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  1. Hello Acid Ted,
    We hope youre well today? Great blog man.We were wondering if you could help us out by having a listen to our track ‘Get Along’, if you like it enough maybe you could review it.Our band is called I Dream In Colour. We have just finished our debut 4 track ep, The Boiler Room’ with producer Iain Gore (libertines,Mystery Jets) and would love to know what you think.Get Along is the lead track from it.We are happy for you to re-post the audio, or send you an MP3.
    Many thanks and all the best

  2. It really is so good to have you back……

  3. Could you please repost the link for the Weatherall mix of skink funk?

    Love that track, can’t get a DL anywhere.

    Great blog, many, many thanks


  4. As a New Order fan, you might like this

  5. Hey Acid Ted, hope all is well.

    Dance/Electronic duo, KOPPS just released a new single “Machine” for free here:

    KOPPS has recently been featured on Tympanogram as well:

    Any help with promoting the new single would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for your time in advance, let me know if you need any additional info.

    Kyle O’Hara | KOPPS


  6. Hey!
    Thanks for giving me the chance to submit to your blog acidTEd!
    Here is a link to a Electro / House / Dubstep pool party EDC summer anthem I made about relationships ending, moving forward and drugs 🙂

    “Slash Asterisk” /*

  7. You´ve a great blog, I founded it when searching my 1990..1993 progg&technohouse favourites in the net. After 15 pages of your blog I´ve to say : Fabulous extrentrizialistikus tremendous!
    I see that you also notice a new groups in dub step. That’s why I’m posting this Stockholms group to you. I founded the group at the same week with your blog, it´s kind of a analogical dubstep punk and it´s hilarious

    Have a nice day!

  8. Hello,

    I ran across your blog and wanted to share a new track me and a friend just finished up. Were a new band called The Prjcts and our first track is titled “Standing in the mirror” Its available for free download on Soundcloud. Check it out and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks


  9. Ola,

    really nice and dare to say kin to our sounds you have…as we put our debut release named Anger Me Sweet from Qualiass out this summer, we’d like to invite all of you to check it out:

    may the force be with you…

  10. Hello Acid Ted, I’m one half of the duo Flesh Forest and the Elephant Only Zoo, and I was just dropping by to share our first EP Scream with you. Hope you give it a listen, all the best.

    Download here:

    or Here.


  12. Here is the newest mashup from DJ Massakerr! Make sure to check out the rest on the soundcloud page.

  13. Hello

    This is Magnus Randlöv from Four Eyed Records, a mini label formed in 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was just wondering; do you accept promos at this time? Because I have a bunch of songs I would like to send you. Also, which e-mail address should I send to?

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thank you!


    Magnus / Four Eyed

  14. I’m sending you some links to a record/videos that I think you’ll enjoy. This record was written by Ancient History, an ambient indie band out of Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s called TRACKS. It was engineered by Jim Smith, whose resume includes The National, Au Revoir Simone, and Wilco. It was recorded in the French Kicks practice space in Dumbo. Mixed by Paul Johnson and Kevin Blackler. Johnson mixed the Lon Gisland EP by Beirut and currently does their live sound. Donald Ducote, the singer/songwriter behind Ancient History was hired in early 2011 by Emma Gillespie (winner of the 2010 MUST BE THE MUSIC competition, a UK reality TV series hosted by DIzzy Rascal) to help her write/work on new material for her upcoming record for Polydor. He’s also worked with Leon Jackson (winner of 2007 X-Factor). The music doesn’t sound like anything you would hear on reality TV. Blogs such as Large-Hearted Boy and Dead Journalist have already run features on the band.

    To follow Ancient History on Twitter, to download the record, or to see Ancient History’s music videos:

  15. Would really love it if you could check out my drum and bass track and possibly share the love. 🙂

  16. I hope you feature it, I think its massive.

    Thanks for your time


  17. Acid Ted,

    Any chance you could re-up TPE – Tingle (Hard Boppin’ Instrumental)? It would be MUCH appreciated. Also do you have The Cutter – Beyond Blow? Incubus Vol. 1? Kitsch In Sync – Jazz Ma’Ass? Futura (2) – Chitarra?


  18. Check me out.

  19. Acid Ted,

    You rule.

    Here is an mp3 of a new Dj mix you might enjoy.

    All Skate: Classics

    A Man Called Adam with Eddie Parker “Easter Song”
    Single Cell Orchestra “Transmit Liberation”
    Sofa Surfers “Sofa Rockers” (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)
    One Dove “White Love” (Piano Reprise)
    Fila Brazillia “Simple Man”
    The Wolfgang Press “Going South” (Country Style)
    Salt Tank “Sargasso Sea”
    Orbital “Are We Here? (Who Are They?)”
    Bjork “Hyper-ballad”
    One Dove “Breakdown” (Cellophane Boat Mix)

  20. please check out my track,

    Hard drum and bass.

