Charming melodic house with: Wilborn – Lost #House

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Sometimes I want a challenge and sometimes I want a caress. This is the latter. A lovely melodic house track from Wilborn.

Wilborn is probably from Norway. But I know no more than that. The featured track is Lost released on Routine Espresso Recordings. It’s a mix of some chilled lo-fi house with a bit of deep house lush smoothness. There’s an 80s type twangy bass line that provides the throbbing heart of the track. Overlaid are rippling synths and almost vocal elements. This gives it a hummable quality that further draws you in. And the video of the Sacramento River offers more slack-jawed charms.

It’s all deliciously dreamy and forget-your-cares melodic stuff. Given where we are right now we all still need a bit of that.

Study breakbeats with Johny Holiday – Berlin 98 #Chill #Instrumental #StudyBeats #BreakBeats

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A bright but bitterly cold morning needs something warming. Here’s Johny Holiday to warm the cockles of your heart with some downtempo breakbeat on Berlin 98.

Johny Holiday is a Swiss artist from Basel. Since 1997 he has been part of the Hip Hop crew Brandhärd and has produced beats for various Swiss rap artists – not tbh that I knew there was a Swiss rap scene. Anyhow, he’s now branching out making his own stuff. And Berlin 98 is his new release.

Berlin means techno to me. So this tune was a bit of a surprise. It’s an absolutely charming track but contains no techno. From the opening child’s shout out to the tinkling piano refrain this consistently confounded my expectations. It starts whimsically before getting down to business with some beats that have a hip hop thud but also a lithe breakbeat tinge. Strings saw away in the background. It leans towards ambient before the beats pull it away at the last moment. It’s all terribly cheery. And I love it.

Sunshine and study beats with: Mr. Erin, and kassamanno #StudyBeats #Instrumental #Jazz #HipHop #Chill

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Blue skies, Spring sunshine and study beats with Mr. Erin, and kassamanno.

Mr. Erin is from Germany. Doesn’t offer more than that. But on his style he says, “I started making music in 2013 when I discovered dubstep. Since then I’m producing dubstep under the alias „Grawinkel“. In 2020 I dived into Lo-Fi and enjoyed it a lot.”

The featured track is the totally smooth and sophisticated Jazzmovie. Which is an odd title because this is less jazz infused than the usual study beats. It’s built around a lovely organ sound which has a bit of dubbiness going on from some choppy guitar. The beats lope around without a care in the world. Yes, it lasts no longer than the now traditional two minutes but who cares? This is a total chill delight.

Most study beats tracks work best in the evening or late at night with that slightly late night smokey jazz feel. But a few are best suited to the bright light of day. Tides by kassamanno is one of those.

Kassamanno is Canadian-producer glukes and is his new jazz-hop/study beats project. Tides has a languid jazz guitar and some softly brushed beats at the core of things. At its heart is a simplicity of approach – nothing’s crowded or complicated. Everything is super smooth such that teeters on the edge of lounge but never quite tips over. This is for rocking in the porch or swaying in a hammock listening to the waves.

The Groove’s the thing with: Darem Aissa, and B-B #House #Techno

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Lots of tracks lock themselves into a groove. Even if it’s a good groove there are few people that can sustain a tune’s interest through a whole release. Here’s a couple that do manage it with Darem Aissa, and B-B. One takes a techno path and the other House.

Darem Aissa is British born, half Hungarian, half Syrian but raised in Montreal, Canada. He describes his work as Micro Deep. Departure is his new release. It’s somewhere between deep house and techno. But sits apart from either. There’s a certain techno cleanliness to the track but also it’s filled with strings and bits of sound design. This is clearly not a dance floor track. This is full headphones on in the dark. The beats casually plough their furrow with some wood blocks for company and the strings roll over you again and again giving it a lightly trippy quality. Let your mind wander in this psychedelic minimal techno landscape.

B-B wants to take you on a lo-fi house journey on Not At Your Mercy. He (I think it’s a he) is from the UK but doesn’t say where. Describes himself as a “bedroom producer – cooking beats.”

