Keeping it perky with El Mundo & Zazou, and Mieux #downtempo #house #electronic #NewMusic

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The clouds may have come over but let’s have something more perky from El Mundo & Zazou, and Mieux.

El Mundo & Zazou are a Dutch German combo being the new-born symbiosis of a veteran DJ/producer and a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist. We have their second release Where Have We Been. This is released on Berlin label Kindisch (tr. childish). A gorgeous downtempo track full of chiming clattering goodness. Underneath the pitter patter there’s a deep house depth to it alll that gives the track a fully grounded feel. It’s the sort of track that simply lifts the spirits but you’re not quite sure how it’s done it. There are no obvious peaks or tricks. It just is optimistic and freely wandering. Lovely.



Mieux are from Austria and are a duo of Christoph Prager and Felix Wolfersberger. They started off remixing rap and RnB classics but moved over into something a lot more leftfield. Not Kill is head-scratchingly unclassifiable. A funky leftfield house is probably closest. They say it is, “a quirky but serious homage to South African GQOM vibes, all mixed with grimey bass, house organs reinforced with translucent rhythms and banging pianos.” I have no idea what GQOM* is but what you get is a bunch of happily stomping polyrhythms with a bit of plinky plony Ozark harp and some synths which almost want to be trumpets. It’s an almost overwhelming wall of sound and pleasure.

* Gqom /ᶢǃʱòm/ (Igqomu) [pronunciation?] is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in the early 2010s from Durban, South Africa. It developed out of South African house music, kwaito and hip-hop. Unlike other South African electronic music, gqom is typified by minimal, raw and repetitive sound with heavy bass beats

Winter and summer seasonal change with Gary Afterlife, and Jason Saltiel #chill #electronic #NewMusic

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A couple of tracks taking opposite ends of the seasonal spectrum. Winter Chills from Gary Afterlife and Tropique from Jason Saltiel.

Gary Afterlife is from Australia so what does he know of winter? Well, he says, “I saw this imagery… a bland, barren landscape passing by in a veil of snow…Desolate but Ethereal, this imagination helped with the atmosphere for the song.” And that sort of pervades Winter Chills. A sense of watching winter from somewhere warm. It’s a mix of chilled trance and deep house rhythms. And it is rather lovely. Like a bowl of chicken or mushroom soup on a cold day. Proper warms the cockles of your heart.

Next, Jason Saltiel now in Los Angeles after a long period in New York. The track is Tropique. But it’s not as lush as much of tropical house tends to be. It has a lovely languid air. A bit of the too hot to move too much about it. Lazing in a hammock or day bed. Watching time and life drift slowly by. Strings give the track a wonderful depth. The track throbs in a deep house way, rather than having beats as such. Pour yourself a Pimms and relax.

Mean and moody: Marcelo Demarco – Don’t Look Behind #techno #NewMusic #electronic #dark

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Back in the day Dave Clarke was my go to artist for deep dark techno with a moody swagger. Here’s Marcelo Demarco ploughing that same furrow to maximum effect. Don’t Look Behind is the lead track from a new two-track EP. And it’s one moody f*cker. There’s a deliciously dark oily swagger about this track. A properly realised sense of aggravation and anticipation. But it’s not all thundering beats. It actually manages a pretty neat lead line to have a sense of melody to go along with the menace. Just don’t venture down dark alleys with it. Just saying.

Groggy ambient with: Martina Bertoni – The Broken Life Of Mushrooms #ambient #electronic #NewMusic

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Fell asleep last night while in the middle of something. Slept the sleep of the sleep deprivation cosh. Woke groggy. This ambient reflects that. A barely there piece but a disorientating one from Martina Bertoni.

Martina say rather winningly that “My name is Martina and I play the cello. I make music with it and I let it walk into spaces. If you feel like, stop by and have a listen.” I strongly suggest you do.

The Broken Life of Mushrooms is an experimental sort of thing. A clever mix of insectoid IDM and some lonely classical cello. Gives it a plaintive, melancholic air of drone and whirring insect wings. Only five minutes long but in some undefinable way every second has been stretched taut to make it longer and more all encompassing. A rare talent at work here.

The Broke Life of Mushrooms

The Green EP (buy)

Blurb: This EP contains the results of my first ever residency I made in Turin (Italy) in May 2019. It is based on the idea of creating a sonic map of a place, the Royal Horse Staples in Turin, in the very heart of the city. When I came back home I had this material with me and I was still reverberating with a weird disturbed energy. I was coming back to my home country after a long time, meeting new and old friends and sensing a general feeling of struggle at every level. A struggle for everyday life, for freedom of expression and artistic creation. This struggling vibe came back with me to Berlin, and somehow I had to give it a shape and put it out.

Gently chilling with Maratta, and OddToddlers #chill #electronic #NewMusic #hipHop

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Another day, another flight. Another early start which necessitates a couple of chill tracks, designed to soothe not to excite, from Maratta, and OddToddlers.

Maratta is originally from Seattle but is now operating from San Francisco. What You Find is the track. It’s a lush chilled disco affair, quite brilliantly realised. It’s dripping with sunshine, sun cream and synths set to stoned. Everything is fulsome. It’s all laid back but has big hair. Maratta says it “is really all about introspection, reflection and the types of things that you can learn about yourself if you can find the courage to look honestly.” I say that’s all true and all very well but this track has perfectly tousled hair.

Next, OddToddlers from Australia and Inaba. I know nothing about OT or the track title. But what I can tell you is that this a delightful set of chilled hip hop beats underpinning some lazy acoustic guitar. It’s only a brief fragmentary thing, being only two minutes long. For all the brevity it’s still wonderfully realised for hammock swaying.

Softly experimental with: JemimiJean and KAMARIZ #chill #experimental #newMusic #house #psychedelic

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A couple of tracks that lean more towards the experimental side of chill this morning from JeminiJean and KAMARIZ.

JeminiJean offers pretty much nothing about her(?) except that she does “Chill, witch wave from Salem, MA.” I’ve no idea what witch wave is but if you’re doing it I guess you have to come from Salem. The track is Face2Face which casts a rather lovely spell. Some slightly wonky Rhodes chords offer an enticing way into the track. The beats are firmer than you might imagine for an essentially chill track. This may lack eye of newt but its all blended together extraordinarily well to manage a wonderful lightness of touch. Really very beguiling.

Next KAMARIZ from Germany with a stall-setting track title of Mind Altering. In fact, it’s thankfully not quite the experimental melange that this name conjoured up for me. It’s a great track that takes a woozy approach, aiming to take you into a “deeper state of mind”. There’s a deep and rich bass line that provides the solid underpinning for the track and a centre to which it always returns. Above that some piano wanders around in a slightly psychedelic rock manner, with strings and wordless vocal things echoing off in all directions. This is mind altering as a fundamentally dark and deep experience. No giggling with nitrous on this one.

Pre-order ambient album: Divided Time by Jonathan Sharp #ambient #electronic

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If you like a bit of classical, a bit of ambient or a bit of IDM you should have a listen to this. A misty look back at a misty past. When the UK was brown. Or orange. And Angel Delight the height of sophistication. Jonathan Sharp does. But not the haute irony as I’ve just done but a family-centred remembrance of times past. A Proustian ambient trip down memory lane.

The tracks are all named after memories from different years. Says Jonathan, “I’m a child of the seventies, but a very lucky one. My father lived and worked in London and my mother lived in Cumbria. Most holidays were spent in London. It’s a period for which I have happy but hazy memories” And there’s a gentle delight woven into the tracks. Pianos tinkle. Ambient drones hum. And IDM creaks away. Pre-order the vinyl now.