Vintage synth sounds with: Aatom – Computerdread #Ambient #Chill #Downtempo

The rain has arrived. Time to snuggle up to a cup of coffee and settle down with some vintage sounding synth work from Aatom.

Aatom is an Ambient producer from the U.K. Born in London but now based in Sussex, his biog says he “has been making ambient music from 2019, but only started releasing it in 2020.” There’s something quite deliberate and almost meditative about his work.

New track Computerdread is no exception. The track is pitched as a dystopian one, with Aatom saying that “Vintage synths create an imagined theme for a 70s film about computers taking over.” But it didn’t quite generate enough dread for that – perhaps too in love with computers?

There’s a lovely spacey and spaced feel about the slowly unfolding notes and the buzzing background tones. It’s offering something delightfully analogue and consciously retro in a hyper-modern world. It’s a slower paced affair allowing you to appreciate the beauty at its heart.

Vintage is the future. Aatom will show you the way.

~ by acidted on August 16, 2022.

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