More on the genius of Global Communication (Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard).


This time we’re going to the end of Global Communication. After the ambient wonder of 76:14, there was huge anticipation for their new work. But never ones to stand still, in 96 and 97 they went off in other dance directions with deep house and awkward techno work closer to that of Aphex Twin. I was gutted. But it was still highly regarded. From 96 and 97:


Global Communication – The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)


Global Communication – The Deep (Original Mix)


Global Communication – The Groove (Original Mix)


Global Communication – The Groove (Palm Skin Productions Mix)


~ by acidted on June 29, 2009.


  1. I was browsing the Hype Machine to see if anybody had ever posted “The Groove” by Global Communication, which is one of my favorite jazzy-house tracks ever, not to mention the awesome trip-hop/instrumental version, and what I find is a lost post on an obscure blog mentioning yours in turn and… that’s how I ended up here. You never disappoint, Ctel.

    Talking about something different, another vinyl I really like and still own, although I’ve never been able to find it anywhere online, besides Discogs and YT: Euphoria – The Dreamlight E.P. (1991) Did you know about it? 🙂

    Edit: apparently yes, you did , but those appear to be another kind of Euphoria (there are 8, according to Discogs).

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