Not At Your Mercy is an eight minute late night wander. It’s filled with old school beats and hi hats. But at its core is a wandering synth that drones around and rising and falling phases. A reflected neon glitter to the track. Of street lights skipping by half seen from the window of a car. The fast train passing though the intermediate stations. And despite the way that the track throbs continually there’s also lights and shades and slow moments of acid fuelled clarity. Because all journeys have a start and an end.

Improve your mood with: Sigill – Continuous Improvement #Electronic #Downtempo #Chill

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I was walking in the cemetery yesterday. As you do. Reading interesting gravestones. As I do. When I saw a viola(?). It’s blueness luminous among the green grass and off whites and greys of the gravestones. In some indefinable way, an immediate mood lifter. And Sigill’s Continuous Improvement is a bit like that in its quiet downtempo but slightly experimental way.

Sigill is from LA. He’s a background playing bass for industrial and metal bands, but influenced by the LA beat scene. He describes his work now as “intense downtempo tracks.” Continuous Improvement is the closing track to his Impossible Shapes EP.

Continuous Improvement is a blend of study beats, downtempo and a sprinkling of IDM. That gives it a rich blend of sound that really captivates. It starts with a chiming synth and some synthetic beats that offer a digital lullaby effect. But then, every so often, it allows the bass into the foreground with the merest whisper of distortion for that IDM touch. Gives it an experimental edge that lifts it far above the mainstream. But there’s still an ear for a melody as the experimentation is never allowed to dominate. Delicious electronic track that allows you the opportunity to improve your mood.

Harmonica House with: Ziino – Donald Ducksoup Dance Feat Joe Mapelle #House #Western

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Happy harmonica Monday. Ziino’s back with a bit of a change of style. Harmonica house on Donald Ducksoup Dance Feat Joe Mapelle.

The track is a change from Ziino’s usually carefully constructed and beautifully designed soundscapes. This is a rampant track full of energy and sunny optimism. It’s built around a harmonica break and taut strings giving it a thigh slapping Western appeal when the bets come galloping in. There’s a bit of The Grid’s Swamp Thing going on from the 90s, though that featured a banjo (see foot of this post). Wave your ten gallon hat and take your sweetheart by the hand for a right hoe down to this perky number. Oodles of fun.

Ambient Sunday with: Cloud Tangle, Njordlyd, and Chris Other #Ambient #Drone #Electronic #Experimental @cmfaarvang

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A transcontinental Ambient Sunday today with tracks from Australasia, North America and Europe via Cloud Tangle, Njordlyd, and Chris Other.

Cloud Tangle is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Amber Ramsay from Brisbane, Australia. They quote influences such as, Thom Yorke, Beach House, James Blake and Warpaint. The work has a melodic and often dreamy quality. And that’s what you get on Swells.

Swells is the title track to a new album. It’s a gentle electronic overture. Synths throb hazily as a keyboard lazily navigates its path. The mood is early morning awakening. Beatless but with hi hats for company this gradually unfurls across two minutes. Take a moment to enjoy.

Chris Other is a Brooklyn-based composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and ambient musician. New Morning is the Opening track to his new Til We Feel That Hope Again EP. He says that “Like many, I sometimes feel overwhelmed when there are too many thoughts racing around my head, so I tried to capture the sensation of starting a new day and accepting, calming, and balancing your thoughts through breathing or meditation.”

This may have origins in piano and guitar. But everything has been put through an electronic blender to deliver something much more tasty. It manages to be quite a calm and calming piece despite everything being just a bit off centre or out of focus. The sounds have roughened edges giving the track a certain opacity. The piano is there but heard as if far off at sea. There’s a shushing hushing sound that offers an enveloping reassuring quality. The world is kept at a distance. A heavyweight musical duvet for the soul. An ambient security blanket for the mind.

