Techno: Just A Label Observation from Stan Purple and Taavo #techno #house #ambient #electronic

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A couple of ambient techno tracks from Taavo and Stan Purple.

Taavo (David Balík) first. From the Czech Republic / Czechia comes Observation. A melodic techno track that meanders across six minutes with a chiming synth as the centre piece of the track. It’s accompanied by some insistent beats but still manages to have a casual air.

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Next, from Germany Stan Purple. Based in Berlin, I’ve no idea if given the name he’s affected by synthaesia. Just A Label is a techno track that flirts with house and in the use of the vocal eschews the normal conventions of Berlin cool. There’s a warmth and emotion here. This never raises its voice. It’s not going to turn you away at the door. The repeated central motif has a hypnotic quality that the vocal only enhances. Deeply dreamy.

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Back to the House: Wezkez and Idem Zerum #house #techno #electronic

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After too many days of chill, here’s a couple of tunes that have a bit more fire in their soul. Some house from Wezkez and some techno from Idem Zerum.

Wezkez is from South Africa and offers the self-explanatory Dark & Funky. This is a dark house tune with a sleazy deep bass and a titular sample. This is offset by wobbly funk synths and a bit of acid attitude. A definite dance floor stormer. Go throw some shapes.

Idem Zerum offers Jahren. Apparently from the US but with a German track title. This is moody European techno, all dark pulsing bass and beats. And I love that approach. There’s a little ethereal wailing for a splash of exoticism. It ultimately offers a restrained approach, resisting the temptation for an easy, early peak. It’s content to lead you up the dark garden path only to give release when it’s goood and ready. Clever dark satisfying techno.

Dreamy ambient: Drowzy – Fuselage #ambient #electronic

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If you’re still suffering in the sun, kick back, here’s some utterly delightful ambient electronic from Drowzy. The track is Fuselage and the mood is relaxed but the tune has a certain cerebral quality. There’s the pitter patter of ideas scuttling aound in the beats. There’s an off kilter quality to the bleeping and blooping of the synths. It’s a simply lovely track that deserves to be massive. Taken from the compilation album Music for Eukaryotes.

Taken from the compilation album Music for Eukaryotes (according to Wiki Eukaryotes are organisms whose cells have a nucleus enclosed within membranes, unlike Prokaryotes. Eukaryotes belong to the domain Eukaryota or Eukarya. Their name comes from the Greek εὖ and κάρυον):

Velvet Coffin – Rob Garza #downtempo #minimal

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Rob Garza from the much loved (here at least) Thievery Corporation is back with a solo offering. A dub downtempo tune perhaps? Not quite. Velvet Coffin is darker than you might expect. It’s also more focused on the dance floor than his previous work might imply. It has a pulsing and pulsating darkness to the bass that drives the track along. The beats aren’t tablas this time it’s closer to house. There’s a swirling sense of shades of black and grey that make this quite a goth house tune. Impressive.

Alice Minguez – Doom Impends #ambient #dark #idm #electronic @AliceMinguez

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Alice Minguez is a singer songwriter from Wisconsin. Hardly my sort of thing. But wonderfully she also does instrumentals. And these are dark, twisting ambient IDM affairs. Here’s Doom Impends which is every bit as cheery as the title foretells. It’s a clattering set of pots and pans beats working against an almost alarm rave synth and descending chords that warm of something really, really terrible coming. As they say in Star Wars “I’ve got a really bad feeling about this.” Ain’t that great?

There’s more than one way to chill: ADM x EVE and Shockline #drumandbass, #chill #electronic #triphop

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There’s more than one way to chill, as ADM x EVE and Shockline are going to prove by ranging from trip hop through to drum and bass.

ADM x EVE is from the USA and offers the suitably Biblical entitled Before The Fall. Assuming we’re not talking about the movie of the same name, we’re on “So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.”

The track starts gloomy and portentious. There’s an awkwardness to it all from the beats that offset the echoed chords. There’s a sense of wrenching agony but all seen in slow motion. This is trip hop as idm ambient drone. No fun or solace to be found here. Instead a brilliantly evocative track.

Next, from Germany comes Shockline and Riven. This starts from a slow lonely piano that gets joined by wheezing slow beats and a sense of pathos. Eventually, that all gives way to some liquid drum and bass and fragments of vocal moans. What really sets this apart is the use of guitar as both a skittering background presence and a more liquid foreground sense. A properly wonderful combination of crisp beats and languid guitar with a whisper of vocal. A lost romance. Where did the relationship all go worng?

JohnT – Kalibr #electronic #chill #electro

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Assuming the sun’s shining where you are here’s something for the garden or the park. A perky but chilled newie from JohnT. Kalibr comes with an extra splash of electro to make things interesting. There’s a spritely funk to the approach taken – almost wah wah in places – and a welcome groove that drives the track along but not so much you have to put down your drink (may I suggest a nice fruity Pimms, rather than beer).