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Neither/Neither the new album from The Black Dog. This isn’t out until August (will be available on CD/vinyl).

We remain a long way from the cool techno of Temple of Transparent Balls. We’re back in the dystopian, paranoid vision of Scarecrow Radio. This is information as overload and attack. The album is full of layers upon layers, always containing elements of distortion. Only on tracks like Them (Everyone Is A Liar But) or Books does there come any semblance of hope. Not an easy listen but an interesting one.

As the accompanying blurb says “Burroughs was right: we are now living in a world that is nothing short of a total information war. We are neither one thing nor another, endlessly on the fence in the face of an onslaught of disinformation. Non-linear hypermedia systems are openly used to control us, their operation being totally exposed, mocking our impotence, yet complete in their power. We are all proles now; all are expected to maintain a mental state of Neither/Neither, of uncertainty and inaction. Even in a world where anyone can be an instant expert on any subject in a single click, we find that all our knowledge is a mere replay of someone else’s script.”

  • Limited to 300 units on 3 pieces of 180gram Vinyl


    Uber limited version of Neither/Neither on 180gram vinyl and with a full set of Hero Badges.

    Includes digital pre-order of Neither/Neither. The moment the album is released you’ll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    shipping out on or around 17 August 2015
    edition of 50

    Pre-order Now  £29 GBP or more

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  • CD Version

    Compact Disc (CD)

    CD Version of Neither/Neither with a full set of Hero Badges

    Includes digital pre-order of Neither/Neither. The moment the album is released you’ll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    shipping out on or around 17 August 2015

    Pre-order Now  £9 GBP or more


Orbital – The Naked And The Dead (Moist Remix)

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A reference to Orbital’s The Naked And The Dead the other day had me scurrying to the original but I also came across this remix from Black Sand which doesn’t mess too much with the structure and retains the title sample, based on a line from Scott Walker’s rendition of Jacques Brel’s song “Next”. Class techno updated from 92 but doesn’t sound out of place today. Free download.

The original

Søren Kittehgaard on Caturday‏

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Kittehgaard on stool

Kittehgaard says: “The truth is a trap: you cannot get it without it getting you; you cannot get the truth by capturing it, only by its capturing you. That is why I am sitting on this stool.”

Caturday returns with a teachings for the head as well as music for the soul. Listen and learn. Three tunes connected by a sense of grandeur. Max Cooper gets remixed by Plaid, Robert Babicz gets remixed by Tim Engelhardt and a newie from Irregular Expression.

The Plaid remix is the first track from the Artefact Remixes EP by Max Cooper and Tom Hodge. This is Max Cooper’s liquid rhythms given a bit of angularity by Plaid and a sense of church-like grandeur. Perhaps a bit like something from Rustproof Clockwork. Plaid say, “Max sent us a lot of lovely sounding broken piano audio to work with so we were spoilt for choice. The remix opens and closes with an ultra stretched, phase vocoded piano chord from the original.The rest of the track is based upon transpositions of the same chord progression cycling over 7 bars, while the beat and bass cycles on 2’s. Rhythmically, it is built upon a great stuttering, sliced, fragmenting piano track from Remnants. We tried to convey a sense of archaeological discovery!”

Tim Engelhardt provides a remix of Robert Babicz’s forthcoming Bassporn. There’s nothing terribly erotic about this. Or, indeed, terribly bassy. But it is a lovely bit of deep house, with a smooth, rippling grandeur.…gelhardt-0

Finally, Irregular Expression’s new tune Lux. This is a free download and departs from the usual hip hop influenced sounds into something more leftfield but with a real bass kick.


Fossil Archive 002

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Back in February we had Fossil Archive 001, now comes 002. This time Roberto is collaborating with Jamie Anderson on Billingsella Corrugata. But the mood is still techno but with more than a nod to its acid past.

Billingsella is unashamedly acid techno. It allow itself time to get going, getting us settled into machine-only music. All blips and wheezes. Even when the rhythm comes it’s all robot dancing. A bit too precise for my tastes. Corrugata starts off even more minimally with a repetitive drum pattern and little else. Eventually, a synth line emerges and gradually takes over. This is techno as precise as a Mondrian and whether you like it depends on your view of straight lines versus curves. I like a few curves me.

Blurb: For the second release on Roberto’s new Fossil Archive imprint, he teams up with Artform’s Jamie Anderson.

Technology is fine, but music production is a human thing. A social thing. Blurring those lines, ‘Billingsella Corrugata’ is an intensely catching, beatsmart roller coaster of nimble basslines and 4/4 muscle power.

This music is no flash in the pan – a much polished, low end, acid influenced track that does nothing and everything; emotionally invigorating. Warped out of your mind on high grade pharmaceuticals or not, ‘Billingsella’ is a hugely likeable track, way ahead of this years acid techno revival. A killer groove that could loop round and around all day and never get dull, Fossil Archive is already proving they have more hook than a fisherman’s box; the new bastions of techno.

