Josimar – The Rhythm (Eric B and Rakim) Deep House Swedro Edit

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TIE fighter

Eric B & Rakim were proper heroes of mine back in the late 80s. Eric B’s use of soul and Rakim’s gravelly delivery and consciousness lyrics made them stand apart. Feels like they unfairly slipped into the background of history. So, it was good to hear this edit of classic ‘Let the Rhythm, hit em’. Josimar says “An edit from Love Dose and Method Music boss. A naughty house under belly accompanies this hiphop dynamite.” The house structures to this track are done in such a way that doesn’t detract from the intensity of the original. A fine edit and cool hip house groove.

Life Coach Kitteh asks what drives you?

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Life Coach Kitteh says:
What drives you?  My coaching style is driven by hope, the energy that comes from collaboration and a quiet sense of couldn’t give a toss.”

Arthur Baker is one of those people you’re supposed to really rate for his influence and longevity -not least his influence on New Order. All too often I’ve found his stuff rather dispiriting. I didn’t have high hopes for Arthur Baker Meets Rhythm Masters – Losing You. But blow me down, this is a bit of a corker. A club track with an over-extended intro, this finds its feet after 1:30 when it gets a bit of rave horn and some real power. Turns into a hypnotic tech house groove.


Out Now >

Legendary US producer Arthur Baker returns with a dream collaboration, teaming up with the esteemed British house music duo Rhythm Masters to create ‘Losing You’.

The result is a epic peak time rave weapon, essential for all Tech House and Techno DJs.

moon:and:6 – Apollo-Soyuz

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A big welcome back to moon:and:6 with another NASA sampling offering. Apollo-Soyuz celebrates the joint 1975 mission which I had completely forgotten about. Lots of NASA samples at the start, including lists of first US and Russians in space. Another ambient wandering in the weightless vastness of it all. Piano lines lead off before post rock beats take it forward. Beautiful, just beautiful.


Written by Michael Chambers (SOCAN). Performed and produced by moon:and:6 /

The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, conducted in July 1975, was the first joint U.S.-Soviet space flight. The event symbolized the slow and gradual easing of political tensions between the two superpowers.

The song “Apollo-Soyuz” in turn chronicles a careful collaboration between two opposing forces. The track opens with an introductory speech held by an ambient texture and a ethereal piano motif. A bright bass guitar answers back with the same phrase before molding into a solid downtempo groove.

Additional samples and audio clips from NASA Audio Highlight Reels, Soundbites and Launch Sounds / National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) / available at / Public Domain

From the album “A Brief History of American Space Travel” out March 31, 2017:…n-space-travel


Dragstor – Stone Cold

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Dragstor offers Stone Cold. It also suggests that this is dark ambient or post-industrial. That doesn’t quite get to the heart of this strange but compelling track. On the one hand it’s a gentle ambient piece with sensitive synth tunes but on the other it’s an anxious bleepy, blippy electronica scattering. Should be irreconcilable but it ends captivating the ear.

Dan McKie – Wobbegong (Original Mix)[1980 Recordings]

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A wing

What on earth is a wobbegong you might ask? A name for carpet sharks, apparently. Dunno why that’s been chosen as a title but there is a certain depth to the parping bass in the background. The rest of the tune is filled with life and a positivity that sparkles and shimmers. A great advert for deep house.

Blinkhorn – Input/Output

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Blippy techno from Blinkhorn on none-more-electronic-named Input/Output.

Blinkhorn is Patrick Blinkhorn from Washington DC, who’s also managing editor at Blisspop. Input / Output is his new release on Emkan records.

His range of styles includes ambient and that means whilst Input is techno it is also a reflection of that broader palette. Starts off a bit quietly this one before broadening itself out to a bunch of blippy sounds and a surprisingly sinuous groove. Beats are there but never dominate. This is robot dancing, all digital, nothing human here. Jerk along.

Output is a different proposition. A tune not prepared to go quietly. A less restrained, more experimental bent. Techno as computer symphony with an acid conductor. The blips and bloops are more dynamic and strident. If input/output is the communication between an information processing system, such as a computer, and the outside world, then Output is saying you will dance, flail if you must but move your self.

Music for the microprocessor in your life.



Mute Yourself by Slighter

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Killer moth side

Slighter’s back with some post-rock ambient industrial. All growling and stalking in treacle. There’s a vocal version but that need not detain us here. The instrumental gives the track more space. Electronics buzz and the bass heaves like the movement of tectonic plates. The remainder is full of drones and impending doom.  Name your price download.

Blurb: New single from Slighter’s forthcoming album ERODE! Free download, or donate however much you’d like!  “Mute Yourself” puts Colin’s vocals against a brooding piece of Industrial influenced Electronic Rock. Guitars, synths & drum machines combine in a hypnotically catchy song that sets up what to expect from his next album. Flip for the instrumental, for those who prefer a non-vocal experience.