Have some joyous modular synths with: JMesa – Green Cable #Synth #House

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Midweek joy with the modular synth filled Green Cable from J Mesa.

JMesa is Juan Mesa from Bogotá, Colombia. The track is Green Cable from a four track EP of the same name. It’s a beautifully uplifting track. It has a House sheen but there’s bits of breakbeat and hip hop in here. And the overall effect owes as much to downtempo as it does to shimmying on the dance floor.

It’s unusual and yet reassuringly melodic. As JMesa says, “the melodies of this track are made with an especial technic with modular synths, so the melodies can be a little non conventional.” What you get is rippling synths at various pitches. They all compete to give the most exquisite head rush of happiness. Beats tumble around like a toddler high on fizzy drinks and cake. It’s all just so fabulous.

Hand pan and chill with: Thomas Schroyer – Lucid In The Forest #Chill #Ambient #WorldMusic

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It’s only three weeks since we last had Thomas Schroyer here with his world music influenced ambient tracks but here we are with another. The new single is Lucid In The Forest.

Lucid In The Forest is, if anything, even better than last time’s Ebb and Flow. This is over six minutes of spiritual peace.

The hand pans are allowed to properly have centre stage. Everything else revolves around them. Synth rise and fall in gentle drones. There’s a slightly ethereal wordless quality as befits a track designed more for mediation than anything else. And even a ripple of ambient acid for those who want a bit of a 90s flashback.

Time to get foetal people.

Monday’s techno is up and at ’em with: Hunzed, Adam Helder – Debris #Techno

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Let’s get straight to it. Here’s some uncompromising techno from Hunzed and Adam Helder.

The track is Debris. But there’s nothing fragmentary or rubble-strewn about this track. It hits like a jackhammer.

Taken from a two-tracker of the same name this opens with a big kick drum as it should. There’s rave sirens going off like some dystopian nightmare. Everything eventually kicks up a gear and there’s method in the otherwise seeming chaos. A pulsating tune emerges as buzzing synths do their work.

This is dark and dirty and set for late night torrid affairs. This is hard enough to bring down empires.

Ambient Sunday goes rawk with: Mike Hall Bass, and William Sanford #Instrumental #Chill

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Ambient Sunday is departing from a proper Ambient template and venturing into instrumental and chill with Mike Hall Bass and William Sanford.

Mike Hall Bass is from New Jersey, USA and plays… the bass. I’m featuring his bass cover of Californication by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I’ll admit it sounded terrible as a concept and I was never a RHCP fan. But the execution is really quite brilliant.

In Mike’s hands the track becomes a slow New Age blues jam. It wanders across wide open spaces and noodles its way into all manner of nooks and crannies. It’s a gently warming track for the soul offering a soothing reassurance. But it has a purpose rather than an aimless piece of fret work. Take a bow bass man.

William Sanford describes himself as a “Hobbyist musician from the Chicago area/NW Indiana.” His work covers ambient but also rock and indie.

The track is I Dreamt of Marfa from his album Cool Memories. It’s driven by some lovely slow Rhodes organ allied to some guitar/banjo/violin. It has an almost folk quality to its opening sections. That gets swept away when the beats come and it spirals off in chiming swirls.

This is music to which you should gently sway. That is all.

The past was a long time ago. Dance your memories with: The Non-Functional Saints – Sticky Feet Dancing (dub mix) @nonfunsaints

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Teeing up tomorrow’s Ambient Sunday we have the return of The Non-Functional Saints with their downtempo new Sticky Feet Dancing track in a dub mix version that stretches both backwards and forwards in time.

The Non-Functional Saints are Nick Lewis and Phil Minns. The name is a conjunction of their respective artist names and they spread themselves across Bristol and Berlin. This track, though, is the first made from a distance. They last appeared here eighteen months ago just before Covid hit.

Sticky Feet Dancing has a reflective quality that seeps nostalgia, an imagined nirvana and yearning through every note. There’s a fully vocal version of the track but it talks of, I would give an hour for a minute when time seemed infinite and the reminders of days gone by in, Sweaty come-ups and sticky feet dancing, stutter stutter talk talk to that pretty girl from school school

Musically, it’s fragments of tinkling piano with soft chords. The beats are tinny and lost in the 80s. Everything has a reverbed and dubbed air. The rock star is past. The here and now is more constrained. More adult. No more dramatic gestures. A melancholic guitar weeps gently.

Revisit, reuse, reminisce.

