Th/s /s sh/t – Zero.3 #house #chill

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Th/s /s sh/t is not a Sunday name but Zero.3 is a Sunday tune. A chill house tune but with way more intricacy than that description might imply. A superb piece of electronica. Machine beats and scuzzy bass bring you down whilst optimistic synths try to bring you up. Perfect tension.


The Wonderlust – Playground EP #downtempo #postrock #chill

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This isn’t out for the best part of a month but consider this a heads up. The Playground EP from The Wonderlust wanders across electronic chill but with some soft rock pretentions and even a bit of indie dance. An aromatic stew for you?

The mix of influences and styles is an intoxicating one, so let’s start with the final track. That seems fitting. Makes You Wonder is a cinematic electronic chill moment. A big splurge of guitar set within little lost electronics. This track has its mouth slackly open at the world. Like the sample says “Markes you wonder what the world’s coming to?” Besutiful.

Third on the EP is Scheherezade, the narrator of the Arabian Nights. No obvious Middle Eastern influences here and a touch too much Knopfler on the guitar in this one. Second, Terminator. This couldn’t terminate a milky coffee, so mellow is it. A total misnomer but a lovely chilled tune instead. Filled with cinematic longing and unrequited emotion. The opener is Parachute which is more of a rush than the other three. A harder, more beats driven experience. Still plenty of guitar but even some wah wah. This is back in the city, feeling edgy. One and four are teh picks here.

Makes You Wonder

Playground EP:


Ivan Shopov & Monolog – Veracity EP #ambient #techno #dubstep

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Here’s a really good EP presented in a rather annoying form. I really don’t like it when labels weld EP clips together in a single stream. Makes it hard to appreciate the tracks. But Ivan Shopov & Monolog’s Veracity EP rises above that. It’s an EP of treacle tones, with industrial ambient, techno and dubstep making varied appearances. But everything is bent to breaking point. The overall effect is wonderful darkest glacial ambient and perhaps that’s why the odd neo-Satanist cover art.

Blurb: Continuing their work from the Excursion EP (also released on subtrakt), the pair reaches new levels of saturating their masterly compositions with emotion, thought and always with musical pointers towards context of the art. Be it snowfall in the Balkan mountains, a berlin Riot, softly flowing streams on a calm Danish summer day it is all documented by the 2 as Field recordings. Then translated into composition using packed studios, modular rigs and the years of knowhow that put the artists on their pinnacles of channeling expressions, impressions and conveying emotions. Veracity is an expression for honesty and the bravery it requires to strip a composition of bells and whistles and let the initial inspiration stand naked there for a listener to explore.

IERRP – Tension #techno #electronic

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France’s IERRP returns with another scorching piece of techno in Tension. Bordeaux may be better know for wine than electronic music but this is vintage techno. There’s a bit of Detroit, some Chicago, some darkness, some Berliin glamour cool. And tension. Lots of it. A breathless race through city streets. Sleeker than a record chasing rocket car. Someone sign this track up.

Attaque – OVER NOT YET

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Attaque is back. And on form. Over Not Yet may be gramatically challenged but this is a superb tune. Starts all soft and lush with throbbing Rhodes before breaking out the harp strings. Just when you’re settling down to have a little daydream it unleashes some breakbeats. This gives the tune a real punch and sense of focus. Wonderfully inventive. A total pleasure.

Blurb: After extensive touring in 2014, Gentry built a new recording studio at a farm on the Essex-Suffolk border, producing for artists including Belgian techno maven Charlotte De Witte. But dissatisfied with the direction of his own material, in 2016 he set off around South East Asia with portable recording equipment. The inspiration came flooding out, and, now signed to Amplify Recordings, his new record Projection represents a bold new path for the producer. Further developing the dance side of Attaque’s personality, the first of four new singles, the instrumental ‘Over Not Yet’ beckons us in with warm synth chords, gentle vocals and melancholy harp, before erupting into a rolling breakbeat, android bass and a hypnotic gated riff.

Happy happy joy joy from Kevin Joyce and Kameon #house #electronic

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A couple of tunes that are in love with life from Kevin Joyce and Kameon.

Verbatim is Kevin Joyce’s offering. The track is taken from his Chin Wag EP. It’s lo fi synth house with a bit of an indie attitude. It dad dances but it doesn’t care. Cast off your woes and throw some awkward shapes to this liberated house tune.

Kameon offers Patatia. I’ve no idea if the word means anything as I can’t get it to translate. But it’s a funky tropical house sounding tune. Loads of tom toms and a smattering of disco influences. Sunny house but avoiding lazy cliches. This is simply lovely.

You can take away my Freedom & Soul but you can’t take my Coffee #electronic #downtempo #house

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“You can take away my Freedom & Soul but you can’t take my Coffee.” Perhaps a mission statement for this blog? In reality, tracks from Karl G and Tocaio.

Karl G first with Freedom & Soul. This is one of those electronic uplifting tunes that has a wonderfully liquid quality. A bit like Orbital’s Beached this is reaching for nirvana and paradise. The electronics soar and yearn and there’s more than a hint of trance. But on a sunlit Spring day and the promise of renewal around the corner, just perfect.

Next Tocaio from Los Angeles and Coffee. A track title pretty much guaranteed to make me post. Not the caffeine infused jittery track you might expect. This is the soothing feel of the first cup of the day. The track is full of ripples on the surface of the meniscus. Synths rise like wraiths of steam. And the guitar simply adds extra richness to the brew.