Day glo Monday: Jay Bird x Sinoox and Befoawhle

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If your Monday is feeling a bit monochrome, here’s a couple of day glo tunes to brighten your day from Jay Bird and Befoawhle.

Jay Bird First. A tune with Sinoox, Dream Catcher is full of hopeful synths and what he calls a progressive techno sound. The music gradually builds up to a cheery peak, taking some of EDMs styling but without ever quite tipping over the edge. A total Sunny Delight of a tune.

Free Download:

Befoawhle offers Still Friends. Takes a similar tack with synths leading up to a peak that has a slightly harder edge than Jay Bird’s one. That edge may come from the duality in the title, which has an ominous ambiguity. That’s confirmed by Befoawhle who says “I made this song for all of my friends. Many of my friends betrayed me. But I don’t regret of being friends with them.”

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Banco de Gaia – The Princess and the Sky Goat #ambientdub

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Banco de Gaia is always welcome round these parts. Twenty something years after he started Toby Marks still has a tight rein on quality control. And in The Princess and the Sky Goat we have a title that’s very BdG, a bit mysterious and a little bit mythical. The sound is very BdG as well, lots of ambient dub going on here and plenty of forest sounds. And given there’s not a lot of it about these days, that’s equally welcome. The original is one of those tunes that slowly spirals out as all good ambient dub should. The clips here rather curb the full effect. Comes with a pair of remixes from ornah mental, who ramp up the dub, and aqueous arts who take things more firmly into ‘lost’ ambient territory.

Original mix

Original and remixes (clips)


For the fourth and final single from Banco de Gaia’s ‘The 9th of Nine Hearts’ album, @bancodegaia has chosen a track that exemplifies what some would describe as the archetypal Banco sound: ‘The Princess and the Sky Goat’ is proper ambient dub, featuring a rolling bassline courtesy of James Eller (The The) and lush saxophone from Dick Parry (Pink Floyd).

The remixes are in a similar vein, with @ornah-mental providing a dubby worldbeat rerub and @aqueousarts a spacious ambient overhaul.

Triple Sunday Surprise from Dave Bowman #acid #techno #ambient

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A trio of tunes from acid techno artist Dave Bowman that don’t quite do what you’d expect. Sounds range from dub acid to ambient.

No acid at all in How Much You Love Me. This is a good time 90s-influenced house tune. Big and sparkling and aimed squarely at summer terraces where you can tell all and sundry how much you love them and feel at one.


Music (Deep Remix) is an even bigger surprise. A vocal-driven dubbed tune with massive washes of piano. Just when you think you have it sussed it veers off the piano and the acid squiggles come in to take it into harder, darker territory.


Eventually, there has to be a comedown. For those teary ones might I suggest the romantically over-dramatic ambient of Fallin.




More about mental health from Chusap and NYIKO

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Mental health seems to be a favoured cause these day. Hey, even the Royals are at it. And that’s a good thing – goodness knows the death of my son tested mine. Which makes Chusap calling his (?) track Nutter disappointing. It’s made all the more disappointing as it’s a really cool and slinky techno tune accompanied by a spoken vocal about the mental health hotline that still made me laugh – “If you have low self esteem it doesn’t matter which button you press, we don’t care.” .

It concludes “Any callers who are of a sound mind must hang up now.” But you should carry on listening.

If you weren’t amused, here’s some gentle deep house to wash things away from NYIKO. You Know I Loved It (Sasquatch Remix) is almost not a house tune with the vocal chanting and the bits of what sounds akin to banjo. It has an inventiveness that too many deep house tunes don’t achieve.


BlueFish – Desvío (Detour)

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BlueFish appeared here a few months back and has now returned with Desvío (Detour). A rather simple sounding electronic tune I have to say I didn’t rate this greatly on first listen. But after a couple of spins it’s really grown on me. The seeming simplicity hides hidden depths and a definite cheeriness, which is most welcome.

BlueFish says “It is a good song to chill out, relax, and be happy. So go smoke a bowl, drink a beer, meditate or whatever it is you do and give a listen.” And who am I to argue?

Thursday is going dark with Orange Drink and HDMX #drone #techno

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Two sides of darkness from Orange Drink and HDMX in drone and techno.

Orange Drink offers the suitably entitled Sinister. This rolls ever so slowly into view, gradually building the dark tension. It’s accompanied by an explanation which says “I heard a noise outside. It was way too late for anyone to be walking around. I looked out the window into the pitch black and saw a blinding light. It took me a second to fully register what I was looking at. A car was on fire. The car was parked in between two other cars. Those cars did not have a scratch on them. This was done intentionally.” Guitars gradually chime but the emotional flatness remains. Even distorted subsonics can’t shift it.

HDMX’s Signal From The Sun (the White Shadow Remix) sounds almost perky after that. But it isn’t really. It’s a big techno tune flaunting an elastic bass and a crush of beats.  The air of tension runs through this as if through a stick of rock. Enjoy your day.

2Beeps – Little Lights EP

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I rather miss Lemon Jelly’s whimsy and Boards of Canada’s ambient strangeness. 2Beeps have come to fill that void.

Opening track, Something Special marries whirling, offbeat electronics to a childlike melody. But this is no childish track, it’s a thrilling, joyous ride.

Of the EP, 2beeps says “This EP takes its name from the title track “Little Lights”, which I originally released years ago. The tracks are very similar, all sharing dreamy melodies married to downtempo beats and melodic bass.” The track Little Lights is not as uncomplicatedly thrilling as Something Special but caries that warped electronic sense of childlike ambient through to a more disorientating place.

The Small Things is a bit of a surprise, dropping as it does that offbeat whimsy in favour of a decent electronic track which sounds almost out of place on the EP. Closer Curl into a ball restores the weirdness quotient and steps back up the sense of wondrous euphoria and plinky plonky electronics. Fabulous.

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