Eggplant Purple Moves – In the rooms where we lived (there are snowy fields)

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I don’t normally have a lot of ambient during the week but having spent some time last week travelling with people constantly saying “oooh you’re going to get trapped here by the snow,” as if this was hilarious, here’s a seasonally appropriate tune. There’s something terribly abstract about it. The found sound noise, the air of droniness, the held and hushed tones all combine into an oddly muffled, slightly suffocating experience.

This is a single featured on the compilation album Ambient Online Volume 5

Life Coach Kitteh holds your agenda with Eric Rigo

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Life Coach Kitteh says:

For this week’s session, I want you to talk freely about the things you are most proud of, those pivotal moments that shaped your character and the inner strengths that you will draw on as you enter the late afternoon of your middle age.  As I am an advocate of my clients ‘holding their own agenda’ at all times, I won’t actually be in the room.  However, for inspiration and support, here is a picture of me wearing my favourite feathery headband.”

Today’s agenda is provided by Eric Rigo. It is ‘Thrift‘. An essential virtue of Victorian society and forming part of the Samuel Smiles agenda. His best-selling Self Help book was based around advancement through character, thrift and perseverance. It resonates in ideas around ‘deserving poor’ and gains extra momentum in this present age of austerity. An odd title perhaps for Eric Rigo to use for an essentially hedonistic musical form – deep house. But he is also drawing on ideas of economic theory around the efficient use of scarce resources. This is deep house as espoused by Adam Smith. Perhaps. Rigo deliberately keeps things simple, avoiding the modern curse of over-layering. His deep house strikes chords deep within.

w. baer – whats to come

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As an end to the weekend, here’s Wyatt Baer with What’s To Come. Ambient can be uplifting but I tend to prefer it when it’s a little less than optimistic. Wyatt describes this as fatalism. It’s wood blocky synth and lots of drone tones. Terribly atmospheric. That’s a perfect way to end the weekend for me. And so to bed.

moon:and:6 – Welcome to Space

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Sunday is my lie in day. Try to creep downstairs and not be noticed to have some coffee and something gentle to listen to. Here’s Canada’s moon:and:6 with ambient tune Welcome to Space.

NASA samples are rather overdone in ambient music. But they appear here and don’t jar at all. An unusual choice of intros for astronauts. The tune is also not your usual IDM ambient sounds, nor even whooshy spaciness. It’s quite grounded on earth, with a joy at life and living.

Blurb: “Welcome to Space” by Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer moon:and:6 is the first single from his upcoming new album, A Brief History of American Space Travel — a meticulously told story of the American Space program from 1958 to 2011. At 29 minutes in length, it’s a conceptual mini album that reveals new details with each listen. The music is infused with French downtempo, 1990s post-rock and the experimental nature of mad men like Brian Eno and Steve Reich.
This song plays with the eagerness before an anticipated journey. An ambient texture and a disorienting rumble give way to a solid groove that lifts the song into an exciting, ever-changing new atmosphere. The voice sample, taken from NASA’s audio archives, introduces the seven astronauts that were selected for the very first American attempts of launching human beings into space.

El Tigre and Omega Kid

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Two cool upbeat dance tracks for your Saturday. A bit of guitar house from El Tigre and some proper techno from Omega Kid.

El Tigre offers Viva la Vida! which is every bit as perky and uplifting as the title implies. The tags reckon it’s techno. It ain’t; this is awesome Balearic influenced house, with a massive wash of acoustic guitar. Big fat smile time.


Omega Kid are from Italy and take us to a more serious place with Vektors. Dark bass and stentorian beats accompany some acid sounds. This eventually opens itself up with some hopeful synths but without releasing you from the essential darkness at the heart of this track. The track is taken from the album Vektors.

I was going to include a link to the album, but Omega Kid says “the track Vektors and the homonym album has ben acquired by Big Mamas Records and will be reissued on April 2017.”

When your friend does something stupid, and you’re like “why”

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US artist Chaii says “when your country elects an idiot and you’re like “y u do dis“.” Who am I to argue? Meanwhile, here’s Chaii’s track bruh why. Politics aside, this track works wonderfully well on its own. There’s a bit of Middle Eastern Swirl and a load of industrial style techno

Martin Mestres – Flotus

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Some awkward French downtempo techno sounds, with a whole bunch of blip, from Martin Mestres. The track, Flotus has an oddly compelling air and is part of the “Wandering mind’s tales” mini EP.

Whole EP