Downtempo duo: Zivon and ionisingTuna #downtempo #electronic #ambient

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A couple of downtempo tunes this morning from Zivon and ionisingTuna.

ionisingTuna is an odd one, offering the experimental RunAsunder. Do you think the space bar is broken on his keyboard? He’s from Ireland and offers minimalistic philosophy, among other things. And that’s kind of how the track is. Instruments wander about, seemingly lost. But out of a near discordant approach things do eventually come into view. It’s a track of shifting haze, lost in the traffic but with an underlying calm.

Zivon from the USA offers an altogether different experience. On Hazel Eyes there’s something much more – there is no other word for it – romanitic. That’s accenuated by the use of piano and whooshes of sounds and that surge of the heart and catching your breath when the ‘special one’ appears. To stop is all becoming just too drippy there’s a clever use of twangy guitar line to make it a bit more grounded. The background noise captures that alone in the crowd feel beautifully. Jusy *sigh* gorgeous.


Nicolas Kluzek – Paris Used To Be A Feast #electronic #downtempo

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sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. Real life and all that. Anyhow, here’s Nicolas Kluzek from France with melancholy track Paris Used To Be A Feast.

The track mourns the passing of the various accents of Paris, which pepper the track against a backdrop of lamenting piano and deep beats. Nicolas says “The track uses footage of ‘real’ pasrisan accents which you can’t barely hear around the city anymore…Paris , like many big cities, kicked out its everyday, small people…I wanted the track to be nostalgic but not sad.” The track never gets angry. It’s just wistful.

As Nicolas says “Mickey has won.”


Hazy start to the week: breslin – LIMBO #rnb #soul #electronic #hiphop #ambient

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It’s all a bit fuzzy this morning. Was away for most of the weekend for work. Not feeling I’ve had enough of a break. And sleep scratching my eyes. That hazy sensation is perfectly matched by breslin’s LIMBO. But what’s really surprising here is that this is a slo-mo hip hop track with a load of R&B and soul. Hardly my usual thing but here so well done that you end up with a treacly ambient wallow. Beats stretch endlessly but are still crisp. There’s a bit of echo to the synths that belies a loveliness of soul. Altogether too good for work. This is for retreating back to bed.

The place is the space: canyon walls and Sahara #electronic #ambient #experimental

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Here are a couple of tracks that are inspired by place in the form of Canyon Walls and the Sahara.

Sahara is by Jungle & Juice who hail from Austria (I think). Here we have an exotic swirl of beats and guitars / strings. I don’t know what ‘desert beats’ means but this must be the manifiestation. It’s a bit of languid east meets west in a north meets south kind of way. I’ve never been to the desert but this track means in my mind I have. Properly sultry over the course of its 10 minutes.

And next, Koresma returns with Canyon Walls, a leftfield deep house track. Koresma says “Canyon Walls was inspired by the feeling of flying along the walls of a canyon like a bird. Just kidding, I did imagine that while creating the song, but the song is more so about what a specific place like a canyon says to you while witnessing it.” Now, I don’t know I can hear a canyon, let alone it’s walls. But on this free download we get some backwards sounds and the clip of precise deep house beats and a little sense of the blues. And that’s ok as it’s kinda chilled out. Let’s not worry about the whys and wherefore but the how it feels  and it feels just grrreat.

Ocean Spray by The Legendary House Cats #dnb #shoegaze

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What do you do with a 1991 minor indie tune? Obvious really, you turn it into a drum and bass track. That’s what John Girgus of the Legendary House Cats has done to Kitchen of Distinctions’ Aspray track, taken from the 1991 album Strange Free World. It’s become like drum and bass track ocean step. This shouldn’t have a hope in hell of working. But oh it does.

It takes the slightly Droney or Shoegaze guitar feel from the original track and welds it onto a set of punchy beats and strings. Gives the whole thing a perky and winsome air. This one shimmers in the haze. Nice job.

As if that weren’t enough you also get 10 minutes of Shoegaze drone ambient on the Sea Com track. This stares out to the ocean and sees nothing but spray. Dive in

Mood techno from NUOWO – Way Home

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Ah, moody techno. Love it. And Hungary’s NUOWO is no exception with Way Home. This is a nicely dystopian piece but where it really scores is that it keeps a depth and darkness without needing to descend into sub-atomic bass or beats so hard they beat you into submission (not that there isn’t a place for a bit of pummelling every now and then). The Way Home here is relatively well lit with tumbling synths for company. But it’s still dark and you’re still ultimately all alone. Be careful who else is out there. Might only be the machines but they’re still after you. Google maps ain’t going to help you here. Cool techno.

Artwork by: Agata Z Wilka

Two deep house moods with Heartleader and Kroissenbrunner #deephouse ##house #electronic

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A couple of deep house tunes this morning that go in rather different directions from Heartleader and Kroissenbrunner.

Kroissenbrunner first. From South Africa, the track is Unconditional. This starts slow and spacious with a big open synth and diffuse beats before coming into focus. The beats become almost tribal in their approach and the whole thing sounds very organic in some indefinable way. Wonderfully experimental but with heart-tugging synths to romance your soul.

Next, Heartleader. From Switzerland we have Come On Girl. This is a more funky deep house track, led by a buzzing synth. There’s a driving insistance to the track which comes at you from all angles. The dubbed piano, the bass, the beats. The beats are clever. Nothing too hard but they combine beautifully with the piano to have that relentless, restless momentum that the track thrives on. Nigh on eight minutes of piano and beat based delight.

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