This post features remixes of TLM from their album “I’ve got the battery…where’s the slot”. That album came with the message:

75% of people don’t want technology
20% of people want it, but say one day it will become user-friendly
3% of people love it, use it and always talk about it
1% of people use it, develop it and don’t care for it
as long as it pays the bills
The rest just shout “I’ve got the battery…where’s the slot?”
and hope the pleasure doesn’t come from reading the manual
or talking about it down the pub.

“Recharged” (1996) was a remix of the album by the likes of Drum Club, Doi-oing, Slab and Loop Guru. Of it the Melody Maker said “Dub friendly techno rhythms and all round club suss creating something monumental.”

TLM – Sister Anode (Inspired by Slabs Atomsmasher)  

TLM – Dub Machine (Mutatis Mutandis) by Doi-oing  

TLM – Satellite (Funky Dub) Remixed By The Drum Club  

TLM – Electraphlex (Remixed by Charlie Hall)  

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~ by acidted on December 18, 2009.

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