Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Temporary Sanity (Cornucopia Remix)

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The original track is melodic techno. But the remix from Cornucopia takes it into a more beat driven direction, with a strong tech house bent. This is all about the groove. It entices rather than seeks to force submission. It offers a beguilingly lovely sound of a soothed soul across its nine minute path.

The track is taken from Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z’s album Time. A year old now, this is a beautifully melodic affair. There’s a strong streak of techno running through it. But that is offset wth rippling synths and a human touch through the vocals.

Blurb: ‘Temporary Sanity’ first appeared on the critically acclaimed ‘Time’ (LF017) album by Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z, and has remained a standout favourite since the LP was released back in November 2014. Now, Cornucopia has breathed a new life into the track with a beautifully melodic, subtle, sun-drenched percussive remix.
Already a huge track for John Digweed, who loved it so much, he featured it on his recent ‘Live In Montreal’ (Bedrock) release. Since then, the demand has been steadily growing for Cornucopia’s remix to be released in its own right, so at last, here we have it in all it’s glory on Lost & Found.

Once in a while an album appears that is distinctly special and has the ability to captivate audiences on a global scale, breaking through simplistic genre boundaries and uniting people through its exploration of the psyche of modern electronic dance music. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z’s ‘Time’ project was such an album, and it remains as captivating and enthralling today.

Quadeyes – Hot Syrup

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Mr incredible

Sticking with stuff on, here’s Quadeyes with the ambiently magnificent Hot Syrup EP. Free download.

Can You Hear Me provides a suitably awesome opening, with the echoed sampling adding to the spaced mood. Maelstrom Mu moves off into something more unearthly and insect-based. Full of clicking legs and flapping wings. Ska Pastora is a dub thrown into the deepest sea trench with a few sounds bubbling back out. The final original track is Lamentations. One of those gossamer thin tracks that can be so risk if got wrong. And so it proves here.

There are three remixes, from Furz, DeconBocon and Sasha Nevolin. Of these, Furz goes off in a direction that ends up like some of Radiohead’s more electronic efforts. DeconBocon glitches the sample in Can You Hear Me to no great effect. Sasha Nevolin tries the same track but to better effect. He removes elements to leave only the bare essence but it works really well.

Download mK78 Quadeyes – Hot Syrup

Paolo Lucchi – Pastels EP

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Robyn vs scurrier

We had Paolo Lucchi with Alexis Raphael on Sunday with London via Milan. Here he is on his own with his Pastels EP. Minimal techno available as a free download.

The EP starts with Blue. This is a relaxed, unhurried track, with just a touch of melancholic warmth among the minimal sounds. Mist is a bit less warm in tone, with a vaguely edgy air. Pastels never quite comes into focus and sounds incomplete. White veers around between minimal and a slightly dubbed ambient techno. IDM even. One of those late night paranoia inducing tracks. And the best thing here. Finally, there’s a Bakked rework of Pastels. This takes the unfocused original to the minimal ambient place that it should have been from the start.

Download mK81 Paolo Lucchi – Pastels EP

Life coach kitteh talks proactivity‏

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Life coach kitteh says:
In most therapy sessions it’s the client that lies on the couch.  You’ll have noticed that in our sessions you perch on  an old box while I lie on the sofa. Sometimes with my eyes shut. It’s because I am proactive about my chair choices.  How can you be more proactive to get the comfy cushion of life you deserve?”

That depth of advice is unparalleled in life coaching, I think you’ll agree. Reflection time is required before action is taken. To give you that space, here’s Bakked, PrideOldMachine with their Rue Liandier EP. This is a lovely, almost ambient ep, marrying warm synths and soft clattering beats. Free download.

Download mK79 Bakked, PrideOldMachine – Rue Liandier EP

Alexis Raphael & Paolo Lucchi – London Via Milan

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One of those days when listening to track after track of stuff that’s not fit to post here I almost despair of doing this blog. Finally, after over an hour comes this release from Alexis Raphael & Paolo Lucchi.

After far too much auto tuned, glitched, trap or electro-pop flavoured stuff, here’s some palate cleansing minimal techno from UK-based Raphael and producer Lucchi. To be honest the original mix of London via Milan is one of htose minimal tunes that does very little. But the little it does, it does quite perfectly. Locked early into a groove, it holds on and won’t let go.

There are to remixes. First, Mathieu Gendreau boots the tempo up a bit to give it a bit more techno pace but slightly loses the locked-in sense of the original groove. The second remix comes from Ronnie Rose. The tech house stance on hits one is more sympathetic to the original version. Offers a staccato counterpoint to the original mix.

Blurb: The minimal techno single “London Via Milan” is the first official collaboration between UK rising star DJ/producer Alexis Raphael and underground music producer Paolo Lucchi. This single received the techno remix treatment by label boss Mathieu Gendreau (Plastic Operator) and a tech-house remix by American DJ/Producer Ronnie Rose.

Tripswitch – “Vagabond”

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Boba bluebells

There’s a new album from Tripswitch on its way – Vagabond. Here are some clips to be getting along with. Tripswitch may be best known for his chilled offerings but this album is more ambitious in scope. It offers great home listening but danceable tunes, without ever quite succumbing to cheap pounding beats. Always retains a melodic sensibility.

Blurb: The long awaited return of Tripswitch sees this veteran of the chillout scene evolve into a producer of the finest deeply melodic, progressive house music.

Feeling in need of a fresh challenge and creative new direction after 10 years of establishing himself as one of the world’s premium chillout producers, Nick Brennan has been focused on exploring and developing a more dancefloor-orientated ethos whilst adding to his ever-growing catalogue of tracks and remixes over the past 4 years. This new album project for 2016 is the culmination of his experiments in steadily upping the tempo of his renowned live performances.

Having locked himself in his studio for many months to develop this exciting new sound into something cohesive and uniquely ‘Tripswitch’, the resulting recordings proved irresistible for Denmark’s Iboga Records, a label with an exemplary record of breaking down barriers and blurring the boundaries between the progressive trance and house scenes.

‘Vagabond’ is an elegant and refined collection of truly progressive house music, impeccably produced and full of the musicality and emotion that has cemented Tripswitch’s reputation and high regard within the chillout scene throughout 15 years of releases. Previous highlights have included 2 critically acclaimed albums (‘Circuit Breaker’ and ‘Geometry’) and numerous singles, EPs and inclusions on compilations from the likes of Jose Padilla (Café del Mar), Claude Challe (Buddha Bar), Nick Warren (GU, Renaissance, Balance), and Gaudi (Iboga Records), among many others. Now, in 2016, with “Vagabond”, Nick has hit upon a magic musical formula that perfectly reflects his unique chillout sensibilities and also allows him to create euphoric dancefloor moments of the highest order.

False Idols | I I | Individualism

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Lego bad cop car

Here’s False Idols who describe themselves as “a scuzzy electronic band from London. Think Mount Kimbie, Caribou or Metronomy but darker.” That’s not a bad description. Here’s their track Individualism, which has an awkward electronic pop stance.

“Their idols are like scarecrows in a cucumber field, and they cannot speak; they have to be carried, for they cannot walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they cannot do evil, neither is it in them to do good.”


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