Crimson Skies


New ambient drum and bass Solarium EP from Wolftek. Includes remixes from Slighter, Arpyem and Ryan Zigler. Free download.

Originals first. Solarium is a delicate piano-driven mood piece with the lightest of drum and bass beats. Like watching dust swirl in a sunbeam. Crimson Skies keeps the piano lead but with a stronger crisp set of beats. Explore The Stars is the most forward of the originals, with an outward bound sense of optimistic adventure.

Arpyem takes the lightness of Solarium and gives it a sense of foreboding. Slighter takes Crimson Skies to its proper ambient end place. With Ryan Zigler, Explore The Stars gets switched into a house tack with a greater sense of weight. A bit too earth-bound to really take off.

The free download is a Britewall remix of Crimson Skies. This goes for a fine drum and bass approach to the track with some decent oomph.

free download:…kies-britewall-remix

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Blurb: Canadian artist Wolftek has built a strong reputation for producing some masterful atmospheric soundscapes in recent times. This debut EP for Soundscapes Digital will undoubtedly solidify this reputation. Entitled the “Solarium EP”, and featuring 3 high quality originals, as well as 3 fine remixes, this release is a superb piece of audio art. The United States trio of Slighter, Arpyem and Ryan Zigler on remix duties make this an electronic soundscape to savour.

▼ Tracklist:
1. Wolftek – Solarium (Original Mix)
2. Wolftek – Crimson Skies (Original Mix)
3. Wolftek – Explore The Stars (Original Mix)
4. Wolftek – Solarium ( Remix)
5. Wolftek – Crimson Skies ( Chill Out Remix)
6. Wolftek – Explore The Stars ( Remix)

▼ Artist Info:
— Wolftek


~ by acidted on November 26, 2014.

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