Throbbing techno with: Eldamaran – Null Virus #Techno

Techno and rock are closer bedfellow than most people realise. All that noise and darkness. Nonetheless it was a bit of a surprise when the intro Eldamaran’s Null Virus reminded me of the intro to Hawkwind’s Motorhead. You can do the comparison below if you want.

Anyhoo, Eldamaran is from Germany or Ukraine (probably) and is a new artist with a new album from which this is the spiffing title track.

Null Virus is a techno electro hybrid. But in places that use of bass would make the Kilminster (RIP) proud. It opens with quite a space rock style keyboard flourish that would have gone a storm in the early 70s. This is one of those tracks that throbs and fizzes with life. It’s unconcerned about how any particular electronic genre ‘should’ sound. It gambols free into space ambient without a care. The bass keeps pulling things back to the straight and narrow while the whooing synths continue on a wide-eyed frenzy.

Cracking piece of electronica.

~ by acidted on November 9, 2021.

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