A deeper transcendent reality with: Kepler North – Rebirth #Breakbeats #IDM #Jungle #DrumAndBass @JoshuaDav

Getting to the heart of the bigger questions about reality and rebirth is Kepler North.

Kepler North is described as, “a music project by veteran video game sound designer, Joshua Davidson.” Despite that Pseudo Profound is his debut EP. From it, we have the Rebirth track.

Rebirth is breakbeats and profundity in equal measure. Nothing pseudo here. The track opens with the question, “Did the thought make the molecule or did the molecule create the thought?” While you think about that breakbeats come in alongside washes of synth sound.

Your synaptic firings then get to mull over transient reality and blips of pitched vocal while the guru gets off on space time energy and everything goes a bit jungle. It’s all old school with synthwave stylings. Even a bitg of pseudo sax for good measure.

This is inventive, provoking and properly lifting. Get foetal and get to your rebirth asap.

~ by acidted on June 27, 2022.

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