Techno triple wiith: Simon De Beer, Widerberg, and Expectaz #Techno #MelodicTechno

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It’s a public holiday here. But that doesn’t mean that much in lockdown and when I’m working anyway. Nonetheless, I thought it not right for it to pass without tunes in which to lose your cares in and to soundtrack your bedroom disco. The tracks come from Simon De Beer, Widerberg and Expectaz.

Simon De Beer is from South Africa and offers desert techno. The track is the un-desert like Comet. This is a spacey sort of techno with a widescreen vision of the world. There are what sound almost like tablas going on in the background and wordless ahhs punctuate the track. This is about build and suspense from a far off alien bass. Doesn’t really have conventional peaks as such but sort of grows as it moves. Lovely.

Next, the return after the best part of two years of Turkey’s Widerberg with Vera. An oddly plain name for an exotic track released as part of the Elementary, Pt.1 compilation. The track is led by some light, gently pumping, synths and given depth through a slow squelchy bass line. The beats are there but generally kept towards the background. THis track leads you inexorably towards a peak but doesn’t feel the need to drown you in it. This is all about celebration and lightness of touch. Delightful.

Finally, Expectaz from the Netherlands. There’s no mucking about with Second To Twelve. This is proper techno that dominates from the start. It opens with a throbbing bass to let you know who’s in charge. Synths do eventually arrive to give it a lighter presence but by then you’re hooked and staying for the five minute duration. In the end the track is nowhere near as hard as the opening implies. It’s a lovely melodic techno journey of the mind. It has a verve and pace that’s to be admired.

Space techno from: Egosapio – Matière #Techno #Synth

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Let’s go space techno with Egosapio.

Originally from the Altay Mountains, Russia, Egosapio lives and produces his music in Paris. He has a rock and metal background, and turned to producing electronic music after having worked as a language teacher and a lawyer. It’s the metal background that’s to the fore here.

The track Matiere has a low slung bass dynamic that drives the track. A bit of a space rock god feel going on. The track isn’t all about doom and gloom. It does break out into cheerier synths with a bit of a futuristic spin. It’s one of those techno tracks that doesn’t feel the need to speed along. The slow 3/4 progression gives it a hypnotic feel. Egosapio says, “Most of the sounds used in the track are rather unorthodox for the genre, and its multi-layered complexity can bring out elements that you may have missed on the first listen.” For the full bass ridden effect go for the longer version on Spotify.



Hypnostar – Time Trip#CHill #IDM

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The day is grey but lets flood it with colour through Time Trip from India’s Hypnostar. The track is taken from the album Broken Art. It’s a gently chiming track with broken beats and a gently throbbing sense of suffusion. The synths and piano line magisterially unfold themselves while the beats skirt around edgily to pay hommage. It’s about a sense of wonder and space. All terribly dreamy and unthreatening. And these days perhaps that’s what we all need or can expect.

Instrumental hip hop with: wisemind, Buda Bap Beats and Red The Chef #HipHop #Instrumental #Chill

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A triple bill of instrumental hip hop for days spent alone from wisemind, Buda Bap Beats, and Red The Chef.

Wisemind is Matt Snyder from Los Angeles, USA and offers Perception. This is the title track from the album Your Perception Is Your Reality.

This is hip hop as chill and more than a little ambient. There’s nothing brash here. It’s all very childlike and introverted. This is hip hop sitting on the floor in a corner. The refrains go over and over in your mind like the regret of something you have done. He offers, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” from Henry David Thoreau. Beats crash in and out like the beat of your heavy heart. Little bits of guitar tug at your conscience. AnOzark harp asks for forgiveness. It’s all so beautifully childlike and delicate.

Australia’s Buda Bap Beats returns with a jolt of positivity on Dedication. This is a bit of almost sixties guitar infused hip hop. It’s got swing, sass and some brass (neck). He says this is about, “Be healthy in these crazy times!!” If you insist on working out then this is for you. But if you want to sit with sun on your face (in your own space and not a public place) then this is also for you. It’s the way you want the world to be, rather than how it is. Dream on.

