Ambient Sunday enters the droniverse with As Clouds Form, and algeventual #Drone #Ambient #Electronic #NewMusic

Today’s Ambient Sunday focuses on the beatless and the drone with As Clouds Form, and algeventual. Proper drone isn’t really my thing so perhaps this is a touch less drone and more held tones. Either way, enjoy.

As Clouds Form appeared here in June. But as a reminder, they say “We are a duo who have already released over 30 singles on Spotify and others. I live in NY and write either in synth or acoustic guitar mostly and a friend in Poland writes in synth or bass.”

Here’s their new track Hollow. If there’s emptiness this track fills it. Ever so softly. Built around the rich low bass this draws tones out into drones. It delivers just a touch of neo-classical epiphany with synths that becomes strings. An exquisite counterpoint to the otherwise mournful sounds.

If you’re empty this both acknowledges it, recognises the sadness and makes whole again. Gently.

Staying in the USA, previously from Lansing, Michigan but now from Columbus, Ohio, here’s algeventual. We have the just released track afraid of.

afraid of is taken from the new album stares from the blind clouds. It’s an electronic neo-classical piece but based around synths rather than strings for an almost IDM wash through.

Sound comes in slow undulating waves. It’s like the slowly rolling fog from the sea. Not clear what there is to be afraid of. Everything has a peaceful stillness, albeit with an air of melancholy from the raw low bass sounds.

The album is really meant to be listened to as a single piece, so the track ends a bit suddenly. I’ve included the full 32-minute piece if you want to bliss your self.

Ambient days by the sea, sitting in the car, blanket on your knees, thermos gently steaming, and this playing in the background. Perfect.

~ by acidted on November 20, 2022.

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