Remixing classics: Icon (Pacceko Waves Interpretation) #Techno #DetroitTechno

Here is a super Detroit Techno remix by Mexico’s Pacceko. He’s remixed – though rebuilt may be more apt – Icon.

The track is by legend Derrick May. A true pioneer of Techno from Belleville in the 80s. But whose reputation is now in question because of sexual assault allegations which he denies. Makes posting this uncomfortable but it’s a good remix so I’m pressing ahead despite qualms.

Pacceko is from Mexico City, Mexico (I’ve included one of his original tracks at tghe foot of this post).

Of his work on Icon Pacceko says “A personal touch on that Detroit techno classic, rewriting the song from scratch and some sampling from the original, adding more synths to give a more epic feeling.

It’s a warm throb of acid techno with those classic 80s synthetic handclaps. There’s a load of synths with a lovely analogue feel that break into proper epiphany later in the track.

This remix retains the string driven but loose limbed funkiness of the original. And yet it also throbs with a beat driven intent.

Machines make magic. Make emotion.

~ by acidted on March 23, 2023.

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