To Europe for Danish musician Njordlyd. He describes himself as, “a creator of thoughtful and mellow musical landscapes, organic compositions and harmonies, combined with experimental beats and micro sounds.” He quotes influences such as Future Sound of London, Björk, Burial, Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Massive Attack, Portishead, Biosphere and Trentemøller. That means his work has an analogue sound and isn’t afraid to divert down the less travelled highways and byways.

His new single is Circles. Much of his work has a more visual inspiration and starting point. And Circles is no different. He explains that, “the sounds also reminds me of a magnificent “Circular Ride” (dark ride) from an Amusement Park in Copenhagen (Denmark) called “The Flying Trunk” (in Danish: Den flyvende Kuffert) and consists of a “continuously-moving” chain of vehicles (trunks). During the ride, the visitors pass several scenes displaying/depicting fairy tales from H.C. Andersen.”

But this is no Disneyfied track. It’s a darker, more emotional experience. Sounds are built around a set of drone tones that have a heavy, slightly menacing quality in places. And they also have a slightly deep classical quality in the way that there are ‘movements’ within the track. It’s an unhurried set of strings, chimes and experimental sounds that all combine into a thoughtful whole. That seriousness is explained by the track’s other source, “Tivoli is a place I visited pretty often with my family. The attraction opened in 1993, the same year my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She died in August 1995, and this attraction is one of many strong memories connecting to her. This was not really what I imagined at the beginning of the process of making this track; however that is how it developed.”

Jumping drum and bass with: Padre Tóxico – Interdrumentional Parkour #DrumAndBass

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It’s a welcome 2021 return to AcidTed for Padre Tóxico. This time the more usual laid back beats are replaced by something much more drum and bass leaning.

Poland’s Padre Tóxico has a new album out – The Tripping Point. And here’s Interdrumentional Parkour from the album. It’s a departure from his more hip hop flavoured study beats and steps gently into light drum and bass.

The track has a dreamy quality that soon moves up a gear as the beats arrive and give it a sense of urgency. And yet it never quite loses that spacey, trippy quality. The piano continues to ripple away with that touch of reverb. It’s skittish in its run across galaxies but wide-eyed at the same time. Let this tack run around the corners of your mind.

Electronic rock of ages with: Erik Schievenin, Adam Helder – Statherian #Techno #ProgHouse @AdamHelder @erikschievenin

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I’m ending the week with a bang. A new track from Adam Helder but this time working with Erik Schievenin on their monster of a track Statherian.

Adam Helder has been here enough times not to need an intro. But this is the first time I think I’ve featured Erik Schievenin. He’s an Italian producer born in Belluno. He described himself as producer/remixer and Sound Designer. He’s also label owner for Unbelievable Records.

This is their second outing together, after Rhyacian. Again they’ve gone for a geological title. The Statherian is the last geological period in the Palaeoproterozoic. It began 1.8 billion years ago and ended at 1.6 billion years ago. The supercontinent Columbia formed at the beginning of this period.

Statherian is a happily expansive track. A mix of prog house and techno. But it also has a sort of prog rock root in the way that is manages the opening section, allowing the spiraling synth work to build before breaking out into a gallop (reminded me a bit of Deep Purple’s Child In Time). It’s an unashamed good time track, greedily occupying the main room. This is strobing, dry ice, peak time stuff. And all the better for it. There are melodic arpeggios and a groove made of a billion year geological kick. No wonder Benny’s smiling. This is one space cadet who’s destined for a good time with Statherian.

Pre-Friday is cloud watching with Dub Techno from Mitry – The Sun #DubTechno #Electronic

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May only have been a four day week here but the run in to the weekend feels as tough as any five day week. Need something soothing to accompany another bout of aimless cloud watching. Some delicious dub techno is on the menu from Russia’s Mitry.

The track is The Sun. It’s taken from an EP of the same name. Most dub techno tends to follow the original German template of spectral dub and chilly austere techno. This is different. Perhaps because Mitry is from Russia there’s a warmth to this track. It has an analogue sounding heart and the addition of some ambient dreaminess that makes this a track apart. One to hold close and cherish.

And if you liked that check out this Drift Deeper Dub Techno set