Slow Monday with: kBeats = Only Memories Remain #Chill #StudyBeats

A red and orange sunrise. But it’s a Monday. Wipe the sleep from your eyes with this super slow track from kBeats.

kBeats is a 25 year old producer from the UK specialising in lofi hip hop. Only Memories Remain is a single released at the back end of last year. It’s found sound and a picked out piano line. Camera shutters click and whirr. Beats come apologetically along. A synth slowly whistles a sad song.

This is hauntingly melancholic. Memories of sadness, not of joy. It’s almost elegiac in the measured funereal path it chooses to take. Because not all memories are good ones. And feelings evoked are not always of happiness. Superb sadness.

~ by acidted on January 10, 2022.

One Response to “Slow Monday with: kBeats = Only Memories Remain #Chill #StudyBeats”

  1. Beautiful

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