Ambient Sunday is a having an IDM moment with: Met Ialvs – Lena #IDM

Most Ambient Sundays go for something soothing. This one is reaching back to sounds of the 90s and a more awkward IDM, especially Aphex Twin, with Met Ialvs.

Met Ialvs is Paweł Zawistowski from Warsaw, Poland. He says, “I would like to invite you to a journey two decades back to the world of melancholic folktronic-lofi-glitchy-IDMish sounds of the late 90’s and early 00’s.” And that’s what he’s produced on his self-named album Met Ialvs. It’s a lovely mix of classical sounds, edgy drums, chocolate box sounds and glitchy lofi. This offers deep nods to the 90s but doesn’t feel overly constrained by it.

From the album, I’ve got Lena as the featured track. This opens with an Aphex Twin-sounding music box feel. It’s all full of childlike, slack-jawed, wonder before turning into something neo-classical and a touch more sophisticated. And then comes a new yet familiar clatter of tin pan drums and some wheezy electronics. it’s all terribly analogue in its digital way. Despite the pitter-patter of beats and skittering it’s all rather delightfully soothing.

~ by acidted on January 16, 2022.

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