Midweek brightness from B. Visible x Kariyan, and Jimmi King #Electronica #Downtempo @bvsbl @jimmikingking

A couple of tracks to brighten your midweek mood from B. Visible x Kariyan, and Jimmi King.

B. Visible is from Vienna, Austria, as is remixer Kariyan. He’s a German/Kurdish musician from Vienna. He says “Making music has always been very inspiring for me because it allows me to convey emotions that I find difficult to communicate in real life.” And this remix is all about emotion.

B.Visible’s track Plane gets a remix that’s less a rework than everything highly polished and tuned to 11. The focus of the track is twin counterpoints of guitar licks and choral vocals. It overflows with emotionally affecting sound. In the wrong hands this would sound overwrought but here it’s beautiful.

The track is one of constant epiphanies and highs. Beats clatter around in an almost folktronica way. This is a righteous remix.

the original version

London’s Jimmi King ( formerly in NVOY) also goes for the ethereal and emotional in a joyous fashion on Angel Key.

Angel Key features a sample of Instupendo – Comfort Chain. It’s a dizzying mixture of garage, house and electronica. It’s light on its feet and has a song in its heart.

The beats are almost garage, the keyboards are almost house but it still has an ambient tinge. This is restless and jittery in a ready to go out their way, rather than any edgy anxiety. A track that smacks of Londons late 80s/early 90s positivity and that anything is possible.

I defy you to do anything but feel uplifted by this beautiful track.

~ by acidted on May 17, 2023.

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