Let’s go classic with: Derek Chase – Let Me Tell You (Bootleg) #House #ChicagoHouse #Classic

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Here’s a track I’ve been waiting months to feature.

Just before lockdown Derek Bakker asked me if I wanted to post his Let Me Tell You bootleg. I was up for it but then lockdown intervened and Derek decided to hold it back. Lockdown may still be here (Tier 2 for me, fact fans) but Deke’s decided to release the track – with limited free download.

This vocal house anthem gets a more restrained Chicago spin in Derek’s version. And he even allows a bit of techno restraint into the mix. This is focused on the beats and the groove. The Let Me Tell You What you do to me vocal (Loleatta Holloway, I think) is used judiciously and sparingly. That allows the full epiphany effect to come through when it’s used. Clubbing may feel like a memory in these days but with this track it’s a positive one for the future. A House classic cut into a new classic shape.

Techno becomes House with: ChuckT – Hot Nights #House #EDM #Techno @ChuckTbeats

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Continuing the more uptempo tracks that seem to be the theme of this week here’s ChuckT with Hot Nights, a track that starts Techno, goes EDM, drifts into classic House and ends surprisingly chilled.

ChuckT is Charles Turner, Jr from Oakland California. His background is one influenced by by a diverse array of blues, funk, hip hop, and soul,  And that versatility is apparent on his debut EDM album Electronic Maestro.

But let’s focus on Hot Nights. This starts with a sleazy bass line with a promise of some EDM peaks. But they never quite materialise. Instead we dive back in time into some classic disco house, complete with some lovely strings and piano chords. The whole mood becomes much more relaxed and this ends in a chilled a calming place. Lovely stuff.

Melodic techno for Tuesday with Simos Tagias – The Rise (Remix by Barbour) #MelodicTechno #Techno

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After yesterday’s techno banger something a little more restrained and melodic from Simos Tagias and a remix by Barbour.

Simos Tagias is from Greece and there’s a bit of rural idyll to this track. Mixed with a touch of Vangelis and an electronic wistfulness. The track is built around some low key beats that provide the body of the track alongside some solid bass. But what really makes this fly is the ethereal synths allied to some plucked guitar. A tune for wandering in the countryside to get to nowhere in particular. House music for daydreaming.

Whole EP here

Monday is off to a techno start with Heatseeker by Thomas Lovelace #Techno

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No messing about this morning. Start the week with a bang by listening to Heatseeker by Thomas Lovelace.

Thomas Lovelace is is a Vienna based Soundartist and Techno Producer. He is a member of Vienna’s allstar collective “tongræber“, as well as co-founder of the local artists collective “Aus dem Häuschen“ and techno label “Point:A Records“. Heatseeker is his new release and it’s a banger.

This is almost cyber techno beats allied to some wonderfully temple bells and chimes that pervade the track. This has the confidence to go for a six and a half minute stretch. Few people do these days. But not a moment is wasted or left as filler. This is a taut track.

Starting with beats and bass there’s a far off held string that points to the tension to come. It growls its way through the opening section adding menace as it goes. It then breaks free with chimes that give the track its beating heart. This is a punishing track that pummels its way through to the end. Superb techno.

If you’ve got the Sunday evening blues: Vibrant Years – I Want To Go Home #Chill #HipHop #Instrumental @VibrantYears

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For anyone with the Sunday evening blues ahead of the restart of the working week here’s Vibrant Years with the melancholic and yet uplifting instrumental guitar hip hop of I Want To Go Home.

Vibrant Years says, “Lofi hip-hop every day keeps the doctors away.” And who are we to argue. Especially when I Want To Go Home makes me weak at the knees. It’s a beautifully lazy drawl of a track with some strummed guitar set against lofi shuffly beats and some gentle synth melodies. It’s all terribly soothing and melancholic. And yet that downbeat feel is inspirational in the way that it warms your heart. Onwards to next week.

Ambient Sunday is droning on and on with: Egopusher and Bending Time #Ambient #Drone #Electronic

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I’ve never been much one for drone. It rarely moves me with it’s long tones. I get too easily distracted. My attention wanders. But to prove there’s nothing so contrary as an old Acid Ted here’s a couple of ambient drone tracks from Egopusher and Bending Time.

Egopusher is drummer/producer Alessandro Giannelli and violinist Tobias Preisig from Switzerland. Their work is in that niche that combines ambient’s fondness for limited noise and held tones with classical music’s penchant (especially cinematic classical) for something momentous and dramatic. And those things collide on Faint the closing track from their second album Beyond.

