Autumn Thieves by Model Man

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Experimental piano alert. Model Man have worked with Squarepusher among others. Emergencies points are Nil Frahm, Four Tet and the like. And that makes sense. Autumn Thieves drifts along focused around a simple, thoughtful piano line. But at Tis hinterland there’s a whirling orbit of electronica. A mix of drums, whirs, clicks and wheezy whizzes. Nice.

Peet – Watermelon stories EP

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Hungarian slow, melodic techno released on South American label, Mater. Truly the sound of global dance. And right good it is too.

Do you have kids? If you do, did you like me mentally say Mater like in the Cars movie? No. Oh. Whatever. In that case let’s start with the third track on the EP. The Other Side Stand Of The Giant Marble is the key thing here. A dubbish electronica. A slomo techno tune full of rippling synths. Perfect for home listening. There’s also a remix of the track from Diego Tuñon & Jimmy Van M. This keeps that slomo feel but adds a harder, more danceable edge. The bass comes to the fore in a dark, slightly foreboding way.

Blurb: Mater and Xperimental are two distinctive new record labels/music platforms at the heart of an evolving creative concept headed by Diego Tuñón (the Grammy Award winning producer & keyboardist from Argentina’s Babasónicos, one of the Top 5 rock bands from Mexico down through Central and South America) and Jimmy Van M (renowned global DJ/Producer, electronic music craftsman & creator of the Sasha and John Digweed Delta Heavy Tour, with over 20 years experience).

Mater will launch with Peet’s Watermelon Stories EP (MTR001) which features powerful, melodic techno, alongside slo-mo experimental electronica with fantastic filmic qualities, and a mind-meltingly, delicious 111bpm remix. All tracks exhibit the boundless creative freedom at the heart of the Mater ethos.

Godlike [o.utlier’s Ambient Excursion] in PUZZLE

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Here’s some ambient dub weirdness from o.utlier in their remix of Puzzle’s Godlike. This is one of those awkward ambient remixes that isn’t meant for soothing but for anxiety. The sounds are both drone and dub. There’s some ethereal voices somewhere stage left. This is a lysergic, psychedelic trip. You know you want to join in.

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Written by – PUZZLE
Remix By – o.utlier
Blurb: Following the release of astounding debut single ‘Godlike’ at the end of last year Brazilian-born, London based collaborative artist and musician PUZZLE continues the journey with ‘Godlike’ (Remixed) on 5th February.

‘Godlike’ received high praise from blogs and mainstream press alike upon its release last November. Premiering on cult blog Groundsounds the track quickly gained avid attention online ranging from the likes of CLASH to Gigwise for its infectious dark pop melodies and emotive synths. Making Wonderland’s ‘Tracks Of The Week’ it nestled comfortably between Sia and David Bowie on their playlist.

Godlike’ (Remixes) expands the track’s original mission to decode reality and furthers the collaborative nature of the project with unique remixes from three hot producers/DJs: T3NBEARS, o.utlier and Midnight Riot.

Irish native o.utlier (Naïf, Soul People Music, Astral Industries) made his production debut on Efdemin’s Naïf imprint and delivered an impressive follow up EP on Fred P’s revered Soul People Music. He is a resident DJ at the Astral Industries night (sharing lineups with the likes of Mortiz Von Oswald and Abdulla Rashim) and a regular DJ at Dalston’s Dance Tunnel. Breaking away from the light and embracing the track’s original melancholia the o.utlier Club Dub Remix of ‘Godlike’ feeds from the tonality of the vocals to produce a darkly hypnotic 4/4 ambient mix.

HASHISH – Fly Away

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Here’s some more Balearic from Hashish, to follow yesterday’s Lovely Shallou track.

Where Shallou was ambient, Hashish’s Fly Away is more lounge crossed with St Etienne. The lounge is driven by a great thrumming bass and electronic whooshes to avoid it becoming overly retro. The vocal does touch some of St Etienne’s more sixties moments.

Blurb: Hashish is the perfect combination of retro baselines and kraut drums layered with an all over crisp lounge sound. Inspired by 60s and 70s psychedelic music Hashish has managed to create a sound that is both genre crossing, experimental and top modern.

After all the chill of the last few days, here’s some really groovy techno to wrap around your ears.

Even moar clean Kittehgaard

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Søren Kittehgaard says:
“It is not what happens to me that makes me great but it is what I do. Y’know, like fronting up to the vacuum cleaner and that.”

