Ambient Sunday is looking good with: Optometry – Cathedral #Ambient #Drone

I do like John Tejada’s work. Here he is as part of a duo with March Adstrum on new track Cathedral.

For Optometry, Tejada, known for many years as an electronic artist, handles the production duties while Adstrum takes care of vocals and guitars. The band focuses on themes of life, love and loss. A reminder of early 80s stars Young Marble Giants. But on Cathedral it’s all driven through hazy droney electronic textures.

Cathedral is the closing track from the album After-Image. It’s the language of come down. Of church Requiems given a sad electronic wash.

Sounds are barely there and rise up as if into some vaulted nave. It has a Baroque feel of neo classical choirs celestial. An ineffably sad finality to it all.

A paean to life force, to the soul if you like, but also celebrating an ending.

For the saddest Ambient Sundays.

~ by acidted on March 19, 2023.

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