Ocean spray with Tree Bosier – Postcard 1 #ambient #downtempo #chill

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Here’s a track from a compilation where the profits go to ocean conservation. But that’s not why you should buy it (despite the name your price option), it’s because this is a little slice of downtempo positivity in an otherwise grey and harsh world. Celebrate the light with Russia’s Tree Bosier (Max Ananyev) and Postcard 1. A short missive from a better place. Somewhere to which you can visit. Sunny climes and warmth perfuse the track. Upbeat synths tumble and chime in an almost jangly indie rock setting. Sweet stuff.

“Miracle” is a charity compilation by Belarusian label Ezhevika. The whole revenue is donated to Sea Legacy, a non-profit society for ocean conservation. Learn more at http://www.sealegacy.org

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Omar Kooliyat – dawn #chill #chillstep #downtempo

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Just the one today. A lovely piece of electronica from Omar Kooliyat from Toronto, Canada. Dawn is the final track from album Nocturnal Moods and starts a bit like something synthy by Vangelis. Think Chariots of Fire. Before it goes off in a more melodic and lofi chill direction. This doesn’t become the grand epic it threatens to be, it’s much more humanscale synths. It’s uplifting across its six minutes but in a way that gives you a bit of a hug. A bit like a real McLaren Senna is not very human but a Lego version certainly is (and my son’s recommendation from this January’s releases).

And now for something more positive: Ziino – You Are #house #electronic #piano

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My proclivity for stabby piano house is pretty well established. But I can’t stand bland positivity, so finding some piano house that sustains a degree of reality is hard to do. Ziino has managed it on You Are which is a lovely upbeat piano house track. And to my surprise I’m even enjoying the bit of trumpet in this, which hasn’t happened since… errr… Justin Robertson in the mid-90s. This track is so spangly you need shades. It’s a total manbag tune. Skip around the kitchen people. Life is worth living. And then the track stops. Suddenly. Leaving me hanging. What’s that all about? Oh well, back to doom and gloom for me.

FRom the earth below to the sky above with Peripheral Method and Alessandro Penna #ambient #drone #electronic

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Let’s drone on into Tuesday with Peripheral Method and Alessandro Penna. Two ambient tunes that range from the world around us to the sky above us.

Peripheral Method first with We’re Young; It Happens, taken from the The Radio Is Dead LP (free download). This opens with the earthly concerns of blipping electronics and the annoyance of the random car alarm. This track has had me tutting and curtain twitching almost every time I’ve listened to it. There’s washes of static and a blanket drone deadness. I guess this is probably best described as a soundscape, rather than a track as such. There’s no tune, there’s simply a mood of ennui that simply washes around. Clever stuff, skillfully handled.

Next, Alessandro Penna returns with something that looks upwards into space and down to the ground on Low Earth Orbit. Taken from the album Relativity this has a simple air of wonder at our planet as it gradually reveals and the track takes shape. A slomo whirling of space and time and infinity. Cosmic ambient perfection.

I’d never thought about the line connecting Basic Channel and Deadmau5: with Garibe and Edge Split #house #dub #techno #melodic #electronic

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The two tracks I have for you today made me think about the connection between Basic Channel and Deadmau5. A line that connects the minimal dub techno of BC to stabby progressivisms of DM. Here’s a couple of tracks that in some sort of way fill in the dots between these poles – Garibe and Edge Split.

Garibe is from France and on Paste offers something that is close(ish) to Basic Channel’s dub influences but has more of a spring in its step. This has some lovely dub techno dubby stabs and the cleanliness of Carl Craig type Detroit techno. Although I’ve peppered this para with references to other people this is very much Garibe’s own thing. It twirls in its own little dubby techno spotlight.

Next is Edge Split from Poland. Heat Death is from his Slow Movement EP. This is far closer to Deadmau5’s Strobe. It manages that same thrilling dubbed build up but without quite surrendering to the lure of the Big Room as Deadmau5 so often does. The peak on this at 1:30 is a beautiful thing. This is happy, happy, joy, joy and needs bottling as a scent. It wafts positivity, a flick of the hips and good vibes. Surrender now.

Slow Movement EP

Experimental techno: Agency666 – Coincidental #techno #electronic #leftfield #experimental

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If yesterday’s track was melodic techno this is more in the experimental space. USA artist Agency666 offers Coincidental.

This is techno as a challenge. A techno that owes a lot to IDM. It probably wears a hoodie and has hunched shoulders, even in high summer. There’s a certain dark creepiness about all of this. It comes partly from the off-kilter handclap beats but mainly from the the awkwardly twangy bass that leads the track. It has an acidic edge that makes this far from your run of the mill track. Perfect for paranoid nights alone with the curtains drawn. Because they are out there. They are trying to get you. Probably.



The hard or soft dilemma: SMNGLTS – Feelings #techno #electronic #newmusic

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Whether you prefer it hard or soft is a common dilemma. When I was younger harder was better but as I age I find more often softer is preferable. SMNGLTS suffers in a similar way.

Is that the same with your tastes in techno? It certainly is for SMNGLTS. He says, “I listened to some dark techno, but, since I’m soft and techno is to hard for me – I decided to create a version of some kind of a captivating song on my own.” And Feelings is the result.

SMNGLTS is Simeon G from Germany and in Feelings you have some lovely melodic techno. Owes as much to deep house as is does to techno. But it’s more techno than it is deep house. There’s a cleanness to the track that sits it firmly in techno. And the melodic nature is beautifully handled, playing with your emotions. A precision to the track stops it becoming too schmaltzy. Has some similarities to some of the stuff from Booka Shade or Tretemoller (or even Scotland’s Vince Watson). Has a beautiful joyous room filling nature. Quality stuff.