Roman Fahls – Ataulf #techno

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Roman Fahls returns with more Visigoth techno.

Ataulf (or Ata-Ulf) was Visigoth king 370-415, saying “At first I wanted to erase the Roman name and convert all Roman territory into a Gothic empire: I longed for Romania to become Gothia, and Athaulf to be what Caesar Augustus had been. But long experience has taught me that the ungoverned wildness of the Goths will never submit to laws, and that without law a state is not a state. Therefore I have more prudently chosen the different glory of reviving the Roman name with Gothic vigour, and I hope to be acknowledged by posterity as the initiator of a Roman restoration, since it is impossible for me to alter the character of this Empire.”

Roman Fahls’ Ataulf is a follow on from Alaric and he says “Ataulf was the brother in law of Alaric (the name of my tune from before, this tune has a similar intro.” Therefore you get some more ambient techno. Strung out over the best part of seven minutes, this takes time and space to unfold. Everything is suspended, lost in amber waiting to move on. Almost two minutes pass before the track takes a turn for the techno, with shuffling but insistent beats. The two strands intertwine to leave a dreamy techno space.



Friday’s downtempo comes from Tomás Novoa and The Put Off

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A couple of gentle tunes from Tomas Novoa and The Put Off.

Chile’s Tomas Novoa offers Vuelta al Sol (tr. around/return to the sun?). The tune is full of magical dreaming. A soft brush of pitter patter electronics and harmonies almost lost in the background. The overall effect is  of being at the ante-chamber of the gods. Something special is near but slightly out of reach. An inner calm descends.

The Put Off offers Capolera (which may translate as ‘download’). Taken from the album Does That Feel Good, this is a delight of a tune. Unhurried ambient offers the pleasures of the beach, with washing waves and some woman babbling on in the background. But in a way that doesn’t annoy. It offers a clever, almost white noise, approach. Dreamy.

Peaks of Valleys – Bowls #ambient #postrock

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The sun is shining. The last of the tomatoes are trying to ripen. Let’s hold onto the last dregs of summer with this lush post rock ambient tune from Peaks of Valleys.

Bowls is an odd name for a tune. Cereal bowls? Fruit bowls? What does it mean? Does it matter? Shards of guitar lazily open the track and cutlery is rattled in the background. Polyphonic Spree harmonies arrive with xylophone accompaniment. This is such a positive track I can hardly bear it. Delightful.

Wednesday wants the weekend with Moox and NXNY & RS|AM

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Middle of the week but not middle of the road. After a few days of ambient, let’s dance our cares away with house music from Moox and NXNY & RS|AM.

Moox offers another reason for America to invade Canada with Religion, which doesn’t exactly spare religion as a function of a class war. Which is nice. The tune itself is fabulously dark and inventive house, twisting you round its little finger. Free download if you dare.

NXNY & RS|AM and their tune Republica offers more simple house pleasures. It’s an unashamedly upbeat house / deep house tune with a great lead synth line. Albeit that troublingly for me it also makes a lot of use of the flute. Not a normal part of the house armoury. Bring 70s Jethro Tull flashbacks but it works awfully well in this context, giving the tune a lightness of beat and heart.

Moving Structures – Burial Ft Kat Von D (Household//Bassline Remix) #electronic

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A welcome return from Household//Bassline, with a dark electronic remix from Moving Structures. The track is Burial ft Kat Von D. A great piece of electronica, with dark driving notes from the outset. A huge cinematic thrust to all this, as if a storm is moving in from far away. The problem with this tune is that it’s over all too quickly. But you can simply play it again, as it’s a free download:

Free download:

check out Moving Structures’ original music:

Owen Pitch – Cold blood and hot waters

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Owen Pitch claims to be a Russian lo-fi electronic producer. Whatever the reality, Cold Blood and Hot Waters is a superior piece of drone ambient. The emphasis is largely on the ambient, with the drone hissing away in the background like a waiting samovar. The is atmospheric and full of rich textures. Lovely.

Jerrod Lovett – Elysium #drone #ambient

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A swift return for Jerrod Lovett. Back with an ambient drone tune, Elysium.

Elysium is a Greek afterlife concept. Specifically, admission was reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes. If you’re thinking that this means something open and beautiful, you’d be wrong. Hardly a run of the mill tune, since this isn’t in any way soothing. It’s engaging and aggravating ambient. The drone sound forces itself upon you. There’s less heroism and more suffering. The path to the afterlife isn’t a smooth one.