Lists are everywhere. I wasn’t going to bother but I want to be a proper blogger, like. An’ it’s Christmas, so indulge me.

Best Remix

Weatherall’s been on a roll recently, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of his. The Steve Mason dub cracker.

Best Album

To be honest I haven’t listened to many. But after hearing Error Operator’s “Mistakes” I knew there weren’t going to be any others worth bothering with (though Underworld’s “Barking” alternate mixes is rather fine). Mistakes isn’t perfect but it is an album to be listened to as a whole and the choice of samples is quite breathtaking, using as it does Arthur Miller and General Eisenhower. And there aren’t many of whom that can be said in dance music.

Error Operator soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/erroropsmusic


Best Mix

Probably the least contested category, since there have been few that have caught my attention and less that have held it. But Max Cooper made a late and quite stunning entry with his mix – Modus – of a load of his tracks. Quite beautiful IDM techno. 80 mins of joyful sounds.

Unreleased live mix – “Modus” 

Download Here


1. Max Cooper – Unnamed 1.
2. Max Cooper – Enveloped [Traum]
3. Peaches – I Feel Cream – Max Cooper Remix [TBC]
4. Max Cooper – Ripple [Traum]
5. Max Cooper – Chaotisch Serie – Maetrik Remix [Traum]
6. Max Cooper – Unnamed 2
7. Xircus (Jeet & Max Cooper) – Dehydration [Unsigned]
8. Max Cooper – Stochastisch Serie – Leeks Remix [Traum]
9. Yan Stricker – Smooth A Surface – Max Cooper Remix [Organism]
10. Portishead – Roads – Max Cooper Remix [Not for release]
11. Max Cooper – Enveloped – Ryan Davis Remix [Traum]
12. Maxime Miville – Unknown – Max Cooper Remix [Wide Angle]
13. Max Cooper – Ediolic Spectra [Bedrock]
14. Max Cooper – Unnamed 3
15. Ryan Davis – The Wolve – Max Cooper Remix [IRM]
16. Max Cooper – The end of reason – Ambient Rework [Traum]

Biggest Surprise

Musically, my biggest surprise was that the track that got most under my skin and wormed its way into my affections featured back here and was The 14th Minute’s “Broken Heart”. A bit of disco so flamboyant it would have admission to London’s Heaven in a trice. I said at the time “A wave your hands gently in the air winner.”

The 14th Minute – Broken Heart (Original Mix)

~ by acidted on December 24, 2010.


  1. All the best to you and yours Ctel and thanks for all the new stuff since your return.

  2. Merry christmas Ctel. Ta for all the music, especially stuff I’d never otherwise have heard. I’m saving my list for NYE.

  3. […] had the 14th Minute before, as my surprise of 2010. Now, a new EP with Steve Frank. Can this match their previous […]

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