Uplifting downtempo techno with: Mokhov – Solid State Dreams #MinimalTechno #Techno #Downtempo #Chill @olegmokhov

How’s your Monday? Grey? Give it some gentle colouration with Mokhov’s Solid State Dreams.

Las Vegas-based Mokhov returns after a gap of almost two years with something which he describes as, “Sounds like Four Tet meets Robert Hood. With Bonobo and Plastikman mixed in.” That’s quite a claim to make given the stellar nature of the four artists listed. In fact, this is really only two. This is far more downtempo chill than it is techno. It’s a lot of Four Tet and a little Bonobo. But that’s still quite a pair for comparison.

Solid State Dreams (from the album of the same name) is a beautifully delicate track. It has a bit of a Four Tet IDM tinkling to the lead synth that has a half piano, half music box tone. This gives the track an air of childlike wonder. Behind, are disembodied wordless vocal manipulations and backwards electronics that add a tonal, dronal quality to things. Beats tumble but are kept quite far back into the mix. This is all about the melody and the drone and delivers brilliantly.

Give your dreams the downtempo warming reds and oranges of autumn with Solid State Dreams.

~ by acidted on November 15, 2021.

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