  21. Hi Acid Ted – Thanks again for posting “The French Exit” . I wanted to let you know that I have a new song posted and available as free download – All Skate “New City”

  22. First of all, I wanna say I really love your blog. I’ve found some great music through it and I wanna say thank you for that.

    I’m an independent artist from San Francisco and release music under the name Rabbit Hole Revelations. I recently released my second album, which has been in the making for over a year. It’s a mix of electronic and hip-hop with folk, funk, jazz, ambient and a bunch of other stuff. I think you will enjoy it and it would really mean a lot to me if you gave it a listen.

    You can download it for free here:

    Best of luck, and thanks!


  23. Really love your blog and the precious music pearls!

  24. OUT TODAY, Nimanslin – Lara (BitNoisy Remix)


    The latest remix by BitNoisy is out today!

    I was wondering if you will be reviewing this remix, I was commissioned to remix a fellow Sound-Clouder’s single earlier this month. It has been released today for streaming. Here are the links to the track and my Facebook page.



    The remix will be released on Nimanslin’s EP later this spring, it will also feature as a free download upon the release of my LP “R U Electronic” on May 24th.

    Hope you like it, thanks,

    Ben Williamson (BitNoisy)

    BitNoisy takes key components of a variety of electronic genres and thoroughly mashes them together to create a hybrid of Electro House, Dubstep, Dance, Electronica and good old fashioned four to the floor Electro. The result is pure Electronic debauchery with bass that promises to shake your teeth out. Currently working on new material for an upcoming late Spring release, BitNoisy is looking to deliver a fresh take on the current Electronic Music scene.

    My music has been described as a “Loud and satisfying blend of Dance and Electronica, which delivers excitement throughout” by Radio Reverb’s Random Show during an interview. Radio reverb also listed my first release “Wannabe Hardcore” from “R U Electronic” in the top 5 hottest tracks of the month in February.

    “Fantastic from start to finish” Popular and upcoming band Little Fears commenting after a gig I played at Belushi’s Below.

    I have had remixes commissioned by Dutch Deep House producer Notize, Alternate Rock band Little Fears (Glastonbury 2013 BBC introducing stage).

    Additional airplay: EDM Radio, Analog Underground Radio, BN1 Podcast,

  25. great blog, really! keep up the good work. you deserve a big reward

  26. Great blog! You should check out Biggroove Records for some amazing artists and brand new dance tracks.

    Here is Collapse by Wolf Club:

  27. sorry, not my thing

  28. Hi guys were just pushing Andrews new track from his forthcoming album out around the blogs and wondered if you could review it

    all info is on the website, thanks for your time


  29. Lemme know what ya need for a review (time-wise and which track). Thanks for the feedback via 8d!!!!

  30. Genres – house and techno and anything a bit leftfield

  31. New longer snipet for ya!

  32. OUT SUNDAY, SBTRKT – Pharaohs (Monoman Bootleg)

    Hey Acid Ted!

    The latest bootleg by Monoman is available for download this Sunday!

    I was wondering if you will be reviewing this bootleg, it’s a fresh House-Disco Style bootleg perfect for the summer. Radio reverb and the Brighton festival have been very supportive of this act over the past 6 months. It has been streaming on soundcloud since Sunday. Here are the links to the track and Monoman’s Facebook page.


    Hope you like it, thanks,

    Ben Williamson

    Monoman is a Brighton based Electronic Musician, he is currently gigging all over the south east with regular appearances on local radio.

    “Fantastic from start to finish” Popular and upcoming band Little Fears commenting after Monoman @ Neighbourhood.

    As heard on: Radio Reverb, Southern Invasion, EDM Radio, Analog Underground Radio, BN1 Podcast,

  33. Hey,

    Just thought id forward you some information and the first track from London based music Producer ‘Flecs’ .

    Couros Sheibani is a London based Electronic music producer under the name of ‘Flecs’. He is a songwriter/producer within the UK music scene. While he continues to write songs for other artists, earlier this year he decided to begin work on his own solo electronic project under the name ‘Flecs’.

    Linked below is his debut track ‘You’.

    Look forward to hearing your feedback,


  34. we, the children of Vandal Moon, devout followers of the Buffalo Cult, urge you to pay heed… and listen…

  35. Here’s a jam for you if you’re interested: Hello,


  36. Awesome blog. Love your mixes and recommendations. I’d love you to take a listen to some of my noises on soundcloud, link above, a mix of acid, techno, experimental. Perhaps there maybe something there to satisfy. Hope so! Anyway, keep in touch.

