Top techno from Hartojo – Closing (Mon Groove Remix) #techno #electronic

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Hartojo offers leftfield techno pleasures on Closing (Mon Groove Remix). The track is built around the bass line, which has an almost growl to it. This eventually adds some stabbing synths. It has an ostensibly relaxed atmosphere but there’s an underlying tension that threatens to break through at any moment and so doesn’t let you relax. A perfect late night tune. Bring on the dry ice.

Blurb: It’s Hartojo’s turn with “The Circle”. “Opening” jumps right into this short journey: a dirty and distorted illusion of a synhetic bassguitar alongside heavy techno kickdrums dictate the inevitable groove, till the main lead will take you on a vigorous filter ride. Minimal with maximum impact. To keep his tradition on FHLR releases of building one track with minimal elements and go overboard with the other, “Closing” sits on the other end and completes this EP. It’s an opera made of sound and emotions, rich in melody, color and depth. The full spectrum. And drama baby. Mon Groove’s Opening remix comes as a banging techno tune with a stomping bass line surrounded by dubby stabs, while with the remix for Closing settles more smoothly, melodic on warm bass and lots of space. 


Yaroshi – Time Is Short (feat. Fudo Kazuki) #electronic

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Rock guitars and electronics work sometimes. But not that often. Yaroshi tries this trick but takes the UNKLE approach to things with full integration on Time Is Short to deliver a winner. The breakbeat drums give the track a solid base, the strings saw happily and guitars get to do their thing without sounding out of place. Cool track for you hipsters out there.

drainabyte – graphene #electronic #experimental #ambient #drone

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I always worry about the term ‘experimental.’ All too often a synonym for unlistenable. But it can disguise some tracks that make you work for the experience. Italy’s drainabyte offers that experience on graphene. A track that’s built around digital zeroes and ones. It’s ambient but not quite. Drone but not quite. Synth but not quite. It’s all of these things and yet not definably any. It’s a shimmering haze of the half seen and half experienced. He says “memories from a distant future” and there’s much in that.

Crater by Jake Kaiser #progressive house

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We last had Jake Kaiser here back in June. He’s returned with another deep track – Crater (geddit!). I’ve tagged this as progressive house but that’s only part of the story. This track has big fat synths but also manages a whole palette of darker hues. The bass buzzes, drums pound tribally and the adrenalin level rises. Hardly surprising that Jake says “This is a dark progressive track that got meatier and gritter the more I worked on it creating a thick sound and groove that gets the people going.”

Beamers & Bloody Marys #downtempo #electronic

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America’s Dallas Acid offers Beamers & Bloody Marys. This is the first single off Spa Hunter the third LP from Dallas Acid. I’ve no idea the connection between Beamers (assuming this means BMWs) and vodka based tomato drinks. But be that as it may. This track is a curious little gem. A rippling writhing synth does battle with a one note solo to create an air of offbeat wonder. It manages to be both tranquil and oddly disturbing, with its minimal tones and Moog sequences. But always in a good way. THis isn’t wallpaper music. It’s far too ‘present’ for that.

DarkMe does it for me #techno

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A couple of techno tracks from the excellent DarkMe from Norway.

First, Escape. I know not from what he’s escaping but there’s no escaping the track. It manages to grip from the opening seconds with a lovely rippling synth line and backgroudn strings that draw you in. Just when you think you’ve got it sussed as a nice melodic track it changes pace into something no less insistent but darker and more martial. Very, very clever.

Early Birds is the other track. It’s a more straight ahead techno track than Escape. But in its own way no less compelling. Offers more simple and urgent pleasures at the start before a twisting melody line snakes in. This should ensure big gurning smiles on the dance floor.

MKSTN – Someday You’ll Find Me #chill #house

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Here’s Canada’s MKSTN doing the vowelless thing with Someday You’ll Find Me. Not if I see you first might be the response. Anyway, this is pitched as the perfect come down song. It isn’t quite that. School of Fish by Pete Namlook (RIP) and Mixmaster Morris hold that distinction. But it is a rather lovely track. It’s perfect for those bleary early morning sunrises when you haven’t been to bed and want something soothing but with a bit of beats as you’re not quite done dancing yet. Whose turn to skin up?