Sitar space groove wiith: Evan Hatfield – Symphony In Bhairavi (Morillo Remix) #House #Downtempo #TechHouse

Love a bit of sitar. Often used by Thievery Corporation. But here put to good use by Evan Hatfield as part of the Pink turban collective and given a spacey and techy remix by Morillo.

Evan Hatfield is part of Pinkturban, a collective of Tech House and Organic House artists, “striving for world peace and introducing the west to special instruments from ancient lands.”

Symphony In Bhairavi is a ripple of sitar from Evan given a set of downtempo beats from Morillo. It’s all very Thievery Corp at the start. It’s swirly and spacey. It’s ancient cultural sounds (rather than the lands themselves which gets you into arguments over geological time). But as the track develops it surreptitiously adds more dance elements and the beats take the track to a more dance floor friendly place. It never loses that esoteric feel but it does become rather more hip swingingly seductive. Fine work all round.

Taken from the five track Evan Hatfield (Remixes) EP

~ by acidted on November 3, 2021.

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