Friday is having some birdsong and a nature walk with: Enzalla – Ancient Paths #Chill #Downtempo #Electronic @Enzalla

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There’s something terribly soothing walking among ancient trees. Spent some time in the New Forest in the South of England in the summer. It was curiously comforting to walk in mossy oak forests and heathland. Perhaps it simply makes the here and now seem less all important in the passing of time or people. Either way Enzalla’s beautiful Ancient Paths resurrected that memory for me.

Enzalla is Vince Bellanova from Milan, Italy. He describes himself as a “sound designer.” Ancient Paths is his new single and it’s dedicated to Autumn (Fall if you’re American). It’s filled with twittering birdsong and rustling found sound. There’s a delicate almost orchestral magisterial sweep. Beats are slow and gently thudding. Kalimba gives the track and almost lead line amid twinkling electronics. It’s joyous and comforting at the same time.

Take your own mental walk and refresh your soul.

Lost in the dark #Ambient with: Psybos – Grains #Downtempo #Psybient

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It’s not Sunday but this is Ambient. But there’s nothing here to reassure or chill. There’s much to unsettle and disturb on Grains from Psybos.

Psybos (Tormod Klingenberg) is from Oslo, Norway. And Grains from the album of the same name definitely has a Northern chilliness in its soul.

Grains is eight minutes of unsettling sound. The opening is string filled and superficially chilled. But then strings get drawn more tautly. Synths come along to add varying degrees of bass-ridden drama happening somewhere out of sight or offstage. It’s a slightly malevolently painted picture filled with hidden horror and anxieties. The sounds never raise far from a downtempo template but carry unexpected menace.

Go gently into the good night but carry a big stick. There be ravenous beasties out there.

No matter what others may have done or said, always trust that there are: Better Days Ahead – jcSubterfuge #Downtempo #Electronic #DrumAndBass

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Wishing for better days ahead with jcSubterfuge.

jcSubterfuge is an American writer, producer, and recording artist from the suburbs of Detroit. But he’s not delivering us techno today. Instead, it’s some lightly experimental drum and bass.

Better Days Ahead is the track. JC explains that it was, “Inspired by a college paper I recently wrote and audio interviewed 50+ people to describe their thoughts on statement Better Days Ahead and this sweet 78 year old woman (sample voice in song) described her thoughts.”

Sonically, it’s a set of rolling, jazzy DnB beats alongside some wood blocks. There are abstract but cheerful electronics. The sample peppers the track but has a sweet sincerity. There’s a certain IDM sparseness to the track that allows all the elements their space. This gives the track a curiously chilled air. DnB for autumn days as the nights draw in and an IDM jazziness to get us through the coming winter.

Tell me your thoughts on Better Days Ahead. If not, then simply accept the wish for everyone to have Better Days Ahead.

Psychedelic electronic with: Ross Harper – Midnight Lake #Ambient #Breakbeat

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Psychedelic is the order of the day from Ross Harper with a dash of strangeness and a soupçon of cinematic epicness.

Ross Harper is from the UK and his biog says, “Ross has had as unswerving devotion to electronic music ever since his drug induced baptism in the 90s London rave scene which led onto an intense 5 years of studying music production.”

Midnight Lake is the first single from forthcoming album Tower of Light, out on 8 October. It opens with a sort of one note synth affair but backed with a strangeness of drone and things far off. Beats come wheezily along but the psychedelic yearning is piqued by other warm synth sounds and a disembodied half-heard chopped vocal. The track swirls around never quite settling down. It’s restlessly always on the move. Searching for something never found. A rummage in the recesses of your mind. An electronic quark, strangeness and charm.

Music for the journey to Avalon.

Ambient Sunday is locked in a cabin with: Hunnnit K x mTilly – Hippies #Chill #Ambient #Study Beats

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Just the one this Sunday but it is a really lovely dreamy piece of delicate downtempo electronic pop from Hunnnit K x mTilly.

Hunnnit K (sometimes 100k) and mTilly are from Stuttgart, Germany. The featured track is Hippies, which is the second single from their debut album nice. The album mixes influences from lofi, boombap, trap and house music into what they call, “a spherical, vibey piece of “Avantgarde Beat Art”” Umm… yeah.

Anyhow, the track is a delightful piece of seeming 60s hippy folk mixed with study beats and a veneer of electronic trickery. There’s a folky ethereal vocal keening away. Beats get added for that downtempo hip hop vibe. Piano chords come and strings are plucked. Everything has a hazy shimmering quality like sparkling sunlight on water.

It’s a delicious LSD dream of free love, beats and long hair.