MYNN – Melt #downtempo

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Here’s a cute little tune from Mynn. Melt is an almost beatless set of trebly downtempo synths that have a languid air. Perfect for days when it’s just to hot to do anything very much and a short siesta under the shade of a tree is called for. Hammock house?

Leonidas & Hobbes – Heavy Weather (Balearic Acid Mix)

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As a nod to the UK weather over the past week or so, here’s Leonidas & Hobbes with Heavy Weather (Balearic Acid Mix). This is taken from The Rags of Time EP, out on 7 July.

The track is a lovely seven minute sprawl of cowbell, dub, jah, bongos and acid squelches. A psychedelic stroganoff of a tune. This wibbles and wobbles its way across the beach disco floor before falling asleep on the sand.


Blurb: Working together on-and-off at their respective bases in London and Edinburgh over the last eight yearsLeonidas & Hobbes have honed a mutual love of soundtracks, disco, jazzhouse, techno, acid, psychedelic, African and dub sounds for The Rags Of Time.  

A side Web Of Intrigue is one part tribute to lost 70s soundtracks, when music was created on the finest analogue hardware, featuring full bands, session players and lush orchestrations, one part tribute to 70s disco gods Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards (Chic) and one part mid-tempo but nonetheless cosmic house. The three parts fuse to form an instrumental track sounding as fresh as a whole meadow of daisies in 2017 and one that’s been going down extremely well with international DJs who have road-tested the material (as above/below).

AA side Heavy Weather flips the script for a deeper workout in a 3/4 time signature – more of a cosmic waltz. Taking its main cue from 70s jazz fusion heroes Weather Report and The Doors‘ Ray Manzarek, it incorporates rich African percussion, spaced-out flourishes exhibiting the duo’s love for the dubs of Lee Perry, King Tubby et al, and a good old fashioned arpeggio of an acid line – definitely a more esoteric number, all told. The bonus ‘Dawn‘ and ‘Acid Rain‘ mixes push different buttons for the heads, as suits the mood.

And it it all adds up to a very Balearic confection, fitting snugly in with the burgeoning revival for this somewhat ineffable sound – a trend that seems to be getting stronger/bigger every year, popping up every time the sun gets his hat on and we all remember how to party like the lucky residents of that infamous White Isle.

Saliva Commandos – On My Way

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I know it’s a Sunday but try this track On My Way from Saliva Commandos. It’s called ambient techno but its more techno than ambient. Big brutal beats and a deeper than deep vocal sample give this a slate grey appearance. Hard but effective.

NYC roots drive this ambient Techno track from Saliva Commandos

Gareth Whitehead – Brood Remixed (Phil Hartnoll remix)

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Ever had one of those “this is ridiculous” moments. The Brood Remixed album, from which the featured track – a remix from Phil Harnoll of sainted Orbital fame – is taken, is one of those.

To start at the beginning. DJ / producer Gareth Whitehead is releasing ‘The Brood Remixed’ on 3 July, following 2015’s debut collaborative project ‘The Brood’. This has more exciting name remixers than you can shake a stick at: 808 State, Colin Dale, DJ Nasty, Joey Beltram, Juan Atkins, Phil Hartnoll & Rob Gritton, Plaid, Silicon Scally & Radioactive Man. As I said, absurdly good. Full list at the foot of this post.

The track here is What It Is remixed by Phil Hatrnoll & Rob Gritton. This is done as a leftfield techno track, where elements of early Orbital mix with some breakbeat feel. A deep, dark, menacing tune for the club.

Brood Remixed album. Release date – 3rd July 2017
1: Andy Slate, Whitehead – Sustain (Suna Path Remix)
2: Mash, Whitehead – In Mind (Swayzak Remix)
3: Adamski, Werner Niedermeier, Whitehead – Spinning (Old Remix)
4: Eddie Fowlkes, Whitehead – Upsurge (Juan Atkins Remix)
5: Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson, Whitehead – How Can I (Main Ingredient Remix)
6: X-Press 2, Whitehead – Why (Nickelle Remix)
7: Detroit Grand Pubahs, Whitehead, Raymond, Lindsay & Kendal – The Villain (Plaid Remix)
8: Inxec, Whitehead – What I Say (Silicon Scally & Radioactive Man Remix)
9: Mia Wallace, Sqyre, Whitehead – Need It (Colin Dale Remix)
10: Frankie Bones, Lenny Dee, Whitehead – E2X (Detroit’s Filthiest Remix)
11: Michael Greig, Whitehead – About Time (808 State Remix)
12: Ben Long, Whitehead – Glitz (Alex Smoke Remix)
13: Carl Cox, Steve Ward, Whitehead – Give Me Something (Joey Beltram Remix)
14: P-Ben, Whitehead – Lift (Christian Schwarz Remix)
15: Tom Taylor, Whitehead – The Beginning (Chemical Play Remix)
16: Darren Emerson, My Evil Twiin, Whitehead, Paris the Black FU – What It Is (Phil Hartnoll & Rob Gritton Remix)

Saturday duo: Nato Medrado and Durante

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A generally positive start to the day today with Nato Medrado and Durante.

First, Nato Medrado from Brazil who offers Violet. A techno tune with added frog croaking – that may not be entirely true but it is what it sounds like. Has a spring to its step and a certain sinuous groove.

Durante offers Sentinel. This is deep house but with a more IDM sensibility. This gives is an air of seriousness, whilst still managing something danceable. A bit 80s synth in part it’s a great groovy track.

Oliver Yorke – Wanderer

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As a break from all this ambient here’s Oliver Yorke with Wanderer, a drum and bass tune with major proportions. A menacing sample filled opening about “he spoke for wanderers for all epochs and meridians” gives way to dubbed bass heavy soundscapes. Epic grandeur.

Dice And Bass – Seduction

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Right. It’s Friday. Let’s abandon ambient but not hope for techno from Dice And Bass. Seduction is claimed to be dub techno, tech house, trance, EDM. That’s a lot of genres, which had me worried. It shouldn’t have. This is a melodic, perky dub techno track that does indeed contain influences from the other genres without being overly directed by them. Creates something that wears its influences lightly. And at the end of the day the track’s so much fun that you should ignore the trainspotters like me who want to pigeonhole everything.