An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains by Solcofn

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A lovely return from Solfofn (Phil Russell) from Washington DC with new mini album An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains.

It’s been an awfully long time since he was last here with his largely ambient stuff. It’s a a delight to have him back with an album created over the autumn of which he says, “It’s a collection of thoughts and feelings, from the last year, made into sound.”

There are five tracks on the album. With titles like In The Smoke and Exquisite Red they’re not giving much away. It’s all instrumental and somewhere between Ambient and Some almost psychedelic Pink Floyd moments. As befits an album of emotion the moods and music wander freely over the course of the album.

Experience takes a while to get going but picks that widescreen post-rock and ambient vibe. Synths hum and vibrate as a slow cascade of beats tumbles across the landscape. Observations moves further back still. It’s lighter and sits quietly on the sidelines. Just watching. Not engaging.

In The Smoke comes over almost hip hop in the drawl of the beats and the light dub of the synths. Everything is terribly inward and a bit distant. Origin throbs quietly. Tangent returns more wholeheartedly to a The Orb type squelchy ambient rock template. And is the better for it. Sounds come and go. But it has a curiously bubbling sense of excitement or anticipation. Album closer is Exquisite Red which has a mildly discordant piano focus which is joined by drums to offer a rather solemn and downbeat finale.

Key track: Tangent.

Pre-Friday House music with: Trip Tease x Kris Berle – Red #Techno #House @tripteasemusic @krisberle

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A pre-Friday pick me up with a techno house track to lift the spirits from Trip Tease x Kris Berle.

Trip Tease and Kris Berle are from Mexico. Trip Tease is producer Carlos Salame and Kris Berle says she, “aims to envisage her true self through a profound exploration of sound.” Red is the first track from a forthcoming collaborative EP. The track is a bit of an indefinable one. It spans genres including pop, techno, lo-fi house and synthwave. It’s happy to mix lofi and techno house sounds into something that starts slowly but eventually comes through in a shimmer of hazy electronics. It’s an uplifting blend but stays true to itself and its own idiosyncrasies. A journey into the future via the past.

Midweek downtempo with: Eddie Krystal – Tundra #Electronic #Downtempo

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How’s your week going? Mines been pretty full on, so need something a bit more soothing to get me through the next few days. Here’s Eddie Krystal with the downtempo but epic open spaces of Tundra.

Eddie Krystal is Edward Krishtul from Brooklyn, NY, United States. Interestingly (to me anyway) tundra comes through Russian тундра (tûndra) from the Kildin Sámi word тӯндар (tūndâr) meaning “uplands”, “treeless mountain tract”. And my son says it covers 25% of the earth’s land mass. The track is is six minute widescreen downtempo tune but with a definite epic sweep and majesty. The synths soar across the treeless landscape. But what holds it down and stops it becoming too ethereal is a bit of scratching and the wonderous tumbling clatter of the drums which give the track a real solidity and presence.

Tuesday is #Acid with: MSTRBLSTR – ILL ACID #Techno #House #Acid @MSTRBLSTR_music

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Continuing this week’s techno theme here’s some uncompromising acid from Mstrblstr.

Mstrblstr is from Queens, New York and here’s his new track Ill ACID. His style is stripped back and more than a bit primitive. Hardly surprising when his biog talks of, “MSTRBLSTR performed live at underground raves and full moon parties in the Arizona desert throughout the 1990s.”

ILL ACID opens with some sleazy twangy bass with blips like you want. This is dark rave off the beaten track. It’s a twisting, engaging track that doesn’t forget that you need something to go with the beats – even in an acid track. Eventually, it peaks and you are hooked until it reaches its happy bouncy end. Proper job.

Brighten your Monday with #Techno: Worakis – Hortari (Remix by Mark Höffen)

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No let up in the blanket of grey clouds but let’s brighten your Monday with some cheering perky techno from Worakis

France’s Worakis has a classical pedigree behind him. And that’s evident in the precise and structured compositions he produces. His track Hortari gets a remix from Mark Höffen. He has a similar background and passion, seeing music “through the lens of evading, and releasing emotions.” The remix has a bit of all that. It’s based on a tech house /techno substructure. But on top has been added a range of ascending synths and strings that give the whole thing a lightness of touch. In some way it comes over like an electronic Ode to Joy. It has big, grand emotional sweeps that in other hands could be bombastic but here strike as subtle and balanced. Clever stuff.