This is classical pushed hard against drone. It’s full on closing credits music. There’s drama filled with emotions that range from disappointment to horror at the unfairness of it all amidst a backdrop so vast that your insignificance is magnified until it hurts. It’s a properly cosmic track. Hardly a surprise that they in their accompanying blurb reference 2001: A Space Odyssey. This takes that film as its starting point and then extends it light years beyond. Can you listen and cope with the futility of existence?

Next we move to the USA for Bending Time. Not one for the limelight the only background we’re offered is, “Bending Time works in a very small studio in a remote rural area of upstate New York. Bending Time creates music for meditation, inspiration, and imagination, with influences from electronica, nature, orchestral works, and all types of improvisatory music.”

The track is Vessel taken from the five tracker Chrononaut. I’m assuming chrononaut is a posh way of saying time traveller. The track is certainly traversing something that if not actually cosmic definitely verges on the cosmic scale. But it manages to do so in a beautiful and slightly unobtrusive way. The synth tones aren’t obviously seeking your attention. But the pitch and hold are subtle enough to gradually dawn on your consciousness. An electronic synth festival of pleasure. This makes the track a delightfully subtle experience.

From the release Chrononaut

Good chilling with: Emancipator – Emancipator – Alligator (Good Lee Remix) #Chill #Downtempo

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When the skies are grey and it’s cold outside I love me a bit of Good Lee to warm the cockles of your heart. And, just in time, here he is providing the opening remix for Emancipator’s new album.

Portland-based producer ​Emancipator​ recently announced the ​Mountain of Memory (Remixes)​ LP via his self-founded ​Loci Records​. Vienna based artist Good Lee contributed this fantastic take on Emancipator’s album opener Alligator.  In many ways this is one toothless Alligator. There’s nothing savage or in the least bit threatening here. It’s a smooth slide down downtempo river. It has that wonderfully organic quality amid strings, guitars, flutes and bits of wood being gently tapped together. It’s a complete hammock, day dream of a tune.

Deserves to be an instant downtempo classic.

Cosmic dub with: Thousand Foot Whale Claw – The Water Is Quite Clear #Dub #Krautrock #Experimental #Ambient

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And so to Austin, Texas for quartet Thousand Foot Whale Claw (Justin Goers, Adam Jones, Neil Lord, Zac Roesch) and the spiraling, sprawling ambient Krautrock of The Water Is Quite Clear.

In many ways this could have been saved for Ambient Sunday but despite its ambient tones it’s a bit more of a psychedelic, Krautrock, dub experience. This is music for eternities.

The track is focused on a synthesiser around which everything else revolves in a slow polka. Everything shimmer and resonates. A world of modular frequencies. This is as home with whales in the deep as aliens in space. A tune that like some musical equivalent of LIDAR gets everywhere. Let this penetrate your bones and have them vibrate in time.


Chiming house with Basile3 – Rayon #House #Experimental

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Perhaps I’ve got less adventurous with age but I find myself more and more veering away from experimental tunes. Life is complicated these days without making things harder. But once in a while a track gets through. Here’s one such house track from Basile3.

Basile3 is a producer from France and he’s just released his Ciel Rouge EP. Here’s Rayon from the EP. It’s a quirky but deceptive tune. It starts is a perkily awkward vein with compressed beats set against a range of chimes. So far so fun.. But unexpectedly, Basile3 takes the track in a turn for the more serious. There’s an added intensity and urgency to the track. The beats get a step harder. The chimes feel more like a warning than a celebration. Clever emotional manipulation.


Midweek downtempo with: Ioka – Moment #Downtempo #Electronic #Chill

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Sometimes the middle of the week is a moment to push on. Sometimes it’s a moment to look back. And sometimes it’s a moment to reflect. This is one of those. On Moment Ioka offers us a downtempo chance to pause and stare.

Of Ioka we’re not to know much. The accompanying biog offers things like “Ioka was born on a farmyard in the mountains high up in the clouds. He is small but he can fly.” Fine. As for the track, it also has moments of whimsy. But not in an ephemeral manner. This is all about inventiveness.

The track has a slow gentle intro like the rising of Dawn. It then jumps into action with a wheezy sort of organ sound set against nice and crunchy beats. It’s an optimistic almost whistlable tune. Bumps its way along in a cheering fashion. This is a look around and a celebration if the here and now. This is the love of little things. And there’s nowt wrong in that.

From the Moments release