Sonic shuffle from: Home Tourist – Southern Dynamics #Chill #Experimental #90s

Here’s some chill but it offers a bit of welcome challenge in the sonic range it’s choosing. Home Tourist is the artist.

Home tourist appears to be the name for artist Tom Forrest who also has this solitary but rather wonderful release on Spotify. Tom Forrest first started making music at the University of Manchester after being inspired and influenced by the music scene there and seeing the likes of Bonobo, Bicep, Tourist, and Midland. And there’s a chunk of Bonobo and Bicep in his work.

Southern Dynamics is the track and it manages to be both chill and also House (in a Bicep kind of way). There’s a playful sense of sonic exploration about it and. And to me includes a dollop of classic90s leftfield dance – think Finitribe, Weatherall, and The Grid.

The track has a clatter of beats that’s almost but not quite liquid dnb. There’s ethereal voices, soaring strings and a search for meaning. It comes in waves, and stops and starts, that are akin to some of the mixes of 90s classics such as Sonic Shuffle or Floatation. This revels in its ability to play with time, space, and your expectations. It’s not the well-worn road much travelled but bears beautiful fruit in the spiralling exploration of lesser paths and the undergrowth.

~ by acidted on January 6, 2022.

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