Hefner is Lee Jones. His work doesn’t really fit into indie or dance but somewhere inbetween.

Lee Jones released an album called Residue, a number of 12”s and remixes on Inertia Records. Residue sold 85,000 albums independently through Inertia Records. Lee Jones, in response, took the project on the road around Europe, playing throughout Holland, Germany, Italy and France. Also appearing on national TV in both Germany and Holland. Then all went quiet. He worked on Josee’s solo album, Lost Souls Dancing, and moved to Berlin. In 2003 Inertia hooked Hefner up with Frazey Ford, lead singer of The Be Good Tanyas, a rootsy, folky band from Vancouver. Due to recording commitments to EMI the project had to be stalled until the Be Good Tanyas album was finally released. As of the end of 2006 the project has been revitalised with the partnership working together again. An album was due at the end of 2007.

We’ve had Cosmos (Tom Middleton) a couple of times before as remixer. As a reminder: “Hailing from the South West of England, Tom Middleton is a classically trained Cellist and Pianist. He grew up on a diet of 80’s Electro, Synth Pop, Hip Hop, Goth, Rock, Jazzfunk, Early Acid House and Detroit. After a period working with Richard D James in Aphex Twin, he really made his name with Mark Pritchard in Reload and a host of others, but crucially Global Communication under which name they produced the stunning “76:14″. When the duo split, Tom went solo, producing a number of Balearic-influenced remixes under the Cosmos name.”

This reviewer at Discogs gets it spot on “The instrumental version is the one for me. Never have I heard such a beautifull piece of deephouse music. This is the kind of record that you can listen to at home and it sounds really mellow but when you play it out in a club it just rocks big time! The subbass gets everybody moving and the the build up to the climax is so hypnotising. Ace!”

Hefner – Dive Into You (Cosmos Mix)

Hefner – Dive Into You (Cosmos Instrumental Mix)  

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~ by acidted on January 31, 2010.

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