Aardonyx – To Tulum / The Ghost (Release Mix) #drumandbass #dnb #electronic

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Wednesday warmer from Aardonyx. Cracking two track drum and bass tracks from Manchester via Mexico.

Aardonyx are from Manchester  but this two track release was concieved on a trip to Mexico. I dunno what the Aztecs thought of drum and bass but both tracks here are excellent. To Tulum is a five minute roadtrip of breakbeaks and soaring wordless vocal. Dark but not so hard and dark that the tingle of anticipation disappears. The second track is The Ghost.  A much more reserved track. This is that minimal sort of drum and bass that Diffrent Music did so well. There’s a spectral, spooky, rainforest screeching kind of vibe. Doesn’t quite achieve the adrenalin rush of To Tulum but does give you the jitters.

There’s a bonus track on the Bandcamp release Submit – Imagination.  This hits harder and darker in the bass. It’s not half bad.

And on Soundcloud

Blurb: For NVR052 Nu Venture Records present To Tulum | The Ghost, the 2 track release and the latest instalment from Manchester Drum and Bass duo Aardonyx. 

[A] Aardonyx – To Tulum: 
To Tulum is an accomplished mixture of frantic breakbeats and ethereal vocals, combined with dynamic synths and a dark but mesmerising groove. The track gets its name, and was inspired by and conceived during, a bus journey with the destination Tulum, Mexico. The remainder of the track was then further developed and polised in the studio while ensuring the initial influence of that Central American expedition was preserved. 

[B] Aardonyx – The Ghost: 
The accompanying track The Ghost features a minimal sound palette, with a mysterious yet sinister combination of classic synth and pad sounds, alongside a driving bass. The deep and minimalistic style proving to be the perfect contrast from the intensity of To Tulum, both of which showcase the producing talent and diversity, of the Aardonyx duo. 


Enamour – Embody [mau5trap] #deephouse

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The stuff on Mau5trap is pretty hit and miss. For every hit there’s many more that think a few keyboard stabs and some pumping beats are all that’s required. Here’s one from Enamour that has lots of stabby synths but keeps them in control against some menacing, growling bass to make an epic of light and shade.

Techno Tuesday with nej!las – Resolution #techno #electronic

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Tuesday is time for some techno. A bit of a crawl through the city’s dark underside. Resolution from black hoodied nej!las is a grim IDM belly walker in its first half. In and out of dumpsters (as I believe the Americans call industrial bins) in an omnipresent techno dystopia before offering a scintilla of hope late on.

or on Spotify

NHOAH zu Remixen mit 808 State und µ-Ziq #acid #techno #electronic

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A couple of remixes from 808  State and µ-Ziq for Nhoah’s track Abstellgleis (which seems to mean ‘siding’ or ‘spur’).

Nhoah means nothing to me. Apparently, he’s “a skilled producer, engineer and drummer in his own right, boasts a back catalogue which includes work alongside the producers of The Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, and Bronski Beat’s Larry Steinbachek. His previous album Tangowerk was nominated for the German Record Critics’ Award Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik. His extensive list of achievements includes work with Jayne County and Romy Haag, arranging and composing for David Hasselhoff.” You had me until the Hoff reference. I know he’s big in Germany but not with me.

Anyway, the 808 State remix first. This is a curious beast harking back to the 90s. Like synth pop combined with Newbuild era 808 State electronics. When the acid gets properly broken out at the end and the synth pop gets left behind then the track really flies. µ-Ziq’s remix is even curiouser. No trace of the wilful IDM producer here. Seems to be channelling his inner JMJ. There are slow, moody banks of 70s/80s synths everywhere. Provided you forget it’s µ-Ziq and leave your preconceptions aside it’s not bad.

Smok-Mon – Serotonin #dowtempo #ambient

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Urgh! Early start this morning for me. Need something soft and gentle from Smok-Mon to ease me and you into the day.

Serotonin is a paean to the chemical root of happiness and that’s what the tune plays on with its pitter patter backdrop and little bibbling highs that trigger the chemical release. Even a bit of syn=trumpet to give it that extra frisson. Enjoy.

Taken from the album 5:09

Koresma – Fork in the Road #chill

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Here’s something from Koresma’s new East EP. The track is Fork In The Road and the mood is most certainly chilled. There’s something of early Bonobo about this with its almost trumpet refrain. It has a lazy swing that makes you ache for summer (if you’re in the Northern hemisphere).

The Legendary House Cats – This Time (Remix) #shoegaze #drumandbass #dnb

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What to have this Sunday morning? What’s that? Shoegaze? No thanks. Drum and Bass? No thanks. Too brutal. What, mix them together? Surely not. But that’s what The Legendary House Cats (John Girgus) has done on his remix of This Time. The original is a West Coast, hazy, pop shoegaze affair but given a bit of structural underpinning from the drum and bass beats. Ends up as an understated epic and a piece of (un)silent protest.

Taken from the album Greatest Blips, Vol 1