Hazy chill from NoHealer, Steven The Composer, and K•Ban #chill #electronic #downtempo #ambient

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It’s a public holiday here tomorrow, ahead of the Easter weekend. And the sun came out yesterday. Don’t really fancy heading off to work so I’m going to try to tempt myself with the aid of some downtempo chilled tracks from NoHealer, Steven The Composer and K•Ban.

Russia’s NoHealer returns with his new track Sunrise. Can’t get a more chilled title than that. And he says “Just imagine: early morning, he or she makes unhurried jog, nature rises from its sleep, dew on the grass, the birds singing…” Just imagine, indeed. Sounds terrible. Why spoil a lovely morning by running and gettng all sweaty. Far better to sit back, contemplate nature and the freshly made coffee. Columbian, thank you for asking. The tack is built around a lovelt, almost classical, arpeggio that offers the perkiest of experiences. All this is allied to a neo-synth pop sheen. Light and lovely.

Steven The Composer (Steven Villacis) offers us You Aren’t Alone as the composition. An unhurried lofi house affair that wanders gently about with a bit of background crackle. It’s about the issues of nemtal health. He says “We all feel lost. waiting to be found. but no. You aren’t alone.” The track has the underlying sadness of a twangy deep bass and the slow stately pace. But it offers a little redemption in the synths washed into the background. A beautiful use of two and a half minutes.

Finally, from France, comes K•Ban (Clément Brassac). Griesmu is the track. I’ve no idea what that means, if anything. It’s a lovely slow, soft affair but with the optimism of ascending chords. And a tinkling synth piano refrain that promises more to life than what it is now. There’s a unexpectedly epic intent to this track in its rises and falls. This is what sets you up for the day.

Let’s go experimental with Escape The Loops – Molecular Freak #idm #glitch #experimental #electronic #newmusic

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It’s the middle of the week, so let’s challenge ourselves with something experimental and more than a bit IDM from Russian artist Escape The Loops.

Molecular Freak is the track and offers you a satisfyingly experimental challenge to your ears. This is 90s IDM put through a glitch sieve. A mix of stabbing synths from a piano house record put in a blender with some Squarepusher attitude. A bit of early Aphex Twin idiosyncrasy married to a bunch of micro tones. Beats creak and skitter around squelches of acid lemon drops. Bake for 20 minutes at 180 and there you have it.


Track taken from the album Archive Pt 3

Ambient haze with The Rashomon Effect and Flotron

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Early start this morning. Me and the airport are looking a bit hazy, so need something suitable. Must be ambient from The Rashomon Effect and Flotron.

The Rashomon Effect first. This is the name for Douglas Merlino from NYC. His track Leopard is a thing of delicate beauty. A harp or harpsichord focused track. This gives it a tremendous fragility and a tune that is gossamer thin but doesn’t break under The heartbroken drone synth tones make for a track of surprising emotional impact and resonance. Be prepared to find an unexplained tear in your eye.

Next Flotron, a US based producer with the modular synth track Local Symmetry. This is taken from the Anti-Normal EP and is a slow fairground carousel of a track. This delivers a dreamlike haze as the wheels turn and the horses bob up and down. An almost wheezy air to it all. Beats not really in evidence but just let yourself be carried away.


Techno the money, open the box: Oliver Bach – Pandora (Original Mix) #techno #newmusic #dark #electronic

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It’s Monday, so let’s have Pandora open the box marked techno by Oliver Bach. In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman. The Pandora myth is a kind of theodicy, addressing the question of why there is evil in the world. According to this, Pandora opened a jar releasing all the evils, and the rest is history. All a bit anti-women, mind.

As for Oliver Bach, he’s from Mainz, Germany. And Pandora is the title track from his new EP. The tune starts with a low bass growl. An onrush of all that is evil before driving itself forward with agitated synths. Respite eventually arrives with a bit of ‘lost’ ethereal vocal and a tinge of epiphany. But the bass regains in strength and casts such optimism aside. There is evil in the world. This is an evil bass track. Deal with it.



Sunday synths set to downtempo with JSZ and kretzschクレツ#synth #downtempo #house #newmusic #nathanielwyvern

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Let’s have a chilled Sunday with some downtempo tracks that focus themselves on the synths.

JSZ (Romain Quessaud) is from Australia and offers Scarlet Sky from his Odyssey EP. This synthwave in a downtempo way. But the multiple synths come together to create a lovely bank of sound. It’s not all easy lisening as there are bobbling and almost jarring elements that make this an experience, not simply relaxation. Drums are there but pushed back and almost incidental. This is an epic sky but full of wonder and awe.



Next, kretzschクレツ who is from Amsterdam, Netherlands and is influenced by J-pop. But coffee in a roadside diner at the end of the universe owes more to jazz lounges and synth parlours. This collaboration with nathaniel wyvern is easy listening exotica. Some jazz guitar, a throbbing beat and twinkling synths. A real space odyssey. At which point it’s worth reminding us that as Douglas Adams said, “The story so far: In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” No bad moves here. Watch universal infinity end with a big freeze or big crunch. Oh, and the accompanying coffee is Fazenda Caludio, Brazil.

Leftfield techno house from JPS and Nick AM #techno #house #deephouse #electronic #newmusic

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A couple of techno tracks that don’t quite respect genres from JPS and Nick AM.

JPS (JensPatric Svensson) is from Gothenburg, Sweden but clearly wishes he was the other side of the Atlantic. There’s a heart here that yearns for Detroit which is given form on If I was in Chicago the Detroit be my Cargo. This is full of second wave Detroit techno. Twangy bass lines and lasers and phasers make an appearance. It’s a tension generating, time-stretching affair. He describes it as “Happy driving my car music!” but that cheapens what is a fantastic track that demands a proper sound system for full bass effect.

Next, Nick AM from Brooklyn, NYC who is having a lovelorn moment on Almond Eyes. He says it’s about the potential of love at first sight. And that “love can hit you like a car crash.” Before that traffic accident you get a chance to enjoy a track that takes a techno bass and some almost Burial-like garage beats alongside a gentle synth. This produces something that wanders happily along the techno and deep house borders. It’s a lovely affair, full of heart-stopping pauses and endorphine moments in the heart of the city.



Exotic leftfield house with Slow Nomaden – Palmas #house #electronic #worldmusic #downtempo #ambient

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Just the one this morning. It’s from Germany’s Slow Nomaden and is a track from his debut Journey LP. The album is a fictitious voyage around the world and the featured track is Palmas. The Spanish theme is encompassed in fabulous Flamenco handclaps, allied with a bit of acoustic Flamenco guitar. The whole thing is wrapped in heavy underlying bass, strong beats and an almost North African set of chanting creating an intoxicating brew. Grab your passport. Time to leave this place.


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