Ambient Sunday is bobbling along with: Grufton, and Meditant #Ambient #Downtempo #Electronic #IDM #DrumAnd Bass

IDM meets light drum and bass this Sunday in tracks from Grufton, and Meditant.

Grufton is electronic musician Daniel Gurley from Baltimore, Maryland. His main focus is sound design. Dan’s interests lie mostly in exploring sonic landscapes to create a multitude of electronic music, touching on everything from ambient to dance tracks. Here’s his new track Parkit.

That sound design background means he has quite a lot in common with Max Coper. And Parkit has some similarities to Mr. Cooper’s more ambient works. But always with that edge of sonic aural exploration.

On Parkit there’s a gently bobbling opening with drawn strings and a world of possibilities. Bass and beats arrive in their own sweet time. But with an IDM template of awkwardness and creaking all around. It edges towards but never arrives at drum and bass. EVerything is too much dancing around for that.

A listening pleasure that tickles and pokes at your ears all at the same time.

Parkit is taken from the three-track Wormtongue EP

Back to the UK for Reading-born Mediant (Jarro Jupp). His biog says he’s a “jack of all trades and draws influences from hip-hop and ambient genres, whilst applying sonic overtones of metal and jazz music, coming together to create a warm yet vivid soundtrack to being.”

Dunno about metal and jazz but there’s definitely ambient and hip hop on Transients. And more than a little IDM, which is hardly surprising since he says, “This track is largely inspired by Boards of Canada.” A tough act to follow but one which he does to surprisingly good effect.

Transients is a hazy, slightly gloomy track. There are portentous keyboards of doom before squelchy IDM beats come along to give it a subtle lift. Somehow, despite the gloomy start, the track gains a lovely sense of squishy optimism. It’s all analogue feeling in that BoC way but without the pastoralism of BoC. This is unashamedly urban music as sound ricochets off concrete and metal surfaces.

Face the streets with confidence as this IDM lifts your soul.

~ by acidted on June 26, 2022.

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