Ambient Sunday with: Vayron, and Jori Larres #Ambient #IDM #Downtempo #Electronic

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Another backdrop of grey clouds to Ambient Sunday but the music is bright and IDM-influenced with Vayron and Jori Larres.

France’s Vayron returns with another track from his 2 Years EP that combines the delicacy of classical music and the awkwardness of IDM. Atlantic takes the romantic lushness of Ravel and Debussy and fuses it to some IDM that’s a bit Aphex Twin and a bit Beaumont Hannant. There’s even a bit of post-rock guitar in there for good measure. Perfect Sunday morning music.

From the 2 Years EP

Switching to the other side of the continent we have Jori Larre from Finland. Jori Larres is based in Helsinki. He is currently a member of indie rock band Small Peaces as a guitarist.

The track is Curves but the sounds have more angles than the title implies. This is a polyrhythmic experience that never quite allows itself or you to settle, despite the mainly chilled tones. Jori says, “Song’s electronic soundscapes explores layered structures and polyrhythmic bursts with constantly evolving more intense. First single of upcoming Uncurtaining the night album.” There’s a warped piano that occupies the centre ground. Around that is built other squirts and brief blasts of electronics and the ever-restless beats. It’s an all-encompassing, quietly intense, experience.

Mine’s a Dão. What’s your wine choice? Accompanying music from Lower Bridge – Red Wine FM #Chill #Instrumental #HipHop

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It’s the weekend after a challenging first post-transition week. Time to kick back (hopefully) with a glass of red. My choice this week is Dão and to accompany it Portugal’s Lower Bridge.

Lower Bridge is Lisbon-based member of the Lo-fi Clouds collective and the track is Red Wine FM. It comes with the accompanying instruction that this is a, “tune for the wine and/or beat lovers.” I score on both so this is just perfect. There’s some old school crackly beats. All slow and lazy. And on top is a piano chord that rolls around with the merest ‘Ahhing’ of vocal. It’s all kept simple, low-key and subtly effective. Kick off your shoes, pour yourself a large glass, and chill. He says, “ideal for sipping on your favorite Pinot Noir or Bordeaux.” I’d say stick to something Portuguese.

“and then well don’t forget all the lovely things we plan to do today” Gili Kimchi – Plans #Electronic #Downtempo @GiliKimchi

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“and then well don’t forget all the lovely things we plan to do today” is the sample from this track by Gili Kimchi. I was going to post this yesterday but after the events at the Capitol it just didn’t feel right.

This track – Plans – comes with the message, “missing Lemon Jelly.” And don’t we all? Gives you a sense of the downtempo quirkiness to enjoy. Surprisingly, this is the first instrumental that Gili has done. And it’s rather lovely. From the use of the opening sample and through the mix of electronics and guitar this is just a delight. It skips along happily with an almost Daft Punk feel to the bass synth. More instrumentals please, Gili.

Buy on Bandcamp.

Fight The Power

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Minimal acid with: Taioh-$an x Durosai – Röd Hëd (Original Mix) #Acid #Tech #Techno #Minimal

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I don’t usually go for minimal tracks. My attention wanders too often. But Taioh-$an x Durosai got through my scepticism with this deep minimal track Röd Hëd.

Taioh-$an is an Orlando, Florida-based producer. His biog offers, “”Taioh-$an” – is an anime urban myth/legend said to be around since the beginning of the internet; brought here from the divine source to alter your state of consciousness through hypnotic sounds and digital frequencies.” His partner in crime is Durosai, also Florida-based. He is influenced by, “the vibrations of deep space and the percussive grooves of South India and is known best for his seductive rhythms that take listeners on a psycho-somatic journey.”

That mix of hypnotism and sense of journey are both present on Röd Hëd. It’s a mix of minimal techno, tech house ‘blankness’ and the life force of acid. It’s a sinuous track with a lofi vibe. It twist and turns and slowly spins. Vocal samples are set far back and add to the sense of otherworldliness. And then the acid comes along to add vim and fizz to the mix and jolt you into action. A deeply listenable track.