Study beats and Java with: Megadestroyer – Drugstore Coffee #Chill #Downtempo #StudyBeats

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It’s been one of those ‘can’t live with ‘em, can’t shoot ‘em’ days. Time for a warming cup of coffee and a chill with Megadestroyer.

Megadestroyer is Seattle-based Ian Corbin. He says he’s a “producer and musician with a passion for capturing samples and tweaking synth knobs to create immersive and captivating music that can serve as a fitting soundtrack for your next existential crisis.”

I don’t think a bad day quite constitutes a n existential crisis but it does qualify me to take the time to enjoy his lovely new track Drugstore Coffee.

Drugstore Coffee is a ridiculously good and relaxed tune. Opening in a beatless manner it offers tinkling keyboards and word scrapes. Beats come with a deep rich bass. But the mood is one of deeply felt calm. It’s so deep it can carry you down to your happy place.

Megadestroyer says of the track that it “takes you on a journey of reflection and nostalgia. The mellow and dreamy melody sets the mood for introspection, evoking memories of conversations shared over cheap coffee.” There’s really nothing cheap here. It turns digital sound into analogue warmth that wraps itself around you.

Utterly restorative.

Ambient Sunday is meditating with: Mindless Meditation – Lilith #Ambient #Chill #ChillHop

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Instead of something squarely in Ambient I’m heading off to a meditative chill hop space with Germany’s Mindless Meditation.

Appropriately enough, Mindless Meditation claims to be a psychologist, saying “As a psychologist I know: most people would benefit from more closeness to themselves, awareness and relaxation.” And that pervades his (I’m assuming it’s a he) approach to music. It’s all very soothing, dreamy and a touch drifting. In addition, he offers that he’s a “27 yo multi genre and multi instrumentalist currently based in Munich.”

Here’s new single Lilith. A two and a half minute sojourn from the world.

But as a track title it’s an interesting choice. Lilith is a female demonic figure of Jewish folklore. Her name and personality are thought to be derived from the class of Mesopotamian demons called lilû (feminine: lilītu), and the name is usually translated as “night monster.” In Jewish folklore she’s the first woman created. Many feminists see Lilith as not only the first woman but the first independent woman created. In the creation story she refuses to allow Adam to dominate her and flees the garden despite the consequences.

Nonetheless there’s no demons here or controversy. Everything is serene. Lofi beats thud away. Slow piano chord come. Eventually so does a delightful trumpet line. This is full of languid sounds and time stretches out.

Take a break from you world and recharge your batteries.

Breaks On Loops – Koncise #Jazz #StudyBeats #Chill

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Here’s the jazzy chill of Twin Peaks from Koncise’s album Breaks On Loops.

Koncise is a producer from South London and Breaks On Loops is is latest album (also out on vinyl). Here’s Twin Peaks. There’s a sense of a real crate digger here in the use of unusual samples

Twin Peaks is a lovely late night jazzy piano and double bass married to some hefty stoner beats. It’s all smokey and yet contemporary. There’s nothing delicate here. Everything is chilled but also precise and with a firm punch. The Eastern yogi (?) only adds to the mellow but disorientating air.

Utterly on point chill. The whole album is worth some of your time.

I miss you: Coodysan – Take Care of Me (feat NARA) #Chill #StudyBeats #Romance @coodysanbeats

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Vocals ain’t my thing, right. But there’s something soothing and yet sultry on the vocal from NARA on Take Care of Me from Coodysan that got through my defences.

Coodysan is from Switzerland. No idea about Nara. Take Care of Me is an endlessly repeated loop of the track title that is dreamy, romantic, sad and a touch sultry all at once. It’s hushed tone’s accentuate the subtle musical backdrop.

Beats are low and slow and a little bit lofi. Keyboards are softened in line with the hushed overall mood. This is late night lonely in the city music.

For hopeless romantics and insomniacs everywhere. But most of all for everyone else to enjoy and get lost in.

Midweek Study Beats with LAU, and little treasures #Chill #Downtempo #StudyBeats

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Dunno about you but I’ve a bit of the midweek blues. Gonna try to remedy that with a couple of study beat tracks from either side of the Atlantic in the form of LAU and little treasures.

Starting on the European side with Belgium’s LAU. He’s also known as Laurens – a 19 year old beat-maker. His biography says he’s “Currently still experimenting with different sounds and styles to find his own sound.” Well, today’s sounds come from the playground. Really.

The featured track is Playground. And it starts off with playground sounds. Lofi drums come in along with gentle keyboards. Unusually for a study beats track the melodies don’t owe a debt to jazz. It’s all a bit more laidback and soulful.

As for the playground theme LAU explains “The track is infused with a touch of nostalgia, evoking memories of carefree childhood days spent at the playground. This nostalgic feeling is perfectly captured through the use of samples of kids playing and laughing.”