    Paul ‘Electronicaz’ Johnson

  37. Its great to have discovered this blog and some great new music.Thanks acidted for that

  38. Hello from Brasil, sharing “rare video” with Moby, Altern 8 and others djs Live in Brasil 1993….

  39. Hi dude, you mentioned that the blog tends towards the downtempo and gloomy. Not so IMO, keep it up.

    Well, heres one for you that is gloomy.

    And many thanks for posting Bad Church last month, Appreciated indeed Sir!

  40. hi there, your Yothu Yindi post brought me here, I produced Treaty years ago, thought you might like to hear my new tune, here’s a link, remixes included, regards Gavin

  41. Hi Acid Ted,
    I hoping you might be able to run your ears over our first album. It’s all produced from a series of unplanned and unrehearsed jams. Anyway, hope you like!

  42. Hi Acid Ted,

    I see a couple of tracks in the deep house genre on your blog. I want to mention a new deep house artist and track. Elkuefo from the Netherlands creates deep house with a lounge taste and deep house to dance! Hope you like it!

    The latest track is Frogger:


  43. Such an awesome blog, a treasure with lots of groovy, atmospheric, and overall great tunes! So happy to find this, and you should know, you have a great taste! Many thanks for this blog!

  44. Dear Barons,

    First and foremost, the collective would like to give our sincere compliments on the quality of your work and your taste of music.

    ‘Eyes on Tomorrow’ is the brand new single from London based Hip-Hop collective Soul Purpose. Combining raw, gritty production with distinctively British lyricism, the group have carved out their own signature sound, which is captured in this single. Paying homage to Mos Def, the group reference lyrics from his debut album in the chorus, showcasing an influence that is prevalent in their music.

    The link for the ‘Eyes on Tomorrow’ music video is available here:

    The track features Jem, Ayite and Olly Hodding with production from Mike de Groot.

    I hope you will consider this submission to be featured on your site.

    Kind regards,

    Joseph A. Strub

    Contact Info Soul Purpose
    Name: Callum Dougall
    Organization:Soul Purpose Music
    Facebook Page:

  45. I hope you will be able to feature this release on your blog. If you have any further question or I can do anything please let me know.

    The link

    Many Thanks,

    daniel powell

    please visit

  46. Hi AcidTed !
    I saw you publish one EP of marko furstenberg… a loong time ago. But I produce something that might interest you if you are loooking for some dub techno and atmospherics patterns :

    Thanks for listening if you find the time ! Thanks for your work here anyway !


  47. some atmospheric, melodic DnB which may be relevant to your interests.

  48. Yes Sir, I have responded.

  49. Just shows the power of Acid-Ted 😀

  50. Hi, Acid Ted.

    We’re Triangle B., band from Moscow, Russia. We’d like to ask a review of our debut album called Memoria.

    Here is the link to our bandcamp account, you can listen to album there –

    If you’re interested and you need any additional info, please, contact us, we’ll answer all your questions.

    Hope you’ll like our music and thanks in advance for helping to spread the word!

  51. Hello Acid Ted!

    First of all, congratulations on your blog, you have an amazing selection of high quality tracks!

    I would like to invite you to get to know my work:

    I wish you even more success on your blog.


  52. Hi Acid Ted!

    I just upload some new music, a little bit of minimal techno. I’d love if you gave it a listen. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    E Y A Y

  53. Hi Acid Ted! Literally off the press is a new song called “Back Into Space” with LeannaSwann. I hope you like it.

  54. I love your site and I want to share with you a little nugget of french house I discovered on La Source shop in Paris :
    I will continue to looking for releases of this unknown artist and upload his records !
    Feel free to share my passion,
    thanks !

  55. Hey Acid Ted, HiWstre here, thanks for reviewing and featuring Wah Dub Soul. Let me know if you want to here more and I’ll link you into more of this stuff or weirder stuff like this or more acid groove sort of tracks such as this
    Love & Peace Man!!!

  56. hey there we really like you blog , would you like to do links exchange ?

  57. Great blog man, wondering if you’d take a listen to my new acid track.

  58. Great blog man, wondering if you’d take a listen to my new acid track.

    • Thanks. Almost but not quite. The central section with more melody was cool but the beats were sometimes a bit tooo brutal for me.

  59. Hey Acid Ted, you featured quite a few of my old remixes released under Studio Brussels years ago which did OK on the Hype Machine ( I have a new original track I wanted to share with you. Happy to see your still listening to and promoting new music!

  60. Hello Acidted,

    My label Civic Duty Records just released a sprawling and strange compilation called Mistranslationwave Vol. 1. It moves in unexpected ways and I hope you enjoy the experience.

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