Sunday selection: AshMcAuliffe, CallumDr and Jana Irmert

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A trio of downtempo electronic tunes for a slow Sunday from Ash McAuliffe, CallumDr and Jana Irmert.

Ash McAuliffe’s In Dreams has quite a lot in common with Slighter’s Creature Comforts EP. This is electronic synth music but with a definite cinematic feel and a touch of John Carpenter horror lurking beneath. Indeed, Ash says “The song was inspired after watching the 1922 Swedish-Danish movie “HAXAN”“. I’d never heard of HAXAN but turns out it’s a witchcraft horror film.

And the film:

CallumDr (Callum Drummond from Blackburn, UK) by contrast offers something a little more cheerful, a little more uplifting. Red Lights (AkaShingo) is a synth based house tune. This offers an ebb and flow between a wonderful earworm synth line. A real tickling of the pleasure centres.

And finally, Jana Irmert (Berlin) and (untitled) slow, from her End of Absence EP, which does what it says on the tin. A slow, drifting, slightly droney, ambient tune to lull you back to bed if you’ve made the mistake of getting up that little bit too early. Go on. Have and extra half an hour. You know you deserve it.

Sebastian Carter – Unlock (feat. Atonal)

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I find myself regularly saying I’m not a fan of dance music with vocals and scurrying off to the instrumental version when I can. But just occasionally a vocal track gets through. This is one such. Sebastian Carter with Atonal offers Unlock from his EP of the same name.

The track is marked as “electronic” which isn’t much help. I suppose it’s tropical house but even that rather fails to describe the joyous noise that is Unlock. Starts with some tubular bells, handclaps and Atonal’s rich vocal. Then it builds into harmonies, choirs and the celestial. With its “no truth in your disguise” vocal and juxtapositional lyrics there’s a bewilderingly wonderful confusion about the conflicting moods the track creates. Spun out.

Give it a❤ on HypeM:

Blurb: Swiss producer Sebastian Müller p/k/a Sebastian Carter recently unveiled his lead single “Shallow Waters” off his forthcoming debut EP City Lights. Picking up early support from The Magician, Lane 8, Tensnake, Pat Lok, Jamie Jones and more, Sebastian wastes no time unveiling his second single “Unlock”. “Unlock” highlights real instrumentation and slowly builds into an emotionally charged and whimsical sonic journey filled with powerful drums and featuring the smooth vocals of London-based Atonal. 

Sebastian Carter, is the embodiment of the promise which is driving the underground dance music movement. Artists of his caliber are the reason why this sub-genre has so effectively overshadowed its rivals. At just 22-years-old, the blossoming artist possesses ability beyond his years, the supplement of humility, and enthusiasm for future endeavors. His avant-garde approach to electronic music, with modern flairs and ambient vibes is refreshing to the ears and easy on the soul.

With City Lights, Sebastian uses a range synthesizers and instruments and he continues to take his productions to new heights and a new era begins with the EP.

City Lights out on September 23rd

Jeremy Olander – Panorama

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A change from the downbeat and back to some techno from Jeremy Olander. Panorama is the B-side to Jeremy Olander’s Talespin EP. He hasn’t appeared here for three years but this tune really works. One of those tracks that slowly unfolds. Doesn’t really start with the beats but a rippling synth line. Only later do the beats come in an change the journey from a subtle hypnosis to full capture until the track peaks in an explosion of light and sound. Beautiful melodic techno.

Europaweite Aussichten – Chroma

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Film score synth sounds from Europaweite Aussichten. And a free download for you.

Europaweite Aussichten (prospects throughout Europe) is a Germany-based synthwave artist. There’s a definite feel of classic 80s scores. A bit of Vangelis here, a bit of Moroder there. But it’s really well done and doesn’t need an accompanying film. Chroma offers both hot and cold sounds. Something slightly glacial and unemotional, whilst also offering something emotional and engaged. A lovely track.

Free download: Chroma

The track is taken from the Night Sequences EP, available here:

When by Imre Elzer

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Xwing ground

Drones are so fashionable with all the footage, the amazon delivery and risks of crashing into planes. But drone is also sound. The repetitive tones. Imre Elzer from the Netherlands offers When. This is a lovely ambient drone track. Seemingly endless sounds fade in and out, around and about. Quite hypnotic, though Irmre admits this isn’t his usual style, saying “probably the first (and the last) time I make anything like that.” which would be a shame. Free download.

Start (wandering)

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It’s turning into a rather dreamy week for posts. That’s tiredness again. But Torin Bell’s track Start (Wandering) is another of those slow, dreamy electronic tunes that has a sense of the spun out and a welcome lack of direction. A see-where-we-end-up feel. Like walking in the city without permanently looking at Google Maps on your phone. Look up people. There’s a big world out there.

I asked Torin what it was all about. He said “”New seasons bring new opportunities”. I felt like the track was something new for me. August means my summer is over (and other students).” And of the track Beautiful Souls Become Butterflies she said “I found out Monarch Butterflies migrate to a warmer climate in August as well so it looks like Butterflies have work and new adventures to tend to themselves.”

The track is taken from the Solaris EP

Luxus Varta – Rosenhan Experiment

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Emeric di Paolo, aka Luxus Varta, presents a four track EP of eclectic techno beats that satisfy the soul.

Wenn‘ is a striking blend of glittering, spiralling synths and rapid fire drum beats that form an intoxicating whole. Splendid stuff. Harder, angrier beats in the form of ‘Lizzy‘ accompanied by synth stabs and longer, drawn out tones. Hostile but exhilarating. ‘Losquato Feat. Paris The Black FU’ is a semi-comical, bitter rant (courtesy of The Black FU from the Detroit Grand Pubahs) on the crappiness of work and life in general and supported by a nice, tight electro background of sharp beats and sharper synths. The harsh jabbing intro to ‘Tempsun‘ is tempered by the melodic synths that follow and while remaining coarse, the sound never becomes discordant.


Review by D

Blurb: The Rosenhan experiment was a famous experiment done in order to determine the validity of psychiatric diagnosis, conducted by psychologist David L. Rosenhan, a Stanford University professor, and published by the Journal Science in 1973 under the title “On being sane in insane places” […] If sanity and insanity exist, how shall we know them?