Victor Ruiz & Thomas Schumacher “Soulforce EP”

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I’m not normally one for Main Room pumping sounds but Victor Ruiz’ and Thomas Schumacher’s Soulforce manages to hit that sweet spot between leftfield techno, dub techno and pumping chords to leave a fabulous peak time tune for your Saturday evening.

9Deep – Live Session #7

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We had 9Deep’s Live Session #6 about a month ago. I so enjoyed the live techno mix that I thought you might have time for a further hour this Saturday. Live Session #7 follows a similar template. It’s techno but nothing too heavy and makes full use of the hour to build itself up from gentle beginnings. It works its way through ambient techno and deep house until it gets into a techno groove. Free download.

Ambient from Paul Stillwell and Brayden Glenn

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I don’t know about you but I’m not up for anything too challenging this Friday. Here’s a couple of gentle ambient tracks from Paul Stillwell and Brayden Glenn.

Brayden Glenn offers the soothing chimes of Heaven. A thoroughly soothing way to spend fifteen minutes. As ‘no tears’ as kids shampoo. This leaves your soul all soft, shiny and clean. An essentially beatless experience with various intensities of synths filling in the gaps where beats might otherwise go.

Paul Stillwell’s Ripples is not such a soothing experience. The main synths ripple around woozily, lost in reverie. But behind there is the darkness of some drone. This means that you never quite relax into the track. It always has you just that bit on edge. This gives the track a real presence and a don’t-take-me-for-granted quality.

Paul Still well says “Ripples from the album Parallax. Available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Google Music, Spotify and directly from

Salehpour – Ms. Acid

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Swedish producer Salehpour offers Ms. Acid. A fantastic acid house tune, with more than a nod to the 90s but without being captured by it. The track manages a driving groove without having to resort to a surfeit of beats. Quality.

Wonky Wednesday with Screamershock, Risking Conversationa and Mr Stee

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Wednesday with wonky electronics from Screamershock, Risking Conversations and Mr Stee. Three types of downtempo oddness.

Starting with Screamershock and Are You Still Watching? This is the title track of the forthcoming album. An acid synthpop affair. The bones of Cerrone and other 70s synth artists mixed with the blood of early 90s electronica. Such dark magic produces a disorientating swirl of seductive sounds.

Risking Conversations delivers The Comfort of Not Knowing. The Manic Street Preachers sang that knowledge is power and that’s often true. But equally, you can know too much. In an information overload age knowledge can become a source of inertia or the heightened risk of misinformation. All of which is as chilling as this downtempo spectral track, full of dark echoes and minor buzzing keys.

Finally, Mr Stee delivers a wobbly, wonky masterpiece in beachday. This is made from assorted field recordings. Now, I don’t know about you but wobbly wonkiness is not my usual beach associations, unless it’s my stomach. This burbles its way along with assorted bloops and blips, like a collection of droids navigating the dunes of Tatooine.

MindsEye – The Ocean

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Crisp, slightly crunchy ambient from MindsEye that rather belies the title of The Ocean. Nothing terribly liquid about all of this. Instead, a quality IDM ambient track with dubbed echo, precisely measured beats and a bit of crackle. Classy.

Tuesday is experimenting with Idan Altman and Orange Drink

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A couple of gently experimental tracks from Idan Altman and Orange Drink.

Idan Altman first. His Heroic Bee takes its reference points from the more ambient elements of Pink Floyd. TBH, a reference point that had me approaching this with more than a little degree of suspicion. Yeah, it’s a bit hippyish but the overall effect is quite delightful. It’s a deeply inventive track with all manner of instruments and found sound, including, yes, bees.

Orange Drink’s Forced Deal is a more ambient / drone track but with an underlying edge. The beats are harder and more razor-like than you’d expect. A sullen menace of a track that isn’t going to ask you again to listen.