Beppe Loda Presents Egotrya – Wind [exclusive]


A new EP of Italo synth sounds, out next month. Looking out over today’s rain soaked London it almost feels to be getting a bit late in the year to release something so summery. But there’s such a burst of 70s freshness that it’d be churlish not to enjoy. And we’ve even an exclusive mix to listen.

Beppe Loda has been around the Afro/Cosmic scene since the 80s (though his career goes back into the 70s). And, there’s something in this release that echoes some of the electronic adventures of Yes and Vangelis. The original of Wind was released a while ago on the Volcano EP. Here, it comes with remixes from Andromeda Orchestra (Robin Lee of Faze Action) and JRMS.

The exclusive mix I’ve got for you is the Andromeda Orchestra extended mix. This is a jaunty piano, some keening vocal and a groove that slips between cosmic disco and something of an early 90s Weatherall baseline, the latter keeping it grounded. If I was younger, had a feather boa and was prettier I’d dance to this. Groooovy.

ACID TED EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – NANG126 – Egotrya – Wind (Andromeda Orchestra Extended Remix)

The original mix of Wind is cosmic disco with added Hammond organ. It’s rather cute. The other Andromeda Orchestra remix locates itself more firmly in the 80s with a bit of white funk bass and an 80s soft focus. JMRS’ Garden Party Remix focuses more on the cosmic than the disco. JMRS’ Hollywood & Vine ends up in Harold Faltermeyer territory offering something that could be an out-take from the Beverley Hills Cop soundtrack.

If you liked the exclusive track, check out the Andromeda Orchestra dub version when it’s released, as the bass gets more attention and prominence. Really, really lovely track. To close, Beppe Loda does his own remix which is kind of a shame, since it’s ponderous, especially when set against the magic wrought by Andromeda Orchestra.

Blurb: Nang returns this September and delivers Italo Disco’s godfather Beppe Loda’s project Egotrya (alongide Francesco Boscolo) and their latest single ‘Wind’. Remixes come from JRMS and Robin “Faze Action” Lee aka Andromeda Orchestra’s remix.

The prolific Nang proudly presents another legend to appear in its roster, following recent releases from the likes of DJ Rocca, Daniele Baldelli, Andrew Wheaterall, Rayko, Toby Tobias, Luke Solomon, Prins Thomas and more. Mr. Beppe Loda has always been identified as one of the founding fathers of Cosmic / Italo Music together with his long-time friend Daniele Baldelli. The Italian producer has been around since 1970’s, becoming one of the most important figures on the scene and influencing the following generations of Disco producers and DJs.

His latest single ‘Wind’ is part of his project Egotrya, in which Beppe plays various instruments (drums, synths etc) together with his partner in crime Francesco Boscolo. ‘Wind’ comes out on Nang in September and it’s once again magical and timeless. Both their ‘Stella Vocals’ and Beppe’s personal version are two magnificent examples of his celebrated style, fusing synth’s solos with rolling grooves and relentless Disco bass-lines.

Nang also includes in the package 5 different mixes, coming from the likes of Robin Lee (from Faze Action) aka Andromeda Orchestra and No Static’s JMRS: both the artists offers up 2 versions each of Egotrya’s original. Andromeda Orchestra moves towards 80’s TV theme atmospheres with the ‘Post Mic’ version (yes its our tribute to Mike Post master of the 80s US TV Theme). He also drops a unique mixture of Disco and classic 90’s House with his ‘extended remix’. Ireland-based JMRS fuses futuristic melodies with Nu Disco grooves and places on top of them Loda’s original synths’ solos, creating summery and nostalgic vibes with both his ‘Garden Party’ and ‘Hollywood and Vine’ remixes..

Egotrya’s ‘Wind’ is due for release on the 16th of September and its the perfect way to salute the summer.

~ by acidted on August 26, 2014.

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  1. Nice exclusive track .

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