Prepare for the weekend with Jonny Joel and Saffaboy #deephouse #techno

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The weekend is nearly here. Let’s get in the mood with some punchy deep house and techno from Jonny Joel and Saffaboy.

Jonny Joel is, despite the name, from Germany. Nurnberg to be precise. And there’s more than a little precision in the construction of Rendition. A melodic techno track that is full of yummy flavours.  This rolls in the deep and maintains highs. A beautiful atmosphere on this delightful track.

If precision was the name of the game for Jonny Joel, intensity is focus for Saffaboy. Eye Control The House is pitched somewhere between tech house and deep house. There’s a rich depth of anticipation to the dark opening. It’s a moody beggar as it goes along for the drop. No wonder Saffaboy says “A dark Tech House set starter specifically written for DJ’s wanting a big build up that moves into an epic drop.”

Out now on Beatport:…he-night/2177448


Solcofn – Deferred EP 2018 #ambient #electronic

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I was planning to avoid a double post today but then I listened to the Deferred EP from Solcofn (phil Russell) and thought ‘why not?’ A chilled electronic experience from Mr Russell. Coming in at 20 minutes across the four tracks it’s all too too lovely.

There are beats, so this isn’t as ambient as some of his tunes. There’s a light funk and even an air of Steve Cobby to some of this. Pianos tug at the heartstrings, wood blocks click and everything is as beautiful as his twins. Available as a name your price offering. Do take it up and slip him a few quid while you’re at it.

Chilling with Hello Meteor and Envelope 3 #chill #ambient #electronic

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Retaining this week’s downtempo mood a couple more essentially chilled tracks from hello meteor and envelope 3.

Envelope 3 first up. This is from Ottowa, Canada. The track, Outsides, is a delightful piece of chilled instrumental electronica. Utterly, utterly smooth this rolls along like the drip of honey from the hive.  Although an instrumental, there is a vocal as part of the melody but as Envelope 3 explains “The melody vocal is a sample chopped over 8 tracks, repitched and played like a synth.” A languid lamentation of electronic splendour.

Next, hello meteor originally from Seattle but now from LA. The track is Aqualotic. Another smooth electronic track this one. There’s absolutely nothing to ruffle your feathers. This is completely chilled, almost to the point of somnambulance. If your week is hard going then this is for you. He says “equal parts early 90s nostalgia and ambient chillwave.”

Taken from the album The Coastal Obscure

Been a long time… 10 years in fact. #aphextwin #decade #electronic

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It’s Valentines today. Hope your love bought you something to cherish. For me, it marks a decade of this blog. Valentines Day 2008 was when it started with A is for Aphex Twin. Going on through the alphabetical adventure and into new leftfield music. Some 6,750 posts in total but here’s how it all started. Thanks for reading / listening.

Richard D James needs no introduction. Stuff from the Cornish legend has always veered between the brilliant and the unlistenable. I was blown away when I first heard Analogue Bubblebath 1 and Digeridoo for the first time and have always tried to retain the faith – but it has often been tested and keeping up with his ever-changing psuedonyms becomes wearing.

Here is an early rarity from Volume magazine/CD issue No. 4 (1992).


Lost Colours – One Space Left (Instrumental) #electronic #psychtronica

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In the annals of ever-changing categories of dance music ‘psychtronica’ had passed me by. That’s the term offered by Lost Colours on their new single One Space Left. There is, to be fair, a vocal version this but all that singing right put me off. The tune is perfectly capable of operating on its own. A sitar-laden festival of hippy psychedelia given some electronic structures. The tune is in no way aimless. It is, on its own terms, epic in its intent and has consciousness enveloping qualities. A little bit of Amorphous Androgynous floats about in the vapour trail of this tune. And that can only be a good thing.

Blurb: The Psychtronica duo Lost Colours from Leeds release their début single One Space Left (featuring additional vocals by Rebekah Dobbins of Nouvelle Vague and The Living Gods Of Haiti) on the 12th of February.
Rob Da Bank, no stranger to a splash of colour himself, called it “immense!”. Eddy Temple-Morris called it as a tune of the year for 2018.

In addition to the original edit described by Tim Whale of Emerging Indie Bands as…
‘…An expansive track, which, akin to the natural physics of pressure equalisation fills the room with billowing clouds of sitar, electronics and instrumentation in an unhurried composition which takes the listener on a carpet-ride of hypnotic texture and weave leaving the audience staring through kaleidoscopic eyes long after the sounds have drifted past the ears…’

The single also has a remix of Once Space Left from Ty Unwin, one the UKs most established composers. An eloquently produced piece of music in its own right that compliments the sublime production of the original. The stripped back cinematic atmosphere is an ear pleasing feast of soundscapes and production not dissimilar to the sound of Trent Reznor.

This single is merely a taster to an exciting year for Lost Colours who will be releasing the EP “Different LIfe” in March and the eleven track album “Talking In Technicolour” in April, which Bjork’s producer, Damian Taylor, who mixed their album, said ’…It’s the most colourful music I’ve ever worked on…’

Tuesday’s twosome is Moox and The Invisible People #ambient #house

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Today’s tunes come from Moox and The Invisible People. Both are welcome returns, both are house tunes but both also have a strong ambient air.

Moox first. Motions is a right contradiction. It has ambitions to be a minimal house tune but also to be ambient drone. This creates a welcome tension in the track where the beats constantly vie with held tones and repeated refrains for dominance. There is no winner in this battle and that’s all to the good for the listener. Leftfield dance floor house goodness.

Download for free:

America’s The Invisible People offer Blue Skies. Taken from the New Horizons EP this is a curio. It has a twangy lofi lead alongside a rich deep bass and all manner of clatter and bobble. There’s something wonderfully primitive about this. Campfire deep house perhaps?

Downtempo Monday extra from Instupendo #downtempo #chill #electronic

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It’s a Monday, so let’s have a cheeky extra post. This is boy by Instupendo (aka Aidan Peterson). It’s tagged as indie but its really a lovely lofi chill tune full of electronic trickery and optimism. Vague wordless vocals from Olli only add to that casual air of dappled sunlight. Music for picnics in the park.