Balearic Heights from Shallou don’t disappoint.

Shallou is back with new track Heights. And it’s right gorgeous. Smoother than a pint of Boddies. More comforting than a cashmere duvet. More emotional than an England supporter dreaming of 50 years ago.

Some soft xylophone intros the track. Some lamenting oohs follow. Minor chords tug at the heart strings. A moment to contemplate and then onwards. Finding a way into the sunlit uplands. Beach bound beauty.

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Garry Todd – Anniversary Track (Extended 12″ Version)

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House music is all too easily seen as simply music for dancing. And with too much of today’s electro house, mindless music at that. But at its best it should do more. It should take you on a trip, take you to a difference state, a different place. Gary Todd’s Anniversary Track is a wondrous example of this. Nigh on thirteen minutes of blessed out altered states. A tune in which a second isn’t wasted. The normal two minute clip simply isn’t enough to understand how good this is, so it’s very generous of BPitch Control to provide a stream of the whole thing.

Anniversary Track is taken from Todd’s Time Goes On EP, which is out now. The tune is an extended version of an existing track. But this version is on a higher plane. It is unafraid to gradually develop its case to occupy your mind. The opening is deceptively unassuming but oh so gradually lifts your soul to a higher plane. There’s an almost early 90s Weatherall-esque feel to the grooving through repetition and gradual change. The slightly druggy, spun out feelings it engenders. Marvellous.

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Blurb: “Club music that makes you wanna dance” – Garry Todd’s description of his art is as simple as that. And he’s right: it doesn’t mess about, it goes straight for your motor controls, and it’s really making waves on the club scene. We could also add that it’s in the house domain, it doesn’t cater to any clichés, and it has a certain twist that points to a natural-born talent. But who is this Garry Todd? He has a label, called Contemporary Scarecrow. It serves as his platform for both music and fashion. As a teenager he danced to sets from Masters At Work. Six years ago, having caught the house and techno bug and feeling the longing for an endless summer, he began a nomadic existence between Australia, Ibiza and his home in the UK. Making notable strides down under, he became a central figure as a DJ, producer and promoter in the nascent club scene in and around Sydney. In his own productions he delicately and subtly explores the house genre. His recent debut album “Nora Lilian” is just bursting with unique ideas – prepared on the TR-909, a Roland Juno-60 synth and supported with vocals from a few friends.

“Time Goes On” marks the first EP release from the album. The title track dances around the enchantingly presented voice of Nat Page and uses stirring claps and a frenzied synth line to bring it to the clubs – the true destination of this magic number. With “Go Green” – a track not included on the album – the globetrotter serves up charming froggy basslines and rasping acid hi-hats that ultimately lead to an ethereal, beatless synth texture. The EP then gets a special ingredient – a whole side of the vinyl is allocated to one of the stand-out cuts from the album, “Anniversary Track”, which Garry Todd extends to 13 minutes of epic, psychedelic deepness, without leaving any of the suspense behind. “I am doing something I love, and that I am grateful for,” he says of his work. This gratitude and love can be felt in every beat, every chord, every melody. And he can be sure that it’s reciprocated – deeply and sincerely!

Boogie Matters – Kingpin EP

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After all the chill of the last few days, here’s some really groovy techno to wrap around your ears.

Lead track, Kingpin, is a great dark, twisting track, with a buzzing slightly distorted edge. Class. The Room is more house-sounding, a touch lighter. And yet it manages a deep warped bass. The EP closes with Are You Real? This is a warehouse track in a more 90s Chicago style. Not a bad track but suffering by contrast with the quality of the other two.

Blurb: Phonetic are proud to present the ‘Kingpin EP’ from Boogie Matters.
Three quality tracks that have had The team buzzing, here at Phonetic HQ. First up the quality Techno fuelled ‘Kingpin’. A sublime twisted, reverberating stomper.

‘The Room’ is a dark bass led groove, filled with eclectic warehouse sounding parts, perfect for your underground Dancefloors. Rounding the package off nicely is ‘Are You For Real’, another track that shows the quality of this act. The saying ‘Ones to watch’ is used far too often in our humble opinion…these guys are one of the exceptions.
Mass Digital’s mindset is simple: “Do what you love and make no compromises”.

The debut Boogie Matters EP ‘There’s A Rumour’ on Phonetic, was championed by the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Kiss FM, Radio 1, Roger Sanchez, Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Amin Edge & Dance and many more.


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