Chilling at midnight with: jjungle – elote #Chill #ChillHop #Downtempo #StudyBeats

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The weekend starts here. Let’s have some late night super chill care of elote.

elote is Jonathan Jeong from New York, USA. His track jjungle is simply lovely. An epitome of chill. A two and a half minute track of leisurely thudding beats alongside sparkling lounge vibes. Everything is late night lush and darker than midnight but twinkling like the stars. Electronics, keyboards, and guitar all combine in an exotic stew. Hardly surprising that elote says the track was “Inspired by midnight walks outside.”

Turn the lights down low and revel in the delights of jjungle.

Lovely retro chill with: LatenightBeatFeast – Abstracted #Chill #Downtempo #ChillHop

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After yesterday’s brief excursion into techno, it’s back to downtempo today with the UK’s LateNightBeatFeast.

LateNightBeatFeast keeps info about the artist tight, so let’s dive straight into the track. This is Abstracted from the album Is It Safe To Turn Off Your Computer?

This is a lovely deep and rich track. It chimes away beautifully for a couple of minutes in a bit of looping bassy electronics and a little clicky beat pattern. That and chimes lulling you into a false sense of security. Broken beats, verging on abstract drum and bass, then get added forcibly to the mix after two minutes and the whole thing becomes more complex and more psychedelic. Gets a little paranoid towards the end in a 90s too-much-skunk kind of way before settling down again for the closing moments.

Enriching stuff.

Monday’s child is full of Acid with: Aut0c0rr3ct – Abgelehnt #Acid #Techno @aut0c0rr3ct

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After a few days of Study Beats let’s get back to something a whole heap more intense with the acid filled Abgelehnt from Aut0c0rr3ct.

Aut0c0rr3ct describes himself(?) as coming from, “The Acid Capitol of Oklahoma, United States”. We’re not in Kansas anymore. This is 303 and 808 country. The track is Abgelehnt (from the Cassini EP), which is German for ‘declined’. He says, “Wrote it after getting rejected for the billionth time. It inspired me I guess.”

So, what do we have? Techno and acid in equally large measures. Frustration put through the electronic blender to leave an intense stew of fizzing acid and squelchy electronics. It’s all terribly European in the main. And that’s no problem round these parts. This is more Berlin than Detroit. This is deep and dark and banging. But it’s not toddler tantrum techno. The beats are there and firm but this retains a sense of detachment and perspective. Everything gets wound to a pitch for a reason. It’s sliced into sections that each work one with another.

Cool contemporary acid sounds.

Ambient Sunday has Study Beats with: Tcheep, and vbstrxce #Chill #StudyBeats @TcheepMN

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Looks like I’m still locked into Study Beats even for Ambient Sunday. Might as well go with it with tracks from Tcheep and vbstrxce.

Tcheep is a producer from Lyon, France. The name is probably the French equivalent of cheep cheep in English. Since he left the Gourmets band, Tcheep has released either solo projects (Technodrome, Oasis Mecanic, Acid Monsters Temple) or worked with Liqid (Imbéciles Heureux) and Lucio Bukowski.

The track is Goopies. The new single from Futuroscope Volume 3. I’ve no idea what that’s about. But despite the name, it’s a properly serious chilled hip hop track. There’s hefty beats deftly handled. All around is lush electronics given an extra late night lounge spin by the fragments of seductive vocal.

It’s all terribly evocative and beautiful despite its brevity.

vbstrxce is a producer from the USA but offers nothing more than that. Let’s therefore focus on the featured track don’t ever think that, taken from the Away From Home EP.

The track rests on beats that flaunt their synthetic nature. And that gives this track a bit of an IDM vibe, despite the beat patterns. Layered on top is a simple warped piano melody. The two ride out the duration of the track. And yet they manage to do so in a way that makes that chiming refrain something that holds the attention, rather than letting it wander.

Lovely and hypnotic.

Still in chill with: jacuzzi jefferson x JG Torisset, and Bassic #Chill #Downtempo #StudyBeats

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Sticking with the study beats today we have a transatlantic pairing of jacuzzi jefferson x JG Torisset, and Bassic.

First up we have the mix of UK/USA in jacuzzi jefferson (Brooklyn, NY) and JG Torisset (Bristol, UK). They’ve produced an EP over Zoom having never met in person. Here’s Kontiki, the EP’s title track. The full EP is out in mid-December.

Kontiki is totally lush. It opens with woodblock beats and some electric organ chords. This sets the chilled tone which is accentuated by an almost choral backing. The track tinkles along on electric piano notes and achieves a weightless vibe. This is as warming as they come. Perfect for an autumn day.

Bassic is John from the USA who is open about being in recovery from addiction. Beneath the Surface is a peaceful track. Josh says, “this song means a lot to me and was released on my 4 year anniversary of leaving rehab (finally for the last time) after 6 years of heroin and opioid addiction.”

The key to Beneath the Surface is balance. This track delivers a downtempo balance between a Fender Strat, Moog subsequent 37, Behringer Synth, and a Roland electric drum set. That’s tricky. Most artists would have allowed the track to settle on one thing. Probably the guitar. Bassic doesn’t take that easy path. This gives each element their own space but blends them into a harmonious whole that gives beats, synths, and guitar an equal weighting. That delivers something rich, deep and satisfying. Fine work.

A chilled end to the week with: icamok, and Der Waldläufer #Chill #StudyBeats #Electronic @WALDLAUF

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Thank goodness we’ve reached Friday. Last push to the weekend accompanied by a couple of lovely and chilled study beat tracks from icamok, and Der Waldläufer.

icamok (komaci backwards, I’m guessing) says, “I’m from Japan and recently started making beats. These songs are the first to be made.” And very good is from the earth. This has a slow set of hip hop beats allied with a slow piano line and the almost inevitable NASA recordings. There’s something gently lulling about that slow combination and the almost reassuring whirrs and Mission Control samples. The samples talk of “lift off” but this track never does that. It offers the comforts and security of earth. Sink into your Gaian womb with this track.

