RC 227: GYBO RIP Part 2 – Bootie London set

For anyone who’s been reading the GYBO interviews, here’s a copied post with bootleg set from the recent Bootie London event by Tim (fingertrouble), taken from his excellent Radio Clash site. His interview’s here and here for anyone who missed it (well worth a read).

Second part of GYBO RIP and our Bootleg Nostalgia Very Extended Week on Radio Clash, here’s a recreation of my set at Bootie London.

This is a mix of old skool and nu-skool, from bastard pop to bootlegs and mashups. Bootie London was billed as the Get Your Bootleg On Wake, so wanting to bring the ol’ Bastard spirit I asked quite a few of the old GYBO/Bastard crew to list their favourites. I also trawled through my old 2002 and 2003 CD-Rs hence there are a lot of forgotten or not-so forgotten classics featured in this set, and Missy Elliott became a theme.

I had a lot of fun doing this set, and although warming up the people that were there was silly dancing (from me too at the end!) and those there enjoyed the classics and even the newer ones like G3rst’s Rammstein vs ABBA! There’s also a Bootie London exclusive, Captain Obvious’s Push Groove which is a remake of a 2003 Half Arsed Beats mashup.

Thanks to: Lee Spoons, Thriftshop XL, Ian Fondue, CartelMike, Ms Frenchie, Eve Massacre, Philmans & Dog (of Phil n Dog) and Frenchbloke for their excellent lists and track suggestions- not all of them worked for this kind of thing, but collected them for a future podcast.

Lootie Bondon (115Mb, 1:55)

  • Jimmi Jammes – Sgt. Pepper’s Paradise (Extended Edition)
  • Mighty Mike – City down under (M83 vs Men At Work)
  • Kurtis Rush – Get Ur Faith On (George Michael vs. Missy Elliott)
  • McSleazy – Franzie Boys (Franz Ferdinand v. Beastie Boys)
  • Mr Fister – Mary Mary Pass That Dutch (Missy Elliott vs The Monkees)
  • Smash – Bootystition (Destiny’s Child vs Stevie Wonder)
  • Dunproofin’ – Casbah Wonder (Stevie Wonder vs The Clash)
  • Fondue Meltdown – Get Your Beats On (Beats International vs Missy Elliott)
  • Loo & Placido – Kids Rock (Queen vs The Kids vs Althea & Donna vs Various)
  • Rebel MC – Street Tuff (tone396 remix)
  • DJZebra – Killing Boombastic (Shaggy vs Rage Against The Machine)
  • G3RSt – Gimme Pussy! (ABBA vs Rammstein)
  • Allen Dean aka Go Home Productions – ABBA & The Bunnymen (ABBA vs Echo & The Bunnymen)
  • DJNoNo – Supercalibreakz (Julie Andrews vs Shy FX)
  • cry.on.my.console – Command Your Rabbits
  • Phil n’ Dog – Gay Muppet Bar
  • Soundhog – Dire Bass (Dire Straits vs Azzido Da Bass)
  • Captain Obvious – Madonna Has A Kiki (Scissor Sisters vs Madonna)
  • DJ Dawgun – Work It vs Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Captain Obvious – Push Groove (Dee-Lite vs Salt n’ Pepa)
  • Thriftshop XL – Pump up the 212 (Thriftshop XL’s Topless Harry Hill Mix) (Azaelia Banks vs Technotronic)
  • Lyd – Gimme Ragga Joanna (SL2 vs Eddy Grant)
  • Lumpy – No Good (Start The Raam) (Prodigy vs Lemon Jelly)
  • Loo & Placido – Dead Bodies On Ecstasy (Air vs Martha Wash)
  • CjR Mix – You Should Be Pressure Movin (Bee Gees vs S Club 7 vs Sunscreem)
  • Frenchbloke – Carpe Diem (The Carpenters vs Man 2 Man meet Man Parrish)
  • DJ Earworm – Funky Goes to Hollywood (Wild Cherry vs. Frankie Goes to Hollywood)
  • 10000 Spoons – Big Low Love (Fleetwood Mac vs Flo-Rida)
  • Josh Console – Bastard 97 made me do it (Lynyrd Skynyrd vs Chesney Hawkes vs Kelis vs Josh Console)

~ by acidted on October 21, 2012.

One Response to “RC 227: GYBO RIP Part 2 – Bootie London set”

  1. Thanks for posting this – glad you liked the set 😀

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