Unsettling ambient from Layer V and The Millennial #ambient #idm #synth #newmusic #electronic

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A couple of unsettling ambient pieces to disturb your Sunday morning from Layer V and The Millennial.

Arriving on skis or a cow with a bell is Swiss artist Layer V. The track is Classe Verte. This is an ambient track slightly in the Aphex Twin vein. It has soft, gentle elements but constantly undercut with shifting electronic burps, blips and bloops. Beats are polyrhythmic and unpredictable. It’s all a bit disorientating. In a good way. I think I’m going to need some Toblerone now.

Next we have The Millennial. Ah, millennials. I’m tempted to add a joke about avocado toast but of course it’s jealousy of the youth. Meanwhile, the track is Go To Sleep, which sounds a perfect ambient title. The tune doesn’t follow that expectation. It’s a dark and anxious track, more in a house vein. The Millennial says it was written “after becoming extremely deprived of sleep, I pushed through my mental state of exhaustion.” This is built around a dark and slowly buzzing bass that reeks of weariness. It constantly tries to perk itself up with optimistic synth lines but they are always dragged back to the dark fugue. Go back to sleep, if you can, is the message.

Piano and glitch: Seb Kosinski – Middle Of Nowhere #electronic #newmusic #piano #glitch

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Love an oxymoron. The combination of light and dark; hard and soft; gntle and forceful. Poland’s Seb Kosinski offers that on his new track Middle of Nowhere. This really ought to be called My Dirty Piano. Starts off in a lovely neo-classical piano vein. All soothing and gentle. And then a bunch of IDM electronics get dropped from a great height all over it. Everything gets all angular and upset. The piano smashes into smithereens but isn’t entirely done for. This has just the right amount of awkwardness to enjoy.



Downtempo mood for Friday: Borderland State – Collider #downtempo #electronic #chill

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I’ve an early start this morning, so I want something not too aggressive this morning. Collider from Australian outfit Borderland State fits the bill perfectly. This is Borderland State’s debut release and it’s lovely. This manages to be soothingly pleasurable but without sending me back to sleep, which I so want to do. It has a combination of piano and tinkling synths for early morning cheeriness and a deep bass for grounded in the moment feel. It’s the sound of the first light of dawn. The orangey hue as the world emerges from the night to take shape for the day. Wonderful.

Melodic techno with Sounom & Sagou – Mondsüchtig (JP Lantieri Remix) #techno #melodictechno #melodic #electronic

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JP Lantieri is back but this time with a remix rather than an original. He’s on remix duties for Sounom & Sagou on their new track Mondsüchtig (JP Lantieri Remix).

Sonoum & Sagou are a Dutch production duo and this track is taken from their Abendrot EP on Flemcy Music. It’s a tense melodic techno track. Full of anticipation and opening with rolling bass and heavy duty synths. As befits a seven minute track this isn’t packed with sugar rush peaks. It’s a more considered affair taking the time it needs to create and fill out the mood. Full of sound and intensity it’s also a track of space and wonder. The title translates as Moonstruck and I was more than a little awestruck.

Abendrot EP

Organic chill with Bartosz Ługowski and Signal Mountain #ambient #chill #electronic #newmusic

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A chilled feel this morning with lots of organic ambient sounds from Bartosz Ługowski and Signal Mountain.

Bartosz Ługowski first. From Poland, he offers Strzeż się pociągu (tr. Beware of the train). And indeed it starts with the tolling bell for a level crossing along with gentle strummed guitar and only latterly some washes of electronics in the background. It’s all hazy late evening stuff. The relaxing at the end of a hard day. Sitting with your feet up. Trying to decide if it’s yet cold enough for a blanket across your knees. Or is that just me these days? This is all about letting this wash gently over you as your cares drift away.

Taken from the album Okolica

Signal Mountain are from the USA. Signal Mountain is an ambient collaboration project between Eric Setterlund and Josh McCausland. They’re apparently from Chattanooga. The track is This Curated Life. Taken from the album Familiar Trails, it’s an ethereal, beatless piece of ambient. There’s a fragility about this that it’s sometimes hardly there. Threatening to disappear if you breath on it too hard. Lovely.

Or on Soundcloud

Album on Bandcamp

Contrasting emotions with Lyhre and Kevin Joyce #indie #lofi #deephouse #ambient #house #acid #electronic #newmusic

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Normally, I go for a bit of flow between tracks. Not today. A couple of contrasting tracks. Angst galore from Lyhre and positivity from Kevin Joyce.

Angst first with Lyhre. They’re from Berlin wouldn’t you know. They are an Indie-Electronica duo formed last year. Fronted by Anitha (Producer, Composer, Vocalist) and completed with Daniel (Producer). Given the newness of the set up this is all very accomplished. Anitha’s voice is a fragile beautiful crating. It sits somewhere between early Bjork and Louise Rhodes (Lamb). The track is I Eat Pain. The music is gentle slightly lofi deep house with sombre piano. But with all due repsect to Daniel, it’s the vocal that takes this from interesting to outstanding.

After all that emotion a bit of relief from Kevin Joyce who returns after a year’s absence with Jumpin’. There’s a big wash of positivity that comes with this track. Not in a mindless way. More carefree enjoyment. There are almost indie drums alongside a lovely little synth hook that drags you along. The track’s restless nature even finds time to incorproate a bit of scuzzy acid whilst not letting go of the hook. Clever.

Deep house duo from Marco Amoazoo and Dog Pound ft. IRohn Dwgz #deephouse #house #electronic #newmusic

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Morning. Not in the mood for anything too difficult so a couple of rather fine deep house tunes with a leftfield leaning from Marco Amoazoo and Dog Pound ft. IRohn Dwgz.

Marco Amoazoo is a producer from Switzerland. Mandolina is the track and it’s somewhere between deep house and melodic techno. That gives it a dryness and a depth that really makes the tune work. It has a slightly restrained air that holds something back for a bit of tension. Even the mandolin is used carefully. It’s the musical equivalent of the countryside passing by on a train or the scudding of clouds. Everything is wonderous but at a distance. Lovely track.

Buy https://labormusik.ch/releases/mandolina/

Next Dog Pound ft. IRohn Dwgz which sounds for the world like we ought to be getting some GHouse. But not so. It’s a percussive deep house track. This is from South African label Team Capetown. The track is DWG Pound (S.0.2 Tectic) and is taken from the Durban Plug EP. Definitely a dance floor deep house track with flashes of disco glitter but beautifully done. A long slow build gives you bags of anticipation on a track that knows how to deliver the goods.

Durban Plug EP