Demon guitar with Amer Jongleur and BadBoy #downtempo #electronic #guitar #flamenco

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A couple of tracks this morning from Amer Jongleur and BadBoy that make lots of use of acoustic guitar in an electronic setting.

Amer Jongleur is from France and his track is Harmless Demons. It’s a lovely electronic instrumental with a bit of the approaching anticipatory menace about it. Uses the guitar to offset any doominess in the track to leave something balanced between serious and sweet. In fact, AJ says this is the, “Main theme for my upcoming indie game Harmless Demons.” I’m not really one for playing computer games but I do like this track which works in its own right.

Next BadBoy from Italy with Guajira. This is a flamenco driven electronic track full of the thrills of Spain. Or more properly the thrills of Spain via Cuba since Guajira is a style that originated there from Punto Cubano. Big slams of guitar body work drive the track forward in time with the beats. That allows the melody a platform on which to run riot. All too often flamenco guitar is used on downtempo to allow a noodly element. Not so here. This is driven, driving stuff herding you relentlessly onto the dance floor. Submit.


Digital downtempo from unknownfor and Butch & C Vogt #downtempo #ambient #electronic #newmusic

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A new artist and a new track (kinda). But both delivering downtempo delights.

unknowfor to start with as the new artist. From San Diego he offers raspberry vape. This is downtempo but with the high treble chittering that’s such a feature of contemporary electronic sounds, especially in the US. It’s all these kids listening to their phones that does it. But I’m not going to get started on this old nam gruble. That’s because this is a classy track. Uses the digital sounds to work with smoother deeper electronics. Even has a bit of background alient chatter. Gives it an otherworldly air.

Next the kinda new track. The other day we had Butch & C Vogt with Live At RJ. The original is a techno house track. Here, we have it in its Reprise version. This is a beatless ambient beauty. The focus here is on the intermittent synth line (guitar-like) and otherwise the thing just throbs with nascent pleasure. Six minutes of loveliness.

Camp North channels his inner 90s techno star on My Bones #techno #house #newmusic #electronic

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A welcome return from US artist Camp North. Whereas I had him largely tagged as a downtempo artist this track comes along like a swaggering 90s gloomy deep house monster. My Bones is the track. Unusually for me it does have vocals. And even more unusually that’s what makes the track for me. The contrast between a dark and moody electronic sound and the almost dub vocals work incredibly well. Also didn’t half remind me of The Aloof from the 90s, especially tracks like Stuck On The Shelf and One Night Stand.



And for those interested in The Aloof


Triple techno tryout from bedez, Butch & C Vogt, and Raskal & Reiche #techno #house #electronic #newmusic

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Three techno tracks today from bedez, Butch & C. Vogt, and Raskal & Reiche that want you to be dragged along in their wake.

Bedez is Bedirhan Ă–zdiker from Turkey. His track is Universe which offers us a dark and stygian version of techno. You can sense his metal background lurking around the approach here. But there’s also a properly electronic approach and even a bit of welcome acid to offer flashes of brilliance in the darkness. This is all about mood and that enveloping sense of dread and power that techno can really offer.

If we’re doing some techno then it’s kinda compulsory to have a track from Germany, its spiritual home. Today’s German offering is Butch & C Vogt. The track is Live At RJ. No idea why that is so, but this is a techno of shimmering brilliance. The synths oscilate in the beats. It’s a bit psychedelic in the first half of the track tending towards the house / electronica end of things. A crystalline delight. But it takes full advantage of its 9 minute length to up the pace and intensity in the second half but without losing that lightness of touch. THe close out takes me back to more Balearic places as it gently lets you back down to earth. Exceptional.

Finally, Interconnected from US artists Raskal & Reiche, who are also Southern Exposure Music label heads. The track has a definite house streak and even hints at a bit of disco. It’s all glitterball and strobe. This is aimed firmly at a dance floor. This is good time techno house music. But it’s no mindless peice of hedonism. There’s a careful and skillful construction to the track. Takes you on a journey, as all good techno should. Ae you ready for departure?

What colour is space? with Lwke and Jesse Watt #ambient #downtempo #electronic #newmusic

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A couple of tracks in a more ambient or downtempo vein to start the week from Lwke and Jesse Watt.

Lwke from Chicago was here a month back but returns with another track from his A Fool’s Errand EP. This time with The Colors, Duke, The Colors. I think the track title is taken from a Popsicle advert from the 80s or 90s. And that sense of fun is reflected in the track. It’s a downtempo piece, yes. But the beats and central riff have a perky uptempo air that gives the track a childish glee to it. Lick your way through this one.

Next Jesse Watt from Australia and Space 1. He says that it comes from experimenting with an OB6 synth. I don’t know what that is but I do know that the resulting track is a lovely spacey spiraling piece of wonder. This makes full use of the droning sense of ambient that has little changes in vibrations like the whirring of your mind. And just a touch of echoed dub to form a core of melody.

Sunday melody with Cook & Stans and Nach #melodic #melodictechno #deephouse #electronic

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It may be a Sunday but that doesn’t mean we can’t have any house or techno, especially when today’s pairing have a lovely cheery melodic air. Stop contemplating your hangover and jig along to these from Cook & Stan and Nach.

Cook & Stans are two friends based in Freiburg, Germany. Apparently, the name, Cook & Stans, is derived from the 1990 computer-game Monkey Island. Means nothing to me. The tune on offer is Deep Space 10. Despite the name it’s not a particularly deep, deep house tune. Normally this type of title would mean lots of cosmic contemplation. It’s a lovely perky deep house tune. This is more space as an exciting adventure and a chance to have fun and explore. A properly lovely positive deep house track. Really put a smile on my face.




Next, Nach. This is Stefan Hanny from Sydney from Australia. The track is Are You Alive from the EP of the same name. This is a lovely deep techno track which wins with the addition of a superb bit of dub. Gives it that slightly drawly stoner quality that makes it danceable and relaxing all at the same time. Even finds time to slip in a bit of guru chat about knowledge and life. Life is the name of the game, after all. Class offering.

Strange Brexit days needs strange sounds from Plant Eater and Wenchi Rue #electronic #chill #downtempo #experimental

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Brexit. Is there any escape from it in the UK? seeminly not if even an electronic music blog is going to talk about it. A bit. Only to the extent that it’s a very strange world right now. A postponed vote by the Government. Coming back next week but without any certainty that it will pass. And an unclear sense of what that might mean. These two tracks from Wenchi Rue and Pant Eater feel like they reflect that in their awkward air and edge of strangeness.

Plant Eater returns after a gap of two years with Heart. This is a combination of chill and IDM. The overall mood is downtempo but with the twist of backwards sounds and real instruments pervading the track. A slightly anxious sitting on the edge of the sofa sense to it all. Cleverly done.

Taken from the album Welcome To The World of Tomorrow

Next, a new artist Wenchi Rue from Taiwan. The track is Dancing on the Slow Train. Of the track he says “I want it to be a soundtrack vibe. A bit low key and subtle.” It doesn’t quite deliver on that. And that’s a good thing. This is a track very much in its own right. No sense of this slipping into the background. A nice chilled ambience but also with something a touch strange. Perfect for flossing slowly on the Jubilee line or dabbing on the Northern line. Go try it.

If you like what he does you can buy him a coffee here.