Ambient Sunday is meditating with: Mindless Meditation – Lilith #Ambient #Chill #ChillHop

Instead of something squarely in Ambient I’m heading off to a meditative chill hop space with Germany’s Mindless Meditation.

Appropriately enough, Mindless Meditation claims to be a psychologist, saying “As a psychologist I know: most people would benefit from more closeness to themselves, awareness and relaxation.” And that pervades his (I’m assuming it’s a he) approach to music. It’s all very soothing, dreamy and a touch drifting. In addition, he offers that he’s a “27 yo multi genre and multi instrumentalist currently based in Munich.”

Here’s new single Lilith. A two and a half minute sojourn from the world.

But as a track title it’s an interesting choice. Lilith is a female demonic figure of Jewish folklore. Her name and personality are thought to be derived from the class of Mesopotamian demons called lilû (feminine: lilītu), and the name is usually translated as “night monster.” In Jewish folklore she’s the first woman created. Many feminists see Lilith as not only the first woman but the first independent woman created. In the creation story she refuses to allow Adam to dominate her and flees the garden despite the consequences.

Nonetheless there’s no demons here or controversy. Everything is serene. Lofi beats thud away. Slow piano chord come. Eventually so does a delightful trumpet line. This is full of languid sounds and time stretches out.

Take a break from you world and recharge your batteries.

~ by acidted on January 29, 2023.

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