Bad Ass Buddha Camp

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Lego Chima

Never entirely sure what I think about Burning Man. And I’m not really one for posting long mixes. But both of those are broken in the face of a superb 90 minute mix from Borbi. There’s no track list for this set but it manages a laid back, sultry, slinky, grooving feel to its mix of house and tech tracks. It’s even available for free download.

JP Soul – You Want Her (Revenge Mix)

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JP Soul appears to be head of Roam Recordings but neither the name nor the label are familiar to me. You Want Her is his latest single. To be honest, the single isn’t something that grabbed me. But the remix from Glasgow’s The Revenge is a different matter. This is dubbed out house, full of spaced electronica and a total beauty.

Blurb: Roam Recordings label don JP Soul has revealed his latest single, the bay area beauty that is “You Want Her”. Described by the label as ‘big, burly, hypnotic, and sexy,’ the track showcases some heavy chord play that teases bits off the bass line, and a classic-sounding vocal that provides a deep hook. There’s plenty of bounce to go around, and “You Want Her” fully embraces a slinky after-hours vibe. Glasgow’s famed one man production unit The Revenge takes on the cut for a stripped down jacking remix that includes many of his characteristic touches while still showcasing the tawdry sounds of the original. Rounding out the single is a sneaky bonus track: Anthony Mansfield joins JP Soul for “Everything Is Real”, a dubbed out jam with loads of mid-tempo funk and captivating sonic elements galore. It’s another fine Roam Recordings release, ready to grab you … and this one’s hitting the shelves on vinyl, too. Be on the lookout. – See more at:

Flash Atkins – Forbidden Flesh (Steve Cobby mix)

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Money can't buy me love

A new remix from Steve Cobby for Flash Atkins on Paper Recordings. A surprisingly techy vocal track with more dance floor oomph than normally associated with Mr Cobby. This has echoes of sophisticated vocal house groovers of the 90s.

The vinyl version of this comes with a fanzine telling the story of Flash. And the blurb below contains a wonderfully mixed baseball/darts metaphor.

Blurb: Flash Atkins hits hard with the second 12″ to be taken from his critically acclaimed “The Life and Times” album on Paper Recordings.  This time he pulls in three of the world’s best producers of underground future disco and all of them step up to the plate to score a bull’s-eye with their first throw.

First up The Emperor Machine has taken Summer of Love to analogue heaven with arps, heavily treated vocals, electro bass and wacked out beats.  The track’s stripped back dynamics keep changing as it’s deep drug chug rocks out for over 10 sublime proto-disco minutes.

Man of the moment Fila Brazilia’s Steve Cobby is enjoying a renaissance after two albums that have ruled 2014 / 15.  On Forbidden Flesh he takes Crazy P’s Danielle Moore’s vocals and lays them over a soulful techy track that will fit any after dark occasion with devastating results.  And it’s got loads of cowbell.

After the veterans it’s time for a young gun to nail his colours to the mast.  Iceland’s B.G.Baarregaard has been one to watch and his blend of good time disco has been lining him up as Todd Terje’s heir apparent.  This remix is peak-time nu-disco that wears it’s musicality lightly and sacrifices nothing for sheer playability.

Overall, a 12” that takes the Flash Atkins originals and breathes new life in to them for three cuts that will smash anything they’re thrown at.

It comes with a limited edition fanzine telling the story of Flash from birth to now in certain record shops.

Slighter & Wolftek – Diabolic (Casting Shadows version)

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As the nights draw in and Halloween approaches, here is some deep dark, spooky ambient to chill your bones. Slighter and Wolftek combine on Diabolic to produce something full of atmosphere and claustrophobia. Free download.

Among The Mountains – Wolftek

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Stormont estate

A lovely new Among The Mountains EP from Wolftek, including a collaboration with Slighter. This is mainly liquid drum and bass with an ambient slant. Free download (name your price).

Misty Mountain Pass is a lovely atmospheric piece, taking drum and bass to an ambient bed. Tantalus is, if anything, even more ambient in its leaning, with the drum and bass almost imperceptible. Lovely track, though it doesn’t quite angst or yearn for the out of reach possibilities of its mythological title.

Cloudburst makes full use of acoustic sounds, with guitar and piano rippling through the track. The sound of clouds scudding by. And so to the collaboration with Slighter. Illusive Creatures is the toughest of the tracks, with Slighter’s breaks background adding an inner steel to the track. This is razor sharp in its beats. Be careful you don’t cut yourself.

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Moar Immanuel Katt

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Immanuel Katt “Ich musste das Wissen aufheben, um zum Glauben Platz zu bekommen. Ich glaube, es ist Zeit für Noms.”*

Naapo offers Happy Like You, which I am most certainly not.

Free download of trappy, chill, with uptempo sounds and chords.

* I have therefore found it necessary to deny knowledge in order to make room for faith. I believe it is time for noms.

Tony Tokyo – Clouds

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Late evening airport

An appropriately fluffy tune – Clouds – from Tony Tokyo. This is a light synthy chill track and pretty cute in its own way.


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