Ambient Sunday with Lycoriscoris, and McDead #Ambient #Drone #IDM @EdinBarrows

Ambient Sunday returns with a bit more drone than I’d normally tolerate from Lycoriscoris, and McDead.

Lycoriscoris is Japanese artist Yunosuke Senoo based in Tokyo. He’s also a photographer with a love of nature. There’s more about the origin of the name (ornamental plant but with dark light connotations) here.

His new album Sketches From Memory is a beatless wonder. Lycoriscoris says of the album “For this project, I tried to use only the minimum necessary sounds that would not disturb the listener’s daily life. I carefully translated each of the scenes I saw in my life into sound, eliminating as many unnecessary sounds as possible, and the result is very simple music.”

From the album comes A Piece of Nature which exemplifies this approach. There’s a real delicacy to this. A more pastoral, almost classical, sound but with the far off bell that echoes KLF’s Chill Out. Sounds wash around full of natural greens and browns. The sound veers awful close to drone but somehow just about sidesteps it to leave something tinged with real organic beauty.

A forest in spring when the leaves are too young to properly rustle and there’s the near but far promise of summer.

To Melbourne, Australia for a returning McDead who is both musician and archeologist – or “sonic grave digger” as his Twitter profile would have it.

His new tune is Old Sparky. For those not familiar with the US legal execution scene this is the folksy name given to the electric chair. They are still a legal method of execution in a few states in the USA. This leads McDead to say of his track, “McDead’s high frequency ambient experiment about horrific death penalty furniture. Sitting comfortably… or badly executed?”

It’s tempting to dwell on the ethics of electrocution and the death penalty. But let’s leave that aside for now and focus on the music. It’s a tune of ambient psychedelia into which hisses and fizzes of electricity surge periodically. This gives it a luminous and shimmering tone.

It pulses and surges even as it ripples along. This is both inner space and outer space in its SETI type noise. It has that ambient space sound so redolent of the best of the 90s ambient. I love this, even as the title leaves me queasy.

~ by acidted on December 4, 2022.

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