Tanzlife & ID Ensemble – Meteora EP #techno

Final post of the year (probably). Here’s some techno to go out on from Tanzlife & ID Ensemble with their new Meteora EP. And a free download.

The Meteora EP is four tracks of different types of techno. The title track Meteora is a spartan piece of metal bashing techno. Full of dark cavernous clanking and hi hats. S Bahn is a bit more restrained with a twangy lead line and some tin drum before coming over all acidic. Acid minimalism.

XY2 has a bit more humanity to it with some lovely chords and a slightly dubby feel to its techno. The final track is Voyager. This wrong foots by starting out all machine muzik before allowing vocals in for the first time to give it a restorative humanity to its techno beats.

And the free download is a dub mix of Voyager. This focuses on the spaced machine music of the original without the redeeming vocals to leave something more crystalline alien.

~ by acidted on December 31, 2017.

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