Punch Cards – Psychedelic Drug Dealers #ambient #drumandbass #dnb

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A return from Punch Cards (Amy Gibbon) but stylistically different. Last time was hissing IDM, this time ambient drum and bass, albeit with an IDM sensibility. Amy describes herself as a 20 year old producer from Telford (England). The track today, Psychedelic Drug Dealers, is taken from her forthcoming album Indigo Beats. There’s a bit of a Squarepusher thing going on her with skittering drum and bass offset by softer synths and other awkward electronic noises. This makes the track have a consistently off balance feel which slightly diorientates the listener as it’s soothing through the synths on the one hand and slightly battering on the other.

The new album’s here

Her previous album espers is available to buy here:


Nissim – Pigeons Studio Live Session 6.5.18 #electronic #techno #acid

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Improv. OK sometimes for comedy but rarely for music. You end up with free jazz, goatees and heroin addictions, and that’s not good for anyone. But Germany’s Nissim offers a live session that is a “mixture of genres, no loops, no preparation, just pure fun.” It’s got a solid acid drone start before veering off into harder territories and a bit of metal bashing before coming back to somethign that flirts with ambient and IDM experimentation. It’s a cleverly changing landscape that retians your interest throughout. A real techno road trip. He also says “Turned on the machines and played random stuff, rhythms until I got tired.” Given that was after only 70 minutes you wouldn’t want him as your pick for the football team, unless it went to penalties.

Danya Vodovoz – Nautilus #downtempo #electronic

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If you’re finding things a bit difficult this week for any reason, may I suggest Danya Vodovoz. His track Nautilus is taken from the newly released album Motion Machine. It’s a wonderfully calming piece of electronica. There’s a Brownian motion bass that provides the sampled heart of the track. Has a deep sea sonar quality where nothing moves too fast. It’s describes as “reflecting the vibrant and colorful world of deep sea creatures” whereas I’d see it as deeper down where there’s no or almost no light and life moves more slowly to conserve energy. Such is the stateliness of the track and its effectiveness at slowing everything down a bit for you and offering a calming centre.

Album here

Help needed with Biesse – Jungle #downtempo #electronic

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Biesse offers the lovely downtempo electronic sounds of Jungle, complete with some birdsong and other natural noises. These sit in a chilled soft, organic electronic palette. Everything sounds so beautifully simple yet lush. But the thing I need your help on is the the central synth motif which starts the track and is woven into the remainder. It really reminds me of another track but I’m totally struggling to place it. Kolsch? Whatever, this is a wonderful way to spend three and a half minutes.

Blurb: Biesse, aka Ben Schlichtkrull, has been producing electronic music for over a decade, finding musical inspiration from living in the diverse cities of Brighton and Bristol. Exploring and blending elements from many areas within electronic music, Biesse creates intricate rhythms that weave through colourful melodies and atmospheric soundscapes, capturing the essence of positivity and psychedelic imagination. 2018 sees the release of his first full length Finite Limelight LP, alongside a worldwide adventure to find further musical ideas and inspiration.

You can do techno on a Sunday with Ashe and TTilawok #techno #electronic #sunday

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A return to techno on a Sunday with Ashe and TTilawok.

Ashe (Jonathon Ashe) is from Canada and offers the ultra moody War Sun. This is a clattery, rather IDM, style of techno. It’s full of deep bass and paused moments of strings and contemplation before the brutality. There’s a widescreen cinematic approach to this, like sunlight glinting off burnished armour. It’s accompanied with the quote that “And the sky turned blood red as the War Sun approached…” which has that right mix of almost biblical and pagan.

TTilawok is based in Stockholm and offers the more European sounds of Rooted, taken from the Memories album. There’s a dub techno take on offer here. Sounds of synths stabs perfume the track. A drone bass provides the solid centre ground. Beats throb away. A twisting psychedelic version of techno delights.

Or on Spotify

Blurb: Postseason Franchise Records is happy to announce Into Memory, the debut album from Stockholm-based deep house and techno artist TTilawok. Set for release on May 25th, Into Memory includes ten tracks which highlight the wide array of genres and styles which influence TTilawok, the California-born producer behind the album’s futuristic sound. Combining samples, synthesis, and analog drum machines, TTilawok manages to traverse the realms of acid, ambient, low-fi, and downbeat with his first full-length release. This record was produced over nearly two years as ideas evolved into full songs between Stockholm and California. Into Memory will be available in all online stores on May 25th, and the lead single and music video, “Rooted”, is out now. A limited edition of 100 clear blue tapes are available for pre-order on Postseason Franchise Records’ Bandcamp.  ttilawok.bandcamp.com/album/into-memory

Downtempo trio from Shallou, The Planetary Defence Side Project and Ajaxbeats #downtempo #ambient #triphop #electronic

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Three downtempo tunes to start your weekend from Shallou, The Planetary Defence Side Project and Ajaxbeats.

Shallou returns with …Lost. A tune that’s as flimsy and fragmentary as the title implies. An ambient haze of a track but like morning mist still mangaes somehow to fill the space before disappearing before you notice it. Vague female vocals drift ethereally about, handclaps softly echo and synths soar and yaw like dragonflies. The track is taken from the Souls EP. Gorgeous.

The Planetary Defence Side Project is from Norway and offers Pistaj. No idea what it means. But the tune is described as “a pastiche paying homage to the more ambient sides of 90s electronic music.” That’s kind of unfair. It does have reference points for The Orb and Orbital’s more ambient moments but it’s no pastiche. There’s a lightly shuddering dubbness to the track that gives it that sense of 90s ambient but it’s its own thing with a lovely synth piano line that takes you on a journey into space.

From the USA comes Ajaxbeats with Tweak Out. A more trip hop than ambient track. This booms along with a real dubbed air like a stoner’s dream of swirling smoke. Almost dubstep in places this owes much to Massive Attack’s more treacly paranoid moments. Given the amount of low frequency sounds going on here play this on the biggest system you’ve got and watch the walls vibrate. Awesome.

Two techno tunes for Friday from Azzum and Embassy #techno #electronic

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Two techno tunes for Friday from Azzum and Embassy.

Azzum, as you may recall, is from Lithuania and this time offers Cyborg, which despite the aggressive title – General Grevous anyone – is a rather laid back techno tune. This is very much at the melodic end of techno with a chilled demeanour. But it is also interspersed with harder, more jagged lines. Azzum explains “This track was inspired by the book I have read about the war in Ukraine.” The track is part human organic and part machine metallic. Perfect cyborg techno.

Embassy is from Cape Town, South Africa. He says he has “obsession for low end frequencies.” And we love a bit of bass. That makes On Repeat a proper dance floor track (from the EP of the same name). But not so much focused on bass and beats as to forget the need for a bit of light and shade. A cleverly constructed track that ebbs and flows in its own idiosyncratic way. Darker dance floors with be lightened by the low end techno bass melodies.