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I thought Kio Carp were appropriate for Tokubetsu [ 特別 ] from Ricoshëi. Tokubetsu means ‘special’ in Japanese and there’s something about the spoken vocal in a (to me) incomprehensible language that renders it alien and exotic, though that yearning tone would probably make a shopping list sound dreamy.

The tune starts in ethereal mode, allowing the vocal to take the lead. But half way through beats come in and it threatens to become more of a dance floor track. But it never takes that final step and remains lost in the corner dreaming of what could be. Lovely, clever stuff. Even my says “I love dat moozic” and that doesn’t happen very often.

Special to me and we’re in it together. You know what we want and we want it all. Photos of us, living forever…

Watch the video at:



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Spring is sprung, so let’s celebrate with boerd’s new album Panacea. There’s no summer breashness, just delicate chilled music for new growth and blossom.

Panacea [Latin panacēa, from Greek panakeia, from panakēs, all-healing : pan-, pan- + akos, cure.], like 2013’s Cerebrum is a mix of ambient and chilled sounds.

It’s Okay starts with a distorted vocal, giving the track a dreamlike quality of oddness. Svar mixes tinkling piano sound with a click track. Drums only makes a shuffling appearance part way through. City Sleep is a bit twee, with the trebly vocals, but manages a kind of cute charm. Insomnia III is almost not there with piano and Rhodes set to ever-so-soft. Close’s drum washes have an almost lounge jazz quality but still infused with a dreamy state. What If takes things up a gear with a subtle drum and bass approach but the vocal is still infused with talk of sleep and dreams. Closer Dust takes things to their natural conclusion with distorted synths that sway and wobble. A lullaby for the insomniac generation.

Blurb: This is “Panacea”, my second full length album, released on April 30th 2015 through Comorbid Records. All the songs were composed and mixed by me (Bård Ericson) in 2014-2015.


Cover art by Kilian Eng (DW Design)
Mastering by Jonathan Dakers

The vocal sample in “Close” is from the song “Close Enough” by my talented friends “Adam & Alma”. Check them out!


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Percy peacock

Here’s a round up of a few of things you might like. There’s techno from Victor Santana, UK house from Nocturne Inc and some funky deep house from Sebastien Leger.

Victor Santana is from Madrid and releases high quality techno on Chaval Records. Here’s Don’t Let Them Stop Your Dreams of Change, a total head rush of acid lines and excited chords. Very Detroit. His next release on Chaval Records is ‘Live’, a new 4-track EP to coincide with the release of his Live video. Both the EP and full-length video will be released on 20 May.

Nocturne Inc is “the alias of an already established producer who is looking to take his music down a different path, and now wishes to share his debut release ‘Can’t Stand The Daylight’ with the world.” This kind of makes me sigh. Do we really need to know this? What does it add to the track? That said, Can’t Stand The Daylight is a really good track. Slightly uncategorisable, mixing as it does elements of UK bass, UK house and a little bit of garage. This knows how to let a hook sink its claws into you and not let go.

Sebastian Leger has a new Temple of Lions label and his new release on it, Nighttime / Oasis is out soon. Nightime is the pick of the two track. It flirts along a deep house and techno border. There’s a darkness to the bass and to its soul. There’s a sub-bass throb that permeates the track and a xylophone chirpiness on top. A leftfield winner.

Further Information:


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Airport sunset

I sometimes think that God, in creating the Pug, somewhat underestimated his ability” Oscar Wilde. Whether or not Oscar really said that, there’s no chance of under-estimating Steve Cobby’s new album Everliving. If you have any soul, any love of beauty and any regard for music that doesn’t want to be a ‘banger’ then you need this album. It’s gorgeous.

Everliving is Steve Cobby’s (ex-Fila Brazillia) follow up to the lovely Saudade from last year. It’s out today. If Saudade had echoes of Steve’s Fila Brazillia’s past this new album is more confidently his and sheds those ghosts. Confidence is the watchword of this album. The other word is layers. That confidence is reflected in the careful layering of sound to give Everliving a richness and depth that adds to pleasure each time you listen to it.

Big Wow starts with Kalimbas. And you can’t go wrong with a bit of Kalimba. It then develops into a gentle dub sound with cosmic disco flourishes. That’s a combination that seems as if it shouldn’t work but my goodness it does. Phatic Communication allows a lazy piano line to drift by with wood block accompaniment and just a little hip shaking funk.

The Sirens Help Me To Sleep is the perfect encapsulation of downtempo future funk, with a little jazz funk guitar. Laniakea is the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Milky Way, our galaxy, and therefore to the Solar System and the Earth. And you can’t get more cosmic than that. This is the sound of the stars and Rhodes noodling.

Teleseme is an album highlight. Allowed to develop ever so slowly, this is nearly nine minutes of ambient sunrise. You can’t hurry the motion of the stars and you can’t hurry this along. Ripples of sounds get offset with synth chords and some tin drum. This is ambient to match any 90s classic you care to mention.

Clams. Bivalve molluscs are strange things. First appearing more than 500 million years ago. Not a big fan, except scallops. The track is a squelchy thing, drifting slowly along and a bassy kind of way. Kinda theremin. The Sober Certainty of Waking Bliss with its jazzy funk sound is the nearest to a nod to the Fila Brazillia past that the album gets.

Mahalo, a Hawaiian word meaning thanks or gratitude, is another gentle highlight. Tribal drums are set to shuffle in the background whilst some wandering guitar gently weeps in the foreground. The pace gets upped slightly on Fresh Blue Agave which has a head-nodding, if not rump shaking, charm.

Everywhere & Everywhen makes more of a dance floor effort, with a squelchy funk and what sounds like stylophone. Arroyo has handclaps and guitar before bringing out the funk bass. May Flights Of Angels Sing Him To His Rest is a final album highlight. A half-heard dream. More cosmic space exploration. The album ends with Oneric and some more piano in a gentle coda to close to the album.

Go get the album which comes in either 3 x 12″ vinyl or CD digipack. It’s a wonderful experience you won’t regret and will want to play over and over.

Order the album on 3 x 12″ clear vinyl

or double CD digipack

Roisto – Apart In Love

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It’s always a slight surprise at the effect of the weather on my musical needs. The warmer days recently have made me want summery, shimmery, nu disco tunes. Here’s a lovely example from Roisto (I had a remix of this back in January) but it sounds better now the sun’s out.

Chris Coco Decoded

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It’s been a while since we had anything from Chris Coco. Here’s a lovely downtempo electronic mix from him, done a few weeks ago for Decoded Sundays. Free download.

The mood is dreamy and relaxed, even a bit of Jeff Bridges pouring a bit of aural treacle on things. The most lively it gets is with a drifting version of Carl Craig’s At Les.


01// Ojan – Intro
02// Jeff Bridges – The Key
03// Alaskalaska – Kings
04// Jeff Barrow & Ben Salisbury – Eva
05// Chris Coco – It An Tells Ya
06// Coco Steel & Love bomb – Ice Cream We All Scream For
07// Monkey Lounge – Forlorn
08// Carl Craig – At Les
09// Jamie Isaac Vs CSL – 344
10// Brian Eno – Deep Blue Day
11// Jeff Bridges – Feeling Good
12// Coco Steel & Love bomb – You Parked Your Car In The Spaceport
13// Hana – He Never
14// Haraket – Level Head
15// Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett – Loneliness 3 (Night Talking)
16// Chris Coco – Leave No Trace

Arctic crystalline perfection

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arctic explorer

Here’s a beautifully delicate remix by Nymad for Submotion Orchestra’s Worries. Cast your cares aside with this tinkling remix. As perfect as a snowflake. Free download.


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