Heartfelt breakbeat with: Precursor – Opulent #Breakbeat #Electronica

Opulent, from Opes (Latin for wealth), means ostentatiously costly and luxurious but also rich in appearance. It’s this latter meaning that Precursor is aiming for on his lush breakbeat track Opulent.

Precursor is the Dutch producer and composer Quirijn Verhoog. His work blends techno with electronica and a dash of extra sauce. On Opulent he takes a Bicep style techno house stew and adds extra breakbeats for a rich sensual concoction. And he offers it with the question “How does AI view beauty?”

The track is shimmering keyboards and a pitter patter of beats. This opens out into a low bass that rises towards epiphany. The breakbeats are there but kept slightly offstage to allow the soaring keyboards to chunter their way effortlessly skyward. This is euphoria writ large. Very large.

~ by acidted on May 23, 2022.

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