Techno Tuesday but on a Monday with: Pilú and The PDC #Techno #ProgressiveHouse #Acid #AcidTechno

It may be Monday but let’s have some techno from Pilú and The PDC.

Pilú (previously Pilkush) is from Paris, France. He started on drums and that focus on the beats is apparent in his work. Here’s Stay from the Faux-Départ EP.

Stay is ultimately a melodic techno track. But is starts with a wonderfully percussive feel of a tribal type before the melody comes in. The uplifting synths with their JMJ twang and the fragments of female vocal give this an almost throwback feel. A main room good time tune but all traces of fromage excluded.

A disco house of sheer abandon.

To the other side of the world now and Australia for The PDC (Adam Murray). This is The People’s Dance Collective, an African born and raised producer/DJ that calls Melbourne/Naarm home.

Here’s Off Piste from the Cavalry008 EP. This is Acid House in its original form that magpie like happily took inspiration and influences from anywhere.

Off Piste is a mix of some seriously wonderful acid lines and bass whilst mixing it with that day glo fun of Italo House. Another track that’s now afraid of the main room. This wants to flaunt its influences and parade them in front of you. But it also wants to parade its intelligence.

There’s nothing cheap here. Peaks are built and earned. Layers are offered to be savoured. A delicious taste of late 80s/early 90s souped up and served fresh.

~ by acidted on May 15, 2023.

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