Comparisons are invidious things. They help as reference points but can then bury under the weight of expectations. Kodomo (Christopher Child) offers Boards of Canada, Plaid and Orbital in relation to his work. For me, that’s a huge weight to put upon your work. But the comparisons aren’t inaccurate. His music has some of the IDM structures of Plaid, the offbeat charm of Boards of Canada and the synth sensibility of early Orbital.

Here are two tracks from his new album Frozen In Motion. The title track is the more upbeat number, with some wonky bass offset by melodic synths and acending tones. Hajime has more of the Boards of Canada crossed with Orbital feel. It is held together by a slow piano melody, which uses the sad effects of Moby on Play. The superior track.

Kodomo – Hajime

Kodomo – Frozen in Motion

Blurb: My latest album, Frozen in Motion (due out July 21st) emerged from fragments of recordings made from snippets of life in New York City – conversations at a cafe, commuters swiping their subway passes, a marimba player on the street – the idea was to scour the recordings and seek out rhythms, melodies and textures embedded in the sound, using them as building blocks for songs. My music has been described as “impressionist electro” and has been compared to Boards Of Canada, Plaid, Royksopp, Orbital, and Tycho.

~ by acidted on July 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “NEW MUSIC: KODOMO”

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