Monday means study beats with: Scarabeetz, and Fegaris #Chill #StudyBeats @scarabeetz

Start your week slow and chilled with Scarabeetz, and Fegaris.

Scarabeetz offers Lo-Fi Beats from the west coast of Finland. A new artist who released a few singles in 2022, here’s the first release of 2023.

Birds on a Wire is a bold track in that it feels in no hurry to get going. A little tom tom and some bird song before the electric piano riff kicks in. Beats shuffle round in a washed-out way. A little synth ripple in the background.

All terribly relaxed in a spacey and spaced out sort of way. The kind of track into which you fall and mesmerised drift along.

Fegaris is from Germany and has been producing chill tracks for a couple of years.

Here’s their last single from 2022, Dreamtime. This uses the lofi hip hop beats as the centre of the track around which the chilled sounds slowly revolve. There’s a lovely jazzy feel at work here. A combination of tinkling synths that twinkle like stars in the track. All offset by an intermittent jazz lounge piano break that allows the track to bhe both future forward and contentedly retro

Fegaris says “I used different calming background sounds to represent the times of the year.” And that easy going calm shines through this lovely track.

~ by acidted on January 16, 2023.

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