Chill out and take yourself back to simpler times.

More kids in evidence with little treasures. A beat maker from the USA who explains “little treasures is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist making chill-ish beats in tx. with a name inspired by the “little treasures” left in his daughter’s bib after eating her meals.”

Here’s milestoned from the Last Flight EP. This is a lush swinging study beats track with a lazy, laidback vibe. Beats are phat and listless. Trumpets abound in among xylophones and tinkling melodies.

The bass is hefty and all the better for it. Surface noise is used as an extra layer, almost an extra instrument giving the sound depth and richness.

Short but definitely dreamy and sweet.

Ravey flute ‘n’ breakbeats with: blauwer – joey #House #Rave #Techno #Breakbeats

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A chilly day deserves something warming. Here’s blauwer with the left field charms of joey.

blauwer is Belgium’s Bert Roex. His first track Malaika appeared here in December. He returns with a new single out next month called joey. This is a track that rifles its way across genres ending up in downtempo rave breakbeats. If that seems like a contradiction then it probably is. But that’s how it goes. Ignore the conundrum and simply enjoy this fabulous new track.

joey is some delightful melodic techno beats with a soft analogue edge. Synths give a warning hue to everything, again with an old school non-digital feel.

That nostalgic hue is forward facing and positive. It revels in life. And if that sense of positivity wasn’t enough the synths manage an almost flutey sensation. Quietly devastating.

Perfectly powerful left field dance.

Ambient Sunday: As Clouds Form – Escape Velocity #Ambient #Synth

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A return to Ambient Sunday for As Clouds Form and their new single Escape Velocity.

As Clouds Form is a US/Polish duo working across acoustic guitar, synths and bass. They appeared here a couple of months back but have a new single out for 2023 that’s too good to pass by.

Escape Velocity is a delicate delicious affair. It circles around a binary focus of tripping rippling synths and a bass buzz. This avoids the need for beats as the bass growls around keeping things earthbound while the synths seek to soar ever upwards.

A perfect mix of light and dark. A perfect addition to Ambient Sunday.

Monday means study beats with: Scarabeetz, and Fegaris #Chill #StudyBeats @scarabeetz

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Start your week slow and chilled with Scarabeetz, and Fegaris.

Scarabeetz offers Lo-Fi Beats from the west coast of Finland. A new artist who released a few singles in 2022, here’s the first release of 2023.

Birds on a Wire is a bold track in that it feels in no hurry to get going. A little tom tom and some bird song before the electric piano riff kicks in. Beats shuffle round in a washed-out way. A little synth ripple in the background.

All terribly relaxed in a spacey and spaced out sort of way. The kind of track into which you fall and mesmerised drift along.

Fegaris is from Germany and has been producing chill tracks for a couple of years.

Here’s their last single from 2022, Dreamtime. This uses the lofi hip hop beats as the centre of the track around which the chilled sounds slowly revolve. There’s a lovely jazzy feel at work here. A combination of tinkling synths that twinkle like stars in the track. All offset by an intermittent jazz lounge piano break that allows the track to bhe both future forward and contentedly retro

Fegaris says “I used different calming background sounds to represent the times of the year.” And that easy going calm shines through this lovely track.

Ambient Sunday is contemplating the space within: conno – atrium #Ambient #DrumAndBass #Chill @connomusic

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Ambient Sunday is looking inward and upward with conno.

Conno is from the USA and is a new artist. So the delicate beauty of new single atrium was a delightful surprise.

An atrium is a central room or space in ancient Roman homes, open to the sky in the middle; a similar space in other buildings. And atrium the track offers that same sheltered airiness.

It opens with soft chimes giving that contemplative vibe. All beautifully resolving into an almost 80s synth pop style. But wrong footing you through some drum and bass beats.

The combination just shouldn’t work. But oh it does. Quite wonderful in that tough soft interplay. Never actually straying too far from the chill.

Lovely work.

Saturday Techno from Serval – Confuse Thinking (Original Mix) #Techno #MelodicTechno #SupportUkraine

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Here’s a Saturday night banger in the form of some deep dark techno from Serval.

Serval is a musician, sound technician, and melodic techno producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His thing is tracks that focus on the bass. And that’s what you want at the weekend. Amiright?

Here’s Confuse Thinking from Fundraising Compilation Vol 4. This opens, appropriately enough, with the focus on the bass. Dark and menacing in tone. The synths have more of a melodic techno feel to them. But this isn’t melodic techno as pastoral or bucolic. This is clipped tones with a wary edginess to them.

This is late night darkness. A threat round every corner as the track rolls blackly along.

The track is from Fundraising Compilation Vol 4.