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Liquid Drum and Bass from the UK with: Thermionic – Liquid Youth #Chill #DrumAndBass #DnB #Electronic

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Liquid drum and bass is probably my preferred DnB style. I love its uplifting nature and Thermionic delivers that in spades on Liquid Youth.

Thermionic is James Muir, a Scottish Electronic artist from Peebles (a small town near the border with England). James’ musical venture was he says “Inspired by the tranquil setting of the Scottish borders” and started in late 2020. He admits that he was “Originally influenced by prog rock and metal acts” but that he has “recently discovered the creative freedom which is held within the world of electronic music.” His current work is harking back to 90s artists such as Aphex Twin and Orbital (see also track below).

Liquid Youth is a terrifically upbeat track. It offers soulful cheering keyboards and the beats come to carry you away. There’s a bit of a leftfield House vibe about the way the keyboards swirl around and the dynamics have a touch of Orbital about them.

In a properly liquid DnB manner, the beats aren’t too heavy and skip around happily. It’s all terribly positive. Even the sections when the beats fade or drop out completely can’t help hugging themselves with an uninhibited glee that’s simply infectious.

As for inspiration, Thermionic says “This song was inspired by the 90s liquid DnB sound. I tried to capture the spirit of youth while focusing on the sense of freedom that comes with being young.” If you’re young enjoy the sound of your days, if you’re not enjoy the fleeting recapture of those times.

Liquid Youth is taken from the album Universal Dogma

Here’s a liquid drum and bass remix of Orbital’s classic Halcyon.

If mortgage renewals are the new box sets you need: THE WONDERFUL WORLD – please keep that smile on your face #House #OrganicHouse

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Woodland violet

I saw something saying that mortgage renewals are the new Netflix boxset conversations in the UK among thirtysomethings. If that’s your worry, or even the more serious energy prices issues, have a lift from THE WONDERFUL WORLD.

THE WONDERFUL WORLD is Wojciech Michalak from Poland. He says he’s influenced by dj poolboi and his lofi House tracks. He’s produced a House track of his own in please keep that smile on your face.

please keep that smile on your face is probably more organic House than lofi House. It’s built around a bubbling synth line and deeply emotional strings. This is a wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve kind of tune. To that base sounfd is added is the stately parp of a lead synth that allows an interplay of emotional drama between the urgency of the bubbling synths and the more melancholic and reticent lead.

The smile may be wan but the heart can’t fail to be lifted.

Wash in the calming pools of: Saib – Unwind #Chill #HipHop #Electronic #Downtempo @saib_beats

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A cooling, calming balm of a track to start the week from Saib.

Saib is a beat-maker and guitarist from Casablanca, now based in Berlin. His work mixes what one might lazily call world music with hip hop, jazz, and lounge music.

Here’s the title track from his latest album Unwind. It’s a blend of all of his influences. There’s a delicious guitar line drawing on jazz that provides the centre and heart of this track. Shuffly beats provide the backdrop with tinkling electronics providing all manner of twinkly stardust.

The mood is relaxed in a lounge sort of atmosphere. This is a rich and heady concoction. Flutes come in to trill to the skies. It all drifts upwards on warm clouds.

A track of soothing eternal summer.

Get it on vinyl here

Ambient Sunday is for melancholic sweethearts: A Man Who Works Alone, and SensiKid #Chill #HipHop #Ambient #StudyBeats

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A couple of gentle tracks for Ambient Sunday, both of which are more on the study beats side of life but with a dreamy emotional air from A Man Who Works ALone, and SensiKid.

A Man Who Works Alone is perhaps from Thailand but offers precious little about themselves other than “Self-taught music producer. Produce mostly hip-hop beats, but there are also pop songs with my vocal.” So let’s focus on the music.

Here’s Melancholy. It’s every bit as gently aching as the title. There’s an opening electric keyboard that slowly picks its way before strings get added for extra sadness and drame. The beats are lofi but not too trebly giving the track extra emotional heft. For something that’s pitched as a background beat, this is simply too good to ignore.

Wallow in chilled sadness.

SensiKid is another one that’s offering up very little about themselves. Perhaps from the USA (the sound is a bit West Coast), the only thing offered by the artist is “Sometimes I’m sad.”

Here’s new single SweetHeart on Maltese label AISO Records. It’s a delicate little flower filled with the fading sadness of the late summer blooms. Downbeat chords open the piece with lofi beats pushed largely into the background. The melody has an innate sadness to it.

The track is kept short but manages to move you nonetheless. The central melody hook drifts throughout the track and carries you along on that wave of sweet aching emotion. Cowbells tinkle away but the keyboards roll on.

For lovers everywhere as a reminder to appreciate what you have or to soothe the pain of the loss

Inhale the beats with: Ceecide x FLOUYSH – BREATH OF FRESH AIR #Electronica #DrumAndBass #NewMusic #Bandcamp @ceecide_

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A weekend in which to catch your breath. Appropriate therefore to cop an earful of BREATH OF FRESH AIR from ceecide x FLOURYSH.

Ceecide (Jonathon) is from Weslaco, Texas. As for FLOURYSH, no idea.

BREATH OF FRESH AIR opens with running water and birdsong. It’s all terribly pastoral and accompanied by sawing strings and piano. But then as if man has arrived some stomping drum and bass hoves into view to bring the mechanical and the nature taming elements.

The track delivers a brilliant tension between the aggression of the beats and the delicacy of nature and the neo-classical string elements. A little bit like Hybrid in parts but mostly all its own thing.

Ceecide explains that “this song spawned after imagining what it would sound like if I composed to soundtrack for the new Sonic Frontiers game. The idea was simple: combine the 90’s Drum n Bass sound with an ambient, orchestral sound present in Breath Of The Wild.”

