The onset of Ambient darkness with: Der Bibliothekar – Ghost in a Bar #Ambient #Dub #Techno

I know it’s not Sunday but let’s have this brilliant Ambient or Dub Techno track from new artist Der Bibliothekar.

Der Bibliothekar (tr. The Librarian) is based in Braunschweig (aka Brunswick) from that part of Northern Germany that is inland but was connected to the Hanseatic League from the late Middle Ages. He is choosing anonymity, saying “I won‘t tell you who I am, but I will tell you what I do. I make music. Deep Music. Intimate Music. Slow and thoughtful, meant to drift away into unforeseen territories of your mind.” He also calls what he does a “Mysterium” which I take to come from the Ancient Greek meaning “Any of various unknown elements thought to make up existing forms of matter, or a substance seen as an elemental or pure form of something else.”

Here is Ghost in a Bar. It’s his first release, of which he says “It will be part of my first EP Gloomy Novels, which will be out soon. Imagine a librarian walking through a city full of book spines and later entering a bar. He sits down at the table and senses that the table to his left is not occupied but not empty either.”

Ghost in a Bar is gloomily, depressingly wonderful. It’s sort of mellow and sort of dub. It’s minimal and micro techno. It’s full of crackles and found sound. The beats don’t so much thud as throb like the vein in an angry person’s temple.

Alongside the beats there are spacey synths and shaker percussion. There’s a bit of acid sounding dub techno and a deep dark bass echoing off into the recesses of your mind. It’s downtempo and almost chilled if it weren’t for that slightly anxious foreboding air.

This is hardly run of the mill. But brilliant never is. Shhh! Say it softly, the Librarian is one to look out for.

~ by acidted on August 5, 2022.

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