Lomea – Warmest Diamonds

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Another returnee is Lomea. New single Warmest Diamonds is a wonderful electronic cinematic track. A real sonic adventure, matching crushed beats with digital sounds that offer hazy drones and uplifting phrases. All the more marvellous when you realise that the sounds that feature in new single Warmest Diamonds include but are not limited to; a train rushing overhead in a rural train tunnel, firework explosions recorded on Bonfire Night, percussion made out of wooden spoons, a pitch-tuned vase, the back of an acoustic guitar as well as melodic and textural elements crafted from a variety of analogue synthesizers and the exposed strings of a piano, played with a glockenspiel mallet and heavily manipulated with guitar pedals. That should all be a beard-stroking mess. It’s to Lomea’s credit that all those things just don’t matter. Get carried away.

Spotify goo.gl/vYIJA8 Bandcamp goo.gl/mGq7Rw
Apple goo.gl/NA0hd2 Bleep goo.gl/Jn7Vix

Northern Dusk – Raw State

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Northern Dusk is back with From Here To Nowhere EP. Here is a fine house track from that EP. Raw State is anything but. A sophisticated house track that oozes summer’s promise. A Rhodes-ridden hook guides the track along, with just the right amount of gentle groove.


No Build-ups, No Drops, No Survivors

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No Build-ups, No Drops, No Survivors” that’s the offer from Steve Turner. That we’re talking acid techno should come as no surprise. He says “I’m an oldskool head, trying to keep the acid spirit alive here in Poland.” Which curiously conjures up images of naked to the waist Polish muscle bound men losing it to this track, which starts with big fat acidic beats that climb up high. Then it wigs out like it oughta. That there’s “no survivors” isn’t quite true, since there’s a rather lovely Rhodes line that snakes its way through the final minute and your washed out come down.

Thursday Twosome with MuckMouth

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I don’t know anything about MuckMouth, other than I think he’s an American gentleman. Nevertheless, here are two rather nice mellow tracks from his album Weird and Wonderful Sounds for an Unchained Mind.

My favourite of the pair is The Philosopher’s Apprentice. This has a lazy trip hop feel to it. A piano dribbles notes in a stoner fashion and the beats shuffle along lackadaisically behind. The whole thing has a casually cast off feel that belies the intricacy of the track and the warm glow it engenders.

The second track is Beach City. This has a more digital feel, with synthetic beats and a slightly 80s synth / R&B feeling to it. Like a R&B track from which the endless “baby baby” refrains have been removed. This is welcome on my beach any time.

New old school house: Spencer Parker ‘Riff Shapes’

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Sun’s been shining. Done some walking around the city. Feet ache but here’s a newie from Spencer Parker to lift the spirits. A great house track that offers a new twist on piano house with a repeated synth piano riff against a minimalist beat.

Blurb: Spencer Parker concludes his ‘Different Shapes And Sizes’ series with a pair of robust house numbers this April.
Parker conceived the series as a method of showcasing his love for different shades of house and techno and the final edition sees the Work Them Records founder demonstrate his versatility once again. Part Three initiates with a thumping dancefloor workout titled ‘Riff Shapes’ that incorporates an uplifting chord sequence and crunchy percussion. On the flip, ‘Size:YES’ sees a throbbing low-end join skipping drums as rave inspired stabs add to the track’s commanding energy.

Wednesday wants to experiment with Lia Lia and theneondesire

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Two tracks that take a more experimental path this morning. Lia Lia takes a vocal approach whilst theneondesire push the boat out.

Lia Lia’s Olymp is, unusually for me, a vocal-led track. But Lia Lia has voice that twists you round its little finger akin to St Etienne’s sweeter moments. The accompanying electronics offset the sugariness with some astringent awkwardness. It occasionally starts to offer synth epicness and the remembers this is about love and loss, not Trumpian showboating.

Progress is the name of the game from theneondesire. It opens with an organ line of sixties vintage before stamping on it with splattered electronics. But the light doesn’t completely go out and the synths vie with crunches and buzzes throughout. Has a lo-fi epicness which wins out.

Tuesday’s techno from N’to and Chris Wayfarer

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A techno twin track offering from N’to and Chris Wayfarer.

N’to offers Carrousel. No cheap fairground ride this. A seriously moody techno track. Dark squelching synths open but accompanied by light beats. Eventually unfurls into a deep, dark groove that both lifts you up and holds you down. Hypnotic.

Download or Stream: HungryMusic.lnk.to/Carrousel

Chris Wayfarer’s release Underwater Dance is on No Divas and is a slightly slower than normal techno offering. But this air of reticence adds a certain edge to the track which hums and thrums with an oily bass swirl. There’s even a bit of almost 80s sounding synth bells. Perhaps a bit Fluke sounding this one – say Techno Rose of Blighty.