Breakbeat dub lounge with: Orca Silent – Natural Venom (Kill3rhertz remix) #Dub #Breakbeats #Lounge

This remix was described as Ambient Lounge but it’s too damn funky for the mimsy that this might evoke. The Kill3rhertz remix of a Silent Orca track takes almost breakbeat beats and a bit of bassy dub to the track Natural Venom.

The original track has a dub techno feel with ambient elements. On the remix Kill3rhertz adds a sense of spaciness but also a denser texture of beats. This takes the track away from any real ambient genres and into something more electronica or breakbeats. The beats have a tightness that’s still loose.

And it has the courage to deliver a rather fine break to shout about. This makes the most of Silent Orca’s fabulous bass. A sleek shark of a collaboration.

~ by acidted on May 20, 2023.

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