Up if the clouds with: Skydata – Soul Cirrus #LiquidDrunAndBass #DnB #DrumAndBass

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Let’s have some airy liquid drum and bass from Skydata. Here’s Soul Cirrus. This is taken from the Venture Deep EP 2 shared between Skydata and Dan Guidance.

Soul Cirrus is liquid drum and bass at its lightest and brightest. There’s lots of fresh air and space here. Cirrus is of course from the Latin for curl of hair and used for high altitude wispy clouds. There’s that airiness here. And a connection to all things natural and organic accentuated by the birdsong. This is invigorating stuff through bright synths, crisp gambolling beats and lashings of positive attitude. It then floats down as gently as a leaf on a breeze. Allow yourself to be uplifted.

Bandcamp (with extra track)


Soft and gentle with: Elson Complex. and Sheepishwolf #Guitar #HipHop #Instrumental

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A couple of soft and gentle tracks for today from Elson Complex, and Sheepishwolf. There’s delicate guitar, hip hop and ring tones. Lots of ring tones.

Spain’s Elson Complex returns with another lovely acoustic guitar track on Caletonia. But done in a way that reflects electronic music. Really. If you think the title sounds a Spanish blend, you’d be right. Elson Complex explains, “one half of my family comes from Andalusia, the other half from Catalonia. I was born in Foreign Countries. Three souls (at least) are dwelling in my breast.” And so you get Caletonia, a three and a half minute guitar strum. A melancholy wander in the arid countryside. All lost times and far off vistas. There’s acres of space between the notes. A missing spaghetti Western soundtrack. A sad delight.

Sheepishwolf is from New Jersey, USA. The track is Missed Calls. It’s a rain swept mix of phone bleeps and tones. Of calls never answered. Connections are lost. That’s as sad as the background strings and light hip hop beats. This track is part of a series called Terrible Tuesdays. But the rain never stops. Only at the end does someone answer, “Hello?” But by then. It’s too late. No connections now possible.

Two sides of techno with: [enter name], and Zachery Allan Starkey #Techno #Melodic #Cyber

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Let’s have two sides of techno with [enter name], and Zachery Allan Starkey.

[enter name] is from the UK but now in San Diego (and yes that really is how the artist name is expressed). The track is GN-Z11 taken from the Voyage EP. I found quite a lot of tracks with this title. But then I hadn’t realised that, “GN-z11 is the oldest and most distant known galaxy in the observable universe. It is observed as it existed 13.4 billion years ago.” The tune is an epic chilled techno with a definite melodic prog house streak. There are beats but they’re kept relatively unobtrusive. It’s the synths that are allowed to go all cosmic on you. They sprawl in the vastness of space. Allow yourself to explore the expanding universe and the nature of time.

Zachery Allan Starkey is from the USA. And his concerns are more earth-bound. His track No Security from his Fear City album focuses in on the insecure, paranoid existence of the Western world. Almost constantly observed and monitored. And we facilitate it. The music is almost incidental to the suffocating and rising panic. Or it would be if this track didn’t fill your senses with a cyber techno hard wired industrial assault. Drums pound. Bass crashes with a distorted edge. Synths provide no relief only increasing stress. This is an overload for the senses. Brilliantly exhausting.


Sun and synth with: 2 by Kl(aüs) #Synth #KrautRock @Castlesinspace

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The sky is blue. The sun is shining. And there’s the remnants of the first frost of the year on the rooves. And that’s what 2 by Kl(aüs) sounds like.

The album is a mix of lovely bright synths and a smattering of Krautrock frostiness. Shurnarkabtishashutu is the opening track, coming in at a whopping 14 minutes. It’s a track of phases with an opening that’s more chilly Krautrock than anything else. But it hides some more ambient synths that eventually break through in a cheery second half. The album’s not out until the end of the month so the only other track available to stream is Heroes of 1986. I assume this is a reference to Gary Linaker winning the Golden Boot at the 1986 World Cup. A first by an England player. And he had a cast on his arm. Anyhow, the track is a retro sounding but simultaneously contemporary synthwave track, coming over a bit like the love child of JMJ and Harold Faultemeyer. A shoe-in TV detective theme if ever I heard one.

And being on the lovely Castles In Space label it’s available on vinyl: A limited pressing of Kl(aüs) 2 on green/clear marble vinyl. The LP comes with an insert and download code. Initial copies include a Kl(aüs) sticker designed by Stewart.

Blurb: Kl(aus) are Jonathan Elliott and Stewart Lawler, plus a rotating roster of friends and collaborators. Originally from Tasmania, now living and working in Sydney, the pair have known each other for several decades and formed Kl(aus) in 2013 over a beer and a shared appreciation of Tangerine Dream’s 79-85 period. They both have long experience in the music industry – Lawler, formerly a member of Sydney techno-pop outfit Boxcar has spent much of the last ten years touring with Tom Ellard’s Severed Heads. Elliott is a classically trained pianist who played in multiple local bands in the 1990s, touching on numerous genres and styles.