Rough with the smooth. A place to breathe. A place to stop. That’s BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

Well, you look good with: Mick Jeets – Ed #Downtempo #Electronica #House #LoFiHouse @MickJeets

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Hillsborough Castle, Northern Ireland

Only a four day working week here in the UK following the funeral on Monday. But it still feels as though it’s packed a full five days into four. If that’s how you feel you might want to cop a listen to the dreamy positivity of Mick Jeets’ track Ed.

Mick Jeets is from Denver Colorado. His biog says that he “has found his niche breaking boundaries and burning the bridges of dance music conventions, carving a space between techno, jungle, bass and disco.”

But none of those genres are really on Ed. It’s more of a downtempo lofi electronica piece. It uses a sample that says “Well, you look good” which is a nice pick me up at the end of the week. Wonky keyboards trample around across seven minutes.

There are lofi house beats but nothing too punishing to the ear. Allows the keyboards and the electronic trickery to occupy the centre ground. It restlessly changes pace through the track as different elements come and go, ebb and flow. Things ripple and that allows the track to flow all the way through leaving you in a better place. Enjoy.

The track is taken from the compilation album In Memory of Dan “schmultz” McHugh

The album comes with: “Earlier this year, I lost a friend, fellow artist and student of mine named Dan McHugh aka schmultz. He had been fighting cancer and tragically took an unexpected turn for the worse.

Dan was one of the most positive and encouraging people I’ve ever worked with. I can’t put into words how much he meant to all of us. Dan radiated a warmth and joy that was truly infectious and we all fell in love with him. He gave so many of his classmates confidence in their music through his love and support. Dan’s artistic”

303 and 909 are here to get you: ProOne79 – Nasty Mo #Techno #Acid #Raw

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No time for sophistication here. Let’s give it some raw acid techno from ProOne79.

ProOne79 is Gioele Cantoni from Sardinia, Italy who “loves acid music and old school flavoured house and techno.” Acid techno is a variant derived from acid house and developed in Europe in the late 1980s to early 1990s. It applied the “squelching” synthesizer sound of Chicago acid house to harder-edged techno material. And all of that is here in abundance on Nasty Mo.

Nasty Mo is part of a twin track release with Let There Be. It’s a really powerful example of what acid techno can do in the right hands. It opens four-square with the acid sounds of a TB-303 before solid bass beats come in. It has a raw analogue feel that allows it to sit fatly in the intersection of Chicago and Europe.

The track punches hard from the start and doesn’t really relent. There are phases where it’s harder and phases where it’s a little more restrained. But that’s all relative since the in-your-face aesthetic never really lets up.

Listen up and take your beating. You’ll enjoy it.

It’s all about the Bass with: Floid the Dog, and Blanka808 #Bass #IDM #Techno #LoFiTechno

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Today we’re doubling down on bass heavy tracks from Floid the Dog, and Blanka808.

Floid the Dog (Daniel Griffith) is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s not a dog (obvs) but does like a bit of experimental music. Think Amon Tobin, and Aphex Twin. His work is IDM for want of a better term. It draws on electronica, techno, house, and all points of experimental music in between.

Here’s Ache. It’s a mish mah blend of almost Cowboy Western guitar strums, with a few ‘hups’ and a bucket full of otherworldliness and bass strangeness. This is a track on a journey through the wastelands of sound. It’s cinematic and experimental. Accessible and mysterious. It’s uplifting and equally melancholic. Drums pound around in something that’s otherwise kinda downtempo.

Plug into the contradictions. It’ll make your brain ache and your heart sing.

Staying in the USA but more obviously upbeat is Blanka808 from Chicago. I don’t really know anything else about him(?) but here’s the rather wonderful I’ll Never Go Back.

I’ll Never Go Back is a brilliant tumble of junglist drum and bass heard through the partition wall of next door’s flat allied to a Techno bass put through some sort of Lo-Fi Magimix. And dub and echo and reverb along with an impenetrable bit of vocal that simply adds to the glue sniffing DIY excitement.

It’s like an episode of 90s pirate radio broadcast from the top of a tower block without a care for genre or public decency. Sounds better with 20 L&B and some makings.

When did the indecent ever sound so thrilling?

Ambient Sunday with: zero dB, Peter Kruder, and Stewfish #Ambient ‘TripHop #Dub

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With apologies to Oxford comma obsessed Health Secretary Thérèse Coffey, here’s another Ambient Sunday casting back to the skills of zero dB and Peter Kruder, and looking forwards with Stewfish.

Zero-dB is an English music duo of Chris Vogado and Neil Combstock who were part of that fabulous wave of trip hop / downtempo artists on NinjaTune in the early 2000s that included Mr Scruff. Probably their best release was 2006’s Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines. This has been remixed as Heavyweight Gringos (Part 2), a second remix project based upon the BBB album. The album is a mix of unreleased tracks and new remixes.

Today’s featured track is one of the previously unreleased tracks, a deep dub version of Te Quiero by downtempo genius Peter Kruder. This leans heavily on Kruder’s skills in keeping something essentially low key interesting and exciting but without ever quite lifting its head from the pillow. And yet it manages a deliciously light melody that skips along in a dreamy yet cheery fashion. Super happy stoner music.

Moving from Austria to Sweden we have Stewfish. This is two childhood friends making music, as they say, “whenever we have a chance to.” Here’s Ufo from their debut album Elusive Reports.

They say that the opening to the track is “a sound experiment: what would it sound like if a ufo was flying right in front of you?” The track opens with a mix of NASA type spoken samples while something shudders around in an unearthly fashion.

The track eventually allows some tumbling and insistent beats in but a taut bass line keeps that air of foreboding throughout. That’s the case even when a rippling melody tries to break through, which it never quite does. This is a proper journey into IDM sound. Let the aliens abduct you.