Two sides of techno with: Kimman, and NRKY & Numbers #techno #melodic #acid

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Two sides of techno this morning from Kimman and NRKY & Numbers and a mix of melodic and acid to flavour your techno breakfast.

Kimman first. The name for two producers (Bram and Gregory) from Ghent in Belgium the track is Peripheral. It’s the title track of their new EP on Traub Recordings The track delivers a restrained piece of melodic techno with a deep, deep bass line and some lovely rich and soft synths. Peaks build and fall but never in such a way that totally ruffles the dark chocolate sheen of the track. This is finely tempered stuff. It knows when to press the button but always to deliver pleasure, never pain.

Next, NRKY & Numbers from the UK. Acid is the main techno flavouring on their Black & Chrome track. This is unashamedly big room techno from the Back To Basics residents. After the build it’s all about the acid. Those squiggling lines coming over so well from a duo that understand with absolute clarity how acid should be used for maximum effect. The track’s throbbing bass, beats and acid twist you round it’s little finger. You’d be powerless on a dance floor before this track’s overwhelming presence.  Surrender now. You’ll thank me for it in the morning.

Shade of Drums – Path #DubTechno #techno #ambient #electronic #NewMusic

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Just the one this morning. But a damn fine one. Shade Of Drums is Andrey Sirotkin from Kyiv, Ukraine. And Path is the track, taken from his forthcoming CNEP02 (only 100 copies on vinyl – obvs). Despite the obvious silliness of releasing a track as superb as this on only 100 vinyl, this is so worth your time. It is picture perfect dub techno. More than seven minutes of throbbing dub sexiness with an embarassment of ambient riches. This oscillates in perfect time with the universe (or your hangover). Time to give in to Shade of Drums.


Cyclic Number EP02 (clips)

Conrad Clifton – GET YOUR WHOLE LIFE #electronic #NewMusic

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We had a track from Brooklyn-based Conrad Clifton this morning. Let’s have a listen to the album it’s taken from – GET YOUR WHOLE LIFE. A good album with a mix of highs and lows.

The album title is explained as, “a phrase made popular by women of color and the LGBTQ community, is meant to be encouragement for Conrad’s listeners to be self-motivated.” The opening track is Colours about which I said earlier, “The track is one of those hard to classify tricksters. It’s sort of lofi house with a bit of trap in the beats. The opening sample is powerfully strong but doesn’t try to amp things up with too much passion in the beats. Makes it feel a more conversational approach. This is argument through questioning and reason, not shouting. The antithesis of US and UK today. In amongst it all is a little jazz in the almost-trumpets. This is chilling house for a purpose.”

Silent City (Everything Is Connected) follows some snatches of TV/film dialogue on 90s Reruns. The track is a futuristic retro synthwave house affair. This wants silence but can’t help constantly shouting that “everyone is connected.” A track of night time neon glitter. A life of prosecco dreams. This is followed by Hunter Gather-Her. A clicky future bass track perfect for playing on mobile phones or ridiculously bass-heavy car stereos. Includes a vocal sample about women that suggests “Conrad presents the POV of a male ally, focused on giving women the respect they’re due.” Not entirely convinced by the sample.

This is followed by the lovely highlight of OH! Obviously it features someone saying the track title. A lot. But this is piano house of the 90s married with a totally of-the-moment set of beats. A feel good track. Magic Chapstick reaches back further into some almost 80s synth pop. This is blended with some experimental beats and all round wooziness. A bit of fashion runway house for the FROW-ers amongst you.

Is It You? then comes as a bit of a surprise. A music box type of glockenspeil chiming with beats and almost Abba-esque vocals. That’s accentuated further by the almost folky trap of Everything / I’ll Be Your ft Linda Diaz. Closer Neva Seen (A Broken Heart) finishes things on a high with a cleverly produced thrack that takes the spirit of sixties soul to the digital age and future house. A disco for all ages in a brave album that charts its own path.

Smart Link:

Open up the garden umbrellas, sun’s out with: Frank Iva, Mads Kinnerup, and Conrad Clifton #chill #ambient #NewMusic #downtempo #electronic

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Sun’s back but I’m tired and grey. Let’s have something cheery but chilled with tracks from Frank Iva, Mads Kinnerup, and Conrad Clifton.

