Ambient twosome from Ziino and Solar Bones #ambient #electronic #drone

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A chance to stop and stare at the middle of the week with Ziino and Solar Bones. A pair of chilled ambient tunes.

Italy’s Ziino returns with Drop It (Bits & Bobs Mix). It’s a barely there kind of tune. It rests on washes of synth and the merest whisps of clicking beats. It’s a clever tune since from such fragmentary beginnings it manages to find its way, almost unobtrusively, to a peak around the middle of the track. That allows a sense of a change of pace into something a touch more insistent. Like the tugging on your sleeve of a small chiild but without the associated whining.

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Next, we have first timer Solar Bones (a collaboration between electronic composer Patrick J Baxter and Paul Rains (Tigercats/Allo Darlin’)) and 7Gong7. Beware, this is an album, not a single track. So, give yourself some time and space for this. It’s an instumental mental journey.  A wind chime kind of intro gives way to dubbed tom toms and the clicks of wood blocks. A temple sounding intro that adds some background drone. This is a meditative piece with all manner of ambient and drone patterns and textures coming into play. There’s a bit of the Megadog about this – for those that remember the UK festval scene in the 90s. Makes it no surprise that they say “Initially intended to harness the sun’s power at summer solstice, the music is dense and luminous: an audio guide to the cosmic logic of distant planets.”

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JohnT – Comment Allez Vous #indie #electro #guitar #summer #electronic

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Bonjour mes enfants. Comment allez vous? Bien, je vais bien, merci Madamoiselle. Ah, primary school French. Ou est le fentre? Il est la <points>. Ou est la porte? Elle est la <points>. Hopeless for my French exchange when everyne seemed to know where the door and windows were without having to ask. But there you go. Here’s JohnT back with the politely entitled Comment Allez Vous (no question mark, oddly). Tres bien with the strum of Latin-esque acoustic guitar work, some wah wah ish bass and a sense of indie summer abandon. Even a bit of lightly vocodered vocal snuck in at the back. If the sun’s shining, here’s your tune for the park. Summer success.

Tenebris – Autotelic #techno #electronic

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Here’s a good way to start a Monday morning. A lovely experimental piece of dark techno from Tenebris. This is experimental in the sense of leftfield enough to provoke your senses, rather than a synonym for unlistenable.

Tenebris is a Toronto-based techno artist ansd Autotelic is the tune. It’s a great parping piece of techno that gets quickly to the point by way of a thrumming bass and crisply jittering beats. It has a powerfully uplifting sense and a break to die for. Now, autotelic is not a word I’d ever heard before. Turns out it means “(of an activity or a creative work) having an end or purpose in itself.” I’m not sure what the end is here, unless it’s to make you dance – which it most certainly does. Cracker of a tune.

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Lemon Melon – You Made It Like That #triphop #party #vibes #electronic

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It’s hot. Too damn hot. In the city. Pavement sears your feet. Scorched grass. Only the weeds survive. Swallows screeching high in the sky. The smell of tarmac when beer gets spilled. Harmonicas. Dubbed vibes. Slide guitar from farway pubs. Funky drummer beats from the rave dad down the road. Drunks singing. Kids at the bus stop arguing. The endless thud of bad bus gear changes. Sun psychosis. Dehydration. Lobster limbs of the Celtic fringe. You Made It Like That Lemon Melon. Too right. Too righteous.

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Melodic memories from Lisofv and Corren Cavini #house #progressivehouse #melodic #electronic

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A couple of mainly melodic tunes from Lisofv and Corren Cavini.

Lisofv is from South Korea and offers “life is short” as a motto. But for a track offers the contrasting 10 minute pleasures of Orbital Node. This is a wandering space house track. It needs to be allowed a couple of minutes to weave its charms. Everything rattles along lazily with lots of synth tones. You ay be tempted to ask what the fuss is about? But stick with it. It eventually inveigles you into its lair offering a soft pillow for your head while it takes you on a chromagraphic trip. Psychedelic space ohuse.

Corren Cavini goes Out There. Despite the name Corren is Dutch and Out There is a delightfully melodic piece of dance floor club-friendly deep house. The instrumental version (there’s also a vocal one) allows the track to shine without a vocal to really play on the poppier side of deep house. That’s a plus in my book and even means the slight trance flavour is a bonus. Quality product.

Taavo – Observation EP #downtempo #electronic #techno

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A couple of days ago we had Czech artist Taavo and the title track from the Observation EP. It was so nice I thought we ought to explore the whole EP.

Observation has a very organic feel. With woodblocks, guitar and drums. I’m sure it’s all digitally done but the feel is of something quite human in scale. It’s a very pastoral techno sensation. Contrast takes a similarly restrained approach but with a more obvious techno bent. It’s driven by synth chords and an almost techno drone to it all. It’s gently shifting patterns of techtonic plates.

Synergy contrasts almost strings with a warped deep bass. Melody is eventually offered through adroit synth lines. But the fuzziness of the track didn’t quite work for me. The final track is Mine. More obviously ethereal at the start than the others this changes tack after 2:00 to become the most obviously techno of the quartet. It picks up pace as it goes and offers wonderful anticipation.

A great EP.

Dj Lin – Deep Marine (Original Mix) #electronic #house #deephouse

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Here’s something from Dj Lin, a female Dutch DJ, that isn’t out for another month or so but you can have a sneak preview. Deep Marine is the track. It’s pitched somewhere between house and deep house offering seven minute of delicious goodness. The intro delivers beats interwoven with a vague background synth that takes its time coming into focus. Meanwhile there’s an almost acid or techno sense to it all. This isn’t full of today’s digital trickery. This is a cleaner track harking back to a more straightforward approach. The stabbing synths eventually become the focus of the track and it settles into a dark house frame. Wonderful track that uses its length as a means to allow the track to ebb and flow and to breathe. Dark and dreamy.



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