House Monday with Nite Mrkt – Carter #house #environment #electronic #techno

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Here’s a sombre start to your working week. A house track of environmental and societal anxiety from US artist Nite Mrkt who samples Jimmy Carter’s Crisis of Confidence speech (1979) on his techno house track Carter.  This owes something to artists like Bicep but is very much its own thing. The track largely rests on a slow bass of impending doom. This is overlaid by a touch of hopeful bobbling but the subtlty therein means the music message of disaster approaching is never quite dispelled. The addition of samples from Carter’s speech is a clever touch. Such a distinctive voice (albeit he isn’t the only voice on the track). A properly relevant track.

Blurb: Nite Mrkt is an ambient/house/electronic music producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Nite Mrkt evokes a range of emotions, creating soundscapes that conjure feelings of bliss, loneliness, and redemption. Some tracks are danceable, while others are meant for reflection. Nite Mrkt composes/produces all music via the Ableton Live DAW with his Akai Controller on his self-built computer. Nite Mrkt’s biggest influences are Tycho, Jamie XX, Boards of Canada, and Aphex Twin.


A sinister and evil cult. Ban Canned Juice – Summer Of ’89 (Original Mix) #acid #house

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Hard to credit that some 30 years after the birth of the appalling acid house and its evil effect on our kids that people are triyng to resurrect it. People like Canned Juice from God-fearing USA should know better. But here he is offering the Summer of ’89. This even has the temerity to include a quote from the time about a house party in South London. The synths rave on, acid burbles its psychedelic siren call. The beats march on oblivious to the forces of law and order.

Keep this evil tune away from our kids lest they be inculcated into repeatitive beats again. Don’t play this track in case you too feel the need to grab a glowstick, a bandana and some Vicks.

Downtempo Sunday: Little People – Ivory Apes (Instrumental)

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Little People are one of those downtempo artists that never seemed to make a big dent but who I’ve always enjoyed. Discogs has their first proper release in 2005 and there haven’t been many since. But I first came across them on a long defunct website when I bought their Instrumental Works EP in 2003. Time for a re-release? They mix hip hop and a sweet sadness into their sounds. It’s good to hear that new track Ivory Apes doesn’t depart from that template. The hip hop is a bit less than before but melancholy is much to the forefront. This tune isn’t going to cheer you up but will improve your day through the delicate quality of the track.

The track is taken from FUTURE ARCHIVE: VOLUME 1 _ Debut label compilation out now via Future Archive Recordings. Buy now.

Listen to the album on Spotify

Blurb: FUTURE ARCHIVE: VOLUME 1 is the first release in the Future Archive catalog and offers a taste of the great music due for release over the coming months. This compilation includes tracks by the label founders — @sunglitters, @littlepeoplemusic, @arms-and-sleepers, and @cnjrmusic — as well as Ninja Tune alumni @blockheadnyc and @yppah. Up-and-coming favorites like @plantrae, @volovibes, @romeinreverse, @aamarsound, and @marley-carroll are also featured alongside brand new projects @momslovenotme and @drabsounds. The album explores a range of subtleties, genres, and styles within electronic music, reflecting the diverse nature of artists supported by Future Archive. Welcome to the future, archived now.

Ambient Saturday: Someone Someone – Iceberg

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Some chilled ambient techno. And you can’t get colder than an iceberg. OK, I know you can but go with the attempted poetry, eh? Canada’s Someone Someone offers Iceberg‘s restrained charms. It’s one of those tracks that uses the space between the sounds to make its four minutes feel much longer. In a good way. Tones are hushed and held. The beats throb sub-aquatically. It’s all very Arctic and revels in vastness. Things move over long periods. Glacially, if you like. There’s a vocal but that is muffled an operating from beyond. A snow hushed ambient treat.

IDM Pairing: The World Next Door and Grün Glas #idm #electronic #ambient #techno

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IDM is an often maligned genre. But in its awkward heart can lie beautiful strangeness. And that’s what you get from The World Next Door and Grün Glas.

Canadians The World Next Door offer the ruminant charms of Goat Lore. Wheezy strings are accompanied by wood block beats in an almost folky refrain. This has bits of backwar sounds that sends the whole thing in a folktronica direction. It’s a lovely pastoral scene. The intensity and scope of the track is gradually wound up as the track progresses until the strings end in awkward, apologetic feedback. Properly hircine this.

Grün Glas is from a Berlin-based techno producer. The track is Void. It’s less a conventional techno track than a whirling, mesmerising IDM sound. There’s more than a bit of East meets West to it all. Slightly disorientating at times in the soft melody that leads and the distorted harshness that surrounds. Given this, it’s hardly surprising that the track is “Inspired by the compulsion some feel to throw themselves from great heights.” This is known as ‘high place phenomenon’ (I do think someone could have put a bit more effort into the nomenclature here but there you go). The strings are not the usual swelling violins but a more unusual ehru(?) and the beats have an edgy insistence. This is a complex swirl of sound and emotion. C’mon, dive in.

Ambient droning on with Aesprii – Space Travel Made Easy #ambient #drone #electronic

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Space travel isn’t easy. And it’s dangerous. If it was easy we’d have the moon base promised in Space1999. As JFK said in his historic 1961 speech “none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish.” But that’s not what Austria’s Aesprii thinks, with his track Space Travel Made Easy. This brief astral diversion (it’s less than three minutes), provides an epically ambient thrill ride. It glitters with moon dust and an unknown promise of adventure. It spends the first half of the track in preparation to launch before eventually lifting off in an explosion of drums and spiralling synths. It finally soars into the weightless beyond. And we are free of the Earth’s gravity. Perhaps, just perhaps, it really is that easy.

Acid synths with Rezzonator – Fatal Error #techno #acid #electronic

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When an artist lists influences such as Nine Inch Nail and Depeche Mode on the one hand and Orbital and Chemical Brothers on the other hand then we’re at a pivot pont. This could be good or this could be goth gloom. Nottingham, UK-based Rezzonator (Duncan Rose) lists all of these. Of course Fatal Error is good. But that’s because it isn’t really constrained by any of those influences. It has an early 90s acid sense but with a clear sense of synth drama. There’s a bit of early Hardfloor and early Orbital. Synths ripple in an acid-inflected way. The beats remain unobtrusive but present. Lovely sinuous sense of drama.