Monday’s not for mainstream with Jacuzzi General and Late Us #idm #techno #experimental #electronic

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Let’s start the week of with a couple of defiantly non-mainstream tracks. A bit of experimentation never did you no harm. Here’s Scotland’s Jacuzzi General and Italy’s Late Us to show the way.

Jacuzzi General is based in Edinburgh and claims to offer “pleasure soaked dance music.” Now, I don’t know aobut that but I do know that this is a track – Pool Shark – that will get your attention, not least from the fabulous Christopher Walken sample around which the track is built. I assume it’s from the film of the same name. Yes, Christopher, I want a silk suit as well but I’ll live without the Rolls Royce convertible. The track twangs its way into your affections via some Iranian guitar (?) riffs and some bipping electronics. The pitter patter of tom toms comes over with Mr Walken’s languid yet menacing delivery and a bassline so sleazy it’s on a police register. Classic work all round.

Next we have Late Us, who takes things in a kind of John Hopkins direction on Someone’s Mind. This is a dubbed set of beats fighting their way through some lovely chords and some IDM squally electronics. That confection is deftly handled into a satisfying whole that allows the track to work as an off-kilter electronic trip hop piece. The electronics are never allowed to overwhelm the sense of a tune and momentum. Beautifully strange.


Experimental: TERA – MACHINE LEARNING BEAT TAPE #electronic #experimental

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The sun’s shining, so must be time for something a bit challenging. Here’s Australia’s Tera with Machine Learning Beat Tape. This uses fax machine squealing (remember them?) as a focus of the intro alongside one of those wonderfully ponderous but slightly creepy US info programme vocals. There are woozy, hazy electronics offering an awkward half-hour acid trip into electronic psychedelia. But there’s also uplifting sixties style vocal pieces and strummed guitar. Ever changing, ever evolving. I found it deeply unsettling whilst loving the disorientation that this provokes. Dare you check this out?

And check out the Machine Learning album here


Deep house from Ryan Crane – AMPHI #deephouse #house #electronic

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Sunday again. Before we think about the return to work let’s wallow in something deep and delightful from Ryan Crane. Although a US artist this has quite a European air. AMPHI is lush deep house with more than a bit of Dutch melodicness about it. The tune is full of lush stabbing moment and crisp beats. Those beats stop it getting in any way too syrupy. Leave the track light and fresh and that hook totally trapping me. I love this one.

And the cat is Evie.

If you liked that check out his latest album Vibes.

Blurb: Ryan Crane is best known for his modern abstract paintings and vibe infused electronic music. A relentless worker in both the painting and recording studio Crane is a true artist at the core constantly looking for moments of inspiration. A native of Virginia, Ryan has lived up and down the east coast from Georgia to Brooklyn, NY all the while drinking in the intricate details of life and translating these messages into his work. Today, his music focus is in the bass-heavy sound of House and Deep House though his latest Album entitled “VIBES” is a exploration of several electronic music genres. The same exploration has carried over to his visual work, which is represented by a collection of recent paintings sharing the same title as his album, VIBES.

Triple downtempo treat from Oneo Fakind, Bossoe and Principia #electronic #downtempo #chill #ambient

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A triple downtempo treat this Saturday from Oneo Fakind, Bossoe and Principia.

Oneo Fakind are a Canadian electronic duo and the track is Crazed Philosophers, taken from their second album Friendly Reality Ambush Squad. I guess pondering the secrets of life the universe and everything is a bit likely to make you go a bit doolally. After all, a Descartes (of “I drink therefore I am” fame) said “One cannot conceive anything so strange and so implausible that it has not already been said by one philosopher or another.” Meanwhile, the tune is a 3 minute stabbing affair full of layered elements that weave a textural pattern that lets you down gently but never quite grounds you. Offers a strange floating sensation with a sample that floats slightly out of reach. Ends, as it should, in synth tones which herald the end of the universe and the vanishing point. Perfect.

After that rather weighty track let’s have something a bit more soothing with Bassoe. From the Netherlands he offers the ambient techno of Visions. This is a wonderfully melodic acid ambient techno affair full of lush chords, pitter patter beats and the vastness of eternity. Suitable for background music at the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. But there again, as Douglas Adams said “The story so far: In the beginning the Universe was created.
This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” This track is most certainly not a bad move, it’s superbly constructed to lead you on the path to techno enlightenment.

Track taken from the Freedom in Thought EP

Finally, Principia from the USA. Principia is Latin for ‘principles’ but it’s most famous as the short title of Isaac Newton’s Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (tr. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy), often referred to as simply the Principia, first published 5 July 1687. Whether the track First Light has any mathematical principles at play I cannot say. But what we do have is a track that’s tagged as Future Bass but is much more gentle and alluring than that description might imply. We’re dealing with a superbly chilled track of warming first light. There’s a lovely little bit of fuzzy haze to the track and the four minutes this takes simply skip by in reverie. Enjoy.

Max Cooper – Incompleteness – Official Video By Kevin McGloughlin

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Here’s a new one from Max Cooper. It’s lovely. As they always are. Been too much of a week to say more. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow.

Japanese beat music: psymatics – Gion Feat. 東京月桃三味線 #electronic #beats

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My knowledge of Japanese artists is really pretty limited. My bad, I know. I can’t make up that knowledge gap but I can offer you some exciting strange Japanese beat music from psymatics on Gion Feat. 東京月桃三味線 from the Yellow Trance EP.

psymatics is probably Yoshitaka Koyasu from Chiba, Japan. They describe the EP from which the track is taken as “Atmospheric synths with chilled vibes on top of driving beats. A new type of Japanese beat music in contexts of psychedelic, chill-out and bass music.” A decent description. Gion is a polyrhythmic set of beats with Japanese strings (ehru?) sawed and plucked. Gives it a psychedelic IDM air. There’s a big bass drum that blows things away for the second part which has wheezy electronics and a post-industrial flavour before the traditional instuments return to round things off. Excellent experimental.

Avaialble on Spotify

On Soundcloud

and to buy on Bandcamp

Hey Ma, the weirdo’s back: Lemon Melon – I Should At Least Try #experimental #indie

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The wonderfully offbeat and leftfield Lemon Melon returns to tickle your ears with something unexpected. This time we have I Should At Least Try. Starts with some wonky guitar and lo fi beats. And just when you get into the swing of that you get wrong-footed by something a bit more indie rocker before some scratching takes over. All gets a bit Mr Scruff but then a strange vocal sample. Who knows where this comes from? “I make them I never keep them. But I should at least try.” she says. And you know, she’s right. You should at least try this. It’s not obviously uplifting but that’s the effect of the melange of sounds here. Genre hopping, classification bending wonderful. I’d keep this one. Go buy. It’s only the paltry sum of 25p.

Buy on Bandcamp