Thirdly, Red The Chef, a lo-fi hip hop producer from New England. We have his first single on Soundplate Records, Lush ahead of the Here and There EP, out on 1 May. Lush is a wonderfully chilled track. It has hazy melodies over crisp drums. There’s an almost sax sense of sunlight and summer. It may only be a two minute track but it fills every second with warm sounds. This sounds great with an early evening drink of your choice. Don’t be afraid of a glass with umbrellas.

Deep house with: KLANGPLANET – Goa #DeepHouse #WorldMusic #Electronic

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Germany’s KLANGPLANET returns with something quite summery on Goa.

It’s a tabla and sitar infused deep house groove. It’s dance floor enabled but probably works best on a beach at sunset. Otherwise, look out of your self-isolated window at sunset. Whether or not the sun is visible wherever you are you can imagine – what KLANGPLANET calls ‘mind travelling’. Bet it sounds better in German. You will see the last rays of orange and yellow light as the vocals come into hearing. It eventually all goes a bit trance for that full on psychedelic tie-dye experience. Dogs on a string available for an extra fee.

At only three minutes this track needs an extended mix.

Ambient Sunday: Spices Peculiar – Caterina’s Taxi Ride #Ambient #Experimental

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Welcome to Ambient Sunday. Today we have percussive strangeness from Spices Peculiar (Dante Villagomez) from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

The track is Caterina’s Taxi Ride. Taxi’s in London, especially black cabs, are notoriously the domain of Essex-based right wingers with firm opinions on Brexit and migrants. But by contrast Caterina’s Taxi Ride, “reflects the emotions of a simple taxi ride in Florence driven by a modern day saint; a call to move forward with change.”

Spices Peculiar is an improvisational looping project which uses guitar, synth and percussion. And there’s a bit of all of that here with some wheezy melodica. The percussion shuffles along at the heard of the track with bubbling electronics. That gives the track a liquid foundation against which odd found sound and gentle electronics sit alongside. Less a taxi ride and more a sense of being swept along a bit out of place. And yet somehow a warming reassuring track. Lovely awkwardness.

Taken from the So Called Brothers LP

Shimmery synths from Wunderfish, and Sasemoi #Synth #Sythwave #Techno #NewMusic

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Shimmery synths are the name of this morning’s game from Wunderfish and Sasemoi.

Wunderfish retuns to these parts after two years wiith a new album, Magenta. He’s an electronic music artist based in Honolulu, Hawaii. His style is dark, cinematic, and mostly falls in the mid- and downtempo range. The album is a 10 track continuous mix type of affair. It’s all good but let’s extract one to highlight. The featured track is Decades. It opens with bobbling music boxes and warped voices before settling down into an electric lullaby full of strings and soothing. That all sounds so simple but this is quite brilliantly executed as the depth of the beats mean you can never quite drift off. There are bits of eighties JMJ here mixed with older Kraftwerk and even Cerrone. And when you think you’ve properly got the measure of the track it sneaks off into an acid affair behind your back.



Next, Sasemoi. This is the anglicised spelling of the French Ça, C’est Moi (‘that’s me’) and the production name for Reinald Van Praet. That playfulness extends to the music which is beautiful IDM techno but which doesn’t require a beard and tie-dyed tofu in order to listen. The EP is, perhaps inevitably, called Ça, C’est Moi. The featured track is opener Allowing Sadness. It is utterly brilliant. Opening with sharp synthetic strings and a slow bobble of beats this sets claim to a huge open landscape. But it doesn’t need to immediately fill it. Sound is treated gently and allowed to arrive at its own pace. There’s a buzzing bass that wanders about. The mood is almost one of things suspended the moment before they fall. It’s techno as IDM as ambient as drone.