Observants – Osmium E.P.

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Some proper techno from Observants based on obscure elements. Perhaps that’s why the tracks are Rhodium and Osmium.

Rhodium is a chemical element with symbol Rh and atomic number 45. Osmium is a chemical element with symbol Os and atomic number 76. Both are brittle metallic elements with a blue or silver sheen. And that’s pretty much what they sound like. Rhodium builds slowly, being all machine and no human. Very early 90s German. Osmium is the better track. It is a bit deeper and has more depth in the bass. More humanity perhaps. A proper groove. There’s a remix of Rhodium by Rad Bit. This gives the original a garage twist. Full of high hats and synth stabs this is a great example of a remix being significantly better than the original,

EP clips

Blurb: London based ‘Observants’ brings us back to our techno roots with this release, delivering 2 solid techno musings. Osmium is a dark brooding growl of a track, teasing you through it slowly with rolling bass and filtered patterns. The intricate synth motion guides you to the tracks inner depths. Rhodium brings the bass rhythm front and centre and relies on the simplicity of the groove to keep you locked in. Once again the use of real synths keep the track fluid and alive. Rad Bit offers a mixed up garage explosion of a remix for all your jacking needs, keeping the package firmly on track.

When is 25 being 26?

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When a 25 minute mix by Jon Kennedy lasts for 26 minutes. One of the comments at Soundcloud said “gentle experimental” and that just about hits the nail on the head. Mainly Jon’s own tunes, plus one each from Pigeon Dust and Cartier Saucier. This drifts by in a soft haze with just a hint of the pea under the pillow. Free download. There were only six comments from over 2k listens, that’s just rude. Do the decent thing and offer Jon a comment if you listen.

Jon Kennedy – “Electronic Sound Pictures” (Exhibitor Remix)
Pigeon Dust – “Sky”
Jon Kennedy – “You’re My Millions”
Cartier Saucier – “Pink Haze”
Jon Kennedy – “Demons” (Farm Fresh Remix)
Jon Kennedy – “Lemon Song”
Jon Kennedy – “You Are The Fire” (Waiwan Remix)
9 In Common – “Le Bonheuyr” (Jon Kennedy Remix)
Mattic – “Fresh Gum” (Jon Kennedy Remix)

Strange​-​eyed Constellations

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Who’d a thought it would take Toby Marks (Banco de Gaia) over 20 years to do a comp. But it has. Strange-eyed Constellations is his first. It is a lovely downtempo gem that consciously aims for the Ambient Dub comp series of the early 90s. It has contributions from Astropilot, 100th Monkey and Toby Marks himself.

Blurb: In 1992 I saw my first tracks released on CD as part of the ‘Ambient Dub’ compilation series on Beyond Records. Six years later, when I set up my own label, one of my aims was to start a similar series of down-tempo, left of centre, compilation albums, featuring more or less anything that I found beautiful and uplifting, irrespective of genre (although leaning heavily towards the electronic).

Finally, 17 years later, I have found the time to make it a reality and so I present the first collection to you now.

I would like to dedicate this album to Beyond Records’ founder Mike Barnet in thanks for the opportunity he gave me and for championing less well-known music.

As Mike would say, “Last one out turns the lights off.”

(Toby Marks)

releases 04 September 2015

Luxxury’s lush lasciviousness

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Not sure I can top the Baron’s own description:

A mixtape with an hour’s worth of just-slightly-north of 100bpm edits, designed for a sly 3am skinny dip in the rooftop pool at the hotel. Take off your clothes and those of a close friend, lover, or admirer; put on those white bathrobes (which are NOT free for you take home with you, btw); and try and contain your giddy giggles as you take the elevator to the top floor. Do what you need to do to convince the poolside bartender to let you slip this mix on the soundsystem as he leaves you to enjoy a slow, delicious moonlight swim.

0:01 Riders on the Storm (LUXXURY live edit) – The Doors
7:39 Summer Came My Way (LUXXURY club mix) – Greg Wilson ft. the Reynolds
11:46 Like an Eagle (LUXXURY live edit) – Dennis Parker
15:08 Diamonds (Todd Terje Tangoterje Dub Remix) – Paul Simon
22:06 Only Happy When it Rains (Virgin Magnetic Material rework) – Garbage
26:35 Shout (LUXXURY live edit) – Tears for Fears
29:46 Small Town Lover (LUXXURY lite edit) – Cheri
32:59 When I Think of You (GDFN Edit + Luxxury extras) – Janet Jackson
37:18 No P’s (Dr. Dunks) – Dolly Parton
41:42 Whole Lotta Love (LUXXURY live edit) – Led Zeppelin
46:13 Money for Nothing (LUXXURY live edit) – Dire Straits
49:41 Money (LUXXURY live edit) – Rosebud
52:14 Do it Again (LUXXURY live freakout dub edit) – Steely Dan
58:07 Don’t Stop The Dance (Eric “Dunks” Duncan Remix) – Bryan Ferry

Hydro & War

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Hydro & War, along with Mako and Villem are drum and bass artists that continually deliver quality music. Here’s a mixtape for Dojo. This allows itself the time to get going with lashes of strings and an almost ambient quality to the opening. Free download.


For the latest in our exclusive mix series we’re extremely excited to welcome Utopia Music’s @hydro & @wardnb to the DNB Dojo decks. The boys have crafted a fantastic mix spanning rolling techstep, deep halftime, downtempo, hip-hop ambient and even a little jazz. We hope you’ll all enjoy the varied selections as much as we do!

No tracklist on this one but be sure to listen out for Hydro, War & Mateba’s latest cut for Utopia, 87, and forthcoming Hydro, Habstrakt, War & Mateba cut The New Age (again out on Utopia very soon).

Moar Kittehgaard – Sunchase‏

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Søren Kittehgaard says:

When the first self submits to the deeper self, they are reconciled and walk on together. I’ve got nine lives. Think how crowded that gets.” blancospaces

That depth of thought needs some music that can offer an equal depth. Here’s Mako providing a redub of Sunchase’s Nathnennia. This a slow-moving track, with a treacle-like quality to the swirling, eddying current of sound. Can I borrow your imagination, indeed.

Blurb: UM018 is diverse but retains the Utopian ethic which we have come to love, tight production, at home on the radio or dancefloor, and the largest bass weight.  U87 brings about Utopia’s first foray into minimal half time. Woody percussion and an impeccable groove accented with jazz licks, it brings all of the producers talents to the table.

Merkava brings artist ‘Coerce’ his first solo release, showing Utopia aren’t as elitist as some may think. Think D Bridge getting into the studio with Mako and you are not far from the truth with this one.  PLK is a producer based over in Israel who works in the TV industry. ‘Dreamware’ was a tune championed by Mako a long time ago on the first ever Utopia podcast and finally sees the light of day. You can hear the Photek and Teebee inspirations on this, whilst containing an original element too.

And finally, label boss Mako, in-between doing an album for Metalheadz and his own studio work, has time to remix Sunchase’s ‘Nathnennia’. Bass heavy, and ever so juicy, this dusty heroin tipped remix has been widely received across the electronic scene

Quentin Hiatus – Time Continuum

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Here’s some new drum and bass from Quentin Hiatus. Hardly you rewind, shout out, pirate radio, bwoy affair. This is much more headphone listening, with quiet flutes and dreamy passages between the razored beats.


My next single comes via Onset Audio. 157 – 160 BPM machine space vibes ready to confuse listeners.

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