PREMIERE: Beginning by Fnord #ambient #electronic

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A premiere this morning from Fnord and his track Beginning. It’s ambient but there’s a moody haze that settles over this track. It has a wonderfully sleazy bass that is offset by purer but mournful strings. There’s even a little plucked guitar for extra melancholia. Gives it a mix of machine and organic sounds that are of and not of htis world. A two and a half minute electronic symphony.


Back in the main room with D-Formation, KLVB and 88756 #progressivehouse #house #techno #acid #newmusic

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These tracks are suited to the main room of any club. The artists are D-Formation, KLVB and 88756. Their styles stretch from progressive house to techno and acid.

Spanish producer D-Formation offers the progressive house delights of Nerve. D-Formation is label owner of Beatfreak Recordings and has a long history of producing music. That shines through in Nerve which is perfectly put together. This offers some seriously clubbable dance beats alongside a euphoric set of synths. That combination of harder beats with the synths allows the melody to retain the faintest earthbound connection and so makes the track feel properly grounded. Impressive.

KLVB is from Italy and offers the slightly throwback title of Technotronic. This is classy techno but draws plenty on house elements. As KLVB says “It is between electronic, house, bass and techno music.” Gives the track a lightness of touch that only adds to the swagger of the bass. Ah the bass. Occasionally cuts loose to stomp all over the track before being put back in its box. KLVB says “I think it could be a great stomper for your party.” I have to agree.

Finally, New Zealand’s 88756 with Submerge. This is the track most suited to the small hours. Acid techno runs a heavy riot on this track. Offers nothing to stand back and admire. This clasps you close and won’t let go. Yes, this is machine music but it does have a heart and a soul. It pulses with life and lividity. AI be damned.

Track taken from the Human Facade EP


Perky threesome from Tanzkultur, D10DE and Acidic Base #house #chill #idm #electronic #newmusic

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Three perky tracks from Tanzkultur, D!)DE and Acidic Base.

Tanzkultur is, unsurprisingly, from Germany and offers Hängepartie (tr. hanging). This is a mildly experimental track blending some perky house with some 80s indie synth work. There’s even a bit of almost sax in here. The effect is like there’s a whole party going on at once. Streamers, party poppers and a bucket of prosecco. This has it all. Who knew hanging could be such fun?

D10DE is from Canada and takes us on a more IDM journey via Je Serai Silence. This has a lonesome piano offset by a perfectly done clatter and glitch of beats and tins. Of the track D10DE says “«Je serai silence» is French for «I’ll be silence». It’s an exploration of the tension felt before leaving, literally or figuratively. The void we feel and/or what is left behind when we are gone. Was is an escape, or just a line drawn in the sand? Am I still here?” The track is sad from the piano but refuses to be put down in the tumble of beats. Cleverly done.

Finally, Acidic Base from the USA and Purple Skies. This is a lovely synth-based track that rolls and ripples around. Offers a lovely warming feeling. The track is taken from an album of the same name. There’s a lovely calm maturity going on here. Which is a bit bewildering since the accompanying blurb says “Chicago’s Acidic Base is the brainchild of a 12 year-old musician (currently in the 8th grade) Siddharth Goswami.” I rather think he should go outside and play football (soccer) in the park but only after another album, please.



Triple ambient chill from NoHealer, michum and Maned Wolf #chill #ambient #electronic #newmusic

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A chilled and ambient threesome from NoHealer, michum and Maned Wolf.

From Moscow comes Russia’s NoHealer and the title track from his Side Chains EP on Capiroto Records. It’s a perky mix of trance and tech house but with softer beats that leaves it flirting with the edges of downtempo. Has a great lead synth hook that really draws you into the track. There’s such an optimistic feel to the track that I’m almost (but not quite) tempted to leave pessimism behind.

Germany’s michum takes us back to something a bit more introverted on Bravo. A lovely trip hop track built in its opening phases around a simple yet effective woodblock beat. Eventually, there’s a rhodes type synth to take some of the strain but the beats never get beyond unobtrusive that leave this chilling gently. Chillax people.

Don’t get many submissions from Brazil and very few of them are in the chill space. Maned Wolf is an exception. And this is an exceptional track. Breathtaking Night Skies is the tune. Everyything is quite deep from the beats to the bass to the synths. Gives the track a bit of widescreen vastness that’s intricately realised. Maned Wolf says “This song was composed with the idea of how amazing and beautiful the stary night is. Everything seems to be exactly in the place it should be.” And everything exactly in the place it should be is the feel of the track. Not a note misaligned anywhere. Lovely.

Crushed by the Wheels of Industrial: The Hunt (Industrial Bass Edit) from The Hunt (Single) by Slighter x Moris Blak #industrial #electronic

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Slighter’s back. With Moris Blak. They’re in love with industrial. The Hunt is the new single from the pair. Ahead of a new album. And it’s here to batter you into submission. Because you’ve been bad. And want the darkness. Obsidian bass vies with jet synths and charcoal beats. Submit now.

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Sunday chill: Koresma – Big Sky (Shuhandz Remix) #electronic #newmusic #chill #deephouse #house

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A couple of Acid Ted favourites combine on today’s track to give you a chilled Sunday experience. Shuhandz remixes Koresma’s track Big Sky.

Koresma’s original track Big Sky from his West EP is a downtempo guitar led electronic track with a lazy drawl. Shuhandz, whisper it softly, improves on the original. He gives it a bit more of a spring to its step but without damaging the relaxed atmosphere. He takes it into a super smooth deep house level. This allows the guitars and accompanying synth to float freee and soar above. A really, really beautiful summer dance floor track.



Dub techno evening: Rico Casazza – Glimpse EP #dubtechno #techno #electronic #newmusic

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Is dub techno suitable for a Saturday night? I like to think so. It’s certainly suitable for mine. Here’s a new release from Rico Casazza that mines the dub techno vein.

GLimpse EP is the release and it is full of good dub things. And techno. Plenty of techno. This isn’t dub techno as an ambient chillout. This is dub techno shaking your room and life. Opener Glimpse is a big slug of rolling bass dub and crisp beats. THat’s then revved up with a bit of wandering awkward IDM. A definite 2AM track. Your Name is a bit less confrontational, with its welcoming twang and bounce. Takes you to your happy place. Closer Euclidean Approach is my favourite, perhaps because it comes closest to the Basic Channel sound I adore. This has lots of bass dub but plenty of house beats to give this a hip shaking, arm waving, boom boom.

Euclidean Approach

Glimpse EP