BEFOAWHLE – Never Quit

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You never stop nagging me. Always going on. Cajoling. Agging. Harass. Badger. Chivvy. Carp. Upbraid. Berate. What a termagant. You Never Quit.

All too much. Here’s Befoawhle (whatever that’s supposed to mean) with the lovely Never Quit. Befoawhle is a 16 year old Producer/DJ from India. Never Quit is a modern lullaby. A wordless paean to the joy of sleep and that almost drunk feeling of the sleep deprived. A wash of hissing waves, spaced whooshes and a picked out synth line that tickles the pleasure centres. Back to bed for me.

Phonic Scoupe – Harvest Dance (Hernan & Graziano Remix)

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Hello and welcome back to Phonic Scoupe after a gap of two years. The Lithuanian duo are back with Harvest Dance in a form remixed by Hernan Cattaneo and Rafa Graztiano.

Phonic Scoupe never supply the expected. Their stuff is inventive and engaging. The original of this track is a year old but is a fine piece of melodic techno but without ever managing complacency. So, to the remix. Hernan is one of those names that’s been around for a while but never made an impression on me. This collaboration with Graziano takes a lot of the melodic edge off the track, leaving it a bit more naked, a lot more percussive but every bit as inventive. I guess this is a progressive tune but that denies the tech edge it has. Proper.

Harvest Dance (Original)


Chris Fortier’s FADE Records continues to reveal a dynamic series of releases to fire up the world’s dancefloors in 2017, with this superb remix from Hernan Cattaneo & Graziano Raffa. Phonic Scoupe, are a rising melodic techno DJ/Producer duo from Lithuania, and their FADE debut ‘Harvest Dance’ originally appeared as part of the 3-track ‘Baltics EP’ (FD135) back in May 2015.

This choice original cut was heavily supported by Hernan, who played it throughout WMC 2015 and beyond. Now, two years on Hernan has joined forces with his Sudbeat label sidekick, Graziano Raffa to create a fresh interpretation that is set to fly. Based around a highly hypnotic percussive groove, the masterful music makers weave an enthralling spell with an arrangement that builds to perfection before exploding into a magnificent, irresistible funked-up finale.

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Life Coach Kitteh says spread happiness

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Life Coach Kitteh says:
Spread happiness by giving people ‘positive strokes’. A compliment about their nice hair perhaps. Or congratulating them on a funny sentence. And at the end of an exhausting day of positive stroking, reward yourself by getting your tiny tongue out and giving yourself a lovely lick.”

With only their third release in four years, dPole Records return with Dorfmarke and the Deep Fat Phased EP. A deep house EP but with an uncommon astringency to tickle your tastebuds. There’s the original and a trio of remixes here.

The original track is a pretty electronic offering with a chunky groove. This is followed my a more relaxed, lush dub mix. Everything’s that bit softer and chilled. Lovely tune.

The Jonny Miller returns to a more electronic sound but with a sense of electronic lounge funk to jerk around to. Patty Kay offers a house reinterpretation that vies with the Dub mix as the pick of the quartet.

Dub mix

Whole EP

TESSUB – Cloud Chambers

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More techno this morning from TESSUB. But with a more measured, IDM air. Cloud Chambers is a thoughtful piece that sees no sense in hurrying along. Our time is short but not so short we should not stop to stare. Hardly a surprise that TESSUB is from Montana then.

Despite the wide open spaces of the track, a cloud chamber, also known as the Wilson chamber, is a particle detector used for detecting ionizing radiation. But ignore that. Pretend it’s about fluffy clouds, scudding across the leaden sky. The IDM awkwardness has elements of The Black Dog or other of the early 90s IDM groups. Really rather impressive. There’s an album of this stuff from TESSUB and I’ve included a link below.

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Coldcut x On-U Sound – ‘Divide and Rule feat. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Junior Reid and Elan

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Hard to know what to say about this one. There’s inventiveness from Coldcut, dub from On-U Sound and the lyrical contributions from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Junior Reid do what’s expected.

’Divide & Rule’ Out Now –
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Taken from ’Outside The Echo Chamber’ released 19th May via Ahead Of Our Time.

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Friday’s up for it with DéRidge, Masaru Uchida and Klondique

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A Friday threesome devoted to techno in its various forms with DéRidge, Masaru Uchida and Klondique.

DéRidge offers “somewhere in the darkness of your soul” with its track The Darkness. This is pitch black techno, offering no compromises but equally not a battering. There’s a subtlety at work here. Beats and black but the synths offer contrasts of very, very dark grey. A track for Batman’s next movie. This swoops through the city at night. It sees everything. There is no escape requested nor offered.

Let’s lighten things up a touch with Masaru Uchida’s Besonders (special). This has a more cyber techno take on things, with a dash of tech house for good measure. Although less dark than The Darkness, it is in its own way a more frantic, adrenalin rush of a tune, with the beats and synths tumbling over themselves. Besonders is German for “especially” and this is especially good techno.

Finally, Klondique provides the more Detroit flavoured Escape. Again a dash of tech house in the tune from this Italian duo. But also a sense of fluid rhythm and melody that carries this tune forward. Minty fresh this one.

Dream by Torin Bell

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Torin Bell returns with Dream, a track of unhurried beauty. An almost neo-classical ambient track but without anything obviously organic sounding. This is machine noise as soft tinkling lullaby. Beats in time with your slowing heart beat. Stop and wonder at everything this world has to offer.