Acid Invaders – Big Night Out Mixtape

Acid Invaders are back with an hour long mixtape for you to listen and free download. With tracks entitled Acid and Body Acid, can you guess what it’s going to sound like?

The mix largely eschews Acid Invaders’ poppy leanings and is one aimed squarely at clubs, with its spartan acid sounds. It starts with Acid Invaders’ own “NOW!” track, of which I said previously that it “has their signature nu-acid sound, complete with a downright filthy techno bass line and some acid squiggles.” The mix also includes Fantastic Diversion by Chris Fortier (previously here with a release on 530Techno) and Renaissance Man with a version of their 909 fest Stalker Humanoid.

1. NOW! – Acid Invaders
2. One day in May – Guy Gerber
3. Those I’ve left behind – Alessio Mereu
4. Fantastic Diversion (Maetrik Remix) – Chris Fortier
5. Acid (Pierre’s Acid Face Mix) – DJ Pierre
6. Defective Unit III – Idealist
7. Replicant (Johannes Heil Barefoot Remix) – Dosem
8. Body Acid – Gingy & Bordello
9. The Rave – Steve Mac
10. Stalker Humanoid (Locked Groove’s lost in the Jungle Remix) – Renaissance Man
11. Space Booty – Dexter

Buy LP:

~ by acidted on June 14, 2012.

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