, “I hope the songs will help you study better.” Let’s see if that’s true with I Wanna Be In Thailand. This has no musical connection with the Far East as far as I can hear. But it does have lovely solid beats to give the track a grounded head-nodding appeal. On top is laid a tinkling, almost plinky plonky, keyboard riff that makes this stand out from the crowd. In a low key, not disturbing your concentration kind of way. Two minutes of synapse tickling pleasure and then it’s gone.

パンダの中のパンダ is from Japan and if Google translate is to be believed the artist name means ‘panda in panda.’ By way of biog he merely offers, “A sound creator that mainly provides audio materials with AudioStock.” But he adds, “My favorite genres are songs mainly consisting of rock, funk, and blues.” which is a bit worrying.

Luckily, Water Chill is nothing of those genres. It’s a surface noise infused track of calming chill. The beats are soft and pushed back in the mix. The main rhythm and melody are held by an interplay between a slow piano and strummed guitar work. It has a bit of running water for titular appeal but otherwise adopts a laidback pose. That is until little shards of trumpet come along to provide the track with small welcome jolts of electricity. Delightful.

From the album Rainy Lakeside Chill

~ by acidted on October 27, 2021.

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