Ambient flavours from omrr and Juliette #ambient #electronic

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Ambient comes in all manner of shapes and sizes. Two ambient tracks from omrr and Juliettte who take a more post rock approach.

omrr (Omar El Abd) is from Egypt and offers Lunatics. Never has a tune been more inappropriately named. This is all about structure and calm. There’s nothing wayward or lunar here. Guitars gently pick their way round the opening with a soft shushing in the background. The tune takes you to idle romantic reverie and we all need a bit of that in our lives. omrr says “The album is an imaginary love story.”


Juliette takes a more obviously post rock approach with guitar and piano on Mayfield from the My Daughter, Ruby EP. Tis is also unashamedly romantic but in a more open and uplifted way. This wants to shout about and share that experience with the world. Perfectly soulful.


At Dawn – Bare Essentials

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What are your ‘bare essentials’? Never really thought about mine. Coffee, maker, ipad usually does me for most situations. At Dawn says “HBO, TV, Waterbeds….” which is a bit strange. Meanwhile, Bare Essentials is a Spartan downtempo house tune. Unusually for me, this includes a welcome vocal element which offers that sense of isolation, reinforced by the lonely trumpet and strummed guitar. Electronic Americana of lost highway motels.

Zoë Blade – Drex #techno #ambient

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I was going to pair this with something else. But Zoe Blade’s Drex is such a strong tune that I thought it should have its own. This is techno but with a strong wistful ambient element. It manages to be both strong and sensitive. I know that’s a bit ‘perfume advert’ but it’s nonetheless true. It also undercuts the wistfulness with a bit of acid to stop the whole thing becoming too self-indulgent.

Free from

Monday medley with Fried Dough and Mumbai Science #electronic #leftfield

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Monday afternoon has an experimental air with Fried Dough and Mumbai Science.

Fried Dough are from Canada. The track is French Cinema. This ten minute epic is a bit like having a whole 70 minute album shrunk and supplied intravenously. There’s a sense of French ambient house, followed by some funky drummer-esque cinematic interludes and experimental blips and blurts that randomly trigger your synapses. It’s like having an aural strobe light, since you never quite know what’s coming next. Thrilling.

Mumbai Science are from Belgium, obviously. They reckon they’re a bit Chemical Brothers. I don’t know they’re quite that but Jasmine is certainly a clever tune. There’s a bit of orientalism from the use of ehru but it’s not a magpie sample and steal. It’s aim is to send you on a five minute world trip but without having to turn up at the airport two hours in advance of your flight and strip to your pants because the zip in your trousers is setting off the metal detectors. The tune has a lovely positive stance and an obvious pleasure at rhythm and  mixed sounds. Lovely.

My Favourite Place (Before Sunset) by Chris Coco #electronic #downtempo

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Where is your favourite place? Do you even have one? I guess mine is looking over the roofs at sunrise. Chris Coco goes for the other end of the day saying “In the summer of 2016 I lived in Ibiza. I played 50 sunsets on the Spanish island and across the Mediterranean in Italy. When the season was over, reflecting on this busy time, I decided that my favourite place wasn’t so much one physical place, it was more a feeling that occurred at a certain time of day. My favourite place was anywhere, just before sunset, especially if there was a clear view of the sun setting into the sea.”

His new album – out on 6 October – is an encapsulation of that experience and that emotion. The album opens with Calm – Like Diamonds (feat Jan & Naomi). I’m not particularly one for vocal-led tracks that use lots of high harmonies but there’s something seductive about this. It’s followed by the total Balearic immersion experience of Before Sunset. Soft rock guitars vie with electronics and harmonies, like the lapping of waves on the shore.

Dinosaur Baby with Camillo Miranda shakes things up just a little to stop everything going for a bit of a lie down. Get your maracas out. This is followed by album highlight Una Tarde Calurosa (tr. A hot afternoon) which has that wonderful Spanish guitar and a pleasingly rump shaking approach.

Every Day is Today settles back down on the couch. A more piano-led piece, it strikes a more contemplative than hedonistic air. That thoughtful place is continued through into Gone To Ground but which ends up a bit too close to 70s soft rock.

Lillestrøm may hail from Northern climes but offers another album highlight. A deceptive tune, at one level it’s quite wispy but still manages a firm grip on the emotions. Delightful. Miracle Beach shuffles around but offers too much Knopfleresque guitar.

The album closes with Something Everything which let’s everything fade to close. The album is an immersive experience of soft electronic gentleness, probably best appreciated in sun and warmth.

Pre-Order now.

Heartless by bvdub #ambient #electronic

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Heartless is the new album from bvdub. This is ambient as beatless soundscape. It is emotion as numbness, full of drawn out drones and held elements. Tracks are slightly irrelevant though the prevailing ‘lack’ of something is reflected in the titles – nameless, painless, limitless. It is a quite brilliantly realised drone album. Hardly surprising the vinyl’s already sold out. Available on digital or CD.

Sunday is still dancing with Josimar and No Fast Forward #deep house #techno

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Carry on Saturday’s dancing with Josimar’s deep house and No Fast Forward’s techno.

A return from Josimar with Rough Tricks. Don’t know from where the title comes but there’s nothing rough about this deep house tune. A smooth, lush approach but with something held in reserve and just a little funk. This is part of Josimar’s debut EP ‘Midnight’ on Juno, available from 25th September. General release on other digital outlets 9th October..

A first appearance by No Fast Forward and Shapes. An ambitious piece of IDM techno, it is very restrained for a dance floor, working better as home listening. This allows the minimal techno intricacy of the piece to be better appreciated.