A chilled end to the week with: icamok, and Der Waldläufer #Chill #StudyBeats #Electronic @WALDLAUF

Thank goodness we’ve reached Friday. Last push to the weekend accompanied by a couple of lovely and chilled study beat tracks from icamok, and Der Waldläufer.

icamok (komaci backwards, I’m guessing) says, “I’m from Japan and recently started making beats. These songs are the first to be made.” And very good is from the earth. This has a slow set of hip hop beats allied with a slow piano line and the almost inevitable NASA recordings. There’s something gently lulling about that slow combination and the almost reassuring whirrs and Mission Control samples. The samples talk of “lift off” but this track never does that. It offers the comforts and security of earth. Sink into your Gaian womb with this track.

Der Waldläufer is a musician and producer from Kassel, Germany. He says he’s is, “looking for inner peace and silence in a hectic world.” Aren’t we all? I’d definitely subscribe to that.

His new release is Cel. In many ways it’s a classic chill track. It has slowed House beats alongside hints of world music. It’s very very Balearic in its approach and more than a bit 90s. And we like that. That sense of seeking and delivering a place and space in which to relax is overwhelming. It’s all so calming, with just a hint of dub for that extra loose-limbed pleasure. A piano comes along for a gentle synapse massage. Music for sunrise and sunset. Delightful.

If you liked these, Cel is part of this developing playlist

~ by acidted on November 19, 2021.

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