Super power downtempo with: AIID, and Witchbrew #TripHop #Downtempo #Electronic #NewMusic

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A couple of tracks from the USA and from Russia with Witchbrew and AIID offering a downtempo approach to super power relations.

AIID (Aidar Gainullin) is from Kazan Russia. A former punk who now improvises electronic music. The track is Urman which means forest in the Tartar language. It’s a keyboard driven downtempo track, with stabbing beats. It has a cheery atmosphere of woodsmoke, weak autumn sunshine and the leaves turning and falling. It’s a track with which to curl up and prepare for winter. Music for hibernation.

AIIID, проект человека, который находится в вечном поиске. Играл панк-рок на бас гитаре, хип-хоп на трубе, после учился играть джаз на акустических инструментах. Теперь, импровизирует в электронной музыке.

Witchbrew is originally from Miami. He says his music, “aims to provide ambience with a psychedelic element.” The track is Revoke from the Caritas Mea album. The album title is about acts of compassion, kindness or love for all. The track is a wheezy three minutes of haziness. Everything is that little bit out of focus which gives it that psychedelic tinge. Keyboards almost turn into accordian. Beats clatter in offbeat ways. Who knows what or who is being revokes for this is a gentle track. Almost as if placed at the centre of a slowly turning clock mechanism. Always moving and never stopping. Until the end of time.


Hiptronic music with: SlimYungMan – Transcendent #HipHop #Chill #Electronic #NewMusic

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SlimYungMan returns with some of his ‘hiptronic music’ which combines hip hop beats, chill synths and IDM attitude. The track is Transcendent which opens with keyboard stabs and hand claps. As the title implies, it wants you to imagine a world beyond. The Raleigh, NC based artist has found sound and sombre beats giving the track some profundity. But wait too long in your thoughts and the track is gone, with it only just skimming over the two minute mark. The piano gives it a humanity that allows you to dream and then mourn its passing. Hip hop chill never fet so good or deep.



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Sunday Supplement: Cotswold Stone by Pulselovers #Electronic #Electronica #Pastoral #Downtempo #Ambient @CastlesInSpace

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Last week we had Pulselovers (Mat Handley) doing a remix. This week, we have his new album Cotswold Stone. Prepare for pastoral electronica.

For any non-UK readers, the Cotswolds are an area in south central and south west England comprising the Cotswold Hills, a range of rolling hills. The area is defined by the bedrock of Jurassic limestone that creates a type of grassland habitat rare in the UK and that is quarried for the golden-coloured Cotswold stone. The predominantly rural landscape contains stone-built villages and towns. It’s all very pretty and touristy. But it’s that harking back to the rural and pastoral past that comes through on the album, along with the golden-hued sounds.

The album is an analogue, almost steam-driven, electronic adventure. It blends early Radiophonic Workshop sounds with early 80s leftfield synths and even a bt of 90s pastoral electronica heroes Ultramarine. It’s a charming record which wants to be loved. Everything is low key but chirpy. A look back to a childhood and some sort of lost innocence and idyll. This finds its best expresssion on opening track Cleeve Hill.

It comes in a Heath and Marsh vinyl artwork by Nick Taylor. All records include a badge pack, a full colour insert and a genuine 1970 Royal Mail Cotswold Limestone stamp from the British Rural Architecture series.

Ambient Sunday with: Voga, TROVA x Dashii, and Blicero #Ambient #Drone #Electronic #Chill #NeoClassical

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There’s something about a bright crisp morning with the sun a touch watery or hazy in these late autumn days that works really well with fragile ambient. Here’s a triple bill of nearly there ambient and drone from Voga, TROVA x Dashii, and Blicero.

Canada’s Voga offers the crisp crunch of snow and the slow saw of strings on Husk. This features AcidTed favourite Alaskan Tapes. It is taken from the album Static Motion. There’s some softly strummed guitar and this is ambient as neo-folk or perhaps edging towards an ambient version of bluegrass country. It is as far from urban as it’s possible to get. A purity gleams through the track in its almost classical structures. Nothing’s hurried. Everything is set to drone.

Static Motion

Next, TROVA returns with Dashii.TROVA (Emmanuel Hernandez) is from Puerto Rico and alongside his music also operates his label TMP Records LLC which he launched in 2016. This is his second collaboration with Dashii. The track is CloudFormation. Scientifically, a cloud is an aerosol consisting of a visible mass of minute liquid droplets, frozen crystals, or other particles suspended in the atmosphere of a planetary body or similar space. On Earth, clouds are formed as a result of saturation of the air when it is cooled to its dew point, or when it gains sufficient moisture (usually in the form of water vapour) from an adjacent source to raise the dew point to the ambient temperature.

