Artist: 18 Wheeler

Title: ‘Crabs’ – Remixes

Label: Creation Records

Release: 9.9.96

Dist: Pinnacle

Tracklisting: A1) Dave Hedger remix

B1) The Aloof – Eyes on Stalks Mix  B2) Ultra Living Mix

Please check all these remixes carefully as they are all completely different!

18 Wheeler realise that the boundaries in music are blurring and have therefore got some of their favourite ‘dance’ acts to remix songs from their ‘Year Zero’ album. For those of you not familiar with Dave Hedger his past projects include ‘Innersphere‘ which were signed to the Sabrettes label whilst most recentlyhe has been recording for Malawi Records. Dave Strips down the track to its bare essentials and utlises his trademark sounds to produce a deep hard-edged techno marathon which will no doubt work extremely well on the dancefloors at which it was  most definitely aimed! On the other side The Aloof mix slowly fades in with a melodic wash remeniscent of their own material which soon gives way to perfect multi-layered percussion, deep pulsing bass and ominous rumbles… the vocal is used sparingly and effectively, adding it to their own distinctive production techniques and fusing it expertly with the mellow techno breakbeat. A fantastic mix which breathes soul and space into the track. The most popular remix on the last18 Wheeler single was the Ultra Living mix. Ultra Living are two Japanese gents who (as the story goes) strolled into the Creation offices with a DAT of their material and asked them there and then for a deal, and, Creaton said yes! Their mix of ‘Crabs’ is an astounding drum ‘n’ bass cut with a fresh, funky feel which explains why Creation are so excited!!


White Noise Promotions

18 Wheeler – Crabs (Dave Hedger Remix)


~ by acidted on February 19, 2011.

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