Banging breakbeats with: Hardt Antoine – Awa Power (Picpoul’s Awa Acid Remix) #Acid #Breakbeats #Techno #BassMusic

It’s Friday night. Time for some bass. Time for some acid. Hardt Antoine and remixer Picpoul are on hand to deliver some pumping and stomping.

Hardt Antoine is a London based Artist. He’s a DJ, Producer and Label Manager of French and West Indian descent. Picpoul is an Irish producer and DJ, also living in London.

Picpoul has remixed Hardt Antoine’s latest Awa Power track. The original track is a fairly minimal techno track but with a Detroit style and an ominous bass line. But Picpoul takes it to another level.

The remix discards the Techno beats in favour of some breakbeats. This and some unforgiving bass gives the track an extra gut punch. And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite then Picpoul throws in a splash of acid to give it that next level spin. This gives it sweeps of fizzing acid lines among some deep breaths and even deeper buzz bass. Dance floor frenzy time.

~ by acidted on May 13, 2022.

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