Jean Paul Catre dit….

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‘I’m going to smile, and my smile will sink down into your pupils, and heaven knows what it will become.
An enormous bowl of cat food, I’m hoping…’

Here’s some great indie techno. A bit System 7, if that isn’t going to put people off. And it shouldn’t. Shipwreck starts off all drums before going all spiralling techno and pole chimes. Corals is more acid IDM before having an Eastern techno moment. This release is waaay off-beam from the norm. And that’s to be welcomed.

Architectural – Amour

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Out today, here’s a lovely ambient album from Architectural (Juan Rico aka Reeko). The album’s a range of architectural styles. But all with clean lines and simple forms. This takes in everything from modernism, to classicism.  A quite beautiful album of ambient techno.


Juan Rico, a.k.a. Reeko and a handful of other aliases, is a consistent and reliable ambassador of a Spanish techno scene that has brought us everything from Oscar Mulero to Tadeo. In his Architectural guise (which is also the name of his personal releasing imprint), Rico has developed a penchant for perfectly interlocking sonic elements and for a structural sensibility that delivers on the promises of advanced engineering implied by his artist’s pseudonym. The first result of his new alliance with the Wolfskuil label is a full LP that dispenses with the formalities of ‘introducing’ listeners to the artist, and simply dives straight in to depths of his active mind.

So just what type of ‘architecture’ is in store for listeners on this album? One immediately gets the impression of something massive and towering, yet open to the elements and with a fascinating view of the surrounding landscape for miles around. This feel comes through especially clear on the opening “Aura”, the poignant and chorally inflected “Il Mare,” and the closing “Sentir” (in which a voice repeatedly intones “I’m looking down” to emphasize the feeling of being a visitor to a world of imagined architecture). In Rico’s imaginary structures you can feel both the wind on your face and the steady, unfaltering pulse of the power grid. This is the case for the remarkably colorful “Lacrimosa,” which is powered by a ‘vintage futuristic’ solo synth singing over a backing chorus of chopped and chattering electric current. It also holds true for “Delicatezza,” in which a huge, yawning orchestral swell repeatedly crashes down like ocean waves upon the supporting structure of Rico’s techno towers.

We Are Tall Order – The J Is Silent

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More techno from We Are Tall Order. The soundcloud tag claims The J Is Silent is house. But don’t be fooled. This is a buzzy bit of techno. Very 90s sounding – and that’s a compliment.

The Gamma Knife – Noir

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A new track from the forthcoming 2016 Gamma Knife release, which appears to be built around the seven sins. Here’s Noir. This is almost industrial in its distorted opening. This wheezes along its sulphurous way. Downtempo in style but discomforting in mood.

Daso – Bold & Bold

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New release on Bedrock Records from Daso. Never heard of Daso before. Indian-born, he’s now in Berlin, and that Berlin cool comes through on Bold & Bold which never hurries but slinks its sophisticated way into your senses. Ashven Beach is, perhaps inevitably, in Goa and adds a tropical acid sheen to the proceedings.

Classy stuff. Looking forward to more from him.

Blurb: “Music and love are the most important things in my life, and this message I want to spread through my songs. Love not only to people but to all kinds of beings and things.” – Daso

Daso Franke was born in Poona (India) and at the age of five was using the dance floor of his father’s disco as a playground, growing up with the music of Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and radio pop. Now, living in Berlin, this multi-talented music producer, live act and party machine, is one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent times on the never-ending rollercoaster ride that is the modern electronic music circus. He is now set to make his emphatic debut on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records with two stunning creations.

“Bold and Bold” with its sensuously seductive motifs, deeply hypnotic groove backbone, all hallmarked with Daso’s defining elegance and style, is perfectly suited to Bedrock’s forward-thinking creative ethos. In the same way, the energetic, yet subtle throb of “Ashvem Beach” mixes acidic undertones with ethereal beauty into a stunningly effective concoction that is both refreshing and mesmerizing.

If you haven’t had the chance to witness Daso’s live performances, they come highly recommended. From emotional house, that can abruptly and unexpectedly morph into rave hymns and powerful techno, he controls the crowd by creating ecstatic moments through perfectly timed changes of style. Daso is a rare talent, an extraordinary artist and performer, whose Bedrock debut will surely be lighting up dancefloors everywhere for many moons to come.

Villette – Fall (Christian Loffler remix)

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A month ago we had the original of this beautiful ambient track from Villette. Now, here’s an electronica remix from Chritian Loffler. This is almost as beautiful, and that’s saying something.

Fall in love, fall under its spell, fall at its feet.

St Germain – Real Blues (Axmod Edit)

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This is a music blog, and I’ve therefore avoided the Paris tragedy, since it didn’t feel right as a forum. But here’s a track remixed by Axmod, of which he says:

I tried to give some vitamins to everybody during this tragical attack that occurred November 13 in my country. Here is my small contribution to pay tribute to all the victims, relatives and all the French.


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