Waywell – Empty Space feat. Charlotte Newman #electronic #downtempo

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Are you in a reflective mood? If so, pause here a while and listen to Empty Space from Waywell. Taking its inspiraton from Pink Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Bonobo, this is a relaxed and unhurried track. Charlotte Newman doesn’t sing as such but adds an extra ethereal element to an already strung out track. There’s an almost dub elelctronic feel alongside some wandering guitar. Spectacularly chilled.

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The Rum Buggers – Hugo and his Chocolate Cat #electronic #experimental @shartedjeggings

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No idea who The Rum Buggers are but it’s connected to Sharted Jeggings from Aberdeen, Scotland. I’m not sure I care terribly. Let’s focus on the track. Hugo annd his Chocolate Cat is described as “an experimental dub jam.” That rather sells it short. There’s a bit of early Fatboy Slim inventiveness about this. It’s not a crazy and far out as all that. It has a rather fine space dub rock feel. All of which makes it no surpise that TRB says it was “heavily influenced by my watching a Captain Beefheart documentary.” A fine dubstramental groove. Music for battle droids everywhere.

Vergo feat. Saxe Gambetta – Squared EP #electronic #house

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A set of remixes from Vergo feat. Saxe Gambetta.

First up, the original. Now I’m not much of a tech house fan but this tech house tune is a doozy. Has an insistant bass buzz and almost a bit of a breaks feel about it that disrupts the standard tech house blankness. The addition of the Einstein quoting samples only adds to the appeal.

Then there are three remixes. First, from the charmingly named Mr Beer Belly. This gives the track more of a house bounce and some extra synths but doesn’t fundamentally alter the dynamics of the track. Next, NoizeSound who takes the track in a more electro direction but one in which the peak doesn’t quite deliver the expected glitter explosion. Finally, CarbBeat who shifts the track into a dark marching techno place.

Andrea Benini – El Guerrero #electronic #downtempo

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Andrea Benini is from Italy but based in Berlin. He describes himself as “I am a drummer, composer, producer, dj and brainchild of Mop Mop.” His origins are all European but on El Guerrero the inspiration is Africa. Taken from Drumphilia Vol 1, (out on 22 June) which he says is “a journey inspired by early African Electronic music and modern beats.” For me what makes it stand out is the tribal drumming set gainst some delightfully optimistic kalimba (and I’m a total sucker for anything with a nice kalimba to the forefront). Kalimba house is where it’s at, people.

Anders Ilar & John H – Coming for your Tongue EP #techno #electronic

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Proper quality techno from Anders Ilar and John H, who are from Sweden (like that was a surprise). But in contrast to the softer sounds that I associate with Sweden, this is firmly in metallic acid techno territory. They’re Coming for Your Tongue could be Germanic so focused is it on acid and machine noise. A perfect stormer of a track. Sleight Of Hand is no less machine tooled but offers less metal bashing. Has a bit of the early Orbital’s about it. Axiomatic verges on the ambient with its slow build up and pace. Corrosion finishes the quartet by amping up the acid. This EP is a fabulously sustained slice of techno. Go buy on vinyl.

Blurb: Coming For Your Tongue EP is Anders and John’s 4th collab release, after acclaimed releases on Flight Recorder and New York Haunted, recorded during a jam session at John’s studio in Bergsjön outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, using a small setup of analogue synths and drum machines such as the Roland TR-606, TR-808, a Devil Fish modified TB-303, Minimoog Voyager and the Arturia Microbrute. After recording Anders spiced things up by cutting and puzzling loops as well as adding extra effects and drums.

sub sequence – solar flare #electronic #idm #glitch

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A return for Germany’s sub sequence. Last time we had his daydream ep which was all soft ambient moods. This time solar flare is three and a half minutes of electronic awkwardness. An IDM track that hisses and creaks like metallic insects alongside some bobbling space sounds. It settles down a bit in the second half to offer a more easily digestible bit of space IDM but never quite loses that unsettling feeling. This is a good thing.

The track is taken from the humanized various artists compilation (available on digital and cassette – as is the modern way)

Punch Cards – Psychedelic Drug Dealers #ambient #drumandbass #dnb

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A return from Punch Cards (Amy Gibbon) but stylistically different. Last time was hissing IDM, this time ambient drum and bass, albeit with an IDM sensibility. Amy describes herself as a 20 year old producer from Telford (England). The track today, Psychedelic Drug Dealers, is taken from her forthcoming album Indigo Beats. There’s a bit of a Squarepusher thing going on her with skittering drum and bass offset by softer synths and other awkward electronic noises. This makes the track have a consistently off balance feel which slightly diorientates the listener as it’s soothing through the synths on the one hand and slightly battering on the other.

The new album’s here

Her previous album espers is available to buy here: