Acid meets Breaks with Dub Uptown: Minus The Light – Vitamin X (Vilena Remix) #Acid #Breaks #Dub #Electronic

Here’s a groovy, sleazy electronic track courtesy of a remix for Minus The Light by Vilena. It’s a wonderfully sinuous track.

Minus The Light was born and raised in Turkey but is now based in Los Angeles. His work has a dreamy and otherness quality. VILENA is a Los Angeles based Russian DJ/Producer playing underground electronic music that her biog says “contains all shades of trippy, deep and abstract sounds with a progressive touch.”

Those abstract and trippy qualities are definitely present on Vilena’s remix of Vitamin X.

The track opens with bobbling synths and a smidge of dub. It goes delicately and deliberately acid. But when you think you have the track nailed it goes off into breaks territory.

There’s a real precision to the individual sounds and the production is kept clean and spacious. Everything has its place and an elegance.

Superbly different track.

Taken from This Belief (Remixes) EP

~ by acidted on March 21, 2023.

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