Multitaskin with: Ghost.vnx – Don’t know #chill #ambient #digital

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I can barely walk and talk sometimes. But Ghost.vnx, well, he takes multi-taking to another level. Osman M kargbo known professionally as Ghost.vnx, is a Hip hop/Grime/Afro swing/reggae music producer, song writer, fashion model, entrepreneur and investor. Born in Freetown Sierra Leone, based in the United Kingdom. Exhausting just reading that. The track featured here is Don’t Know. Has that high end digital jittery beats so redolent of teenagers on their phones bowling down the street. But damn this is good. Mixes in some xylophne piano to get some chilled menace. A surly attitude and flashes of brilliance.

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Premiere: VAEJA – As Far As We Go #chill #ambient @vaejamusic

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Here’s a premiere for AcidTed from VAEJA (Luke Steele and Elijah Gunderson) based in Utah, USA. Their debut After Everything EP is out on 28 August but ahead of that a premiere of a non-EP track, As Far As We Go. This is an ethereal mix of electronics, found sound and a bit of clattering dread. A chiming guitar provides the leading melody to offset the clattery beats. And just a touch of tummy rumbling bass. There’s bits of organic real world sounds filtering in and out. The whole thing is all chilled dreamscape. They say of the track,  “The bulk of this song came from a demo made on a train commuting to work. The name for this song came from the intercom on the train saying, “This is the last stop. As far as we go.” Give your commute a fillip with this lovely track, which lasts barely longer than the average time between Tube stops. Just lovely.

No token tokin with: Quality Weed E​.​P. by BBC | Bovell, Brown & Cobby #dub #chill

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That nice Mr Cobby returns with a couple of friends on Quality Weed EP. The EP is credited to BBC who are Dennis Bovell (Matumbi, Blackbeard), Jimmy Brown (UB40) and Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia, Solid Doctor). No mistaking what they’re tokin on this dubalicious EP. Deep, deep vocals on the smokers delight original and a focus on the chilled reggae dub of the instrumental. Also available as a remix with a more sprightly sense. Available on a 7″ from September but order now to avoid disappointment.

Now that the rain has gone with: three9four – Melancholy Skies #chill #downtempo #NewMusic

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It rained all day yesterday. Like it was autumn or something. C’mon this is my holiday. And today, blue skies. Let’s keep it that way, eh? To celebrate, here’s three9four with Melancholy Skies. Bit of a misnomer if you ask me. three9four is from the USA but offers no other personal information. And for the delightful downtempo track, simply, “The interplay of the single acoustic guitar and the violins evoke introspective emotions.” Far be it for me to disagree with the creator but this is much more cheering than that. The acoustic guitars tug at the heartstrngs and offer uplifting pleasure. The strings are emotional but more like tears of joy. Pitter patter beats go about their business. Nowt melancholy here. We is happy.

This charming tune: Taylan Çıtak – Kleam #chill #minimal #house #ProgressiveHouse #electronic

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Can a track be charming? Dunno. But that was the word that leaped, unbidden, into my mind for this track. A new release from Taylan Çıtak. Coming from Ankara, Turkey he offers Kleam.

Kleam is a bit of a genre nightmare. It’s somewhere between downtempo, minimal and progressive house. It’s the low key progressive house that gives it a gentle charm. A shy smile of a tune but with ambition. Of himself, he says, “I’m amateur” which doesn’t come across in this accomplished track. The tune comes with the legend “I don’t like what I’m becoming” which could relate to a sense of self awareness, rather than self-aggrandisement. Hello UK and US administrations. There’s a lovely contrast between almost orchestral majesty and homely xylophone that keeps the track perfectly balanced. Like I said, just charming.

Summer downtempo drizzle with: edapollo – Make a Move #downtempo #chill #electronic

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Ah, the joys of the English summer. Last year was hot. Too hot. This year? Not so much. Instead of a tune for long summer days, here’s a tune for soft summer drizzle. A spot of warmth from Bristol-based edapollo (Ed Bidgood) in the waves of fine rain. The stuff that doesn’t feel much at first. But after a while seeps into everywhere and you never quite feel dry. Even indoors. Make a Move is the thing to dry out clothes and warm your soul. Taken from edapollo’s debut album Endless Cascades out on 29 August. A beautiful sunny construct. Even my normal anti-vocals prejudices cannot withstand its charms. Bits of guitar glitter brightly. Vocals add that element of soul. Electronics bring clattering soft beats and a bit of bobbling wizardry. What a lovely track.



In the ambient darkness with: Sumatran Black – The Mission #ambient #DarkAmbient #drone #electronic

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Out in the darkness is fear. Always watching, always waiting. No matter how far you go, it’s always there. Give form to the fear with Sumatran Black. A dark, ambient artist from Istanbul, Turkey. That’s what you get with the dank drone of The Mission. An electronic chill that seeps into your bones. A ten minute exercise in the futility of existence. Leaving, never to return. Tones last for all eternity. This is brilliantly depressing.


From the Elegy For A Lost Cosmonaut EP