Organic House lushness from: Paji – Hewa #DeepHouse #OrganicHouse #TropicalHouse

Let’s shimmy into the weekend with some lush deep house or organic house care of Paji.

Berlin, Germany’s Paji (pajwan faroch) is a violinist, composer, producer and also employs a wide array of instruments whose names are pretty much unpronounceable. Originally from Aachen with Iranian heritage his work doesn’t sit naturally into Berlins usually cool sounds. His work is emotive stuff.

Emotion is also central to featured track Hewa. It’s a mix of deep house and an unabashed old school house more at home in London or New York. But neither is it simply in those styles. This is sound that flaunts and revels in disco origins and vibrant shades.

This is a sound full of colour and life and the gay abandon of classic piano house but without quite having the need to deliver those stabbing piano chords. Live life fully with Paji.

~ by acidted on May 19, 2023.

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