“As the age of television progresses the Reagans will be the rule, not the exception. To be perfect for television is all a President has to be these days.”

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As the age of television progresses the Reagans will be the rule, not the exception. To be perfect for television is all a President has to be these days.” So said Gore Vidal. I guess Trump is an extension of that. But back to Gore Vidal, an American writer with a patrician (for which read snooty) style but a definite way with words who died five years ago.

Gore Vidal is also a track from Solid Doctor’s How About Some More Ether release. Solid Doctor is, of course, Steve Cobby, who is having a definite renaissance these days, after his time in Fila Brazillia in the 90s. This release is a remastering of 1995’s How About Some Ether, itself a compilation of tracks from 1993-1995. This release goes further than remastering, much, much further. An uncovered treasure trove of unreleased tracks has resulted in six (yes, 6) CDs worth of material as part of this limited edition release. Worth every penny of the £25 it costs.

As to the mass of material, Steve explains “To celebrate the 21st anniversary of How About Some Ether I had initially intended to just remaster the original tunes. In order to locate them a trawl through an inordinate amount of DAT tapes was in order.  My labelling skills have never been above mediocre and so it proved to be a laborious task.  It was whilst performing this search that I discovered a substantial amount of unreleased work.  Not having listened to it for the better part of two decades I was surprised by how many songs had stood the test of time.  With this in mind I decided to include much of the new trove in the form of bonus discs.” And so you have it.

Steve had released some of these additional track to soundcloud, for which they gathered a terrifically positive response, not least from me. The package is slightly overwhelming when faced with the whole four hours and more. But for a 30 minute chill you can’t do better than sit back and relax with some of this. Everything’s so unhurried, so beautifully paced, so completely realised. Effortless, weightless, wondrous downtempo electronica. As Gore says “shining nothingness which is the most desirable state of all.”


Overjoy – Airport Song (Mighty Mouse Remix)

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And back again at the weekend. Let’s celebrate with this upbeat remix from Mighty Mouse of Overjoy’s Airport Song. I’ve been spending too much time at airports recently to want to sing about them but there’s a great groove delivered by this remix. Even the vocal can’t stop my pleasure at this deep house tune. It’s so joyously uplifting.

screamershock – wave

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Screamershock is back with a new track. Wave is its name. It’s a big fat bouncy track. A bit indie dance in places – and that’s a compliment. Reminds me a lot of Fluke’s finer moments. The edge of distortion to it makes it something not to messed with. Definitely waving not drowning.

Thursday Trio: William French, Vivian Fantasy and Hessian

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Tricky days Thursdays. Not the end of the week but too far away from the last weekend to feel good. Something a bit more soothing perhaps is demanded. In their different ways that’s what’s on offer from William French, Vivian Fantasy and Hessian.

The gentlest of the three is William French, who offers the sublime Heart. Starting with a little rain, this is all gentle synths and ethereal sounds. Chill yourself completely.

Vivian Fantasy ups the pace just a little with the Eastern-tinged Serial Experiments LHC (interlude). A chilled track but one with a little kernel of experimental at its centre. Ambient but bringing in elements of synth pop, music box and drum and bass.

Finally, Hessian. An unlovely material, Hessian, and that slightly rough edge is apparent in their track Promises. The drums have a slightly harder edge than the other two, giving a more alert feel to the track. This has that engaging downtempo feel of stuff by people like Bonobo or Four Tet. Fine work.


BOg – Moonlight EP

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Hurr hurr hurr. He said bog. That’s like, toilet. Now I’ve got that out of the way, BOg is a Romanian producer that I’m sure I’ve had before. This is on Bedrock so it has that lush, synth-driven approach to house. That said, the Moonlight EP is a lovely piece of work, all twisting synths and hand-waving energy on Moonlight and Eternal. 09o1 goes for something more electronic funk driven with a welcome darkness in its soul.

Blurb: The highly creative, Paris-based, Romanian electronic music composer and DJ, BOg, returns to Bedrock again with his dynamic 3-Track ‘Moonlight EP’. The EP’s title track and ‘0901’ are also highlights on the 67 track 5xCD ‘John Digweed – Live In Brooklyn, Output NYC’, the forthcoming 9th edition of the much-lauded mix series.  With the ‘Moonlight EP’, BOg is raising his creative bar ever upwards, each of this trio of new musical masterpieces showcasing his unique talent. The instantly addictive melodic groove and sparkling energy of ‘Moonlight’ shows exactly what the young Romanian is capable of, with its hypnotic subtlety. ‘Eternal’ ups the energy quotient with its powerful groove and increasingly twisted arrangement and the spirited end result is no less enthralling. Finally, rounding off the package in style comes ‘0901’, introducing a deeper shade of darkness and warped funk into the proceedings, a combination that is sure to turn heads everywhere.

Tuesday’s Techno Twosome: Kuyani and Nrvvs

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An untypically uptempo pairing for me. Normally, by Tuesday my spark has gone and I’ve retreated into the arms of downtempo. Not this week. Keeping up a positive demeanour with techno from Kuyani and Nrrvs.

Kuyani offers Inception. As for Kuyani, “Kuyani is the new creative offshoot for the Northern Californian film-­music composer, Garrett Bevins.” As for Inception, this is at the tech house end of techno but still sturdily built and with an unashamedly epic approach. Peaks blast from every direction in a dazzling display.

As for Nrvvs, they are a duo Will Morrow and Cameron Maxwell, both of whom are students at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. Their approach on this tack is to “attempt to blend elements of techno and lo-fi electronica.” The track is the parentheses driven (for Anna). No idea who Anna is but we have to thank her for this forced marriage of techno and lo-fi electronica that has invention in its heart and joy in its soul.

Life Coach Kitteh says…

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Life Coach Kitteh says:
Actually, you’re fine as you are.”

And Parry’s Last Night is just fine too. Let’s goooooooooo aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.

Blasting away the post-weekend cobwebs comes Simon Parry’s acid-infused Last Night. Lots of acid sounds but no tired re-tread of years gone by. This has its eye firmly on the future and a belief in the intoxicating power of acid to move your feel and bathe your soul. Your epiphany starts here.