Jerrod Lovett – Saturdays #ambient

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I was going to post this earlier in the week. But I’m a pretty literal person, so Saturday it had to be. Jerrod Lovett’s Saturdays is a five minute stop-and-stare piece. Deceptively quiet, this sends tendrils of sound into your ears until you give way and offer it your undivided attention. And it’s worth it. The mindfulness of leaves moving in the breeze, the play of light across brickwork, summoning the courage to face the thing you don’t want to, the washing up. It’s all hidden here, ready and waiting for you to unearth.

Nite Mrkt – Prefrontal

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A tune that makes out like it’s ambient but isn’t really. It’s more of a soft house loveliness. That’s Prefrontal from Nite Mrkt. Starts of with a whirring of emotions and sounds before resolving into a house synth piano line of halcyon evocativeness. An endorphin rush of a tune and synths tumble everywhere. Proper outdoor clubbing tune.

Blurb: Nite Mrkt evokes a range of emotions in his upcoming 3-track EP, and attempts to create soundscapes that conjure feelings of bliss, loneliness, rejection, and redemption. Some tracks are danceable, while some are meant for reflection. This is the first track, and it is danceable.


daisily – i made up a key for our madeup apartment

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The sun is shining so hard it’s hard to see the keys to type. And that’s how this tune from daisily sounds. I made up a key for our madeup apartment is lazy ambient with a hip hop tang. Everything is woozy, guitars are on phaze and there are samples of longing from Star Trek TNG. Patrick Stewart’s voice (Season 5 Ep. 25, called “The Inner Light”) is perfectly used in this track.

* I know the picture’s Star Wars but Lego don’t do Stark Trek. More’s the pity.

Wednesday wants a sit down with Launchable Socks and Eashwar Subramanian

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A couple of largely downtempo / ambient tunes from Launchable Socks and Eashwar Subramanian.

Launchable Socks, despite being a strong contender in worst artist name stakes, produces a delightful tune. There’s a beautifully languid air to this one. Ambient softness drifts along on Stretched Sky. Nothing is hurried. Everything is on a temporary pause.

Eashwar Subramanian offers Maya’s Delusion. A more experimental track in its approach and in its giggly opening. There are shivers of anticipation in a slowed piano house tune. This is lost in a trance that makes the most of its 12 minute length.

Tuesday’s toes are tapping to DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ – I Don’t Like What I Feel (Maybe Tonight)

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The DJ who may or may not be Sabrina has returned from the past future with an undiscovered 90s future house blender banger in I Don’t Like What I Feel (Maybe Tonight). The sense of times past in the 90s house piano sounds butts up against classic samples and so now it hurts future house stylings.  The stab of house piano, the repeated calls for the DJ, the tropical house sensibility. A party tune of ginormously day-glo proportions. Surrender yourself.

Dawncall – Memories #ambient #downtempo

•August 14, 2017 • 1 Comment

A track called Memories is probably going to be downtempo ambient. And so it sort of is with Dawnall’s Memories.

I can see that memories are useful to remember things that can harm and help. But why do we remember so many other things? To ensure emotional attachment to others which increases our survival probability? And as for the recollection of memories, these can be fractured. As Dawncall says “Sometimes, When words cannot describe our feelings, Music can.”

To return to the track. An interesting sample about memories and self-image. Quite an interesting lecture tbh, even without the music. The tune starts in a downtempo soft way but as the track develops becomes more fractured and more IDM. In the end it’s a glitch distortion paradise.

Moox – Expressions (Free Download)

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It’s a lovely day and here’s a lovely electronic tune from the returning Moox. A bit like the Mooch’s aviator sunglasses, Expressions is a reflection of yourself. In that you get out of it what you put in. Offer your soul and be transported on deep house wings and techno beats to somewhere better. Somewhere where the threat of nuclear catastrophe seems further away and the people with their finger on the button that bit less unpredictable. Mutually Assured (dance) Destruction.

Buy = FREE DL. Download for free on The Artist Union: