Experimental Evening: Acuarion, Screamershock and Padaraha

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Grass ghost

Before the next day of work starts, here’s three experimental tracks from Acuarion, Screamershock and Padaraha to buffet your consciousness and stimulate your thinking.

First Acuarion, who featured here a couple of days ago. This time, the track is Nominal and is a long walk through dark, dank echoing tunnels. There’s no end of ambient minimal techno oppression here. Not one for a paranoid moment.

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Secondly, Screamershock offers The Witch Prickers. This cinematic electronica is built round an ominous yet strangely funky bass sound that has Weatherall-esque moments. It’s full of awkward and almost painful treble moments. Perhaps that’s not surprising since the track is based on real events in England in the 1600s. “witch prickers” pricked the accused with knives and special needles. Pricking was an excruciatingly painful ordeal to endure and involved the use of evil looking pins, needles and bodkins to pierce the skin looking for insensitive spots that didn’t bleed. If any were found they would then be interpreted as a mark of the Devil.” Nice.

Finally, Padaraha offer Cloudwalking. This is the closest to conventional sounds. A mix of ambient and experimental techno offers something soothing towards the end as it comes from techno back into fine house. Finally, something uplifting to send you to your bed.

Baron Inc – Sober

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Let us join Baron Inc. from Utrecht, Netherlands for a synth techno ride to sobriety in Sober. A lovely use of synth sounds and approach in an almost techno context. The track itself is anything but sober, it’s a great track of wild abandon and hedonistic pleasures.

Davy James – Dwilo (Anderson M Remix)

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Ninjago motorbike

Anderson M returns with a bright techno remix for Davy James.

We’ve had a number of quality techno tunes from Anderson M but fewer remixes. This one, for Davy James (no idea), is a really good one. Offers both a wonderful techno groove and some synapse tickling synth house sounds. The vocals lost far, far away leaving the focus on the bass and top line. Class.


Familiar Love is Davy James’ debut EP. It is as much a nod to Davy’s musical past as it is a celebration of the current community of artists he finds himself surrounded by on a daily basis. The title track samples vocals from a song Davy co wrote years ago with vocalist Tyler Farr. While the tracks “Familiar Love” and “One Time” focus on groovy, guitar-driven deep house, “Dwilo” is a bouncy tech-house jam with a koto sample that is aimed directly at the desert-party dance floor. On the remix duties, Anderson M provides a growling techno rendition of Dwilo, and DaVoid delivers a slowed down, dubbed out version of Familiar Love.

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Aleryde _ Uplifted

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New electronica album Uplifted from Aleryde. A gentle experience.

Opener Last Moth offers electronics interwoven with electric guitar elements. The Witch Project offers a more ambient electronic feel with acoustic guitar in an unsettling combination. Universal Law is woozy but more hopeful in ambition.

Feed me retreats into personal ambient realms, with just a hint of space. Don’t touch shuffles its way to something beach bound and Balearic. That sets the mood perfectly for the simple pleasures of Inevitable (uplifted remix) which is warm and enveloping.

Liquid Slave is a slightly troubling title but I needn’t have worried as the track is forgettable. No Arms returns to the soft and gentle electronic style of Don’t Touch with grace and poise. Lovely. The album closes with Alterego. A final goodbye with a blast into space electronic funk.

This is a good album, especially as it’s free, but would have benefit from being shorn a couple of tracks.

All tracks written+arranged+engineered by Alessandro Panicciari (ALERYDE)
additional arrangement on track Inevitable by I.G.A.
Guitar on track last moth arranged by I.G.A.
additional fx recorded whit FABIO MANFREDINI (Espressione di suono)
art work inspiration by FLAVIA CAVALCANTI

Polar EP by Cobby & Litten

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New Polar EP from Steve Cobby, with Russ Litten. Downtempo electronic drum funk and spoken word poetry. There’s no romance here. It’s a cold eyed view of the promised land.

In the Polar EP, Russ Litten’s flat vocal style and celebration of the homely and the ordinary is accompanied by a restrained backing from Cobby. None of the lush electronic funk of Fila Brazillia here. It’s more Spartan. And in Chip Fat drums have an edge and electronics are limited to sonar pings.  C’mon, let’s go for a “bag of scallops”.

I Can See The Lights offers “Let’s get you home dad…you’re pissed…you’ve already missed Match of The Day.” A bit of acoustic guitar accompanies the evocative image of “a staggered tango” and long in the past dreams.

Spiderman Unmasked throbs awkwardly with creaking electronics and the life of the underclass. “Lose yourself to the heat, the noise” and “12 hours shifts”. It’s “up to your hips in chicken blood and shit.”

The EP closes with I’m a Mate of Deans (sic) for which I can’t better the description offered by the Gibson Family who said “1:32 of pure magic, like the feeling of joyfully knocking on a door, full of anticipated good times only to be turned away too soon & given a familiar blanket.

Pilates Pusseh brings us living energy

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Pilates Pusseh says:
As it says in the sacred texts of the Upanishads, “the whole created universe is made of living energy that moves and oscillates and shines”. Today we will gently move our floofs, oscillate our tummehs and shine our undercarriages, uniting ourselves as one with the created universe.”

Move your floofs to Future Loop Foundation’s Coming Down. This is classic FLF downtempo but with a strong cinematic jazz influence and a bit of spaced psychedelia. And while we’re about it, let’s have some more FLF with Moments in Blue. Described as tropical ambient, this is trumpet-driven fabulousness. A bit more up for it than the term ambient would suggest, this is the sound of a warm, sun-kissed beach. Can only be followed by Skylab’s Seashell (1994) for which I’ve added the Bandcamp stream below.

Blurb: ‘Coming Down’ has an unstoppable foot-tapping rhythm and strong jazzy instruments, including a leading bass line and energetic percussion. Beginning with a smooth build of instruments, the vocal line is used quite minimally and adds another layer to this enticingly smooth beat. The track also has a few surprises, such as street noise, a powerful string section and a cinematic build.

The Loft Club – Heart’s Desire (Eat More Cake Remix)

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Dorset Apple Cake is what I made this evening. Felicity Cloake recipe, since you’re asking. Uh huh, just a touch of nutmeg. No, no other spices. Used golden caster sugar. Lovely colour. Coxes Orange Pippins obviously. Which made it all the more coincidental that some Eat More Cake arrived this evening, in the form of a bouncing house remix for The Loft Club.

The Loft Club are “a new British, sixties-styled, indie band, consisting of Daniel Schamroth, Jamie Whyte, Kieran Chalmers and Amy O’Loughlin.” Whatever that means. The remix is of Hearts Desire, the title of aforementioned The Loft Club’s debut EP. There’s a confident, almost Gallagher-esque, vocal. But EMC put some real oomph into the track, with a bouncing beat and jumping synth line. A fine remix dahlings.