Like Colin Mcrae on crystal meth, and hardly qualifying as easy listening, ‘Corrugata’ has plenty of grab, nurturing a deep, melody-fractured trip through machine-made music. With a pure dancefloor energy paired with a piercing with a hook, this latest collection of acid-plod techno production best sums up the label’s direction – you can’t fault it. Enriching its trademark, ‘Corrugata’ lords it up with anti-pop music plushness, preparing you for joyous leap, bound and bounce across the dancefloor as its bippy bop feel takes you over.

12″ vinyl is now available at the following stores: [NL] –
Rush Hour Records [NL] –

Rubadub Records [UK] –
Phonica Records [UK] –
Rough Trade Records [UK] –
Juno Records [UK] –
Redeye Records [UK] – [DE] – [DE] –

Crosstalk International, Inc [USA] –



Winter Son – Words For Snow EP

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Since we had Jozef K and Winter Son yesterday, I thought we ought to have Winter Son on his own today. This is his Words For Snow EP. These are only 2 min clips but show the great house approach that Winter Son brings to his work.

Polar Vanquish sets a piano line against a warped burbling rhythm and a gently chiming bass. It’s all very off-kilter but in a beautifully balanced way. Veil Over World also offers a piano line and electronics to start in a style almost reminiscent of the opening to a houseified Hitchcock movie. All subtle menace of things to come.

There are two remixes. The BAAL remix of Polar Vanquish ramps up the dance floor appeal by giving it a more conventional and upfront beats pattern. But it retains a sense of drama. Excellent remix. The Neil Flynn remix of Veil Over World is a curious beast. Dropping the cinematic nature of the original it goes for an immersive techno groove.

Blurb: Inspired by Kate Bush’s ’50 Words For Snow’, 1950s short movie ‘Arctic Thrills’ and Rev. EJ Peck’s book on Eskimo Grammar, ‘Words For Snow’ is an EP reflecting on the romanticism of the 100 words for snow in the Inuit vocabulary.

The idea behind the EP was to create something that amplified the devastating effects of snow and it’s not so obvious dangers. Both tracks are built around the images of the world literally disappearing under snow, however gentle it can appear at first. I wanted to use delicate sounds with a much darker undercurrent.
Written during the Winter months in my Manchester studio with lots of analogue kit.

Each limited hand packaged CD comes with artwork postcard, paper snowflakes, a page from the Eskimo Grammar book and card wallet wrapped in a veil of white mesh. I’ll list these on my Bandcamp page when it’s released, stay tuned…

Thank you for taking a listen.
Beatport –
Boomkat –
Spotify –

Jozef K & Winter Son – Dancing Chaos Star EP

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Here’s a new release from Jozef K and Winter Son. This is a lovely techno house EP. Each track oozes class and deep bass lines.

Dancing Chaos Star epitomises that approach. An elastic deep bass line, with lots of nods to the 90s from its 808 based approach. It’s more than a dark tune, with lovely slashes of vocal and a light synth topping. Forbidden Ritual is even more immersed in the bass. But again the sampled vocal and hi hats stop it plumbing the depths of techno. This is how UK bass should sound. The final track is Strike The Shepherd & The Sheep Will Scatter. Not sure what lies behind the Biblical reference (Matthew 26:31) but it’s an Orbital-esque number of The Naked And The Dead period. A desiccated sort of techno.

Blurb: Our debut EP for Skint Records.
We recorded these between two Northern cities over a few months whilst producing a fair few other tracks at the same time. We tended to jam through tracks every day during this particular writing period, eventually recording a winning take each night. It was Jozef’s designated job to find vocal hooks whilst I would focus on getting basslines and melodic phrases. ‘Dancing Chaos Star’ was born from a Juno 106, TR-808 and an old 60s drum break.

We Start Over

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Star Wars Lego bw

A new collaboration between the sainted Steve Cobby and Trudie Dawn Smith gets a Weatherallesque remix from Tuff City Kids.

This new collaboration, which is out now, comes with two remixes from Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson & Phillip Lauer). The pick of the pair is the Garage Dub remix. This is the kind of remix it would have had if Weatherall had done it in the early 90s. It’s a lazy grooving tune full of little inventive touches. It spins from house to indie dance through to Balearica and an almost dub feel on the Rhodes. A perfect lazy summer tune.

Tuff City Kids also provide a Private Acid mix which is full of classic 303s and inevitably a harder tune than the Garage Dub mix. It’s a good tune but loses out by comparison to that Balearic loveliness.

We Start Over is out on 18th May via International Feel.


You may already know Steve Cobby: one of Hull’s most talented residents, co-founder of Fila Brazillia and a chronic remixer/music maker. During 30 years of musical service he’s forged remixes for acts as brilliantly diverse as Radiohead, Busta Rhymes and A Certain Ration. Déclassé, his own imprint is also home to 2014’s critically acclaimed Saudade and the upcoming (and brilliant) Everliving LP.

“We Start Over” is an International Feel baby though – the result of Cobby and vocalist Trudie Dawn Smith combining for a bout of Balearic bliss. The ‘Private Acid Mix’ comes from two of house music’s current treasures, Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer a.k.a Tuff City Kids, holding nothing back and dropping the 303 in a fine style with looped and twisted vocal snippets.


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