Jody Barr – Telepathic Seduction (Brassica Remix)

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Here’s an afternoon delight from Jody Barr. Taken from his recently released Telepathic Sedution EP, here is the rather wonderful Brassica Remix.

The Telepathic Seduction EP has three tracks. It starts with the original mix, which is somewhere between melodic techno and 80s synthcore. It’s a nice track. Would have worked well on Tomorrow’s World. The other original track is Neon Metropolis, a track title that screams synth at you. But it works better, having a clearer sense of restraint on the synths.

But the gem here is the Brassica remix of Telepathic Seduction. This is given a sympathetic overhaul, taking the track gently but firmly into future techno disco. There’s a whiff of Cerrone’s Supernature to the blippy syth line but that’s a good thing. The track has a driving grooving sense but without throwing the kitchen sink at it. Gives the tune space in which to breathe. Rather wonderful.

Full EP here


biskuwi – The One Behind #techno

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Biskuwi returns with a new track – The One Behind. We’re in the realms of melodic techno. I know that doesn’t sound very Sunday-ish but bear with me. Thee’s no cheap doof doof here. This is an intelligent track that works as well at home as at a club. There’s a minimal edge that really adds to the track which builds ever so slowly over the seven minute duration.

Release: Four Year Anniversary (VA)
Catalog: MYDANNIV04
Label: Making You Dance
Release Date: 11.14.2017

LEHNBERG – Blissland #techno #ambient

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Sparse Scandie techno from Lehnberg.

The track is Blissland and it’s techno but with an ambient edge. There’s equally an angularity to the track that belies the otherwise melody driven lead line. And there’s a definite menace from the depth of the bass. The track is taken from Lehnberg’s new EP Lone Wolfing. That’s described as “Raw and rhythmic Techno.”

Listen to the full EP here

Grok Enrol & The Nu-Thing – Bulk Enrolment (all_funk_dub) #dubtronica

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Ignore the (frankly terrible) punning of this artist and focus on the dubtronica briliance of the track. There’s more than a bit of Renegade Soundwave’s In Dub moments on Bulk Enrolment. This is a remix of a track I posted a year back (also below as a free download). It’s all leftfield brilliance, wah wah guitar and indie dance sensibilities.

Buy the album All/Mix\Dub here:

Original track here (free download)


The debut album “All\Mix/Dup” is out now. The download version is available almost everywhere on Earth. 
A remix/dub version of the album (“All/Mix\Dub”) is also available – as a download only release.

The whole GROK ENROL thing started in 2010 when the album “Now That’s What I Call A Bit Weird Vol.23” was recorded for Un! Recordings….the other project that came out of that album was The Weird & The Wonderful, which was a homage to 1970’s German electronica and post punk electronic music. The Weird & The Wonderful are now defunct and have been superseded….more on that soon.


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Digitalism were part of that Kitsune electroclash thing from the noughties. They’ve rarely been my thing. And it’s four years since I posted anything from them. I therefore approached Jet, their new track, with more than a little scepticism. But blow me down it’s a lovely track. Yes, there are massive washes to synths and loas of peaks but there’s less of the kitchen sink and a dash of Mariachi horns to enliven things.

Also on soundcloud


Deep house duo from Jake Kaiser and Camp North #deephouse #house #electronic

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A couple of great deep house tunes from Jake Kaiser and Camp North.

Jake Kaiser returns with She Is The Warmth From The Sun. The track is as warming and uplifting as the title implies. It flirts, occasionally dangerously so, with cheesiness but always finds a way to come back fom the brink. There’s a complete earworm of a synth hook, allied to ascending chords that makes this a complete wave your hands in the air monster. Break out the bubble foam in the club, I’m coming in.

Camp North wants you to Play With Me. That sounds like a sex scandal in the making, so I suggest you keep a respectable distance. The track is a lovely deep house thing, with a piano led approach and the sample that wants you “to play with me.” Perkier than me at the scent of the day’s first coffee this has enough leftfield leanings to make it more than the usual deep house offers.

Egodød Adhesion from Donnie Castle and Nanonoise #microdub #ambient #experimental

•November 15, 2017 • 1 Comment

After a couple of days of big club sounds let’s return to inner space with Donnie Castle and Nanonoise.

Donnie Castle is from Sweden and offers you the strangeness of Egodød (tr. Ego Death). I’d never come across the ego death term. It seems as if it’s about “complete loss of subjective self-identity.” A Jungian thing about psychic death but also used by Timothy Leary (that man has so much to answer for) in relation to transcendence achieved through use of psychedelics.

Oh yes, the track. That’s a total trip. Swirling electronics, thrumming bass and soft chords. But it’s got an underlying structure that stops it becoming a sprawl of ideas and delivers a very slowly uplifting downtempo track. That contradiction between downtempo and uplifting lies at the heart of the appeal.

Stream / Download:

Nanonoise offers the stick pleasures of Adhesion. From the UK but born in Belgium, Nanonoise’s track is listed as microdub. This is a genre that rarely appeals. All too often it seems an excuse for setting a tone and varying it up or down by one degree every 20 secs. This is more complex and satisfying than that. There are microtoned synths offering that dub richness but the background wheezing and puffing makes it a richer experience.