Introspective downtempo with: Comur – Waking Pulses #Chill #Downtempo #Electronic House

It’s the weekend again. Time to reflect after a busy end to the week. Here’s Germany’s Comur with an introspective downtempo track, Waking Pulses.

Comur is Phillip from Münster, Germany. He simply says he makes electronic music. And that’s fair enough as that’s what you get.

Waking Pulses was released about a month ago. Comur says it’s “a sentimental, yet hopeful piece between pulsing rhythms and hypnotic arpeggios.” I say it’s a lovely piece of electronic downtempo pitched perfectly on the pivot between optimism and introspection.

The track starts with a repeated one-note piano before adding some downbeat chords. That sets the prevailing mood of slight melancholia. That mood is overturned eventually as more chords offer an ascending path and a more insistent piano melody. This allows the track to really fly and break through into something outstanding. But it never forgets that hope is just that. Based on hopful desire and life isn’t always like that. So the underlying rhythms never quite let go of the possibility of sadness.

Test your pulse. Play the track.

~ by acidted on August 6, 2022.

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