Life Coach Kitteh says what is good?

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Life Coach Kitteh says:
The question I am asked the most is “Who’s a good boy?” This is a difficult question as ‘good’ is a relative concept filtered through the prism of our individual contexts and values. Also the person asking me is usually scratching my ears and tickling my floofs at the same time which makes concentration difficult.”

As an aid to concentration here’s Agarbatti from John Darque. Some German techno ambient of a fine quality. It’s one of those tracks where ostensibly nothing very much happens. A bit of background wailing and moaning, some gently rattling drums and a repeated synth motif. But you will find yourself gradually drawn in to the prevailing mood it creates. Free download.

L-space – Propaganda

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Propaganda is all around us. Sometimes obvious “Enemies of the people” stuff, sometimes less so around nationalist emotional notions of freedom or taking control. L-space, from Scotland, seem to share a similar ground to that occupied by PSB or Fuck Buttons. The intersection between electronics and guitar noise wig out. The tune Propaganda offers fifties/sixties US public broadcasts and chilled electronics until nihilistic washes of noise come to shake you from your consumerist torpor. Rise up.


Propaganda! To confuse, divide.
Today seems a clutter of confusion.
A terrible thing is taking place.
Makes you wonder what the world is coming to.

Through their ministries of propaganda they took complete control of the theatre.
An army of secret police who held the power of life or death over every individual.
Use their free press and their free speech to destroy them.

Can I face tomorrow with confidence?
New eyes, new vision for the world.
Not a world of words, but of things that you cannot express.

My God, will it never end?
Propaganda! Propaganda!

We create a perfect world in our heads.

Tibor Dragan – Early Bird (Sumsuch Remix)

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It’s cold and grey outside for the blackbird I can see foraging for berries but Tibor Dragan’s Early Bird sparkles with colour and warmth.

A lovely deep house tune but that doesn’t begin to explain its delicate charms. Here, in its Sumsuch remix version it becomes a carefully constructed confection, full of softly tugging piano and washes out synths. The beats, albeit soft, give its ambient leanings a vivid intensity and glow.

Blurb: Hungarian producer and DJ Tibor Dragán makes his Colour and Pitch debut with Early Bird, a smooth and atmospheric deep house cut, typical of the cinematic and orchestral sound with which he’s swiftly building his reputation. ‘Early Bird’ is a touching, subtle and highly evocative slice of electronica, thanks for Tibor’s sparse composition, spacious arrangement and immaculate production. Our very own Sumsuch couldn’t resist remixing the track, blending many of the original parts with an entirely new creation based around warm, stirring chord pads, weighty bass and uplifting piano in the breakdown.

Estancia La Mar – Sesiones De Panama (Mini Mix)

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I don’t normally bother with album mini mixes. There’s a sense of frustration often – the segments are too short, you don’t know what you’re listening to and the variations between tracks jar. Not so with Estancia La Mar’s Sesiones De Panama. The minimix works as a thing in its own right. A dreamy electronic Balearic downtempo ambient chill. Tracks roll seamlessly into one another. The warmth of the sand, the whisper of wind, the total relaxation. You just drift away.

Blurb: Estancia La Mar is a trio of some of the most sought after names on the Chilean music scene. Mario Martinez is well known on the international club circuit with his quirky and fresh take on house under the alias Motivado. He is also head of electronic label Discos Pegaos and an acclaimed DJ. Pablo Munoz produces music for adverts and TV in addition to sound engineering and producing for some of Chile’s alternative pop acts via his Janeiros Studios. The third name is perhaps the most unlikely of the three, Juan Pablo Abalo, who mainly writes and arranges classical music for orchestras and ensembles, but is also one half of acclaimed electronic pop duo Los Días Contados.

Friday foursome: Tom Appl, stonefromthesky, Tenet and Ryan Sullivan

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Friday’s foursome is a variable selection, ranging from Tom Appl’s house earworm, through stonefromthesky’s punchy approach, to Tenet’s synth charms, and finally Ryan Sullivan’s dubby techno.

Tom Appl provides Family (shortcut). Out today, this is a ridiculously catchy deep house tune. All dreamy and warm, the synth line on this one wraps itself around your ears and clings on limpet-like. The clever thing hear is that this central synth motif apart it draws a lot from tech house in the otherwise deceptive simplicity of the tune.

Stonefromthesky gives us the only remix in this quartet with AB7VN – Solitary Animal (stonefromthesky remix). I’ve no idea about the original but the remix is a punchy thing. It has something in common with early UNKLE tunes in that there’s a little bit of big beat in it and that rolling, rumbling sense of anything could happen here. Slap a big smile on your face with this one.

You can check out the original track as well as the full album here:

Tenet is from Springfield, Mas, USA. Alt is a bobbling little synth tune that has been extended from a brief original. The full three minute version worms its way into your affections with its weaving sophisticated synth line.


Ryan Sullivan hails from South Africa. His tune, Release Me, has an electronic dub flow. It draws on both techno and progressive house but without being constrained by either. A lovely lilt to it all and lots of electronic dub echo.

Anthony Drak – I Know You

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A move away from the awkward or the challenging to a warm, lovely house tune from Anthony Drak.

I’ve no idea who Drak is. There’s no info on his soundcloud and only this solitary tune. But it a good one. I Know You takes a shuffling house approach but adds both a little funk on the bass and an enveloping embrace from the vocal sample and the softened synths. Slip inside this house duvet.

Andrew Rothschild – Eunoia

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A folktronica track from Andrew Rothschild. I’m assuming that he’s not part of the Rothschild dynasty. Anyhow, folktronica is a rather awkward genre, often done badly and not sitting easily in electronica or folk. But Eunoia is a rather lovely example of when it’s done right.

Eunoia is a term from rhetoric. It means the goodwill a speaker cultivates between himself/herself and his/her audience, a condition of receptivity. It comes from the Greek word εὔνοια, meaning “well mind” or “beautiful thinking”. I didn’t know that. I just wiki’d it. There’s a lot of goodwill and connection in this track. Steel guitar sounds open and then gets filled out with electronics and other instruments to leave a tune of wide open spaces and longing for connection.