“I’m getting a bit hesitant to call us straight-up Berlin School these days,” says Lawler, “I think we’ve moved beyond that with this album in some ways. Maybe it’s my classical background but when I’m mixing our tracks I tend to think of each instrument contributing their own line as part of an ensemble, which is not a million miles from the way our favourite Froese/Franke/Schmoelling era Tangerine Dream tracks used to work either. Plus the album format is probably as close as I’ll ever get to working on long-form ‘classical’ music. One of our aims, after all, has been to reclaim electronic music from the dance floor and put it back into the concert hall.’

Ambient Sunday with: Micron, Faodail, and JAF 34 #Ambient #Drone #Electronic #NewMusic

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An ambient triple bill with Micron, Faodail, and JAF 34,

This is Micron’s first time here but I’m guessing it won’t be the last. The track is Equilibrium and it’s beatless ambient from his 2020 EP. The track is in a vein that harks back to the organic sounding greats of the early 90s. A bit of Mixmaster Morris here, a dab of Pete Namlook, and a splash of Biosphere there. It’s electronic but quite orchestral in the drone sweep. The aim is to, “create zero gravity soundscapes that transport the listener into an other world.” And that ambition is perfectly realised.

Next, the return of Scotland’s Faodail (Callan Marchetti). A bit of a regular at AcidTed, the new track is Coming Up For Air. This blends electronics with organics and piano to create something really quite misty and wistful. It’s beatless but the occasional thrum of the bass gives it moments of urgency. But it’s also short so it’s like a moment in time which is held and then as suddenly gone, As for the track title, Faodail says it was, “Inspired by the George Orwell novel of the same name… to evoke the nostalgia we all feel in a constantly changing world.”

JAF 34 is from the Czech Republic and returns after a year’s absence with a thirteen minute track called Light. JAF 34 self describes as, “a mysterious independent project from Prague and it’s based on post-rock / ambient / experimental genres.” And all of those things are here. The track is mainly a drone track with almost eternal phases. It makes the most of its expansive time to pause, reflect and wonder at everything. It’s a beatless mix of rising and falling ambient tone with only a touch of post-rock guitar. It wants to draw you in to its world so it isn’t particularly experimental. But in a short attention span world 13 minutes is a very looooooong time. It isn’t wasted.

And there’s also some visuals which in which you go through 4 phases of mental purgatory, as in an intermediate state after physical death for expiatory purification. JAF 34 says of the video that it, “is shot entirely in the virtual world, where we find imaginary escape and redemption from the contemporary world. During the evolution of the video clip, you will go through several phases of reminiscence. In each part, a new stage of development and perception of reality with a strong catharsis at the very end always awaits you.” Which is nice.

Let’s get down to it boppers: Connor, Funkl & Berg, and Mk SouL X Loyrd LaSouL #AfroBeats #ProgressiveHouse #Techno

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Three tracks to funk your dance floor from Connor, Funkl & Berg, and Mk Soul X Loyrd LaSoul.

Connor is from the UK and offers the big, big sounds of Kokoro. This is a pumping main room track sitting somewhere between progressive house and techno. Has a definite flavour of the 90s in its approach. But we like a bit of that. Connor says that the track is, “Named after my mate’s own brand of gin which is also the name of a Japanese berry.” Drums roll and pound, speakers shake, dance floors are filled. There’s even a smidge of acid going on here. Your drink is gonna get spilled. Epic.

Funkl & Berg are from the Netherlands. The track is Specs and Species. It’s a modern astringent leftfield techno sound. They say that, “The song reflects our dayjobs that constantly require reducing complex matters to specified and sorted views.” Not sure what that means. Anyhow, lots of backwards sounds and drums that owe as much to electro as techno. Melodic but awkward. Kinda experimental glitchy dreaming. More back room than main room. Quality.



As a bit of a comedown from those let’s have some South African Afro Beats from Mk Soul X Loyrd LaSoul. Sounds of Afriq does what it says on the tin. Some great biscuit tin beats bobble around with vocal fragments and Rhodes. The vibe has a dash of funk and what they call deep afro tech. There’s a lovely shuffliness to the track. A slightly sultry slither that gives you a shiver. All night long.



Time of chill with: Yppah – Autumn Phase (feat. Ali Coyle) #Downtempo #Chill #Electronic #NewMusic

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Time for some gentle chill from Yppah. The track is Autumn Phase, taken from the Sunset In The Deep End album which is out next month. The album is going to be released on translucent blue vinyl (now available for pre-order).

Yppah (Joe Corrales Jr) is from Texas and has released on Ninja Tunes albeit this album is available on Future Archive Recording. The track is a beautiful confection which makes the most of sultry pop vocals from Ali Coyle. This is blended with delicate acoustic guitar and shuffling hip hop beats. It’s all terribly dreamy with “cotton candy skies.” The guitar wanders lazily about. The beats have a drifting quality. There are just the right amount of oohs and ahhs. The whole effect of the track is utterly blissful dreamlike.