Techno to blast your way into the week: Pinz & Pelz – Evacuation Procedures #Techno #House #NewMusic

No mucking about to this week’s opener from Australian/German duo Pinz & Pelz. A future classic methinks.

First appearing here three years ago, Pinz & Pelz make the most of their Sydney x Berlin origins on this rather finely honed techno track, Evacuation Procedures.

Evacuation Procedures is a slightly leftfield Techno track that wants to give it large in the main room. It delivers brilliantly on P&P’s mission: “For all people and all dance floors.”

The tune is a monstrous techno kick, some wasted acid, and an almost sense of dub techno. It’s dark as hell in here. And the better for it. Some may claim a bit of melodic techno but this stygian gloom doesn’t allow for such fripperies.

There’s some piano stabs giving it that dub texture but all around the beats roll relentlessly on. And for the finale they wind up the 303s for a big splattered finish.

No messing, no getting away, suck up the techno goodness.

~ by acidted on October 3, 2022.

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