Frank Iva is our starting point. He was born in Uganda but is now a music producer and performer based in San Diego, CA. He says his work is a, “fusion of electronic and live music with hints of jazz, hiphop, classical and gospel influence.” And there’s lots of that on Conversations, a piece built on surface crackle and hip hop beats. This gives it that head nodding foundation on which Frank builds a structure of jazz (funk) guitar and classical piano. This latter ripples its way through the track and gives meaning to the chill. Lovely sunny day track.

Next, something Scandinavian, with Mads Kinnerup from Denmark. The track is Parademons. I’m clearly not geek enough but a search reveals that “Parademons are a fictional group of extraterrestrials appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. They are monstrous shock troops of Apokolips used by Darkseid to maintain order on the planet.” But if this is demonic possession I want me some. A lovely calming ambient track. Full of modular synth tones, held and allowed to wash away. Beats are… nowhere. Nothing to disturb this calming pool of centredness. Parademons is the title track of the album of the same name.



Commenting on the superficiality of asessments based on skin colour is Brooklyn-based Conrad Clifton on new track Colours taken from the album GET YOUR WHOLE LIFE. The track is one of those hard to classify tricksters. It’s sort of lofi house with a bit of trap in the beats. The opening sample is powerfully strong but doesn’t try to amp things up with too much passion in the beats. Makes it feel a more conversational approach. This is argument through questioning and reason, not shouting. The antithesis of US and UK today. In amongst it all is a little jazz in the almost-trumpets. This is chilling house for a purpose.



Dreaming of flying with: TROVA, devon rea, and Boox Kid #ambient #drone #chill #chillwave #electronic #NewMusic

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I dreamt I was flying. Not like the kid in Walking In Th Air. But in a metal tube. A plane. Again. Too much flying recently. Sinuses playing up. Need sympathy. But in its absence some lovely warming tunes from TROVA, devon rea, and Boox Kid,.

TROVA is from the USA. But offers no additonal explanation. Other than a list of jobs. As in, “The Head & Creative Director Of TMP Records LLC, Trovador/ Trubador Music Publishing LLC and Sub label ”It’s Viernes””, which is nice. I wasn’t even a milk monitor. Anyhow, the music is ambient drone track Silver. This is a slightly wobbly synth based tune, full of soft sounds and static. A hazy melody drifts along like a slightly out of focus photo. Dreaming of summer rain.



Next, devon rea with imagiro. Not a capital letter between them. The track is the uncapitalised pillow top. A lovely cheery, wonky chill track. The beats are all perky and sunny blending beautifully with the piano line. Acoustic elements gambol free. Meanwhile lots of electronics stop, start, blip and bloop. Less than three minutes but damn cute nonetheless.

Bandcamp (name your price)


Finally, Boox Kid. Perth based singer song writers, producers, artists and brothers Jarred and Jon are proud Ngoongar men of the Wardandi Bibbulmun tribe of the South West of Western Australia. They offer It’s Just A Dream, Wake Up. A lovely woozy melodic chill track. This includes BK’s daughters discussing their dreams, “of ponies, unicorns and everything that is magical to a 4 and 6 year old”. This itself adds a dreamlike, ethereal quality to the track. Three and a half minutes of childlike wonder at the world and everything in it. This is how modern chill should be.

Running for the bus: H3X Dysphoria – Cyber Runner #synthwave #electronic

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Do you jog? Or does everyone now say that they ‘run’? And when did that change happen without me noticing? I never really have. Never found it enjoyable. What I did enjoy was H3X Dysphoria’s track Cyber Runner.

This is a piece of top quality synthwave.  H3X Dysphoria (Alfred Farrugia from Malta) says he makes music for hackers. This is more fitness regimen for robot athletes. A short synth symphony that goes from a standing start, into a jog and eventually a joyful sprint for the line. A medal winning performance, enhanced with synths on steroids and a perfectly positive air.

Who is sure about love? Lemon Melon – Spring Day Song (I’m Not In Love Anymore) #downtempo #indieChill #chill #electronic #NewMusic

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Love is a curious thing. The way it can spring up on you, even unexpectedly. And in the strangest places. And the coup de foudre it creates. All of that and more from Lemon Melon on their new track Spring Day Song (I’m Not In Love Anymore). A perky indie acoustic guitar and shuffling electronics track. An indie chill kind of approach. This melts the hardest of hearts. Whether you’re falling in love, in love, or falling out of love this is for you. Even manages to make pitched up vocals acceptable. Love is madness, I tell you. And you’d be mad not to listen to this.