Grooving by the water with: The Paper Sea – Shadow Falls (Tyler Stone Remix) #Chill #Downtempo #StudyBeats

Seems like the 90s are coming back into vogue. Here’s The Paper Sea remixed by Tyler Stone in a way that really reminds me of people like Groove Armada who sprang up in the chill genre in the late 90s. Delicious stuff.

The Paper Sea is Los Angeles-based Jared Matt Greenberg who produces what he calls “Emotive instrumental music, heavy on the piano.” And that’s what you get on the recent single Shadow Falls which has been remixed by Tyler Stone. Which is a bit odd really. Tyler Stone is (I think) a producer/remixer, DJ and vocalist who built her career as one of the first breakout female house music producers. Her stuff usually has lots of disco. None of that here.

Tyler Stone’s remix of Shadow Falls is a thing of real beauty. The original is a haunting lamenting piano driven piece. The remix is taken to a whole different level. The slightly rock beats are given a retread with bongoes and a shuffly percussion. The piano is still melancholic. But sitting in an almost mid-paced house surround the piano becomes more chilled and a little more languid.

And then that 90s fave of a blast of sultry cornet gets added for that Club Tropicana feel. You can see in your mind’s eye the beach emptying as the day gets late. Day turns to night. The cocktails are flowing and hips are swaying. This is a brilliantly affecting chill lounge special that deserves to sit alongside all the late 90s chill classics.

Original version here

~ by acidted on October 27, 2022.

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