Der Waldläufer is a musician and producer from Kassel, Germany. He says he’s is, “looking for inner peace and silence in a hectic world.” Aren’t we all? I’d definitely subscribe to that.

His new release is Cel. In many ways it’s a classic chill track. It has slowed House beats alongside hints of world music. It’s very very Balearic in its approach and more than a bit 90s. And we like that. That sense of seeking and delivering a place and space in which to relax is overwhelming. It’s all so calming, with just a hint of dub for that extra loose-limbed pleasure. A piano comes along for a gentle synapse massage. Music for sunrise and sunset. Delightful.

If you liked these, Cel is part of this developing playlist

Welcom the dawn with lofi House: Mr Bird – Reflections #House #DiscoHouse

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This morning’s dawn was cloudless and came like a slow orange glow, gradually filling one side of the road before breaking through in a pale blue sky and wispy clouds. And that’s very much what Mr Bird’s Reflections sounds like. A disco at dawn.

Mr Bird is an English music producer & DJ, now based in Lisbon, Portugal. Reflections is taken from Mr Bird’s new Martian Arts EP. It’s a lovely, lazy track. There’s glittering lofi beats impregnated with space synths. A psychedelic disco of sound tumbling around. There’s a bit of AfroHouse in here to make the track even more exotic and rich.

Welcome to the soft disco.

Uplifting downtempo techno with: Mokhov – Solid State Dreams #MinimalTechno #Techno #Downtempo #Chill @olegmokhov

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How’s your Monday? Grey? Give it some gentle colouration with Mokhov’s Solid State Dreams.

Las Vegas-based Mokhov returns after a gap of almost two years with something which he describes as, “Sounds like Four Tet meets Robert Hood. With Bonobo and Plastikman mixed in.” That’s quite a claim to make given the stellar nature of the four artists listed. In fact, this is really only two. This is far more downtempo chill than it is techno. It’s a lot of Four Tet and a little Bonobo. But that’s still quite a pair for comparison.

Solid State Dreams (from the album of the same name) is a beautifully delicate track. It has a bit of a Four Tet IDM tinkling to the lead synth that has a half piano, half music box tone. This gives the track an air of childlike wonder. Behind, are disembodied wordless vocal manipulations and backwards electronics that add a tonal, dronal quality to things. Beats tumble but are kept quite far back into the mix. This is all about the melody and the drone and delivers brilliantly.

Give your dreams the downtempo warming reds and oranges of autumn with Solid State Dreams.

Ambient Sunday with: Nymad, and Ambiensce #Ambient #Drone #Downtempo

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Ambient Sunday welcomes something new and the return of a downtempo producer I’d thought lost.

Nymad marks the return of the prodigal son. Last seen here in 2018, Jose Wills is back with Some Sun. Nymad is from Colombia, via London and now lives in Manchester. He produces delicate and fragile downtempo tracks. And delightfully Some Sun is in that place, as if the past thee years never happened. Welcome back, Sir.

Some Sun opens with a shimmer of modulated synths offering an almost phased guitar sound against some gentle beats. It’s all terribly hazy and sun-kissed. Nymad says, “Some Sun initially had loads more drum elements to it, but in the end – taking them all away and making it a more ambient, opening track, was really what made it”. A good choice. This is the fuzzy edges of a comedown in the streaming morning sun. A late psychedelic tour of the mind. Beats come and take you more into the reality of the day. But nothing can quite erase the warm memories of what went before.

Ambiensce is Paul de Konkoly Thege from Berkley, California. He says that, “Ambiensce is a dream: a long moment of something (un)stuck.” and that, it was “born from the discovery in June 2018 that two analog delay pedals stacked astride a looper could warp the inputs into sometimes soft and often strange infinitudes.”

Soft and strange is most of what you get on shut in (home is in my head), taken from the debut LP schliessongs. This contains, “five meditations on a world bent inward.” (“schliessung” is a German polyseme meaning “closure”, “shutting”, or “ending”, but also “breaking-up” and, crucially, “forming”.) Perhaps inevitably the album is a focus on the lockdown part of Covid.

shut in (home in my head) is the burbling rushing of water alongside delayed guitars. It has that sense of a lost moment in time. Without the patience to listen it could be a bit noodly. But it evades that trap skilfully with odd electronics that blip, bleep and disappear. Sounds come and swell at you, offering an embrace but which doesn’t quite avoid the lurking anxiety of the bleeps and the drone.

It’s a still meditation in a seething electronic noise.

Pushing boundaries with: e / s \ c = Hypnosis #IDM #Techno #PostRock

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You after some IDM mixed with techno and a bit of a post rock sensibility? Then I have just the thing for you from e / s \ c (electric / sonic \ council).

e / s \ c is Jim Bjorklun from Minneapolis, USA. And the track is the oddly hypnotic Hypnosis. This comes as video and on Spotify. It’s a groovy IDM spiraling bass sound with big phat techno beats giving it a squat solidity. There’s electronic trickery that drones around but with an almost rock sensibility. Of course, there are vocal samples that bounce around. It’s all low-slung trance and more than a bit 90s. Cooly detached, this finds its own path through the psyche.

Of the track e / s \ c says, “The video was filmed in Silverwood Park, near Minneapolis, MN. It explores the idea of creating a better reality for oneself through mental suggestions and self-belief.” But there’s something rather disorientating and a bit paranoia-inducing in this track that makes the overwhelming feeling one of unresolved anxiety.

This is a trip of the mind. More LSD than CBT.