TROVA x Dashii take the fragility of clouds and the starting from almost nothingness of it all as a jumping off point for the track. Sounds creep in almost imperceptibly at the start. The softest synth chords, some static and hiss. Temple bells toll far away. Strings swell. Eventually, it forms aural shapes in rolling swirling bass waves. But it never quite becomes solid, before drifting away again. And the sky is clear again.

Scottish producer Blicero offers spacious track Forever Overhead. This is as whispy as it sounds. A twelve minute symphony in drone. All hushed and small. The effect of the coming and going of the chords is for a slow change and development but sustaining a meditiative space in the track. This never demands your attention but its quiet grandeur gradually commands it. A track that eventually makes you stop and notice. Listen, look at the world around you and do something nice for your self or preferably someone else. This makes your day just that bit better than it would otherwise have been.

Saturday techno with: Wolkenrot, and The Strunks #Techno #MelodicTechno #House #Electronic

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Time for Saturday techno, which this time has a more melodic techno sense than usual with Wolkenrot and The Strunks.

Wolkenrot, as you’d expect, is from South Germany. The track is Wonderful PLace. And it has an environmental theme. The track opens with some rich bass and high synths operating in tandem. There’s the sense of big themes and smallness. And then the vocal from the I’m only a child speech. I rather assumed it was Greta Thunberg but turns out it dates back to 1992 and Severn Suzuki, speaking as part of the Environmental Children’s Organisation.  Nothing much happened then. Will it now? But back to the track. The sampled speech is followed by chords of expectation. A sense of oneness. This is melodic techno for the forests and for all of us. It offers (naive) optimism. A sense of rippling synths travelling hopefully. You should too.

Also from Germany comes The Strunks but I know no more than that. Even Googling doesn’t help. The track is Wavebox. It’s melodic techno but built round a piano bass line. This gives it a richness and depth but the accompanying beats are surprisingly light. It manages an air of overcast gloom, despite strings everywhere. This doesn’t promise that everything will be all right. It accepts that we’re going to hell in a handcart. And there’s nothing much you can do about it. Just get on board for the ride.

LEftfield chill with:NOMADsignal x Philocalist – Ten Bulls #Chill #Meditiation #Ambient #Electronic #LEftfield

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Finally it’s Friday, though with a Saturday Parliament sitting not the end of the week. Need something restorative. Here’s NOMADsignal x Philocalist with the leftfield chill charms of Ten Bulls.

I didn’t know this but Googling, the track title Ten Bulls seems to be taken from, “Ten Bulls or Ten Ox Herding Pictures is a series of short poems and accompanying drawings used in the Zen tradition to describe the stages of a practitioner’s progress toward enlightenment, and his or her return to society to enact wisdom and compassion.” And indeed NOMADsignal says that the track is a meditative record, “leaving you at the door of inner Truth.”

Who knows where truth lies many days? But what I do know is that this is a lovely leftfield track. It starts with clattery found sound beats to set the mood. This is accompanied by a wonky sort of piano line giving it that space from normality. This combines into a satisfyingly chewy but contemplative whole. There are even some trance like banks of synths occasionally at work. And wordless vocals complete the package. This challenges as it soothes. Lovely.



Stunning techno from: Octave One – AfroTech #Detroit #Techno #NewMusic #Electronic

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Here’s some stunning new techno from second wave Detroit techno stalwarts Octave One. Comprising brothers Lenny and Lawrence Burden they debuted way back in 1990 on the legendary Transmat label. Their output has been measured and perhaps as a result they’ve never quite had the prominence that their work has deserved. Here’s a track – AfroTech – from their new release Locus of Control Volume 2.

They say, “This EP series takes its name from a psychological concept that refers to how strongly people believe they have control over the situations and experiences that affect their lives. Part 1 showcased euphoric piano stabs and uplifting drum lines, and Part 2 explores more propulsive techno.” AfroTech is a distilled seven minute journey through the last thirty years of Detroit techno. It’s a sleek, precise futuristic ride with a sleazy urban dystopian bass line. This give the track some raw power and an irresistible momentum. Parlez vous techno? You do now.